Democrat Mayors are the Lynchpins for America’s Marxist Insurgency

Hey, there’s one good thing happening in New York City. – For three days running now, anti-Marxist protesters in New York City have poured paint on the “Black Lives Matter” script that nitwit Mayor Bill de Blasio ordered painted on 5th Avenue in front of the Trump Tower Building.

Here is how that went on Saturday:

The first key to defeating an enemy is to understand and acknowledge his true nature.

For those who have been living under a rock for the last six weeks and may have missed it, Black Lives Matter is a radical Marxist organization whose goal is the destruction of the American Republic and the installation of a brutal, Venezuela-style socialist regime. Black Lives Matter is in fact indistinguishable from Antifa: A domestic terrorist organization funded by George Soros front groups and sponsored by the Democrat Party, just as the Ku Klux Klan was funded and sponsored by the Democrat Party for more than a century.

The woman in this video was arrested for telling the truth about BLM and Mayor de Blasio, who is himself a committed Marxist. Once you understand that about de Blasio, every action he has taken over the past months – the defunding of the police, the rampant releasing of violent prisoners from the city’s jails, the refusal to allow law enforcement to deal effectively with riots and looting and the burning of vast swaths of the city by Antifa/BLM – makes perfect sense.

America today is facing a Marxist insurgency by led by the Democrat Party, and the Democrat mayors who run the big cities are that movement’s lynchpins.

Here’s Mayor de Blasio in his younger days, when he used his real name, Warren Wilhelm.

Warren Wilhelm : Family tree by Tim DOWLING - Geneanet

Other Democrat mayors around the country are also integrally involved in leading this insurgency. The Mayor of Seattle, the reprehensible Jenny Durkan, is no different than de Blasio. Once you understand her true nature and goals, her active support of the illegal occupation of six square blocks of her city for a month – the CHAZ/CHOP – makes perfect sense.

On way to long-term changes, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan quietly ...

Ditto Chicago’s freakshow mayor Lori Lightfoot. Once you understand her true nature and goals, which are aimed at sowing chaos and destroying the foundations of law and order and individual liberty, then her looking the other way as mostly-black neighborhoods are shot up every weekend by roving gangs of thugs makes perfect sense. As does her refusal to allow her law enforcement officers to properly deal with riots and defend themselves from the Marxist rioters, which ended up getting 18 officers seriously injured on Friday.

Sounding a 'Distress Signal,' Lightfoot Warns Chicago is Falling ...

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey also belongs in this literal murderer’s row of despicable Marxist Democrat mayors. He is, after all, the limp-wristed simpleton who ordered his city’s police to stand down as the Democrat-sponsored rioters turned Ilahn Omar’s congressional district into a burned-out shell that now closely resembles her home country of Somalia.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey responds after being booed out of ...

Add to this list the Mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, who has spent the week outrageously lying about the activities of federal law enforcement officers acting in his city to prevent of the federal courthouse and other federal property from being destroyed by the Antifa/BLM rioters there.

Here’s a shot of Wheeler posing with his ideological role model:

Mayor Ted Wheeler on Twitter: "Mayors, city leaders, state ...

National Democrats like Nancy Pelosi (who else?) and their corrupt toadies in the national news media have now decided to turn Wheeler’s lies about the federal LEOs operating in his city into a new utterly false narrative. Adding fuel to that fire is the Oregon Attorney General, another Soros-funded flunky named Ellen Rosenblum (pictured below) who yesterday filed a lawsuit to try to get an Obama-appointed federal judge to order the federal LEOs to stand down, presumably so that the BLM/Antifa thugs will be free to burn the federal buildings to the ground.

Oregon Attorney General Seeks More Funding For Elder Abuse Cases ...

I’ve talked a lot about the destruction being done to our country by Democrat governors as they use the Wuhan Virus as an excuse to willingly destroy their states’ economies and school systems in order to influence the November elections. But the mayors pictured here – and many others across the country – may actually present an even bigger threat to the nation’s survival for the simple fact that they control the police departments in their respective cities. What better way to sow the chaos that Democrats now hope will lead to an outright communist revolution in America than by refusing to allow the police to do their jobs?

Remember the faces pictured in this piece, because they are the literal faces of evil in our time.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Mr deplorable

Wouldn’t that make these folks some of the first targets in a shooting civil war?

JK Brown

The burning of the cities is unfortunate, but was going to happen with the voters’ selections of “leaders”. It was just a week or so when the constant refrain in the media and among the pundits that Trump need to “bring people together”, etc. It was a direct ploy to draw in Trump.

But Trump has taken the old fashioned Daddy-state approach. They old fashion style of daddy who will let you touch the stove so you’ll learn. He won’t let it go too far that it can’t be brought back, but neither will he leave the issue in doubt. These mayors and governors were expecting daddy to make the stop so they could rail about the unfairness. Instead, daddy is making them smoke cigarette after cigarette so they won’t ever touch them again without feeling sick.


They just need to be isolated. They’ll all self destruct soon enough.

If these thugs try to take this to red states, and they will try, then they should be allowed to ‘peacefully’ demonstrate. But if one rock is thrown and graffiti sprayed, anything causing harm, then they should be put down hard. Go hard immediately on the people doing or instigating the violence. If these thugs have crossed state lines then its a federal crime and can be sentenced to some serious time.

Playing nice with communists doesn’t work.

Its a war

Road To Rouen

All of those cities are occupied enemy territory colonies of the CCP.
Infiltrated by a fifth column of commie RATS.
Seeing all kinds of out of state plates flocking here to Red State and I’m sure it is on the road to ruin.
Where will we go when we are standing on the beach by the ocean?

phineas gage

An increasingly realistic possibility is that there is a national divorce and the union divides.

It can either be amicable or not.


Don’t really see that happening. To many difficulties in that proposal. Will there be borders?? Trade deals will have to be made and that there is a HUGE problem for dems as they occupy mainly coastal areas but the vast majority of food production is inland. What about States like Nevada?? Island states??

Best solution… Take back the country because even if there was a ;divorce’ do you think they wouldn’t come for the rest of the country??? If you do believe that then it was I who bought Dave’s property and can confirm it has unicorn pastures and lollypop trees… Selling it at a very good price.

phineas gage

One way or the other.

To paraphrase Lincoln, ‘I believe this government cannot endure permanently half marxist and half free….it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing, or all the other.’


I can assure you that if it comes to a battle… The soys will fold and run like the cowards they are. Red state fellas are the ones that ran out of the landing crafts towards enemy fire… Antifa cowards run away as witnessed time and again.

I don’t think anyone, conservative, wants this but if push comes to shove… There will be a world of hurt on the blue side. Lets pray they self destruct and get their plans to steal the upcoming election frustrated and turned against them.

Its a war


I doubt it will be amicable because the left will want it all by their very nature and that will be where the war actually starts. The left is not going to put itself in any sort of position where they can be held hostage by food, mineral or energy production, most of which are in the red states.

It is an all or nothing proposition for them, and it will be bloody, and hopefully, if your (and my) thoughts are correct and the left is playing such a weak hand the conservatives will prevail and the republic as founded saved.


I guess I should have read your post before responding… lol… You stated it much better tho…

phineas gage

It’s our country. We fight and take it back.

Again, I’m not living under the rule of these people.

Scott McCloud

Andrew Sullivan was a conservative before he was liberal before he was conservative


So far President Trump’s strategy of letting the Democrats be Democrats is a smart one. But sooner or later the left is going to goad him into doing what needs to be done: Declare a national emergency, federalize the national guard and clear out all this crap that is going on.

He is going to have to invoke (e.g. become a “dictator”) his presidential power and order the opening of all schools or permanently cut all federal funding for ‘education’ and abolish the Dept. of Education.

He is going to have to get Fluki on air and force him to defend his bogus science and ‘models’ about CV-19 and then override the regional blue state economic shutdown and get the real CV-19 (cases, recoveries, and actually CV-19 deaths) numbers exposed.

If the ‘generals’ disobey his presidential orders in word or deed and become ‘political’ he’ll have to remove and court marshal them and anyone else in the military who disobeys his orders.

He will have to tell the leftist district ‘judges’ to go to hell and ignore their rulings. And TELL CJ John Roberts the same. Many presidents have ignored or outright disobeyed many court rulings.

He will have to tell the RINO Romneys in congress and elsewhere this is how it is going to be while he is president.

He is going to have to get Barr et al to arrest these state and local corrupt GS toady mayors, DAs, and prosecutors.

This will take extraordinary courage on his part, but his reelection is on the line.

He is also going to have to force Barr to have TRUSTED people overseeing the corrupt election machines in the same places that always seem to vote 80+% Dem and often with more votes than actual residents in certain districts.

The question is, when will he unleash this executive power? Will he let the status quo continue to let the people in the blue states really see how bad it is up to the election? Or, will he act sometime in October to really bring the issue to a head and force a real election decision? Waiting until October to explode all this will blunt any ‘October Surprise’ the Dems might try to spring on him. That and announcing the indictments of many key Obamagate players at the same time will overwhelm the news cycle and blunt much of the negative reporting.

I don’t really see how he loses by going all in on this.

I do see him possibly losing if he allows the status quo to continue through Nov 3.

phineas gage

All true. I don’t see all of that happening, but a move with the schools is possible.

I still do not see people voting to elect Joe Biden, who essentially can no longer appear in public.


I saw my first Biden flag today. I cannot fathom why anybody would vote for him either. I know of ONE retired teacher who will vote for him almost certainly. My belief is that Joe committed sedition or treason and I can’t figure out why someone would vote for him..

phineas gage

Great rogues gallery, DB. It is incredible how uniformly hideous these people are–their external feature seem to mirror their internal qualities.

A vintage picture of Hillary as an honorable mention would have fit right in.

I’ve said before and I’ll say it again—these people, although well organized, are losing control in their ideological zeal and Trump hatred, and they are pushing too hard.

Burning down major American cities is not a way to build a political consensus. If they think there is going to be a glorious revolution, they haven’t learned anything since their days as young radicals. There is going to be a severe backlash against them.

Jumper Bones

Please continue to expose these un-Americans.

silver fox

any idea how much money george soros has spent on getting these and the attorney generals elected in each state. He actually needed help from Bloomberg.

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