Smithsonian-Affiliated Museum Peddles Racist Filth

Hat tip to @ByronYork on Twitter, who provided this information this morning:

You could never make this stuff up. So, here we have a federally-paid-for museum – a part of the Smithsonian museum complex – handing out propaganda that is unambiguously racist by any definition of that word.

And it isn’t just the racism at play here that is so repugnant, it is the effort behind this propaganda to convince Black Americans that they should reject examples of “white culture” like:

– having both a father and a mother at home;

– the value of hard work;

– the value of self-reliance;

– objective and rational thinking;

– children having their own rooms (the horror!);

– cause and effect relationships (huh?);

– independence and autonomy;

– respect for authority;

– planning for the future;

– ownership of private property;

– progress (double huh?)

– time schedules;

– decision-making;

– a justice system based on common law.

These aren’t “white” values that are being rejected here:  They are basic human values that are essential for the maintenance of a civilized society. They are values that are necessary for the preservation of human freedom and democratic processes.

More to the point, these are values that, if taught and adhered to can improve any person’s lot in life.

Racist filth like this has no place in any museum in this country, much less one paid for by American taxpayers and sponsored by the national government. This isn’t just propaganda, it is outright hate speech and should be condemned by any thinking American.

That is all.

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So by extension, black people should ‘not’ have any of these values? That’s the most stupid thing I’ve ever read.

phineas gage

If this is the kind of crap that Harsanyi is writing now, I can see why he left The Federalist:

I’m sure he was welcomed at National Review.

Stephen Fry

Maybe it’s just me, but this really doesn’t offend me all that much….it’s not really saying its bad or good. It’s actually a pretty accurate assessment of your standard WASPY Joe America….

Make Zimbabwe Great Again

The United States of South Africa? Yes we can! Forward.


There is nothing in that cesspool that is not corrupted.

phineas gage

So they want to propagate destructive sociocultural values? They are the ones that are going to pay the price. Nothing worthwhile was ever accomplished sitting on your ass, with no skills or knowledge, waiting for a handout.

The more the Left pushes this, the better. I would wager a large majority of African-Americans want nothing to do that message. For example, they are the ones most concerned with getting their children out of failing urban schools so they will learn something and have a future.

Cynthia J. Campbell

All of these so-called ‘racist’ values aren’t White Values, they are GOOD, WHOLESOME, POSITIVE CHARACTER TRAITS THAT EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE! IF blacks don’t share these values then they have no business in this countty!

phineas gage

The modern Left is pushing this. I would be careful equating this with the entire black community. BLM is a small splinter group, and they are mostly pasty-white millenials anyways.

Philly Smith

I worked closely with blacks from the US, Ghana and Uganda. When I was with African blacks I didn’t see black men, I saw just men. With US blacks I saw black men with hostile attitudes and potential trouble just seconds away if I said or did the wrong thing.
If American backs would stop Rapin’, Robin’ and Killin’ they would have less problems.
I think their problems are self inflicted. The crap about “white domination” is just in their heads and is their problem to solve, not mine.


Philly – to take a page from Talk Show Host Dennis Prager, U.S. blacks have been “racialized” to see everything thru the prism of race. Dem politicians & the usual race hustlers have made a career of this (Al Charlatan for example).

LBJ’s “Great Society” destroyed the black nuclear family. The madness we see now is the fallout.


Yep… You forgot the obozo who pushed this victimhood in spades is a major traitor to all Americans.


BING BING BING… You win… When I was in Malta for a year half the people we knew were blacks from African nations. They don’t see themselves the same as the victimhood indoctrinated blacks in N America.

They see themselves as men, period. Looking to improve their lives and were not afraid of hard work, and took pride in their work regardless of what it was. We don’t see color… we look deeper than the surface to see the person. Most conservatives do I would argue…

This ‘museum’ needs to have the communist running it fired.

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