Saturday News Roundup: NBC News is a Dumpster Fire, and Don’t Think Seattle Can’t Happen to You

This is the current state of NBC News. – Dr. Joseph Fair is a virologist who also happens to be a “medical contributor” to NBC News. Across the months of May and June, Dr. Fair made numerous appearances on the “Today” show and other NBC/MSNBC platforms to give viewers all the gory details about his long and difficult struggle with what he claimed was a case of the Wuhan Virus, COVID-19.

The only problem is, he never had COVID-19.

From a report at the Daily Caller:

Fair suggested during an interview on the “Today” show May 14 that he may have gotten the virus through his eye during a flight. He conducted the interview while in a New Orleans hospital, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

NBC News originally told viewers about the negative tests, but abandoned that part of the narrative as the story continued, according to Steve Krakauer’s “Fourth Watch” newsletter. During a June 14 interview with Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press,” no one noted that Fair had already tested negative at least five times, according to Krakauer.

“In the end, NBC’s viewers were left with two very alarming – and false – impressions,” Krakauer wrote. “First, that an expert virologist can take every precaution but can still catch COVID-19 through his eyes. False. Second, that tests can be so untrustworthy that you can have multiple negative tests and still have coronavirus.”

NBC News has not yet updated its May 14 article claiming the virologist got “coronavirus despite being in good health and taking precautions.”



NBC News is a raging dumpster fire, but that just makes it equal to every other broadcast or cable news station outside of OANN and NewsMax.

Everything you see on any cable or broadcast network “news” program is most likely a lie. Every. Damn. Thing.

Something will be happening with Venezuela, and the U.S. will be heavily involved. – At least, that’s what President Donald Trump told an interviewer with the Spanish language channel Telemundo yesterday.

From a report at Breitbart:

Host Jose Diaz-Balart asked, “For you, Venezuela, is it Guaido, is it Maduro, is it U.S. intervention?”

Trump responded, “It’s freedom for their people. It’s freedom. Venezuela was a rich country 15 years ago, and it’s been destroyed by two people, but a system, a horrible system. … And something will happen with Venezuela. That’s all I can tell you. Something will be happening with Venezuela.”

Diaz-Balart then asked, “Through the United States?”

Trump responded, “We’ll be very much involved.”


Just a reminder that Barack Obama considered Hugo Chavez, the first brutish socialist thug ruler of Venezuela, to be a role model, and that the socialist model currently being forced on helpless Joe Biden by Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the model that turned that formerly 1st-world, wealthy nation into a 3rd world hell hole in the span of a decade.

It really doesn’t seem like something the U.S. should aspire to emulate, does it? Pay attention.

Be glad you don’t live in Seattle. – I almost started this segment by saying “pity the poor people in Seattle,” but hey, they’re the morons who elected the current Mayor, the evil Jenny Durkan, and a city council filled with radical thugs, so pity really isn’t justified, is it?

Ok, there are innocent, sensible people in that messed up town who didn’t support any of those thugs: You should expect to see a mass exodus of such people from that community in the very near future, as they flee a city that elected Democrats are making sure descends into outright chaos.

On Friday, a majority of the Seattle City Council agreed to support a proposition that would cut the police department’s budget by 50%. The plan would be to reallocate those funds to “other community needs.” It is not clear what those “other needs” are exactly, but presumably they would include lots of Unicorns and rainbows. Because these are Democrats we’re talking about here, after all.

Think about the insanity of this for a moment: Seattle is already such a lawless jurisdiction that members of the city council itself helped a group of Antifa/BLM Marxist thugs illegally seize a 6 square-block section of the Capitol Hill area – including a police precinct building – there for a solid month as the Mayor refused to allow the police department to intervene. It was only when those same Marxist thugs – again helped along by at least one member of the city council – broke into a gated neighborhood and staged an illegal protest action at the Mayor’s home that the despicable Ms. Durkan finally allowed the police to break up the illegal insurgency.

It is tempting for those of us living in distant parts of this giant country to look at the mass insanity taking place in Seattle, Minneapolis, New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta and Portland and laugh with condescension about it all, but that is a dangerous reaction for us to take. This kind of stuff can hit very close to home very quickly.

In my home state of Texas, the Democrat morons running the city of Austin have now turned its downtown area into a homeless camp that is beginning to rival those seen in Los Angeles and San Francisco. In Houston, the Democrat Mayor there, Sylvester Turner, acted this week to cancel the Republican Party’s state convention that was to be held there, using COVID-19 as his excuse, a bare week before it was to happen. The GOP has sued, but has little hope of prevailing in time for the event to come off.

Don’t kid yourselves that the kind of nonsense you see happening in far-off states can’t happen in your state: It can, and it will very soon unless each and every one of you gets your butts up off your sofas and goes out and votes in November.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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So posted on WhatFInger is the video of anifa fascists who killed a child. They are seen ‘cleaning’ the site of evidence. These dirtballs need to be arrested and hung if this is in fact true.

Also posted on WhatFinger is the article says meuller stating Roger Stone is a convicy and rightly so… This dirtball needs to go to prison along with all the other coup cabal…

HELLO Barr… Where are you… wakey wakey…

If neither of these gets investigated then you know that Barr is a swamp azzhat. The FBI and DoJ leaped into action with the criminal george floyd scam. This criminal dirtball was barely off the gurney when the feds went into overdrive. Lets see just how fast they leap into action to investigate a child being murdered by antifa…. Going to bet it won’t make a ripple.

.This just PO’s me completely…These scum need to be hunted down… ..

phineas gage

Not in the wealthy white gated communities where the Democrat politicians all live.


It would be sweet if somebody happened to point out their addresses to the wonderful, peaceful protestors, so they could enlighten those gated communities about their white privilege.


Regarding Seattle defnding their police department. They are already 40% understaffed. They can’t get folks to enlist. And I suspect they are going to see a surge in retirements as well.

I posted on Friday’s Roundup about NYPD having to clamp down on retirement applications as they have seen a 400% surge in the last few weeks. Also poste about Minneaplois PD having 150 officers apply for job replated medical early retirement due to PTSD.

They won’t have to defund the PDs, officers are retiring in droves and there is hardly anybody out there wanting to step up and fill the slots that are opening up as they do retire. Cue the private police departments just like in Robocop. And even then, they will have a hard time filling the job openings.


Time to fight back at these antifa terrorist and BLM (Burn Loot & Murder) bastards. They have been getting away with attacking now it is time to attack back like this little girl did to a fat butt BLM moron.

Little white girl beats crap out of BLM fat butt.

Winfield Scott

David Blackmon, thanks for an enlightening daily update.
Virologist Dr. Joseph Fair, is so caught up in his own religion, the religion of the LEFT, that he has to make himself a personal victim. Joocy Smallett was similar. He had to create the story of being a victim of racism, even though it never happened. He sacrificed himself on his own alter to LEFTIST theology.
One has to look at the mental stability of those on the LEFT that would do something so forking stupid, throw their entire career down a rathole because they are driven to be victims.


Chuck Todd is an Abomination to honest journalism. His wife is an operative for a liberal think tank. Does Mr. Todd ever mention or recuse himself because of these connections???

Chuck Todd with his neatly trimmed goatee reminds one of a part of the female anatomy. I affectionately refer to him as “THE VAGINA WITH TEETH”


I will have a have hard time now, trying to cleanse my mind of that picture. Sheesh!

T. Willis

Chuck Todd is an Abomination to honest journalism. His wife is an operative for a liberal think tank. Does Mr. Todd ever mention or recuse himself because of these connections???

Chuck Todd with his neatly trimmed goatee reminds one of a part of the female anatomy. I affectionately refer to him as “THE VAGINA WITH TEETH”


Off topic… sort of… Silas the sites I’m now having trouble with are all WordPress. Cross platform fingerprinting and Widevine seem to be the issues. Both tracking and profiling software being used against internet users likely the early stages of censorship in a new direction.

Who owns Widevine??? Well Google of course which is hostile to conservatives. The same Google that developed Chinas CCP ‘s AI surveillance system. But they’d never use that system here in N America to database a user social credit system because they said they wouldn’t… right??

Big tech like the evil microcrap and alphabet, social media like fakebook, twitter, etc are NOT conservatives friends. No surprise there but patriots world over need to stop funding these scum and demand their govt curb their activities in censorship and big brother surveillance.


Am I surprised? Nope! I am surprised that more if our fellow travelers here haven’t been included in this little “expetiment”. We must have said something that really got their attention. Or it could just be algorithms doing whatt they were designed to do.

I have two work arounds I’m using. TOR has been one, although pages don’t refresh everytime i try a refresh. My cell phone is the other (which I am using right now) and it always loads the most recent page.

Firefox will load the most recent page when I first fire up the laptop in the morning but after that it’s back to nomans land.

There can be no new world order so long as we have free speech and folks like us expressing a different (wrong thought) point of view. We might wake a few folks up. Can’t be having that.

Thus far we haven’t been muzzled, just somewhat muted.

I will keep speaking up as long as I can any way I can.

Don’t let the bastards wear us down.


Your cell phone is the least secure of all your devices. Especially any android device. Use it for its intended purpose, a portable phone. NEVER store passwords or any personal info on them unless you like taking big risks. Surf only to get directions or info on a company, ie address, phone etc…

Paranoid?!?!? Nope, just very cautious. If I can build a sniffer to scan your phone, or circumvent your password or pattern, it means I can steal your identity and do some nasty things. Not worth the risk these days… imo

It a war… loose cells sink bank accounts.




Tor works at keeping you mostly anon because of the way it splits and recombines those using Tor, making it look like a single user with no source points.

The way these slimy techs are working this is if you won’t identify yourself then you can’t look or comment on their ‘services’/sites. Which is a form of censorship.

Its getting tougher to stay anon because the communists are in control of the means of communications mainly and not enough white hats working to stymie and combat the commies. But like the freedom lovers in Hong Kong and underground in China, etc they find work-arounds.

This is an area the Trump really needs to go after. The very lame Repubs don’t seem to be able to do anything constructive even when they do have the control. The reason for the uniparty quips, they are complicate.

All patriots need to join in, get involved by writing your political Representative and demand they take some action to bring these seditious orgs, either disbanded or at minimum under monitoring and control. Control as in equal treatment of all.

Its a war… the enemy is working to cut our lines of communications. Speak up before they control who speaks and who doesn’t.


It’s quite common knowledge on both sides of the fence that the Left deals quite unabashedly in lies and subversion…and the Leftists choose to believe them anyway. It’s staggering.

jack johnson

Does anyone even get their news from the lame stream media anymore. I couldn`t even tell you who the Big 3 network anchors are, they`re irrelevant. Fair has a mental disorder….he is a Covid virus fanboy.


The communists use this strategy frequently. Cause as much mayhem and chaos as possible thru violence or constant high level screaming. They ‘normalize’ this to the extent that conservatives tune it out, become numbed and apathy grows within that segment. This is what the communists plan for and take advantage of… conservative apathy. Communists always target cities as well because it is far easier for them to capture a city due to density than it is the rural regions.

It seems like many are doing the same thing… warning constantly that its a strategic war the communists are waging. Therein lay the problem on the right. Those that are calling out the warnings, calling for action… they get tuned out too. I’ve stated for a long time that the ‘right’ should not be trumpeting a ‘landslide’ victory for Trump. IMO, this sets a stage for people to look for an excuse to not have to actually go and vote. Instead… it should be if you fail to vote it could be your lost vote that allows the communists control.

Its a war… wake up, arm up, go vote

phineas gage

If and when the marxist goons do begin their attempt to expand out of the Democrat cities and into other areas (which includes 95% of the country), several things will happen.

One is that they will fairly quickly be met with armed resistance, which will end things quickly. These are not the seasoned radicals of several decades past, except for a few of their elderly leaders, who will not be on the front lines. These are soft pasty-white millenials who have no idea how to respond to resistance. As Mike Tyson once said, ‘everyone has a plan until they are punched in the face’. They will scatter and run.

The second is that suburban women, the folks that Schlichter calls the ‘white wine women’ will get a good look at what this is all about and decide that Donald Trump isn’t so bad after all.

The third is that blacks and other minorities in these ruined cities with no police will begin to decide that these white antifa kids are useless and maybe the whole marxism agenda of the modern Democrat party isn’t so great after all.

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