Thursday News Roundup: Trump Snags Endorsement, Bags Campaign Manager, Big Twitter Hack, NYC Chaos

So, now we know what it takes for police unions to do the right thing in a presidential election. – The National Association of Police Organizations, an umbrella organization that represents 1,000 local police unions with more than 241,000 members, formally endorsed President Donald Trump in his bid for re-election on Wednesday. This is a big win for the President and fellow Republicans, who stood by dumbfounded in 2008 and 2012 as this same association and most of its local organizations endorsed the aggressively anti-police Obama/Biden ticket.

Think about that for a minute: Why would any police organization have ever endorsed a Democrat presidential candidate? Or any Democrat for any office, for that matter? Why did this particular organization feel so conflicted when faced with the clear choice of the very pro-police Donald Trump and the extreme anti-police Pantsuit Princess in 2016 that it decided to sit that one out rather than do the right thing?

The fact that this endorsement of a Republican had to be basically forced out of the NAPO by the growing movement to defund police departments by Democrat mayors and city councils just reinforces the image of unions in general being corrupt organizations bought and paid for by leftwing political interests.

So, thanks, NAPO, for finally doing the right thing; but man, it has been way too long in coming.

Big hack in Twitterville. – Some enterprising soul or group of souls performed a hilarious hack on Twitter world yesterday. Early in the evening, the accounts of prominent figures like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezo, Barack Obama and Joe Biden and many, many more – including Twitter’s own support account –  suddenly tweeted out the same message:


Here’s the punch line: The hackers only attacked verified, so-called “blue-check” accounts that have become literal badges of honor among all the corrupt, leftwing reporters and editors in our fake news media. In order to address the issue, Twitter was forced to actually deactivate every “blue-check” account for the better part of an hour.

Here was the scene at the New York Times building in Manhattan:

Mass Panic GIFs | Tenor

This is what it looked like at CNN:

Panic GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

Meanwhile, this is how every other Twitter user felt as the momentary calm and rationality settled in over the social media platform:

Heaven, I'm In Heaven... GIF - Heaven ImInHeaven InHeaven ...

Twitter’s stock is crashing this morning as a result of this hack, which was achieved through the use of Twitter’s own employee tools.

Imagine that.

So, just like he did twice in 2016, then? – President Trump switched out campaign managers last night, and now the drumbeat of “this is the beginning of the end for Donald Trump” will start up in the corrupt news media for the 1,123rd time.

Upon learning of the news, Fake Jake Tapper sagely pronounced on his freshly-restored blue-check Twitter account that this means that the President is seeing all the same terrible polling data everyone else is seeing. Actually, what it most likely means is that the President is making exactly the same move he made on June 20, 2016, when he replaced Cory Lewandowski, a virtual novice who had never managed a major campaign before, with Paul Manafort, a seasoned pro.

Like Lewandowski, Brad Parscale, a social media and data specialist, is a novice as a campaign manager who has largely been blamed for the screw-ups that happened with last month’s Tulsa rally. He is being replaced by Bill Stepien, who actually has experience running campaigns. As we move into the meat of this race, this particular move should come as no surprise to anyone.

And Stepien had better perform well and with great energy, given that Trump fired Manafort 50 days after he hired him because, as Trump hilariously said, he was “low energy.” Manafort was replaced by the combination of Steve Bannon and KellyAnne Conway, and the rest is history.

Parscale will remain with the campaign and continue doing what he does best.

132 shootings in 10 days, and Bill de Blasio’s response is painting Marxist slogans on 5th Avenue. – The violent crime rate in New York City is skyrocketing directly as a result of the actions taken by Marxist Mayor Bill de Blasio, whose real name is Warren Wilhelm.

As Patrick Brosnan points out in the New York Post, the city saw its bloodiest month of June in history thanks to de Blasio, and has witnessed 132 shootings in just the past ten days:

Our spineless leaders in City Hall and the City Council ­labored through all the familiar excuses and p.r. machinations: outrage at the lack of gun-control laws; scorn for an ineffective New York Police Department; talk of the depressive effects of coronavirus lockdowns. Titanically unaware, they refuse to ­accept that the guns and their owners never left New York — notwithstanding their impassioned claims that Gotham is still “the safest big city in America.”

Cold, and steely efficient, these guns had been hidden at the bottom of bureau drawers, behind radiators and in glove compartments, waiting patiently to be called into service. The first call to service followed bail “reform” in January. The effect of the misguided law was swift and terrifying.

Shootings surged 28 percent in the first 30 days. Empowered criminals learned quickly that carrying an illegal gun in the Big Apple was no longer a big deal. Those once-hidden handguns were now riding in waistbands, readily available, itching to hurl deadly projectiles at eyewatering speeds in a blaze of heat and smoke.

Some criminals began to ­behave as if they had a carry permit in their wallets. To be sure, not all of Gotham’s criminals were fully empowered — yet. Many still had the metaphorical scar tissue from an ­encounter with the plainclothes anti-crime units. So they ­remained cautious, ever wary of a plainclothes team silently ­descending on them.

The indefensible killing of George Floyd on May 25, however, set in motion a series of events that turned the criminals’ partial carry permits into full ones. In the June riots, 478 officers were injured, 198 police vehicles burned, police precincts were ­attacked and overrun.

In the wake of this carnage, and the destruction of almost 1,000 businesses, Mayor de Blasio, dim at best, swiftly instituted two policies. First, he eliminated the anti-crime units. Then he doubled down on July 1, erasing $1 billion from the NYPD’s crime-fighting budget overnight: a devastating one-two punch to the NYPD and law-abiding New Yorkers.

The criminal was now fully empowered, the thin blue line stretched to the breaking point.


It’s a devastating piece. Go read it in full. You’ll be glad you did.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Shopping around the various news outlets around the world, Australians are back at school and I think New Zealand also. It must be the water down there.


Hey ‘president’ Kim, here are the coordinates: 38deg 54′ 17″ N 77deg 00′ 59″ W.

phineas gage

Well, I guess Dan Snyder has bigger things to worry about than the name of his football franchise:

If he thought he could save himself from the hordes by agreeing to change the name, he was very much mistaken.

Pace Picante Sauced

Can shortage? The local recycler hasn’t raised the prices and they are still way down compared to Sand Box War II in the gulf timeframe which was the high point of value.
I pick them up while out walking until there are enough to take in which is usually several plus trash bags full.
I’m getting lots of wheat pennies and Bicentennial quarters as part of the great coin shortage hype.
Working towards a $10 roll of the 1776-1976 quarters before they are banished to the memory hole for thoughtcrime.
The local big box marts are now credit or debit only but that is part of the Covid-1984 cashless society reset.
I don’t support CCP so there is no shopping there anyway.
What a glass dollhouse of lies and delusion this suiciety has become.
Twitter hack? Bwahaha! Good. Commies get what they deserve.
Douchenozzle DeBlasio is a feckless Liberation Theology rat and NYC won’t recover from his reign of error.

phineas gage

Here is DeBlasio’s NYC (caution: violence):


This is the typical low life marxist scum that attacks a woman from behind. This coward needs to be hung from a tree, literally.

Yet another good example for women to be armed and learn to be aware of those in your orbit. Learn to be defensive ready and act swiftly. Even an umbrella would be better than nothing. It can be used as a club, a stabbing tool to force the attacker to stay at distance. And an umbrella can be used on sunny days or rainy, without seeming out of place.

Its a war… Don’t be a victim… be ready…

Show me

The Democrats aren’t worried about the police, and in fact will use this endorsement to cut the police forces and ramp up defunding even more than they were going to do in the first place.
Likely they will replace police with social workers and party functionaries, even Black Lives Matter representatives as neighborhood safety programs, and this will be a way they can actually fund Black Lives Matter with public funds diverted from the police departments.
They may completely disband police departments and replace them with some other program so that the Big City mayors won’t be blamed for criminal actions such as shootings and drug busts.


Show me,

Great points! Quote from your comment.

“Likely they will replace police with social workers and party functionaries, even Black Lives Matter representatives as neighborhood safety programs, and this will be a way they can actually fund Black Lives Matter…”

Sounds like a personal police force is going to be created, Hmm, let’s see, what leader and party did that in the 1930’s? Hint, they originally wore brown shirts.


Off topic, but I believe relevant.

Has anyone else here heard about the national coin shortage? In the past week every store I’ve been to has a sign asking for exact change because of the national coin shortage. Finally got a reasonable answer which was the Fed is running low on coinage because the people who work at the mint, and I assume the ones who also run the paper money presses were deemed ‘nonessential’. If that is true, these are the first and only gubment employees that I’ve heard about that have been laid off as a result of the scamdemic. There must be hundreds laid off, out of the millions of gubment workers of which every other employee must have been deemed ‘essential’.

Other scamdemic shortages:

Hand sanitizer – makes sense
Disposable coveralls still sold out at HD and Lowes – makes no sense
Masks – makes sense
Toilet paper – really makes no sense, same for all other paper products. Can anyone offer a rational explanation?

Aluminum cans – just saw an article today that they are looking to open more can factories. The rational is that most people are now at home drinking canned beer rather than tap beer since many bars are closed. I guess there is going to be a shortage of tin cans too since the restaurants are also largely closed.

Back to the coin shortage. Unless I’m missing something, coins aren’t consumed like toilet paper or sanitizer, so why the shortage after only three months? Don’t most people shop with credit/debt cards anyways? Or shop online using the same? After all I thought we were becoming a largely cashless society.

Speaking of cash money, last I heard, it cost 1.8 cents to make a penny and four cents to make a print money bill; the life of an average dollar bill is less than a year. With inflation, a penny is as near worthless as money can be and we spend at least 1.8 billion dollars making them annually. For the same reason, the dollar bill was supposed to be phased out which is why the two dollar bill was created – when was the last time you saw a 2 dollar bill? And what happened to the dollar coin and the fifty cent coin?

Why can’t the mint just quit making the near worthless penny? The stores could just round up or round down the purchase totals. Why can’t we just quit making dollar bills and make distinct dollar coins (like the size of the old fifty cent coin and NOT have it look like a quarter)? Why can’t we just print two dollar bills? The number of slots in the money tills would be the same once the dollar bills are deleted.

I know this rant is esoteric, but it could save a couple of billion dollars a year at no actual cost to society, yet we can’t even do this small effort to save the government (us) money. To put it in tangible terms, saving two billion dollars buys us a new grossly overpriced Ford class aircraft carrier every sis years which is about the pace we are currently buying them.

Finally, ten years ago I heard about the main reason why the penny is still being made. It seems the penny is only copper plated zinc (as copper is very expensive) and none other than Mr. Environmentalist, Algore, and his family, has an interest in TN zinc mines and the mint is one of his family’s biggest customers – just forget the fact that zinc is a toxic heavy metal and the mines have an environmental impact, not a great impact, but an impact none the less.


I work as slot tech at the casino in Lincoln City. They are asking any employees who have change saved up to bring it in to cash it in.

It’ because the mints weren’t making new coin. I imagine there is plenty of paper money around as it’s more in demand normally, so a lot more is kept in reserve.


The Dems don’t have to worry about defunding police departments to reduce or eliminate police departments, their policies are doing just fine in forcing early retirements, the blue flue and ensuring that few new cops will go to the academy and become police. Who in their right mind would want to become a cop in any city over 100,000, particularly if it is a blue shitty?


Seattle PD is operating at 60% capacity, NYPD had to cap their retirement applications as they are up 400% compared to last year at this time and Minneapolis PD has had 150 officers apply for medical early retirement for PTSD. I suspect there are more such situations, but the secm is keeping it quiet as usual.


Can you imagine the outcry and outrage if Mayor Wilhelm Klink had cut one billion from the education budget?

It would have been wholly justified since there has been no in class schools since March and probably won’t be any in the fall.

About the ‘negative’ effects of the nation’s children being out of school for so long, I’m not too concerned about the long term effect for the following reasons:

Schools in many countries in Europe and elsewhere were interrupted for years during two world wars and somehow the society at large recovered.

In Morrisville, PA, a small community across the Delaware River from Trenton, NJ, the all concerned teachers for the ‘children’ went on strike for more money in the early 1990s. The strike lasted from September until at least February or March. Somehow Morrisville’s children survived. The taxpayers were raped when the the contract was finally ratified. The first offer which precipitated the illegal strike was 15% pay increase per year over three years for 45% total; the contract that ended the strike was a 59% increase over four years. The thug teacher’s effectively held the community hostage – ‘for the children’. Also, these vaunted teachers refused to help the high school juniors and seniors with their applications to college. And finally, while the student population of Morrisville stayed virtually the same between 1945 to 1990, the school staff grew from approximately 49 to 99 during the same with demonstrably poorer results.

There is probably a net benefit in that the Marxist indoctrination centers are closed making it harder to ‘educate’ our kids.

All this CV-19 shelter in place crap, along with the orchestrated riots is finally going to get the “fat, dumb, and happy” Joe Six-packs involved in government and politics – many are being shown for the first time in their lives how ruinous the national and local Democratic agenda is.

People are also creatures of habit and are used to having their kids in school so there can be two incomes and for many other reasons. The Dem leaders by forcefully implementing their no-hope but plenty of change are pissing off many near constant by default Democratic voters, and many are going to demand and vote for CHANGE!

One last thought on the indispensability of teachers. Morrisville and other communities survived teacher strikes, many of which lasted for months. No city can survive for more than a couple of weeks without municipal garbage collection and even less without the basic utilities such as water, sewer, electricity and in big cities, public transportation. We are also seeing, or soon will see, the the catastrophic effects of a compromised, defunded, or reduced police department.

I hope the Democrats keep on overplaying their very weak hand – getting rid of inanimate statues and guns via their decades of gun control laws is not solving any problems. Whether we realize it or not, this is also a draining of the swamp in people’s own back yard, and the Trump Presidency has forced this to come out in the open for all to see.


Excellent point in ‘draining the swamp’ in your own back yard.

I fully agree that this covid scamdemic is actually paying dividends for conservatives. People will be abandoning the demoncraps moreso now than ever. Of course the zombies will never give up their masters but the average moderate demoncrap voter will be giving second thoughts on their vote. Hope the demoncrap leadership will continue encouraging their base to leave the plantation.

As for schools… Your kids will actually get a much better education with either home schooling nor charter school. We home schooled and when they were ‘tested’ the teachers were very surprised at our kids base knowledge, which was far broader and deeper than any students they’d have/had.

Why do you think the teachers unions fight so hard against home schoolers and charter schools??? Its because indoctrination schools don’t educate, avoid inquiry from parents and students alike and there is no accountability and standards are in the basement.

Our schools union here were on strike a couple years back… Oddly enough after being out for a couple months all the students were all caught up in less than a week when they returned. No student is ever failed or held back, everyone gets a participation award and pushed forward.

Young adults leaving high school either go to work or go to college. The ones going to work generally learn a trade and do very well, buy all the toys. The ones off to higher indoctrination tend to be the pasty faced self intitled marxists we see in the ‘news’ rioting and destroying lives.

The cost of educating your child at a charter school or at home. Yes there are costs, mainly with home schooling one parent stays home the other works. Matters not which parent. Charter schools, yes you have to pay out of pocket but what is your child’s future worth??

Either option will give your child a far greater education and far more opportunities to succeed at whatever their chosen path ends up being.

Its a war… don’t feed your children to the enemy…

phineas gage

I don’t know much about Stepien, other than he has been serving as White House political director and years back was involved in the ridiculous Chris Christie lane closure ‘scandal’. Pretty young guy, but has been in politics since right out of college.

I think it is a sensible realignment. Trump was justifiably ticked off by what happened in Tulsa, which I think showed him that as good as Parscale is with computer data, he’s not very adept with basic political operations. This is the sort of thing that good managers do all the time–readjust assignments to fit employee skill sets.

And anyways it will be the laser-pointer dot that sends the media into a frothing frenzy for the rest of the week, once they are able to get back on Twitter (my son tells me that the hack was almost certainly an inside job, with a Twitter employee giving access to the hackers).

Jumper Bones

Thank you. Love coming here in the morning, to read your articles. It helps make my day start out with a great sense of sanity, as I then go out and about the day in a sea of insanity.

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