Marxist Democrats are Convinced That This is Their Moment

They’re coming for your churches… – As we have repeatedly pointed out, Marxist movements are always anti-Christian and anti-Jewish endeavors.  The current Marxist movement being mounted in America today by the Soros-funded Antifa/Black Lives Matter/Democrat Party alliance is also allied with Islam, which only makes it even more focused on its fervor to destroy other major religious symbols and institutions.

Last weekend, this anti-religious fervor resulted in the highly-suspicious burning of three Christian churches across the country, including a 250 year-old Spanish mission in California. That campaign has continued this week with the desecration of Catholic symbols in various cities in the U.S. and Canada.

From a report by the Daily Caller:

A Catholic church in New Haven, Connecticut, has reported vandalism as attacks on churches continue throughout the U.S.

Pastor John Paul Walker of St. Mary’s Parish, which consists of both St. Mary’s Catholic Church and St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, announced in a Thursday Facebook post that St. Joseph’s Church was vandalized sometime between 9 p.m. Wednesday and 6 a.m. Thursday.

The Archdiocese of Hartford also shared a Facebook post confirming that “a person or group of persons had painted anarchist and satanic symbols on the doors of St. Joseph Church in New Haven.”(RELATED: Statue Of Jesus Vandalized At Catholic Church In Canada)

“This follows an apparent trend of desecrating Catholic spaces throughout the nation, as evidenced by incidents in Chattanooga, Queens, Boston, Sacramento, and Ocala,” the pastor wrote on Facebook. “The underlying motive of these sacrilegious attacks is clear: to intimidate and instill fear in the hearts of those who worship Christ.”

News of the vandalism comes after Fr. Wilbert Chin Jon of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary confirmed to the Daily Caller Thursday that vandals spray painted and used marker or chalk to deface a statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus at Sacred Heart Church in Calgary, Alberta on Tuesday around 1:30 a.m.


The efforts by Democrat governors like Gavin Newsom, Phil Murphy and Gretchen Whitmer to continue their illegal discrimination against religious freedom only encourages this kind of activity by marginalizing and de-humanizing Christians and Jews, just as Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong did during the 20th century. The timid response by leaders of those faiths seen thus far only encourages the thugs to double down.

At some point, America’s Christians and Jews will either have to engage in massive civil disobedience or this highly organized and coordinated campaign to marginalize them will only continue to grow.

The same is likely true for the rest of the law-abiding, civilized population as well. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the Marxist Democrats believe this year is their moment to truly transform the country permanently. Everything we are being subjected to by these Democrat governors and mayors related to COVID-19 is all about population control, the destruction of free enterprise, the destruction of wealth, the destruction of real learning in our society, the destruction of social norms and the subjugation of disfavored parts of the population.

Sadly, thanks to the constant peddling of panic porn by the corrupt news media, more and more Republican governors and Mayors are helping them along. Whether they do so knowingly or unwittingly doesn’t matter: Every new lockdown order, every new shutting down of specific classes of businesses, every new limitation on the number of people who can attend church or Synagogue on the Sabbath, every new ordered destruction of thousands of jobs pushes our nation closer and closer to the critical mass needed to elect a new wave of Marxist Democrat true believers with the same mindset of AOC and Ilhan Omar into office.

Every closing of a school and every pretense that “distance learning” can somehow be equally effective as attendance in a classroom and collaboration with friends and fellow students also aids the Marxist cause. A crucial goal of this “revolution” is to destroy any and all sense of community among the people. It is far more easy to control a massive population of frightened and isolated subjects than a community of men and women dedicated to a common cause.

As flawed as our public schools are, that sense of community first develops among the children as they go about learning together, playing sports together, joining clubs together and marching in bands and singing in choirs together. This is why pretty much every other free nation on the face of the earth is moving rapidly to reopening their schools this fall.

The almost rabid focus by the Democrats and their toadies in the corrupt news media on shutting our schools down in the face of all available science arrayed in favor of opening them tells you all you need to know on this subject. Remember: These are the very same Democrats/corrupt journalists who screamed to high heaven when President Trump cancelled U.S. participation in the fraudulent money grab that is the Paris Climate Accord. They told us the world would end when Trump pulled us out of another international consensus – the Iran deal.

We have a global consensus now – backed by all available science and data – that reopening the schools is the thing to do, and now these exact same people contend that America should be alone and isolated and ignore the science on this specific subject.

Think logically about this. There is only one possible reason why they are doing this.

At some point, if these evil Marxists do not relent, freedom loving Americans will either be forced to engage in massive civil disobedience or see our freedoms perish forever. That is the path the Marxist Democrats and their corrupt media toadies are taking us down, willingly and with malice aforethought.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Benjamin Spotts

The f’n idiots do not have the guns and now can’t count on the police nor the military. They will all get lead poisoning when this all goes down.


Historically Jews have been a dominant part of Marxism and they played a very key role in the barbaric Russian Communism. They have also been very involved in communism in America for the past one hundred years. I know many good and intelligent Jews, but one must not ignore the linkage between Jews and communism. Susan Rosenberg for instance.

phineas gage

The theory of Jewish Bolshevism has been widely discredited i.e. it ain’t true.

Trotsky's Icepick

Those who are familiar with the workings of the Communists are aware that the United States is in jeopardy. They are not fearful if the people of the country awake to the danger. But the enemies of civilization, both those in the Communist party and those on the fringe, who are playing with fire in their support of Communist theories, are at work to effect the overthrow of the government. They are working cleverly, insidiously, and are willing to take plenty of time to accomplish their ends, but their main purpose, the goal toward which they are striving, is the destruction of church, home, and the state in America and the raising of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat.

R.M. Witney, Reds In America, 1924


If the demoncraps can steal this next election… you can bet on this happening… in spades, along with church forced closures. They hate Christians unabashedly.

Its a war… Those who hold to the scriptures, the Bible, need to stand strong


Just came across this article. Very much in line what Mr. Blackmon has stated in his article. Truth is coming out.


Where is Joe McCarthy when you need him


There are so few people talking about this aspect of the war going on right now. This is a timely and accurate article. Thank you Mr Blackmon for addressing this here.

Its not a new thing but since the ‘enlightenment’ it has become the focus of the marxist mindset to quash the church and family, as these are the two biggest obstacles to their ideologies. The Post Modurnal Desconstructionism is the term generally used to describe this destructive insidious move by these evil people. Boiled down to its simplest form its an attack on everything God represents and instituted. The family unit which scripture also equally shadows with the Church.

There is the outside attacks on both family and Church of which these communists have been very successful in destroying the family unit as a whole. Families have been fragmented , especially so with the advent of gig tech, social media and media programming from music and movies. Huge segments of the population don’t have sit down meals, don’t have two parents or have two parents but both work, communication mainly by social media and are influenced by social media concerning most aspects of morality, etc.

Make no mistake, this is a war that has its roots in the spiritual realm first. Its the one known as the Destroyer or Satan, who is waging this war and his goal is to destroy every institution ordained of God. Its is the family and Church that are the true bulwarks of resistance to his efforts. The outside attacks are minor but telling. The bulk of the attacks have been internal which have been far more effective, such as the prosperity teachings, contemplative , the New Apostolic Reformation and even into the charasmaniac movement. The corrupting inside is meant to normalize sin and embrace it as being ‘loving’ which is contrary to scripture and twisted by false teachers. Its so far flourished because people have shunned being a Borean and searched the scriptures to check what is being taught for accuracy.

Its a war… know your enemy

phineas gage

It is a hinge moment for our nation, no question, but to my mind the extreme hysterics of the Left betrays panic. I don’t think they would ramping it up this high if they were confident. It has already reached maximal saturation levels and the election is still four months away.


Yeah, I agree, the left is doing things that show they are not confident and are making themselves look ridiculous in the process. However, aside from massive voter fraud, my biggest fear is people will grow weary of all this constant agitation and will vote for Joe Figurehead as there will soon be a promise (after the D convention or Labor Day), a gradual shift in the MSM (D) message, that all this crap will go away when Trump is defeated. And if Trump is defeated, things will calm down and there will be megaphone (media) driven celebrations and CV-19, and Antifa/BLM will vanish back into the woodwork overnight. Schools will miraculously open, and sports and all business will be allowed to fully resume as the “curve will have been flattened”. Mask mandates will disappear.

As soon as Figurehead is sworn in, taxes will be dramatically raised to pay for the CV-19 debt and all the policies of the Obama error will resume on steroids. That is not speculation, it is a fact.

If Figurehead wins, the senate will be lost and the surviving Republicans in congress will find their inner McCain and be all too willing to cross the aisle to save themselves form persecution and to keep their perks. And in reality, I wouldn’t really blame the McConnells of the world for caving into the left. If you think Roberts is bad now, just wait until the Dems are in control and we can count on more Obamacare decisions from him. RBG and the other fossils on the court including Thomas, will soon retire and give whoever is running the Figurehead Administration three or four picks – how does Amy Jackson, and Emmitt Sullivan sound for the new SC justices?


A Trump loss would have obvious consequences which is why its imperative to stay focused on winning the Election. I think you are spot on in your assessments, continued chaos with a message being delivered that ‘normalcy’ will return if joe sniff gets elected.

I actually hope the chaos continues because imo, it will backfire bigly. People are smart enough to see that demoncraps are not only encouraging the chaos but fostering chaos. Seattle is a prime example and people, outside of being a dem zombie, will see this as something to avoid supporting.

phineas gage

There is a much bigger problem for the Dems, and I’m surprised that so few people see it, since it is right at the top of their ticket.

The Left think they have Trump on the defensive and that the clock is running out on him. In fact, they are the ones that the clock is going to run out on. That is because Joe Biden’s rate of cognitive decline is precipitous, meaning he is deteriorating by the week, if not the day. Very shortly, it will not be possible for the Dems to allow him in public at all.

The political wisdom is to always make the election about your opponent. That is what the Dems are attempting with Operation Panic Porn. But if Biden cannot be in public for the last three months of the campaign, it is going to be simple for Trump to make the election about him. ‘Where is Joe’ will become the predominant theme.

You can’t beat something with nothing, and the Dems have nothing in Joe Biden.


Agree, and I only hope Joe Figurehead remains ‘viable’ until Nov 3. I don’t want him assuming room temperature a few months out allowing the DNC to anoint some ‘fresh face’ whom they really wanted all along.


“I actually hope the chaos continues because imo, it will backfire bigly. People are smart enough to see that demoncraps are not only encouraging the chaos but fostering chaos. Seattle is a prime example and people, outside of being a dem zombie, will see this as something to avoid supporting.”

I hope and pray that you are right Brian, but no one has ever lost money betting on the stupidity of the average American voter.

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