Friday News Roundup: COVID Fraud in Texas, Hackery From Politico, and the DNC Server Fiction Endures

It’s Friday, thank God, and we’re going to start this News Roundup with a couple of the funniest, most spot-on videos making the rounds of the Twitters this week.

First, this bit of absolute genius from @BennyJohnson:

And this one from @realpowertie wins the Internet both now and forever more:

Ok, enough of these shenanigans. Let’s move on to some actual news to round up…

This story didn’t get much notice yesterday, but the headline just irritates the hell out of me. – According to a British Intelligence report, the same group of Russians who supposedly “hacked the DNC” in 2016 attempted to steal COVID-19 data from the U.S. and its allies.

From a report at the Daily Caller, which quotes a Reuters report:

Russian government-backed hacking group reportedly attempted to steal research on coronavirus vaccines from the United States and its closest allies, according to a joint report from the U.S., Britain, and Canada released Thursday.

The report, published primarily through Britain’s National Cyber Security Center (NCSC), alleges the group APT29 or ‘Cozy Bear’ was responsible for attempting to break into academic and pharmaceutical institutions for information on COVID-19 vaccines and treatments, according to Reuters. ‘Cozy Bear’ is reportedly the same hacking group widely accused of breaching the Democratic Party ahead of the 2016 presidential election. Russia is the second country the U.S. has accused of attempting to steal coronavirus research, having named China earlier this spring.

“While others pursue their selfish interests with reckless behavior, the U.K. and its allies are getting on with the hard work of finding a vaccine and protecting global health,” British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab said in a statement.


To be clear, there is not a single shred of actual evidence in the public record that supports the notion that any Russian “group” in fact “hacked” the DNC’s email server. Remember, the FBI just took the DNC’s word for that. Comey and McCabe just allowed the DNC to contract with a private security firm called “Crowdstrike” to audit its server, and that firm – which was later implicated in efforts by the Ukrainian government to influence the 2016 election in favor of the Pantsuit Princes – produced a report to the FBI which Comey and McCabe then treated as gospel.

There is, however, evidence on the public record that the DNC’s emails were in fact downloaded by a DNC employee – most likely Seth Rich who ended up murdered on a vacant street in the wee hours of the morning – onto a memory stick which was then passed on to WikiLeaks.

With all due respect to the folks at the Daily Caller, this is an incredibly misleading headline and article that should not have been published by any reputable news outlets without gobs of asterisks and clarifications. This is how Soviet-style disinformation pushed by the Democrats ends up being perpetuated by our national media.

In case you missed it… – This happened in Texas this week:

In answer to Mr. Eagar’s question: Yes, this same thing fraudulent reporting of COVID-19 “cases” is happening all over Texas. It is in fact the practice being encouraged by state and federal officials here and in other states, and it is the main reason why the numbers of cases is so wildly overstated.

It was good of Mr. Eagar to stumble across the truth like this, but you can be sure he dropped the subject very quickly, since this bit of information definitely does not conform to the official media/Democrat narrative.

Speaking of misleading reports, check out this one from the corrupt Democrat toadies at Politico. – Politico has a major report out detailing how the evil Orange Man in the White House is trying to put people into high positions at the Pentagon who are actually – gasp! – loyal to him and his agenda.

From the slimy report:

The White House is taking advantage of a loophole to install loyalists to President Donald Trump in acting senior roles at the Pentagon, effectively skirting the Senate confirmation process.

While the number of vacancies isn’t new — one-third of the Defense Department’s 60 Senate-confirmed positions are filled on a temporary basis — the White House in recent months has been sending over people to fill open spots, as opposed to the more traditional method of tapping people within the Pentagon.

The White House on Monday announced that it was assigning Michael Kratsios, a 33-year-old White House chief technology officer, as the head of research and engineering for the entire DoD. Kratsios, who has a bachelor’s degree in political science, is replacing Michael Griffin, a former NASA administrator with a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering.

The administration has also discussed installing Anthony Tata, the controversial Fox News regular who has been nominated to be the Pentagon’s top policy official, in a different senior DoD role on an acting basis, according to an official familiar with the discussions. The move would head off what is expected to be a bruising confirmation hearing focused on now-deleted Islamophobic tweets.

Experts and Democratic lawmakers alike decried the campaign to root out those seen as disloyal and replace them with Trump acolytes, some of whom are underqualified. They worry that a climate that values loyalty over expertise scares away the best prospects and injects politics into an organization that tries to operate above partisanship.


To be clear: This “loophole,” as the hacks at Politico describe it, is actually a longstanding feature of law that has been used by every U.S. president for time immemorial. In recent history, it has been used to greatest extent by presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama His Own Self.

Let’s all remember that those two most recent Democrat presidents didn’t even both putting such acting officials at the Pentagon and in other agencies. Instead, they made copious use of creating new “Czar” jobs that exercised the same kinds of oversight and authorities from the damn White House itself, so that they could be more easily controlled. Doing this also relieved many of these “Czars” from having to go through Pentagon background checks, which many of them would not have been able to pass.

But hey, this is just one more example of your corrupt, fake news media in action, courtesy of the Democrat activists at Politico.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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So I go to get a burger and fries at a local place. I tell the gal that anything less than an N95 mask is basically a waste of time. and she say’s “Yes and no. I used to work in the medical industry.” I held back my retort: “Really? is that why you’re selling burgers on the side of the road in a seasonal tourist town?”

Their burgers are great and it is just too ironic that she “worked in the medical industry”. It’s like those we were discussing who have PHDs. Just because you have it or did it doesn’t mean you know what you’re talking about. idiots.

phineas gage

It means she had some low-level job, probably nursing assistant where you spend much of the day emptying bedpans.


Just popped onto Faux News for a moment and they’re in full scamdemic surge mode. lmao.
Now there a 193% jump in hospitlizations! I am just so done with the crying of WOLF!

And now Senior Slayer Cuomo is saying we wll need to wear masks! Anything short of an N95 mask might as well be tissue paper. STOOPID!

I pray God strikes down every secm outlet pushing this crap.


An N95 mask won’t stop a virus. The virus’s are very much smaller than the pores thru any of these masks. In addition to creating acidosis and hypoxia it also increases your likelihood of getting pneumonia thru bacterial loading.

The constant adjusting or improperly wearing their masks also increases the odds of infection if the virus is so prevalent as they want you to believe. People falsely believe gloves protect them against the virus while adjusting their mask with contaminated gloves. . Which of course completely negates the purpose of the mask.

Can’t remember where I saw this but a mask, N95, will filter to 0.3 microns and the corona is around the 0.12 micron. So the masks don’t prevent viral passage and ‘clog’ up quickly with humidity from the lungs which forces air around the edges, further negating the masks effectiveness. I guess hazmat suits will be required next.

phineas gage

We breathe in all sorts of crap with every breath we take. The only cure for a virus is your remarkable immune system–even many vaccines are ineffective.

If you are an at-risk immunocompromised individual, the only sensible approach is isolation and quarantine. While all the rest of us go on with our lives.


So even the information i dig up is wrong somtimes. Heh! Still, i learn something new everytime i visit here. 🙂

Brian S. Morans

Yesterday morning on the way to the go-go juice maker the enemedia was prattling on about military readiness during the Kung-Flu Kabuki Theater for the cashless totalitarian society reset and I thought since when did Bolshevik RATS give a rip about the military other than undermining it.
Maybe Boris and Natasha made the Kung-Flu in a lab and Russian hackers caused the toilet paper, coffee filter, coin, aluminum can shortages.
One big screen teevee and pair of Nike Air Colons per looter please.
A shortage of critical thinking and brains is in effect and it won’t end well.


I worked for a manufacturer that built credit polling terminals back in the early 80’s when IBM pcs were just starting to be sold. We bulit a terminal using the Zilog Z-80A cpu. We had two engineers and and an engineer technician. They all lived in an alternate reality. I was the purchasing agent. I had no degree, but used my military training to read tech manuals and manfacturers specification manuals to write up request for quotes, susbscribed to Purchasing Managers magazine and learned everything I could using it to be the best buyer I could.

Sales people were always amazed that i could draw my own prints for cable assemblies and
could read blueprints, wiring diagrams and schematics and not have a degree in engineering.
I didn’t need one of the engineers to sit in with us unless it involved a highly technical issue.


Barr the swamp chameleon who is in charge of the DoJ still allows the corrupted FBI to slow walk everything damaging to the swamp.

Not so funny is that Judicial Watch has done all the exposing of this coup cabal and endemic corruption known as the DC swamp.

While Trump likely won’t fire this deep stater before the election, he should immediately afterwards.

Meredith Ellsworth

Remember Benny Rhodes? He basically ran all military affairs for Obie Wan. Field officers complained that he was going directly to them and ordering them around.


The meltdoens and tears have been my biggest joy. The riots, looting and property damage not so much.

phineas gage

The neoplasm has advanced into RBG’s liver. The prognosis at that point becomes very poor.


Yes, reading at CDMedia, she was lying about why she was in the hospital. Prognosis of outliving the Trump Presidency is not very good. Would anyone else want to see the look on her face when President Trump wins election again? If she lives that long?


Reuters…. rotflmoa…. enough said.

The common belief about Seth Rich’s murder is that he was killed on the street. According to an intern and other witnesses he wasn’t killed on the street.

He was found shot, transported to hospital for recovery. The intern who witnessed stated his injuries were not fatal as they have treated numerous gunshot victims such as Seths and they recovered. The intern stated that when he returned the next day for his shift that Rich was dead. He’d died overnight from non fatal wounds.

Other witnesses also stated seeing Rich alive being transported to hospital. Who then suddenly changed their accounts just days later. The media pumped incessantly that Rich died on the street in a robbery that wasn’t a robbery. Nothing to see here, carry on…

Vespi Die (@vespidie)

The idea that the people responsible for “reporting” Covid cases made “mistakes” is factually a mistake. Making a mistake and just out right lying about something to further an agenda is morally reprehensible, and the only way to mitigate such “mistakes” is to make an example of those making the egregoius “mistakes”. Hit ’em in the pocket book where it counts.


Agreed Vespi,

I never meant to imply the mistakes were just mistakes, because with the left, every ‘mistake’ ALWAYS goes AGAINST Republicans and America. See the 17 ‘missteps’ the FBI did against the Trump campaign.

I’m just saying the gross CV-19 case overcount will be called a mistake and therefore be absolved of any wrongdoing. Just like the ‘mistakes’ made by the ‘guards’ and the prison who was ‘watching’ the Epstein Arkancide.

In DC there is no penalty for ‘mistakes’, and until that changes, ‘mistakes’ (exclusively against Republicans and America) will continue to happen.

Heads must roll Mr. Barr, Mr. Durham – and soon.


Funny that you mention Crowdstrike. I actually saw a commercial for them on Fox last night. I was watching the 5 because I like Watters. He is a funny guy, but Crowdstrike actually had a commercial last night on Fox. Also, Florida has severely over counted covid results. I think to the tune of 10x higher than actual cases. If this is going on in other states, and apparently it has, this will have the general public begging for another lockdown.


And that is the plan until Nov 3, and this Plandemic will continue if Trump wins.

If Joe Figurehead wins, look for a very quiet ‘report’ on how the overcounts of ‘cases’ occurred by a computer or accounting glitch of some sort and then see the the ‘scamdemic’ being ruled as being over… Just like how ‘the One’s’ jobs numbers or economic ‘growth’ were always loudly reported as being better then they were and then quietly revised downward a few weeks later. The same has often happened with Trump, but in the reverse.

jack johnson

I think the case reporting is a bigger fraud than people think. Texas was reporting 1 positive with 6 probable’s as “7 covid positives”…..that number jumped to 1 positive to 16 probable`s for “17 covid positives”.

Shocked that Americans are taking the total misinformation on the virus….none of the information we are being given is correct.


The sad thing is that most of the sheeple don’t or won’t get on the interwbs and do their own research. That’s what I did and quickly relised that the corona was going to be no worse than a bad flu season. And if you start adjusting for all the ove reportting, not as bad as we thoguht it might be.

They would rather listen to the socialist echo chamber media and cvower in their homes like good little sheep.

phineas gage

I love how they cite the academic degrees of the individuals, like that means anything about anything, besides an indication of who belongs to the elite club.

Some of the dumbest people I’ve ever met in my career are PhD’s in academia. And I mean that most sincerely.


I had a ‘discussion’ with a guy on the street about the continuing lock down here in canukdom. So when he ran out of things to defend his position he resorted to Appeal to Authority. He stated he had three degrees, when I suggested he get his money back he wouldn’t talk to me anymore. Probably arguing against reason and facts with innuendo and hyperbole wasn’t convincing the others standing there listening.

I think he had three degrees of stupid and it was obvious as those watching were mostly smiling when he was grasping for answers or justifying his ‘reasons’. Bottom line is I agree with Phineas and Greg… most of these Piled Higher & Deeper people are really stupid and know a lot about nothing. When they start losing the argument… it devolves into attempts to shame you or demand you respect them because of their ‘degree’.

Its a war…stand and face the enemy… They’re afraid, you don’t have to be


Amen Phineas,

Some of the dumbest people I have met or worked for have PHDs in worthless degrees and wouldn’t know how to change a lightbulb, while some of the most brilliant people I know don’t even have a college degree. How stupid does one have to be to go into massive debt ‘earning’ an unmarketable degree? Sadly, millions are just that stupid, and 90+% of them vote Democrat because the Dems keep promising student debt relief and/or ‘free’ college tuition.

Rush doesn’t have a degree and while in college he actually failed a course in speech!

Give me an intelligent hard working individual over an arrogant overqualified theoretician who is totally brainwashed into Marxist ideology and believes he or she is smarter than everyone else in the country any day of the week.

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