Sunday News Roundup: 50 Days of Portland Riots and the Resurrection of Kanye 2020

But…but…but…what about the polls????? – Jacob Miller points out just one of the many problems with the suppression polls targeting Trump voters we are seeing today:

A 9% under-sampling of GOP voters – plus, both polls also over-sampled Democrats – is going to make a big difference in the results the polls produce. Just a reminder that the ABC/WaPo poll used the same sampling aberration just 3 weeks before the 2016 election to produce a poll showing the Pantsuit Princes with an insurmountable 13-point lead over Donald Trump. Funny, though, as election day approached, the conductors of that poll steadily re-jiggered their sample in order to show the race getting closer and closer.

What would make anyone think that they aren’t doing the exact same thing this year? Stop asking me about polls, please. Thanks.

Here is what is really happening in Portland. – As Mayor Ted Miller, San Fran Nan and the entirety of the corrupt news media attempts to brainwash you into believing that the only thing the rioters in Portland are doing is paining graffiti on federal buildings there, know that they are lying to you.

Here’s what is really happening in this ongoing riot, brought to you by the intrepid real journalist Andy Ngo (@MrAndyNgo), which has now been allowed by Wheeler to continue for more than 50 consecutive days:

There is more, much more. Sadly, if you want to know the truth about what is really happening in Portland and any other place today, you must seek out real journalists like Mr. Ngo and Alex Berenson on Twitter to find it. You will certainly never get it from CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, ABC, NBC, CBS, the NYTimes or the WaPo.

As I wrote in my other piece this morning, America is in the midst of a Marxist insurgency sponsored by the Democrat Party and abetted by the national news media. Marxist mayors like Ted Wheeler are at the forefront of this insurgency. This insurgency will only continue to grow until the federal government puts it down, because the Democrat mayors and governors will never stop supporting it until they are stopped.

Is it time for the Insurrection act? – Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch, thinks so:

This, of course, is actually one of the goals of the Democrats are trying to achieve by allowing the rampant destruction of America’s cities. They want to be able to accuse the President of being an aspiring dictator who abuses his authority in the run-up to the November elections. What better way to justify such a charge than having their toadies in the fake news media portray any use of federal law enforcement to do the jobs these Democrat mayors refuse to allow local police to carry out as the evil Orange Man sending in the army? And hey, if thousands of people lose their businesses and more thousands lose their homes and personal property, and more than 3 dozen lose their lives to the rioters, well, that’s a small price to pay, isn’t it?

This really, truly is how today’s Democrats think, folks.

We already see that narrative taking hold in Portland. Trust me, this has been part of the Democrat plan since Day 1 of the staged and coordinated George Floyd riots. They assumed that Trump – who they portray as unstable and irrational – would immediately knee-jerk to ordering federal intervention as the rioters burned and looted Minneapolis. When he didn’t act on their cue, they though surely he would take the bait when they spread the riots to New York City and Chicago and Seattle and Austin and Portland and Atlanta and on and on and on.

But here we are after a month of the CHAZ/CHOP in Seattle, after 51 straight days of violent rioting in Portland, and the President continues refuse to buy into their strategy.

If you think they’ll just fold up their tents on this effort and now work to calm everything down, you have not been paying enough attention in recent months. Stay tuned for something even bigger to be staged.

But…but…but…we have been assured by the corrupt news media that Kanye gave up his campaign earlier this week! – They wouldn’t lie to us, would they?

Well, yeah, of course they would. Where have you been for the last 50 years?

Remember those reports from just a few days ago quoting a “source” close to Kanye West, claiming that the billionaire rap star had already folded up the tent on his presidential campaign? Yeah, that was a lie.

From a report at ABC News:

Kanye West is hitting the campaign trail.

Exactly two weeks after announcing his unlikely bid for president, the rapper announced late Saturday he will be holding the first event of his campaign in South Carolina on Sunday at 5 p.m.

The event will be held at the Exquis Event Center in North Charleston, according to a statement. It is “for registered guests only.”

Those who wish to attend will need to sign up at West’s new campaign site, — though the site doesn’t appear to have a specific link to sign up for the event yet.

According to a copy of the release shared with ABC News, all attendees will be asked to sign a COVID-19 liability release form, social distance and wear a mask. West will also be holding a pre-rally press event.

Earlier in the day, West had tweeted he was looking to acquire signatures to get on the ballot in the state.

“Hi guys please sign up to put me on the ballot in South Carolina at any of these locations,” he wrote, sharing a list of locations. “You can also sign up at the website”

It’s not entirely clear how West would qualify, as South Carolina’s deadline to file signatures as an independent candidate was July 15. The state does not allow write-in candidates.

West got on the ballot in his first state earlier this week in Oklahoma. The state allows independent candidates to pay a $35,000 fee — small change for rapper and businessman who Forbes says is worth just over $1 billion — to get on the November ballot.



Just your fake, corrupt news media in action, folks. You expected something else? Really?

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Does everyone have a years supply of food, cash, precious metals and the means to protect them? The road ahead is most certainly going to be a little bumpy. Be prepared as we all may need each other before all is said and done. Goya sells beans, rice and a lot of other foodstuffs that fit the bill nicely. Buy American. Buy Goya. It matters! If ya aren’t there, work towards the goal.

Jimmy MacAfee

Cash will be eliminated within 3 years. Horde it all you want. Better get physical precious metals, too, and not just certificates. But good luck trading it when everything involves electronic transactions.

We need to protect cash – now.


Actually the metals are the better form of trade and securing your wealth. Gold and silver can be bought in small sizes all the way up to kilo bars. To preserve your wealth buy larger 5, 10oz bars or bigger. For transactions buy the smaller wafers, have plenty on hand along with some cash. Secure it in a GOOD safe, not a wally, target or staples safe…. those are junk.

Like Jimmy said, DON’T buy gold certificates. Buy the real metal, keep it at home or a safety deposit box. When the financial global economy pops, your stocks will be worthless, your bank account will be decimated. And, just like in 1940’s Germany and modern day Venezuela there will be hyper inflation and banks will limit your daily access to YOUR cash that will buy you a loaf of bread. If you’re lucky.

The debt cannot be sustained and with global debt at almost 60 trillion dollars the interest payments cannot be made. Its all going to come down even with a temporary hot economy in the US. Be prepared for the worst hope for the best.

Its a war… time to prep

Jimmy MacAfee

The Cancel Culture is looking for a new set of victims and this is one who should be considered worth cancelling:

They want to play the game, they have to live by the rules they set.

Jimmy MacAfee

Cash is being eliminated. Try using cash at Kroger or Walmart – they claim there’s a “coin shortage.” Maybe there is, maybe there isn’t. Coins aren’t the cause, approximate or otherwise, of the Hunan Virus.

This is the beginning of a move toward a cashless society, to use Contact Tracing in everything. It won’t be long before cash is as unusable as Confederate money. That is by design, and Big Brother is behind it.

Kroger says it will still take bills, but won’t give you coin change – they’ll print you another form of phony money, a receipt showing a balance. Your Freedom depends upon cash: take that away, and you are a slave. If you like the DNC, you are already a slave, so just go on doing your slavey-thing, whatever that might be.

My business is refusing cards. We’ll take checks and cash only. You need to consider other ways of resisting, if possible. Deal with stores which take cash and coinage, and stop shopping at Walmart, which has profited more than anyone in this Fauxdemic. Same with the evil Bezos.

Meanwhile, small shops are closing. If they take cash, use them. Fight back. Stop farting and fight back. Don’t be a slave. Somewhere, Sam Walton is doing 10,000 rpms in his grave, and Bezos is competing with others for the position of Son of Perdition.


We had businesses here not wanting to take cash. The media and guberment here put out the propaganda that money would be contaminated with the covid and cause it to spread uncontrollably.

If a business wanted to take cash they were to have the customer give exact change and they were to drop it in a paper bag. The retailer had to then store that bag for 72 hours before opening it and handling the money. Funny but not…

The message is that cashless is “safer’. Just like when TSA was formed, its for your safty. When the government comes out with a narrative thats for your ‘safety’ thats the time to check theres a round in the chamber.

Every transaction is tracked and mapped. Companies like Scamazon, Fakebook, Twitter and Google build data bases on everyone and cross reference this with other data bases. Even using a VPN and Do Not Track settings on your browser still give these companies enough info on you to match you to your database file.

I fully agree on using cash as much as possible. We don’t do wallies or scamzon anymore. We simply won’t support companies that not only support organizations hostile to our Christian principles but use information gathered to work against us. Cash truly does keep you anon.

Its a war… keep the enemy in the dark

phineas gage

We are all Americans against the Left:

There are many more of us than them. Don’t fall for the propaganda. Fight.

phineas gage

Joe Dan Gorman is a national treasure:


Have to agree… funny but entirely on point…

Jimmy MacAfee

Two historical parallels worth noting:

Japan ambassador in DC at the time of Pearl Harbor = “trade deal” and Wuhan virus. Wuhan virus is the slow motion form of the attack on Pearl Harbor, something the Chinese thought we’d be too stupid and slow to recognize.

ANTIFA/BM takeovers with Dem support – Ft. Sumpter firing on Union troops. The notable comparison is that while it remained in Confederate hands, it was reduced to rubble and was retaken when Sherman came through. (The latter parallel is yet to come: Sherman is on his way.) Another parallel: Dems fired on the Union, same as today.


So if anything is learned is that history repeats itself.

Seems theres nothing new under the sun and all things new under the Son.

Jimmy MacAfee

It’s not just something worth noting: the President seems to be acutely aware of this, and he is acting as if it is actionable. China is preparing for war, and the Left is preparing for secession.

You didn’t think we have all of those naval vessels in the South China sea for our sailors to improve their tans, did you?

Jimmy MacAfee

And that is the salient point.


Off topic, but just curious because I haven’t heard about her in quite awhile.

Is Tara Reade still among us? Or was she bought off or quietly Arkancided? And if she was bought off, how is that any different that the Avenatti/Stormy Daniels months long never ending story against Trump? I remember hearing she was still a Democrat and a supporter of same, and if that is the case, why was here case even brought up six or so months ago?

Very strange (sarc) indeed; inquiring minds want to know?

phineas gage

She has an active GoFundMe page, and Rose McGowan is campaigning on her behalf. Supposedly some of the money is for ongoing litigation, but I’m not sure what that is.

The University of Delaware is being sued for records access, but that is via a conservative foundation.

She has left the Democrat Party.

The reality is that she has been trashed and buried by the media much like Clinton’s accusers. Nothing will happen.


The demoncrap has nowhere else to go… They can’t fold the tent of antifa/blm violence and go home, they’re to deep into this tact to give up. Its going to get worse… bet on it.

If you haven’t already left these cesspools of communism… now would be a good time. Let them stew in their own juices and burn the house down around themselves.

Winston Smith

Hopefully Trump does nothing. Let them stew in their utopias. They people who voted for these feckless Marxist hacks are not victims but accomplies (h/t-Orwell).
They can vote with their feet and moving vans. Some of those places were on the bucket list for a visit but not anymore.
A neighbor buddy had to go to Portland for work and says a man was shot out on the street at a stop light right in front of him.
That is all I needed to know. Also they call themselves the People’s Republic of Portland and not in an ironic way.
One thing that will get the attention of the Fedgov leviathan will be when states and cities start to secede.
Polls? You mean like the one that said Cruella Pantsuit was inevitable? Polls that are answered by people who are at home during the day and vote for a living.
Many people will be voting for Trump clandestinely and won’t be telling anyone about it.

“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims … but accomplices” — George Orwell.

phineas gage

All you need to know is that the ’60’s radicals largely flocked to Vermont on the East Coast and California and the Pacific Northwest on the West Coast.

And of course in the process intentionally ruined some of the most beautiful locations and cities in the country.


Oregon used to have a thriving, well managed timber industry. Jobs that supported familys well and tax revenue that supported schools well. Then came the tree hugging
commies. The timber industry was killed, and everything it supprted gone. It’s been a sh^t show ever since.


Exactly what happened here in BC too. Not only the timber inductry buy mining as well… Devastated.

phineas gage

I’ll restate what Schlichter said–even given the violence in these Dem cities, how much of the country is actually affected? They do not control that much. It is a propaganda effort.

I would hope Barr keeps aggressively arresting and prosecuting these people.

Also, the coverage of the riots has actually greatly diminished, which must say something about polling data.


Kanye is a joke, and anyone on our side who votes for him is an idiot and is actually supporting Joe Figurehead with half a vote. However, if Dem voters want to vote for him I say go for it.


I just don’t get the pollsters strategy. Giving Joe the Jerk such a big lead while trying to suppress Trump voters will have the effect of overconfidence in the minds of many unenthused mainstream Dem voters. I have to believe Trump’s supporters, after enduring four straight years of over the top scorn and ridicule are more motivated than ever to support the one president who has actually fulfilled most all of his campaign promises (96% GOP voter approval). I just don’t see any thinking person being excited to vote for Jerky Joe the Bimbo.

*** My comments from Dave’s last post, but just as relevant here:

So far President Trump’s strategy of letting the Democrats be Democrats is a smart one. But sooner or later the left is going to goad him into doing what needs to be done: Declare a national emergency, federalize the national guard and clear out all this crap that is going on.

He is going to have to invoke (e.g. become a “dictator”) his presidential power and order the opening of all schools or permanently cut all federal funding for ‘education’ and abolish the Dept. of Education.

He is going to have to get Fluki on air and force him to defend his bogus science and ‘models’ about CV-19 and then override the regional blue state economic shutdown and get the real CV-19 (cases, recoveries, and actually CV-19 deaths) numbers exposed.

If the ‘generals’ disobey his presidential orders in word or deed and become ‘political’ he’ll have to remove and court marshal them and anyone else in the military who disobeys his orders.

He will have to tell the leftist district ‘judges’ to go to hell and ignore their rulings. And TELL CJ John Roberts the same. Many presidents have ignored or outright disobeyed many court rulings.

He will have to tell the RINO Romneys in congress and elsewhere this is how it is going to be while he is president.

He is going to have to get Barr et al to arrest these state and local corrupt GS toady mayors, DAs, and prosecutors.

This will take extraordinary courage on his part, but his reelection is on the line.

He is also going to have to force Barr to have TRUSTED people overseeing the corrupt election machines in the same places that always seem to vote 80+% Dem and often with more votes than actual residents in certain districts.

The question is, when will he unleash this executive power? Will he let the status quo continue to let the people in the blue states really see how bad it is up to the election? Or, will he act sometime in October to really bring the issue to a head and force a real election decision? Waiting until October to explode all this will blunt any ‘October Surprise’ the Dems might try to spring on him. That and announcing the indictments of many key Obamagate players at the same time will overwhelm the news cycle and blunt much of the negative reporting.

I don’t really see how he loses by going all in on this.

I do see him possibly losing if he allows the status quo to continue through Nov 3.

phineas gage

The real threat, as always with the Dems, is cheating. In particular, the mail-in voting scheme must be stopped. That may ultimately wind up at SCOTUS, but not before November.

phineas gage

Kanye in the general is what is important. All he has to do is get on the ballot in a few key states.

I don’t know how the Dems have convinced themselves that black people are bursting with enthusiasm to vote for Joe Biden (other than their fake glass-bubble polls that they babble about on Twitter).

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