Monday News Roundup: Graham Blows More Smoke, Churches are Burning and Selling Puerto Rico

Little Lindsey’s gonna issue another subpoena. – Not that anything is likely to ever come of it, but Senator Lindsey Graham tweeted this on Sunday:

Graham’s latest bit of Kabuki Theater came after the former Special Counsel had an op-ed about the Roger Stone case published in the Washington Post under his name. No one knows who actually wrote op-ed for Mr. Mueller, but obviously someone did since he clearly demonstrated during his House testimony last year that he is barely able to put two sentences together without reading from a prepared text.

In any event, Mueller won’t be shaking in his house slippers at the prospect of getting a subpoena from Senator All-Hat-And-No-Cattle. Graham talks a good came from time to time – mainly during appearances on Fox News with Captain Tick Tock, Sean Hannity – but his follow-through leaves a lot to be desired. In fact, it’s pretty much nonexistent.

Two weeks ago, I told you that the next step by the BLM/Antifa domestic terrorists would be to come after your churches. – This weekend, we saw this:

– The Faith Tabernacle Pentecostal Church in Elkmont, Alabama was burned Friday night.

– On Saturday, an attacker drove his car into a church in Ocala, Florida and released an incendiary device to set it on fire while worshipers were inside.

– Saturday night, the 249-Year-Old San Gabriel Mission Church in California almost burned to the ground due to a suspiciously-set fire.

These burnings follow a wave of incidents over the past few weeks in which BLM thugs have invaded churches around the country to disrupt their services and attempt to goad parishioners into fights.

They’re coming for your churches. Make sure your own church employs appropriate security measures.

Speaking of suspicious fires… – The Naval landing vessel Bonhomme Richard was the scene of a mysterious explosion and fire on Sunday in San Diego, where it is docked:

Witnesses reported a loud explosion followed by a huge fire that broke out in several different areas of the 800 foot-long ship. As of this morning, it is a mystery what could have caused such a huge explosion and fire on a ship that typically does not carry significant explosive ordinance.

From a report at the Navy Times:

While the precise cause remained unknown Sunday night, [Rear Admiral Philip] Sobeck said there was “nothing toxic” in the ship, and that the black smoke billowing from the amphib all day was caused by office and berthing items burning.

The fire is believed to have started below those spaces, in the lower cargo hold of the ship, known as the “Deep V,” Sobeck said.

It is a “huge open area where you store a lot of (Marine Corps) equipment and everything else,” he said. “That’s where we believe it was started.”

Bonhomme Richard had 1 million gallons of fuel onboard but it is “well below where any heat source is,” Sobeck said.

Sobeck noted that some sort of internal explosion had occurred earlier in the day aboard the ship, but said that “what we cannot ascertain is what that explosion was caused from.”


Oh. Given the highly suspicious nature of this incident, you can be sure that you will hear little if anything more about it from the corrupt news media.

Great idea! But what idiot would buy it? – The New York Times has a story this morning alleging that President Trump considered the potential sale of U.S. territory Puerto Rico as its Marxist leaders attempted to shake down the federal government in the wake of Hurricane Maria:

From a report at The Hill:

President Trump mulled selling Puerto Rico as the territory struggled in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in 2017, former acting Secretary of Homeland Security Elaine Duke told The New York Times.

Duke, who served in the role for four months, told the Times on Friday that she was shocked when the president raised the suggestion of “divesting” or “selling” Puerto Rico.

“The president’s initial ideas were more of as a businessman, you know,” she said. “Can we outsource the electricity? Can we … sell the island? You know, or divest of that asset?”

The newspaper noted that Duke said the idea of selling of Puerto Rico was “never seriously considered or discussed” after Trump proposed it.


Ok, so, this person was “shocked” when the President, in a brainstorming meeting, momentarily raised the possibility of divesting the U.S. from the constant, incessant Marxist money pit that is Puerto Rico. This is supposed to be a major scandal. And of course, if you are an economic ignoramus working for the New York Time or The Hill, you no doubt believe that to be the case.

But Trump has the mind of a businessman, not a corrupt politician or corrupt fake journalist, and the purpose of a brainstorming session in a crisis is to – guess what? – consider all possible plans of action. Given the chronically, utterly corrupt nature of that island’s government, why in the hell wouldn’t a sane U.S. Administration consider selling the damn thing to the highest bidder?

The divesting of a corrupt, constant money drain on the nation that has no true intrinsic value to the country as a whole would in fact be the intelligent thing to do from a business standpoint. But what nitwit would buy the place for any amount of money that would make a deal worth doing?  Venezuela or Cuba, whose socialist governments are equally corrupt and simpatico to Puerto Rico’s, might be interested; but hey, those countries are flat, dead broke.

Thus, the idea, as good and merited as it was, was quickly discarded, as the Times admits.

Just another fake news hit piece from the most corrupt newspaper on earth.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Sir Cumference

We should give PR their independence. They are nothing but a bunch of moochers costing the taxpayers billions every year in welfare while they are too lazy to work and contribute. Cut them loose and let them make it on their own.


When a teachers union makes demands, it’s always about the children, right?


Theres zero attempt at hiding their hatred and communist agenda anymore…

Whats unfortunate is the GOP politicals have been doing little to none in combating against this internal rot. They are selling the country out by doing nothing…


Berman and Sullivan are competing for most corrupt judge in DC. I am voting for both.


A close friend told me he and several members of his church all went got their concealed carry licenses after the last church shooting. Doesn’t prevent somebody burning it down at night, but I
think anybody walking in to do harm will be pleasntly surprised.


As sure as the sun comes up, Lindsay Grahmnesty will go on the Sean Hannity show tonight & spew a bunch of hot air about how he’s going to hold someone “accountable” in between Sean Hannity’s constant – & frequent – interruptions where Hannity repeats himself endlessly about “being a bartender @ 13/Mom was a prison guard/studies martial arts/extensive firearms training/how he’s a tough guy”.

That’s a bet you can take to Vegas.


Lindsay Graham is perhaps the most corrupt of the entire bunch. He pretty much already knows all the sordid details of this Russiagate debacle, the Mueller travesty, the Flynn clusterfark, the FBI disaster, etc,etc but has done nothing but run his lying mouth about goona’ do this, goona’ do that while he sits there grinning like some retard and does squat. If Barr/Durham/GOP senators don’t do anything with this mess I hope they all get voted out of office. At least those weasel Dems tell you to your face how they’re going to destroy America; Graham and his cronies will do the same things as the Dems but lie to your face about it.


graham needs to come out of the closet and join the reprobate revolution full force. He is just so awful it sad.


Gadfly Graham is the proverbial “empty suit.” Always has been, always will be. As soon as he appears on Hannity or Ingraham, I reach for the remote.

I thought his taking over for the pathetic Grassley as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee would bear some good results but obviously was wrong. Hasn’t done a damn thing since.


Graham is the GOP equivalent of the dem Shiffhead. Never get between them and a camera and you’ll be safe, you can completely ignore everything else about them.

jack johnson

Thanks for the Church burning coverage David, this is the first I heard of this. Big shock no other media outlet is covering it. People need to wake up that what is happening is pure anarchy, borderline covert war against our American principles.

As far as PR goes…..either change the structure of PR`s government or cut off all aid. Force the change.

phineas gage

Weismann wrote it, almost certainly.

Of course the Marxists are coming after churches (and synagogues)–it is what they always do. Those institutions represent obstacles to their goals. The Marxists do not, of course, attack mosques, the dispensers of a statist religion of violence which facilitates their destroy America goals.


Off Topic: Suggestions for renaming the Washington Redskins:

The Washington Swamp-rats, Swamp-asses, or the Washington Corruptocrats

phineas gage

It doesn’t matter what they call it, because the NFL (and NBA) is going woke and going broke. See the prior business arcs of Disney and Marvel. It wiil be a Hindenberg-level disaster.

I had hoped that Snyder would have more spine, but piss on the whole lot of them.


About that fire on the USS Bonhomme Richard, I look for NCIS to ‘investigate’ and if they find the ‘right’ people responsible, the ‘investigation’ will be referred to Wray’s FBI and it will go about as far as the Las Vegas country music festival shooting.

If the wrong person/group is involved, look for a massive prosecution that will dominate (provide cover) the next several ‘news’ cycles and bury the Obamagate ‘investigation’ for the foreseeable future, or as long as is necessary.

I’ll be pleasantly surprised if Barr’s increasingly Sergeant Shultz style DOJ ever ‘gets to the bottom’ of finding and prosecuting the responsible person/parties.


While I would just like to see Puerto Rico granted outright independence (or even pay someone France?, Spain?, UK?, Portugal?, to take it off our hands like sports teams pay other teams to dump a bad contract), the big fear would be one or more of our adversaries would look to gain a foothold in the Western Hemisphere, a la` Cuba in the early sixties.

As we have to defend all of the Americas from overt communist occupation (while we can’t even protect our country from increasingly active infiltration of internal communism) anyway, the situation could be solved by setting up a Guantanamo Bay type base at Roosevelt Roads, PR. We can have a base in both Cuba and Puerto Rico would do nicely to protect whole of the Caribbean Sea area.

We really need to divest ourselves or all these overseas and worthless foreign entanglements. These black hole money pits (sumps) serve no purpose and must be discarded. We were able to invade Grenada to prevent a communist foothold from being established in our hemisphere in 1983; we can do the same now. After all, that is the primary reason for our navy’s existence.

phineas gage

I don’t think having a communist nation just offshore has been a good thing, despite maintaining Guantanamo. Giving up Puerto Rico would be inviting the Chinese in to control it.

Philly Smith

Let them have it.


Agreed, but if our navy cannot keep a country almost 10,000 miles away from gaining a base of operations less than a thousand from our shores, well then that is another department that should be defunded.

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