Saturday News Roundup: Antifa Gone Wild, Teachers Unions Gone Bad, and Racism at the New York Times

Antifa gone wild. – The summer remains hot and out of control in Lori Lightweight’s Chicago. No fewer than 18 under-armed Chicago police were injured by Antifa/BLM rioters last night as they defended a statue of Christopher Columbus that the rioters had attempted to tear down in Grant Park.

Watch this clip:

Note that probably 80% of the rioters are the classic pasty-faced white Millennials who staff, organize and foment Antifa/BLM/Democrat Party-sponsored riots all over the country.

From a report at the Chicago Tribune:

At least 1,000 people swarmed the Christopher Columbus statue in Grant Park on Friday evening in an attempt to topple it after a march turned tense and chaotic when some people began throwing fireworks and cans at the police, who in turn struck members of the crowd with batons.

Following a rally in support of Black and Indigenous people, hundreds of protesters marched south on Columbus Drive shortly after 7 p.m. Then a person shouted that some Chicago police units, whom they had been trying to separate the crowd from by using bike-wielding citizen “marshals,” had left to protect the statue of the controversial historical figure.

Dozens of people in the crowd who were clad in all-black clothing rushed the nearby statue, surrounding the short stone wall that circled it. Some began throwing objects, such as cans and fireworks, at the officers. A few people tried to climb over the wall and were met with officers smacking their batons at them.

About 18 officers were injured, some of whom were treated at the scene and others at area hospitals, Chicago police spokesman Thomas Ahern said. About a dozen people were arrested and face pending charges ranging from battery to a police officer to mob action, Ahern said. He said the aerosol used by officers was pepper spray.


The key thing to remember here is that these 18 officers would have had a far better chance of avoiding injury had their terms of engagement not been so absurdly limited. Why would anyone want to be a police officer in a city where the corrupt Mayor expects them to go into harm’s way completely unable to properly defend themselves?

The people in these mobs are cowards, and cowards will only continue to grow bolder until someone punches them in the face. The rioting will continue so long as Democrat mayors like Lori Lightweight are in control. Sadly, the mass exodus of good officers from the nation’s police forces will continue as well.

John Lewis has passed. – Long-time Georgia Congressman John Lewis, who Nancy Pelosi has been illegally allowing to “vote by proxy” as he lay bed-ridden and semi-lucid in a hospital bed for the past several months, passed away last night at the age of 80.

Unlike the gangs of Marxist/fascist thugs we see the Democrats funding to destroy our cities today, Mr. Lewis was, in his younger days, a true hero of the real civil rights movement of the 1960s, and a close associate of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Can there be any question at all that the Democrats will now demean and tarnish Cong. Lewis’s memory by staging 10 days worth of politically-driven “funerals” around the country? Of course they will. That’s what the Democrats do. He deserves to pass with more dignity than that, but San Fran Nan and Chuck Schumer and Al Sharpton just cannot allow that to happen.

Rest in Peace, John Lewis, if they will let you.

Dear public school teachers: This is the kind of thing that gives you all a bad reputation in the minds of millions of Americans. – Following the lead of the main teacher’s union in Los Angeles, a North Carolina teachers union – the Durham Association of Educators (DAE) – announced on Friday that it will only allow its members to return to work this fall if congress enacts universal healthcare and gives welfare benefits to illegal aliens.

From a piece in the Washington Free Beacon:

A North Carolina teachers’ union is calling for the implementation of universal health care and welfare benefits for illegal immigrants in order to reopen schools in the fall.

Just days after the Durham Association of Educators (DAE) issued a statement railing against the school district’s reopening plan, Durham Public Schools voted unanimously to hold all classes virtually for at least the first nine weeks of the school year. Included in the DAE statement was a call to adopt a variety of far-left policy goals before holding in-person classes, including Medicare for All and “direct income support regardless of immigration status.”

“There are concrete policies that have permitted other countries to flatten the curve and return to public life: moratoriums on rent and mortgage, universal health care, direct income support regardless of immigration status,” the statement reads. “We must fight together, collectively, for changes that will permit our communities to thrive during this pandemic and beyond.”


Utterly absurd. The average six year-old child has better associative reasoning skills than that on display in this letter. This is Marxism, pure and simple.

Public school teachers are the least of the problems with the nation’s public schools, although they tend to get most of the blame because they are ones who most often interact with the parents. But teachers unions, on the other hand, are the very heart of the problem, not just with the school system but with our society at large.

These are nothing more than thuggish leftwing political machines that use their funds to support socialist/Marxist causes. A sane society that wished to be preserved intact would order them all to be disbanded.

Being an anti-white racist means never having to say you’re sorry at the New York Times. – New York Times staff writer Nikole Hannah-Jones admitted this week to white people as “barbaric devils” and “bloodsuckers.” Naturally, no one at the Times is demanding that Jones – the lead author of the paper’s utterly false and inherently racist “1619 Project” –  apologize.

From a piece at the Daily Caller:

Hannah-Jones wrote that “the white race is the biggest murderer, rapist, pillager, and thief of the modern world.” in a 1995 letter that was originally obtained by The Federalist. Hannah-Jones also compared Christopher Columbus to Adolf Hitler, and claimed the “white race used deceit and trickery, warfare and rape” to steal land.

Hannah-Jones is the lead author of the New York Times’ 1619 project, and has defended violence and looting that occurred during protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

“And so when we think about someone taking an act to take something from some big box name store, it is symbolic,” she said of the looting. “That one pair of shoes that you’ve stolen from Foot Locker is not going to change your life. But it is a symbolic taking.”


Yes, surely, nothing says “social justice” like a spanking new TV or pair of Nikes.

Holy crap.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Fortunately here in North Carolina we are a right to work state. Those Durham thugs don’t really have any power and all the system has to do is replace them if they do not come back to work…..which I doubt they will be able to out last Congress on their issues anyway.


The same federalist rule of law that applies to not allowing the President to tell the states to open up is the same that prevents him from firing teachers in the states.

The air traffic controllers were vital to flight safety and the operation of our airlines, which at that time were more vital to the economy which was pre-internet.

Now that distance learning has become more prevalent, it’s just a matter of time before home schooling kills the educational system and puts alot of the socialist indoctrinators out to pasture.


I can see a rise in Charter schools but not significant home schooling numbers. To many see home schooling as intimidating and a lot of work, which it really isn’t. Also to many parents both want to work so school is their only option.

What SHOULD be done is parents should be given a voucher for their child’s education and they can put that money into wherever they are putting their kids. School choice. You’d see a HUGE increase in the quality of education when the dumpster schools and slacker teachers are now being evaluated and voted on with dollars the parents control.

phineas gage

Yes, but if the Dems force the closure of the schools to strangle the economy, one parent will probably have to be at home, which allows more home schooling.

Again, it may work against them in ways they don’t expect.


Ronald Reagan fired the air traffic controllers back in the day. President Trump needs to look at doing the same to teachers. I believe it is an ACTUAL NATIONAL EMERGENCY when the population is intentionally dumbed down due to fabricated reasoning. It should be criminal if it isn’t already.

phineas gage

So now, after Notre Dame, Nantes cathedral in France is burning down.

Catholics (and Jews) had better wake up, because the ancient evil is on the march again.


Phineas, please see my comment to waking up on Dave’s previous article; I think our side is finally getting “woke”. About time

phineas gage

The question is whether we are still Yamamoto’s giant, a colossus that can bestride the world, or instead a giant tied down and immobilized by a million Lilliputians.


Correction, see my comment above, not in previous article.

phineas gage

Ms Hannah-Jones (isn’t it amazing how you can tell the leftist women right off from the ridiculous names?) is just fine at the brave new NYT, but Bari Weiss–no conservative she–must be harassed and subjected to anti-semitic slurs.

People like Hannah-Jones are simply ignorant vicious racists, and indulging them will do nothing but drag the Times down. No great loss.

It is also interesting how as the Left advances into full organized attack mode that they are all getting their anti-Semite groove on.


“… will do nothing but drag the Times down. No great loss.”

More like addition by subtraction. Just like when sports teams dump an overpaid under performing player by eating his contract or paying another team most of his salary for a no-name minor leaguer and a bag of balls and bats just to get rid of the cancer on the team.

phineas gage

The ironic thing is that in their frothing political short-sightedness, the teachers unions and all of their incompetent members are providing a significant boost to home schooling in this country. Where before it was occasional, my guess is it is about to become widespread.

As a personal observation, every single home-schooled student I have had in my classes has been exceptional. The high-school level home-schooled students taking advanced classes regularly outperform the regular college students by wide margins. They know how to think and reason.


According to the teachers union and zombie union teachers, you as a parent are not qualified to indoctrinate, I mean teach, your children.

We home schooled and every homeschooler who’s kids went to college or university basically walked into their courses without needing ANY makeup courses. Unlike public ‘educated’ schooled kids, whom pretty much always need to take courses to bring their levels up to entry levels. Mostly in math and reading.

The teachers unions have been the most ferocious opponent of home schooling and produce the most poorly educated students. They also put the screws to teachers not falling into line with their agendas, its a mafia.

phineas gage

John Lewis was a hero in the civil right days, but like so much of that legacy he became irretrievably corrupted and twisted, essentially a racist himself in his later days.

The ‘funeral’ will be a full-on Paul Wellstone disgrace, but then that is what everything is today with the Dems. Everything, without exception, is political.


Didn’t the SC recently rule that government employees can opt out of paying union dues? How many have actually done so?

It is recognized by many that the thugs that run unions (and other outfits like Planned Parenthood) launder much of their confiscated dues back to the Democratic Party. I also remember a lot of outrage from the left at that decision, but it quickly died away. Apparently the ignorant rank and file (you know the ones who many people praise as being dedicated public servants trapped in a corrupt system) members of these unions are still feeding the beast since I am not seeing much counter protesting against the union leadership. If the vast majority of the ‘good’ teachers really want to get back to normal, want to really teach our children, then why aren’t there revolts against the union from within? Why are they all being lemmings? I’ll bet the vast majority of our ‘educators’ don’t even have a clue of how much money is being extorted from them every year.

Finally the rank and file police have had enough of this crap and are either leaving the force or forcing their unions to get out of bed with the left. Sooner or later the Trump through the Dept. of Ed. or the state governors or the mayors are going to have to act and tell the unions and teachers ether go back to work or you are not going to be getting paid or worse, outright fired. Let’s see how fast this crap stops when the ‘good’ teachers all of a sudden stop getting paid. Can’t happen soon enough.

While the Dems rule virtually all the places that are currently under siege (with their tacit and often overt approval) and few are up for reelection this year, their policies are irritating many of their constituents to the nth degree – many are being subjected to legitimate recall attempts. This anger and frustration is not going to go away because for the first time the ignorant are also being “woke” to the reality that the Dems are their true enemy.

Ordinary people are generally politically lazy and don’t pay much attention to issues that don’t directly affect them, they also are subliminally and mentally massaged to vote Democrat. Well all this stuff that has gone on for the last four months has been an overt in their face and direct attack on any normal person’s sensibilities and it will hopefully, HOPEFULLY, force a direct response.

The response can manifest itself in several ways and will probably be a combination of moving away from the Democratic cities and states, counter protests (which will be ridiculed, attacked, defamed, and/or ignored by the MSM (D) and ultimately peter out) or a massive effort to vote out many Democrats. Since the average citizen is not wired to think in terms of organizing in a united political effort, it will probably be a fragmented response as opposed to the highly funded and organized ‘movements’ of the left.

So how successful will the pushback be? Time will tell, but the constant loss of freedom from travel restrictions, and mandatory mask wearing, the loss of income/jobs for many, the bankrupting of many businesses that many people enjoyed patronizing, the fact that the children are now with the parents 24/7 with no classroom education (what do we need teachers AND new schools for if no one is going to attend the schools?) and the constant racist in you face demonizing of peaceful people just because they happen to be white cannot do anything to further the radical left’s cause.

In 1941, many of Japan’s leaders (and many enemies of America since then) saw Americans as lazy decadent slobs who wouldn’t fight. When FDR squeezed them economically, they felt we wouldn’t fight back and hit us at Pearl Harbor. They believed that would demoralize us and we would just pack it in and quit and allow Japan to have its empire. Japan, the bully, grossly underestimated American will and resolve and ran a bluff with a very bad economic and doctrinal hand.

I feel the same with the left’s position today. They have built up a tremendous (but ultimately) weak platform upon which to wage war against the American culture and its societal norms and traditions. In trying to capitalize on CV-19, and then the “mostly peaceful” sponsored riots, they have hopefully awoken a sleeping giant and are filling the “silent majority” with a terrible resolve.

If history is any gauge – and I believe it is as history always repeats itself – there will be a costly conflict, but the right will ultimately prevail and the left will defeated bigly because their is no real depth (logical argument) to their cause. They are a bully built on a house of cards

President Trump is the only politician today who can lead us to a victory over the well funded and entrenched evil that is so pervasive in America today. In his first term he has tried diplomacy to move America from the left’s agenda; in his second term he must actively fight to win the culture war. If we somehow fail to reelect him, then we may as well surrender to the evil that is arrayed against America and Western Civilization. If that happens the we will fall into a new Dark Age that will last for generations.

PS: First comment of the day and word press said I was posting too quickly.

phineas gage

Your Japan analogy is interesting and I hope it is correct. The problem is we are a very different country now than in 1941.

It has often been asked if this country as constituted today could fight and win a conflict like WWII, and I believe the answer is no. Few younger Americans today have the courage and love of country to storm the beaches of Normandy. And on what basis would we all pull together? What values do we commonly share anymore as Americans?

This is a civil war. The enemy was taken by surprise in 2016. They won’t make the same mistake this time.


I share the same concerns about our national make up of 1941 versus today. If that is the case and not enough people are willing to fight for the America as founded, then we are doomed regardless of who wins in Nov. Obviously if Trump wins, and gets some people in power that will break the cabal, we have a chance, but if things continue to go as they have gone in his first term, the Trump presidency will just have delayed the left’s takeover by eight or ten years.

If Joe Figurehead wins, America as founded is over in very short order, and we can count on no Republican let alone a conservative, ever winning another significant election, and most of the remaining Republicans will fold like a two dollar suitcase. Why asshats like Grahamesty, Romney, and (the retiring) Alexander can’t see this is beyond rational comprehension.

We may have already passed the ‘tipping point’ and it is all over but the shouting; there just may be too much evil and corruption to overcome.

phineas gage

They do understand it. They don’t care. They are seeking personal enrichment by being part of the system.

The evil and corruption can be overcome, but it will unfortunately necessitate an actual civil war with real bloodshed that the current union may not survive intact.

The Tea Party was ordinary Americans asking nicely. Trump was a more overt response. The next step is coming and it will be ugly.

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