No Bail for Ghislaine Maxwell, but can she Survive a Full Year Before Standing Trial?

No bail for the pedophile sex trafficker. – It was a tossup as to whether Jeffrey Epstein associate and procurer Ghislaine Maxwell would be safer from a non-suicide death similar to Epstein’s awaiting her trial in a federal prison or doing so roaming around free. As Epstein found out the hard way, the government’s brand of “protection” leaves much to be desired, given that he ended up dead barely 3 weeks following his arrest last July.

So deciding what the the preferable outcome to the bail hearing for Maxwell that was held today in a Southern District of New York courtroom with an Obama-appointed judge presiding would be was purely a matter of opinion, and how much trust you have in the ability – or willingness – of the federal government to protect its highest-profile current prisoner. Given that Epstein also fit that description and quickly wound up dead, though, it’s hard to see how anyone could still have any such confidence at all.

All that having been said, the judge in the case, Alison Nathan, ended up making the correct decision, believe it or not, and denied Maxwell’s request for a supervised release on bail. It seems even an Obama judge knows a raging flight risk when she sees one.

From a piece at Axios:

A federal judge has denied bail to Ghislaine Maxwell, who pleaded not guilty on Tuesday to charges brought earlier this month that allege she conspired with billionaire Jeffrey Epstein to sexually abuse underage girls. Maxwell’s trial is scheduled to begin July 12, 2021.

The latest: In handing down her ruling, Judge Alison Nathan said “the risks are simply too great” and ordered Maxwell to be jailed pending trial. Prosecutors from the Southern District of New York called Maxwell an “extreme flight risk” whose “significant and unexplained wealth” and lack of ties to the U.S. give her few reasons not to attempt to flee the country.

  • Prosecutors told the judge that the British socialite has more than $10 million in assets, including at least $4 million in a Swiss bank account.

  • Maxwell’s counsel expressed concern that time in prison could put the 58-year-old at risk of contracting the coronavirus and proposed she serve her pretrial detention in a luxury Manhattan hotel, according to the Miami Herald’s Julie Brown, whose reporting in 2018 led to charges against Epstein.


But there you see the catch: Judge Nathan set a trial date that is a full year from today. Do any of you really believe, in your heart of hearts, that Ms. Maxwell, a witness who holds the keys to the futures of so many powerful men, will survive a full year in federal lockup?

And here’s another big, big catch to this plan: Do any of you really believe that, if Joe Biden and the Democrats manage to seize power in the November elections and put another corrupt stooge in as Attorney General, that Maxwell would ever actually stand trial?

If you do believe those things, I have a piece of land in West Texas I’d love to talk to you about. Please give me a call at 1-800-YoureASucker. Thanks.

That is all.

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No hard numbers yet, but Tommy Tuberville has defeated Mr. MaGoo in the AL Senate primary runoff per Business Insider article.

About mail in ballots, here is the last paragraph of the story

From Business Insider:

“While Alabama is allowing voters to cast an absentee ballot without an excuse for Tuesday’s runoffs, the state successfully fought in court to uphold rules requiring voters to both submit a photocopy of an approved photo ID and either obtain two witness signatures or get their ballot notarized in order for their absentee ballot to be counted.”

This should be the model for all absentee/mail in voting. If this were done nationwide, I could maybe, possibly live with mail in ballots, but I still would have many other major concerns about the near certain fraud-factor. There would have to be many other voting safeguards in place everywhere BEFORE I would accept the concept of national mail in voting.


The witness signature requirement would be useless. Ballot harvesters would simply scrawl signatures or just get random street people to scratch something on a ballot. Same with a photocopy of a DL, who’s going to verify the DLs??

Republicans need to get a backbone. If a person has to present a DL or some other form of ID to rent a car, buy a gun, open a bank acct or any other host of things then it shouldn’t be a problem to show proof of who you are to vote. Mail in ballots… no matter how much you think its secure… it isn’t. If demoncraps can cheat heavily in poll voting think of what they’d do with mail ins.


Absolutely agree Brian, and I still have to show picture ID to buy beer at some stores.

I was just saying that AL’s law at least makes some sense, but the massive voter fraud issue must be solved so we can have valid elections.

Hopefully Barr has a plan, hopefully.

I do thank Alabama tonight for getting rid of another swamp fox tonight.

Hopefully my TN keeps another insider from wining my Red state in a couple of weeks,

Richard Hertz

I have called 1-800-YoureASucker several times. I love West Texas but no one is answering. I think we’ve been bamboozled by DB!!!

phineas gage

RBG in hospital with possible incipient septicemia. Probably they’ll knock it out with aggressive intravenous antibiotics, but at her age you never know. If things go south, they can go in a hurry.


Clarence Thomas is hospitalized for Kung Flu. Trump may get a two fer.


Shes as scrawny as a sack of deer horns and the wheels are coming off her walker. The body in the shape shes in and having suffered cancer, twice I think, cannot sustain ongoing issues… Me thinks she won’t retire with any dignity but will have to be carried out. That is truly sad…


Maxwell will surprise many by not dying anytime soon.

phineas gage

Rumor is she has videotapes and has copies distributed as life insurance policies.


Does that land come with a Unicorn forest, lollipop trees and cotton candy clouds? If so, I might be interested. 🙂

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