Bombshell: Devin Nunes Reveals a Key Point About Obamagate

As is his custom as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, do-nothing South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham dribbled out some new information about ObamaGate yesterday, information that amounts to far too little, far too late for it to become any real benefit to the republic’s ultimate survival. Why Sen. Graham has waited this long to release this particular tranche of documents is anyone’s guess – there are possible explanations, both innocent and not-so-innocent.

Regardless, the release is worth noting because the declassified FBI records clearly establish the fact that the FBI and band of Mueller thugs knew full well that the Steele Dossier was a fraud very early on, but continued to use it to defraud the FISA court on multiple occasions.

Here’s the released documents:

That release led the guest host of Sean Hannity’s Tick-Tock hour on Fox News last night, Tammy Bruce, to bring on journalist John Solomon and intrepid Congressman Devin Nunes to discuss the importance of these documents. While Solomon and Bruce skirt around the central issue, Nunes, as is his habit, keeps his eye squarely on the ball that really matters.

Here’s a clip, followed by a transcript of Cong. Nunes’s comments:

Transcript – Watch and listen as Bruce interrupts Nunes the moment he starts to point out the most crucial point in all of this – Nunes starts at about the 1:50 mark):

Nunes: Well, I think to correct [John Solomon’s call for a Durham “report”], uh, I’m not too interested in a Durham “report.” I would like to know everything for the four-plus years that went on, including even the Mueller investigation, but really what we want is, we want indictments. 

We’ve made 14 criminal referrals, we have another investigation that is ongoing. I would say the takeaway I have tonight – John hit it on the head with those 3 important topics – but also, we have suspected for a very long time that Steele had only 2 Russians [sources]. But, we believe they were actually kind of “real” Russians, but he didn’t really know them.

And the question is, how was it that Steele supposedly “found” these Russians and was able to use them? We’ve asked the FBI and the CIA about these Russians – I’ve said for a long time we’re interested in 2 Russians – and this won’t surprise you: They have yet to allow us access to these 2 Russians, who we know [interrupted by Bruce so you can barely hear this] are now living in the United States.


Now, Ms. Bruce might have interrupted Nunes at that crucial moment simply because she was running up against a commercial break. Or maybe, just maybe, she had a producer screaming in her ear to make Nunes stop because he was getting into an area that the CIA does not want to have discussed on national television.

Think about this: The 2 Russian sources for the Steele Dossier are now living in the United States of America? How, pray tell, would that happen, other than under the auspices of some agency or another of the federal government? Why would the CIA, the DOJ and/or the FBI want to be keeping these 2 specific Russians safely under wraps?

Two possible explanations come to mind: a) Because these 2 Russians are spilling their guts to Mr. Durham and his investigators, or b) because the CIA under John Brennan was intimately involved in Spygate/Obamagate and the initial compiling of that Steele Dossier on behalf of the Clinton Campaign and the DNC.

On that latter possibility, it’s fair to remember that Steele himself is a British spy who was based in London at the time he was compiling that fake dossier, and that current CIA Director Gina Haspel happened to be the head of the CIA’s London office during that same time.


We should also remember this key fact: Nunes knows where all of these bodies are buried. Remember, he was the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee during 2017-18, and he has already seen all of these documents long ago. He is not just speculating for fun in this TV appearance – he knows how Steel was linked up with those 2 Russians and he knows how and why they are currently living in the United States.

He is clearly sending a message here. Pray that he has strong security around him.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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marty lopez

What matteres any of it unless and until Nunes becomes President? Barr’s job is to keep us focused on a Durham report, which will be late coming, deficient and a weak deflection, largely irrelevant with regards the key issues and Donald Trump is either complicit, or a willing accomplice to this manner of disposing of the issue.

The President is clearly not committed to kicking the hornets nest. In eithe revent this scenario will not serve to save America.

Vegan Electrolytes

That’s wayciss! You don’t ever criticize the immaculate Chicago Jesus Messiah who is the greatest human being ever to walk the face of the earth.
Lindsey Grahamnesty? Bwahahah! The Pink Palmetto Princess is like Trey “Howdy” Gowdy just a lot of talking.
How many FBI agents does it take to close a garage door? Fifteen but only when they are not busy trying to overthrow a duly elected president.

jack johnson

The reason nothing of any consequence has been done about this Russia Hoax is because they were all in on it….both parties, intelligence agencies and the FBI. Basically The Swamp known as DC. They set up the trip wires and landmines just in case an outsider like Trump won. They were scared to death that Trump would come in and upset their corrupt system and expose them to the public.

Their only mistake is they underestimated the American voter and bought into the fraudulent polling. They actually thought Hillary would win and it would be business as usual. Hence this sloppy operation was conceived and ultimately failed. Now they are just running out the clock hoping for another “Hillary” victory.

phineas gage

No–they were sloppy in 2016. This time around they are determined to ensure, to quote David Plouffe, ‘that Trump’s kind never rises again’. Meaning achieving permanent political power.

They are all in and they are organized.

Note how long-time Dem machine pol Eliot Engel just lost his seat in NY to an AOC acolyte. That is what is coming.

Ben Colder

I am getting really fed up with fox news and Hannity in general all he is is a preacher.He goes on and on about the same old same old every day always going on about some bomb shell he has and it turns out to be the same thing he has been preaching about for the last two weeks.He is full of it.As for old Grahmnesty he has been going on about what he is going to do for the last four years and he has not done a damned thing .He is covering for the dem/communists.

phineas gage

Not two weeks–Hannity has been repeating the same sentences for years now. It is all he does. And yet people still watch and listen to him.


“and that current CIA Director Gina Haspel happened to be the head of the CIA’s London office during that same time.”

Gina Haspel a johnny B associate?!?!? GASP… say it isn’t so….

Gina has moved thru the ranks with the help of johnny B but its likely just a coincidence I’m sure. /s If memory serves me she was put in the London office by johnny B. No mistake there , imo she was there to ‘assist’ the setup of the coup cabals russian plot which came out of London. Not a difficult puzzle piece to place there. When she was confirmed to CIA head she did say she wouldn’t waterboard, anyone but didn’t say she wouldn’t help a coup attempt. Guess the Senators need to ask more specific questions.

This has been a CIA operation from the get go. Its the CIA that truly needs to be disbanded as the whole of the organization is corrupt and evil from stem to stern. There is a LOT of information available on just how evil and dark this org is for which it is supposed to be illegal for them to operate on US soil, but they ignore. This organization IS the shadow government that gives the appearance of operating under oversight. This is why Flynn was vehemently attacked and still is, because he was going to do a full audit and this would have exposed the CIA for what it is, a seditious global mafia.

My test… No other posts yet here on this article. Curious how long WordPress suppresses this post and how many other commentors show up before mine.


three posts and an hour for my statements to show… and only on wordpress sites… I must have triggered something somewhere because it started suddenly, akismet… wordpress owned


I made a post Friday and could view it right after it posted. Then it was back to post not viewable by me on any browser except TOR. And when I use TOR I often get an older page and then a little later the most recent post. and as you said, only on WordPress.


There has to be something we commonly did to trip this oddity… I’ll keep digging… Thx for the feedback


Also, I loaded Dave’s page the other day and it showed two comments, then snapped back a page that showed no posts.

And now the spell checker isn’t working when I write.

Pretty certain that Askimets algorithms didn’t like some word or
combination of words we wrote at some point. Or possibly we were too repetitve on same.

Just makes it frustrating when I can’t load the page with the most recent comments on it. I literally have to trun off and start up my PC to get it.

I’m sure somebody is having a good laugh at our expense.


Tammy Bruce interrupting Nunes for a commercial break when he is getting to real meat, yep, I’m sure that is the case. When was the last time Senator Bloviator Grahamesy interrupted by Hannity? Just sayin’.

Glad to hear you report new info that is dribbling out, but all the intelligence in the world is worthless unless it is acted upon…

phineas gage

Nothing matters now but the election. Trump staying in office is the only way you will ever see any action at all.

phineas gage

Sidney Blumenthal created the Russian ‘sources’ and the entire dossier, relayed it to Nellie Ohr, who then funneled it to her husband and onward to Steele, who was just a frontman.

That is the truth of it.

Graham is doing what he does because, like most of the GOPe in D.C., he is assuming, and indeed is engineering, the removal of Trump, at which point he wants to return to his lucrative position as servile lapdog to the permanent Democrat majority.

Lindsey, for one, welcomes his new insect overlords…..


I am still under the belief that Nellie used her ham radio to communicate with players involved in the coup. Hopefully we will discover more on that item in the future. I don’t believe Blumenthal created the Russian sources, Hillary created them by paying a boatload of people to fabricate the BS. Blumenthal was just doing what he was paid to do, and Blumenthal has been doing that for decades.

Hillary bailed out the DNC financially before the election to the point of having the DNC move their money to her bank. It was always Hillary and has always been Hillary hiding behind other entities. Obama and Biden had their part to play in the coup for sure, however we sometimes forget that it was ALL for the election of Hillary Clinton. I still laugh when I think of all of the treasonous corruption and the effort expended for Hillary Rodham Clinton to lose a rigged election. Heads need to roll and HERS is one of them.

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