DOJ Spokeswoman: Expect a Durham “Report” By The End Of Summer…or not

DOJ Spokeswoman Kerri Kupec was on Fox News with Bill Hemmer this afternoon. During the course of her interview, she told Hemmer that her bosses expect a “report” from U.S Attorney John Durham and his investigation of ObamaGate by the “end of summer.” Or…maybe not.

Here’s a clip, followed by a transcript:


Hemmer: John Durham – when will there be news on that?

Kupec: Well, we hope to see a report by the end of summer. Obviously, this is a criminal investigation – the goal is not a report, it’s a criminal investigation. But certainly, there is a story to be told there. The American people deserve resolution, and frankly, justice deserves resolution. Justice needs to be restored, and I think that report is going to be really pivotal to that one-tiered system of justice. [crosstalk]

Hemmer: You say by the end of the summer? Is that a guarantee?

Kupec: There are no guarantees in life, but we certainly hope to see one by the end of the summer.

Hemmer: Can you guarantee pre-election, Kerri?

Kupec: Bill, I will just tell you this: We are hopeful, and we expect to see a report by the end of summer.

Hemmer: Thanks for coming on today.


I like Kerri Kupec. She is really good at her job and a credit to the institution of the DOJ. That having been said, this interview does not inspire confidence in any way, shape or form. Do we “hope” to see a report by the end of summer, or do we “expect” to see said report? Or are we hopeful and expect to see such a report, but we aren’t sure when it will or will not come?

And what the hell is a report supposed to do for us in any event? As Kupec said herself, Durham is running a criminal investigation here – the only reports we need to see are those on national television reporting on indictments with very visible and public perp walks taking place in the background as the talking head drones on.

Reports are what Michael Horowitz does. They are what congressional committees do. U.S. freaking attorneys prosecute cases. They convene grand juries and seek indictments, and if they want that damn grand jury to indict a damn ham sandwich they had better damn well be able to get that damn indictment.

I do not want to see any tedious report from John Durham. I want to see indictments and perp walks and witnesses testifying and James Comey and John Durham crying and Peter Strzok and Lisa Page being shipped off to separate federal prisons.

Please, Ms. Kupec, go back to the DOJ, get your talking points straight, and stick to the story. At least give us that. We are not stupid children and deserve better than this.

That is all.

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Gerald Boutelier

From the last line of Dr. Roberts linked article:

“What is to stop the United States from crossing the line from democracy into tyranny?”

Answer: Two things – A reelection of Trump and a real AG and a total draining of the DC cesspool or a CW with resulting and very public FSs at the Washington Memorial – thousands of them with a quick flight out over the Atlantic Ocean.


Its a great article… accurate… Where, imo, this needs to go to seriously reverse the swamp trend , at least hurt it for a good long while, is to elect another Trump. I’m thinking quite literally.

Jr is a fighter, like his pappy, and doesn’t give a rats hiney what the demoncraps or media says about him. Just watching the communists heads explode with a Jr appointment would be worth it alone. The biggest reason I’m a solid on Jr is I don’t see anyone else being a fighter like Jr is, especially among the politicals.

Trump has set a tall bar for the next admin and who is chosen after his term will be very telling. It will be a pandering weak kneed political which will signal a return to preTrump normal or a brawler who will signal more swamp draining. Hint… chose the brawler…

Its a war… fought be warriors….


I really hope if I am ever suspected of committing a crime, Barr or Durham draw the straw to investigate me.


Great comment Bob, but it only works if you have a (D) after your name.


I don’t really care about a report. IG’s make reports (and Durham is a prosecutor not an IG). I care about some indictments.


Absolutely correct Dave.

How is that “#breaking! (news)”?

She had to know that question was coming with the hope/expect qualifier. I mean why bother showing up and saying nothing? And I do remember hearing Barr saying something big was going to happen BY THE BEGINNING OF THIS SUMMER.

If I was Hemmer, I would have asked WHICH SUMMER?

So tired of hearing about the recent bombshell firings of the SDNY attorney THAT SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED A YEAR AGO as soon as the Mueller “report” was released, and the arrest of the child sex slave procurer should have happened before or as soon as Epstein assumed room temperature.

Some people here have been defending Barr and demand we say who we would rather have as a replacement AG. Here is my list.

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch
John Solomon or Sara Carter the reporters who seem to have good sources and get real info
Sidney Powell of Flynn’s defense
Ric Grenell of the declassify fame
Mark Levin who worked in the Reagan DOJ
Ted Cruz TX Senator
Laura Ingraham, she clerked for a SC justice (Rehnquist?) back in the eighties

The AG position doesn’t actually prosecute cases, he administrates and directs and not too many appointees actually have experience in doing the nuts and bolts of their organization’s functions, and I’m not even sure he/she is required to be a lawyer. For example, with the exception of Gen Mattis, who was a disaster, who was the last SEC DEF who actually served in the military? Not completely relevant, but the WHO guy isn’t even a medical doctor.

Other people who would do equally well as Sessions and Barr so far:

LT. Columbo – he would at least drive the defendants nuts with his “on more thing” shtick.
LT Drebin – of police Squad
Inspector Jacques Clouseau of the Pink Panther Series
Maxwell Smart, agent 86, or the chief of Control
Inspector Frank Lugar of Barney Miller
Jason McCollough (James Gardner of “Support Your Local Sherriff”

I could go on, but you all get my point – unless I’m very wrong, in which case I will profusely apologize and readily admit – absolutely nothing of substance will happen to any of the main players involved with the coup. Where is Ann Coulter venting her spleen at the DOJ?

These people on the second list would do better just by accident.


Tic Toc now has reliable sources telling him its definitely the summers end that the hammer drops and this ‘announcement’ proves him so….

Broken record here… Barr isn’t there to oversee prosecutions… But to slow walk and mitigate damage to the deepest parts of the swamp. He’s a swamp critter, with history, and isn’t about to upset the apple cart.

Time to sing the new national anthem with Johnny Nash…

I can see clearly now. the rain is gone…
I can see all obstacles in my way….
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind…
Its gonna be a bright… bright… sun shiny day…

Take it away johnny….

phineas gage

Who listens to Sir Tick-Tock anymore? Or watches his show? I guess a lot of people do, but I have no idea why.

What a tiresome bore. He is utterly useless.

phineas gage

To that point:

Rasmussen is usually reliable. This may be a sign of a coming backlash (I believe it is) against the BS of the past several months.

phineas gage

People like Kupec are trained and sent out to speak many words that say absolutely nothing. That’s certainly how Barr and Durham want it–why tip your hand?

On the other hand, Godot is probably not coming (Barr almostly certainly doesn’t want to be accused of being political–although of course that never stops the Dems), and it is foolish to wait on him. There are more immediate things to focus on.

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