William Barr is Failing in his Main Mission

The talking points on Obamagate are changing, and not in a good way. – Congressman Jim Jordan was on with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday, expressing his frustration with the lack of any indictments from the John Durham investigation of the investigators. The takeaway from this interview is not at all encouraging.

Here’s a clip:

Note the consistent, repeated expression of “hope” from Jordan. He hopes that there will be indictments; he hopes that something will happen this summer, which is a third of the way over. He hopes Durham will at least issue a report before the election.

Those expressions of “hope” have now replaced the expressions of “confidence” that have characterized Jordan’s talking points about the Durham/Barr effort  – or alleged effort – to exact some form of real justice on the perpetrators of a coup d’etat effort on U.S. soil that began in 2016 and still rages today. We are now less than 4 months until Election Day, Durham’s investigation has supposedly been running for at least 17 months, and we still have bupkis to show for it in terms of indictments and prosecutions.

Many readers have expressed great frustration with the slow pace of the Durham/Barr effort, and with my attempts to defend – or at least, explain – the slowness of it. That’s fine: I share your frustration. Having been involved on the defendant side of several major DOJ investigation, I know from experience that they typically take multiple years before anything ends up in court as prosecutors endeavor to make sure every aspect of the case is nailed down before proceeding.

But Durham and Barr may not have years. They must recognize that every U.S. presidential election can go either way, and this one is no exception. There is no question at all that, if this election goes the wrong way, all of their hard work will be immediately discarded on January 20 of next year. That’s just reality.

Barr must at some point recognize that his job in this case has become entirely politicized. Yes, he will be viciously attacked as being a stooge for President Trump if any indictments come before the election, but he should have known that when he accepted the job in the first place.

Given the nature of the crimes that have been committed against this President and his administration by the coup cabal – including Biden and Obama – Barr must also recognize that the failure to move on at least some of the conspirators before the election would in and of itself be a heinously political act, an act of omission that could help tilt the election against his own President.

It appears likely, given the additions to his staff that have been made in recent months, that Durham is working on a RICO-style case in this instance. Such cases are invariably extremely complex and difficult to nail down. If that is indeed what he is working on, then there’s pretty much no chance he would be able to bring it this summer as Barr has repeatedly implied in interviews.

But there is an obvious middle ground available to Barr and Durham here. They are already in possession of multiple cases against former FBI Director James Comey and ex-Deputy Director Andrew McCabe that have been nailed down in great detail by Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who himself made criminal referrals in his reports. The crimes involved include lying to the FBI, lying to congress while under oath, theft of official FBI/DOJ documents and myriad instances of illegal leaks of classified information by both men.

For reasons that remain an absolute mystery to this day, Barr’s DOJ has chosen not to pursue any of those charges against those two disgraces to American law enforcement. This despite the fact that the DOJ, through the Mueller special counsel effort, was prefectly willing to aggressively pursue such charges against multiple Trump people.

The single most important mission for any Attorney General is to conduct the job in a way that gives ordinary Americans faith in the U.S. justice system. Barr needs to recognize at some point that, because of the blatant double-standard that DOJ continues to apply in these various cases, millions of Americans have lost faith in the country’s justice system, and he is the only person in government today who has the authority and power to begin to heal that wound.

He could take a big step forward towards that goal by reversing the decisions not to prosecute Comey and McCabe for their myriad crimes. A very public spectacle of Comey and McCabe being marched out of their homes in handcuffs to waiting patrol cars with lights flashing in the wee hours of the morning would be a great way to start restoring faith in the justice system.

Failure to do that or something similar before Election Day would be the worst, most destructive political act Barr and Durham could possibly commit.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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kevin shannon

Barr was and is a Bush globalist establishment traitor. There is no way anyone will be held accountable for the attempted coup. Barr is a good buddy of the traitor Mueller as well. The Republic is lost.

Liberty Writer

If Barr is trying to accomplish anything he is up against a brick wall – and he should know that.
How did people like Comey and Brennon rise to the top of our government? It has been a long process.
Look at the works of Diana West.
Here is one YouTube interview:


As has been said by Phineas, time to focus on getting PDJT re-elected. It’s long game time folks.
You not only need to vote, you must encourage all you know to vote for him and they in turn must do the same.

I am stll the glass half full guy, but if and when Barr and Durham drop the hammer is now obviously post election. Should it drop before then, we will all be pleasantly surprised.

Don’t let the bastards wear you down.

Fundamental Transformation

The career deep stater isn’t failing in his mission of loyalty to the globalists.
For a 4D chessmaster Trump sure knows how to surround himself with swamp rats.


Trump can be rightfully accused of making some bad appointments – Sessions, et al – looks like Barr might be among them. Rapidly losing faith.

Just goes to show there’s no system of “justice” in this country; if you have a “D” after your name, you get to break the law with impunity & walk away scot free. If you have an “R” after your name & support the “wrong” candidate for president, you can expect to be prosecuted/hounded/bankrupted to your eventual ruin.

Maybe Trump surrounded himself with too many “establishment” types. An AG like Mark Levin would already have had severed heads on pikes outside DOJ/FBI bldngs.

This kind of unequal/partisan “enforcement” is how you get vigilante justice.


So far Sessions was just as successful as Barr! I blame Barr for a large portion of the lawlessness in America today. The man simply not aggressive enough for this job. He refuses to act. Investigating is not good enough, he needs to make arrests.


MFW you thought there was a political solution. Government doesn’t punish government. Stop waiting for someone else to solve your problems.

David Wrightsman

Barr should of not been appointed head of DOJ. My choice would of been Sherriff David Clark.


The Merry Bagpiper isn’t failing in his mission, at all. I think this was the plan. By the time we all wake up it will be too late to make progress before the election…if at all.


Barr never had an intention of succeeding in his mission.


So we have lawmakers unable to stop lawbreakers in the very halls of leadership of this nation.
If lawmakers cannot stop the criminals sitting next to them, who can?
Are The People so gullible as to believe that any of these “ELECTED” representatives are going to represent them?……………..really??
Time to claim your birthright back from ALL of these criminals.
Remember the Constitution?
It has a direct order for the People to “throw off” a corrupt government and the Founding Fathers even made sure that The People have the MEANS to do so.
Remember that these people cannot TAKE ANYTHING from you without your consent.


I do apologize for my disbelief in the Barr/Durham nonpartisan no swamp critters here because we have highly reputable and honest to the core mueller type fellas doing a super indepth lazer focused investigation that will any day now drop the hammer of justice down on some really bad brine shrimp… maybe.

I will now retreat to my small cubby and repeat the mantra of ‘Theres no place like home” until my faith in Barr has been restored and I can speak in soft dulcid tones the travesty that happened. sigh…

Or Like Phineas stated nethn is gonna happen before the election, which I agree with. No report, Barr won’t get fired, no indictments… nothing. Carry on nothing to see here.

In the words of a famous rock solid achiever…. SAD SAD SAD.

Just Me

I am reminded of the threat voiced recently by Senator Kamala Harris, should her party gained control of the government next January, “to hunt down everyone who opposed us” and supported President Trump. Those investigations and outcomes, by comparison, would be swift and ruinous.

Lady Jane

I’m not disappointed in Barr because I never had faith he was going to issue any meaningful indictments.

I don’t understand why Trump hasn’t replaced Barr by now. I really want to know who in the White House is advising him.

phineas gage

It almost doesn’t matter. Any replacement has to be approved by Congress. 99% of the people in Washington want Trump gone. He is an existential threat to them.

phineas gage

It isn’t going to happen at this point, and even if it did it would be entirely blacked-out by the media. That’s just the reality. Best to focus on winning the election.


Just sayin’


3.5 years of tick tock has made me so cynical that I now believe nothing will happen before the election, that Biden will be elected through massive voter fraud, and that all of this will fade away. None of the real bad actors will be prosecuted, communism will gradually take over, and the best we can hope for is a massive solar flash that will destroy the reeking cesspool that humanity has evidently become so the process can begin again from a nuclear Garden of Eden.

John Whitworth

Yes…3 Years of “tick tock”…and “patriots are in control..patience is the key’…we are getting a taste of what the old Soviet Union was like….


So you’re saying we should all upgrade our sun block???

Luv your post


I’d settle for a few well placed asteroids or meteoroids worldwide to bring about much needed change.

jack johnson

So your saying an asteroid is needed to kill the hemorrhoids in DC….I agree.
By Barr not bringing forth this corruption before the election in of itself “political”. Not giving the voting public the truth about what has transpired the last 4 years is a dereliction of duty.

Voters need to know the truth about the DNC.


But, but, but, David, we are told by some that Barr et al is doing the best job that can be expected in the face of overwhelming opposition and we just have to ‘be patient’.

As I have stated before, if Trump is satisfied with Barr, Durham and, even Wray, then we have to have faith that something real is going to happen.

All I know is if the situation was reversed, an Eric Holder type AG would be throwing the prosecutorial sink at any and all GOP coup players who conspired against a Walking Eagle Administration, and everyone involved would be in jail for a long time long before this.


Sadly, Trump is satisfied with Fauci, too, and that isn’t inspiring me with confidence at all.

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