Fox TV is Fine With Having a Racist Anti-Semite Hosting “The Masked Singer”

Officials at Fox TV said today that they are just fine with keeping a raging anti-Semitic racist as the host of their highly-rated “The Masked Singer.” Nick Cannon was severed by his other employer, ViacomCBS, yesterday after recent repugnant comments he made on his podcast went viral across social media.

For those who missed it, here is just a sample of what the anti-Semitic racist had to say about Jews and all other white people on earth:

“When you have a person who has the lack of pigment, the lack of melanin that they know they will be annihilated, therefore they know that however they got the power, they have a lack of compassion, melanin comes with compassion.”

“Melanin comes with soul, that we call it soul, we soul brothers and sisters, that’s the melanin that connects us so the people that don’t have it, are, and I’m going to say this carefully, are a little less and where the term actually comes from, and I’m going to bring it back around to Minister Farrakhan, where they may not have the compassion.”

“When they were sent to the Mountains of Caucasus, they didn’t have the power of the sun. The sun started to deteriorate them. So, they’re acting out of fear, they’re acting out of low self-esteem, they’re acting out of deficiency, so therefore the only way they can act is evil.”

“They have to rob, steal, rape, kill and fight in order to survive. So these people who didn’t have what we have, and when I say ‘we,’ I speak of the melinated people, they had to be savages, they had to be barbaric because they’re in these Nordic mountains, they’re in these rough torrential environments, so they’re acting as animals, so they’re the ones closer to animals, they’re the ones that are actually the true savages.”


Those are verbatim quotes, word for repugnant word. It was just all too much for the management at ViacomCBS to defend.

But not Fox, oh no. Standards are obviously much, much, MUCH lower there, at least for hosts of shows that get good ratings. As reported today by Variety, Fox officials have decided that poor Mr. Cannon has been … wait for it … taken out of context, as if any possible “context” could make the calling of every white person on earth “true savages.”

From the Variety piece:

“When we were made aware of Nick Cannon’s interview with Richard Griffin on YouTube, we immediately began a dialogue with Nick,” the network said in a statement. “He is clear and remorseful that his words were wrong and lacked both understanding and context, and inadvertently promoted hate. This was important for us to observe. Nick has sincerely apologized, and quickly taken steps to educate himself and make amends. On that basis and given a belief that this moment calls for dialogue, we will move forward with Nick and help him advance this important conversation, broadly. Fox condemns all forms of hate directed toward any community and we will combat bigotry of any kind.”



See that last part, the part where Fox claims it “condemns all forms of hate directed toward any community”? Yeah, that’s a lie.

You can also rest assured that, if “The Masked Singer” were a dying franchise that was fading in the ratings – you know, like “American Idol” – Cannon would be out on his ear without any claim from Fox about having been taken out of context.

You can also rest assured that, if Cannon were a white man who said the exact same words he uttered about Black people, Fox would not have hesitated for a fraction of a second to can him. There would have been no reaching out, no dialogue, no hilariously ludicrous rationalizations about having been taken out of context. He’d have simply been fired, no questions asked, and deservedly so.

The Fox network is dead to me now, and it should be to you as well.

That is all.

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An old Eddie Murphy SNL piece. Back when satire was considered funny by everybody and nobody got doxxed or shot for it. Now we have goofballs like Cannon propagating hate and not paying for it.

Ken Tokaryk

I guess Fox will be bringing back Trish Regan. lol

Peter Ferris

I have the same feelings for Fox since daddy gave the kiddy’s the keys to the kingdom. Every poll has Trump down by 8 or more points. Logically I know the polls are heavily skewed. It’s just hard to keep my mood up realizing the same crap happened at the last election.


The new #metoo… Ditto on not watching the garbage on the tube in decades. GIGO. I personally don’t need to pollute my mind with the garbage hollywierd or networks, cable or whatever communist org is pumping out.

The very few movies I’ve watched in the last ten years I never paid for and thankful I didn’t. The older movies are funnier and far better than any of the SJW drivel being spewed today. I will simply refuse to fund these self entitled sewer rats, new and old.

Back in the day… late eighties we cut the cable. Then in mid nineties signed up because of a really good deal. There was all the same garbage still being dumped on the airwaves as before. It was like never having turned off the tap, same garbage, same stupid actors, same lies told. Endured it for about 3 months and cancelled, never had another subscription again and don’t miss it. So how did we ‘entertain’ ourselves??? We played board games, sports, camping and are very thankful for doing so. Families that play together… stay together…

Its a war… the enemy wants to divide and conquer you, destroy your families.


Me, I’m going to resume reading more books, building models, bowling, house and yard work and renovation, and posting here for my entertainment.


My wife was a staunch Masked watcher. She’s done. Her friends aren’t going to watch, either. Fox is all over for us. Why, especially as a white guy, would I watch an racist like Cannon or the company who defends his hate? It would be like a Jew tuning-in to Hitler TV!

Sir Cumference

I cannot believe that Fox hired that far-left moron Donna Barzile. She fed debate questions to lying, cheating, crooked Hillary before the debates with Trump and then she lied about it. Why would Fox want to hire a person like that? They can’t be that hard up for ratings.


FOX ‘News’ was just being “Fair and Balanced” don’t you know by hiring Bazile…

As I understand it, the FOX network was sold off from FOX ‘News’ (or vice versa), but still are in many ways two peas in the same pod.

The Screwtape Letters

Teevee? No thanks. I’ll have to pass on Satan’s sewer pipe.


Was Smollett fired for his false racist crap last year?

I know it’s not FOX, but Roseanne was quickly canned for her comment (as in one twit) and she had a rating winning reboot – profits be damned at ABC. Her melanin was of the wrong type obviously.

Anyone who watches his show is a fool and an enabler of the radical left.

About FOX’ shows, I liked the first five or so years of the fledgling network’s “Married… with children” show because it was witty, new, and funny and so much more real than “The Brady Bunch” or the “The Bill Cosby Show”; the last five years were just stupid, and I quit watching.

Speaking of stupid, the very fact that that inane cartoon show, “The Simpsons” has been on the air with apparently decent enough ratings for over thirty years depicting the dumb slob white working male speaks volumes about where we are headed as a culture and society. The same goes for all the other stupid prime-time cartoon shows that have been created in the last thirty years. I have probably seen less than five total hours of these shows in toto and saw enough to be able to speak to their ‘content’.

Over fifty years ago Mr. Minnow, the FCC director, said TV was a vast wasteland (which is why the boat was called the Minnow on “Gilligan’s Island”); Minnow was right then, and for the most part, it has not improved in any way – particularly with any primetime line up on any of the main networks.

phineas gage

As Silas says, it has been dead for some time now.

This is what happens when Paul Ryan sits on your board of directors.

I cut the cable/satellite some time ago. You can get what you want via Hulu, Sling, or other providers. Why pay for a hundred channels you don’t want and get bombarded with nonstop leftist crap?

Sports was the only reason I maintained it, and that is certainly not a reason anymore.

Harden Long

Tell me more about this Wakanda. What’s a Nick Cannon? Who?


Foz like all the rest of the alphabet soup networks have been dead to me for some time. Sitcoms that are so lame (save for Last Man Standing) and predictable. Reality shows that border on the ludicrous. News that is propagnada. I watched the local FOX affiliate in Portland for the morning weather and traffic and then switched to FBN to watch the Varney show. The wife likes to watch Jeapordy and so there is that, but otherwise there are many channes on Directv to watch when we want to be enetertained. (Now if I van just figure out how to lock her out of QVC and HSN without getting caught 😛 )

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