The Biden (Sanders/AOC) Climate Plan: Socialism Wrapped in a Green Bow

The Biden (and Sanders and AOC) “Climate” plan is out, and boy is it a doozy. – Make no mistake about this: Joe Biden might be the “nominee” and official face of the Democrat Party in this general election, but the Party has been fully taken over by the party’s radical, outright Marxist wing. At best, Biden is nothing more than a sock puppet; at worst, a willing co-conspirator.

Yesterday’s release by the Biden Campaign’s “unity task force” on climate led by AOC is manifest proof of that reality. The “plan,” such as it is, is written in the soft, soothing language of the radical climate alarmist movement, but its vision is one of pure Soviet-style command-and-control forcing of “change” that is not even technologically feasible, much less financially affordable.

All you really need to know about this plan is who conceived it:

On climate change, the two candidates and their supporters had some serious divides to bridge. Over the course of nine months of primary debates, Biden touted his plan to build 500,000 electric vehicle chargers and put his faith in American exceptionalism while Sanders bashed fossil fuel executives and promoted the Green New Deal. To try to find a middle ground, Sanders appointed Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Sunrise Movement co-founder Varshini Prakash, and Catherine Flowers, the founder of the Center for Rural Enterprise and Environmental Justice, to the joint climate task force. Biden selected former Secretary of State John Kerry, former Environmental Protection Agency administrator Gina McCarthy, and former Biden policy advisor Kerry Duggan, along with two members of Congress.


Oh. Guess who did most of the writing? That would be Ms. Prakash, a committed radical whose “Sunrise Movement” is just another front group for George Soros:

Prakash wrote about her experience on the task force on Twitter on Wednesday, explaining that she had two goals: to push Biden to increase his ambition on climate change in terms of timelines and benchmarks, and to place environmental and climate justice at the heart of all of Biden’s climate policies.

On Prakash’s first goal, there was certainly some success. Previously, Biden’s climate policies centered around achieving 100 percent clean electricity by 2050. The task force shaved 15 years off that goal. It also came up with a slew of closer, more specific benchmarks: Within five years, make all school buses electric and help spur retrofits of 4 million buildings by unlocking private sector funding and setting efficiency standards, and by 2030, zero out the carbon footprint of all new buildings.

As for Prakash’s second goal, she applauded Biden’s commitment to putting environmental justice at the heart of his climate policy agenda by directing federal funds to disadvantaged communities, ending pollution & toxic waste sites, and creating mitigation strategies and rebuilding from disaster in just and equitable ways.”

“We are leaving these discussions with policies that, if implemented, will make Joe Biden’s climate agenda far more powerful, equitable, and urgent than where his plans were just weeks ago,” she tweeted.


So, what do you think the term “unlocking private sector funding” means? It means massive new taxes on businesses and the middle class, and those taxes on businesses will all be passed along to consumers, harming the poorest among us the most. Because that’s what leftism in any form always does. What does “directing federal funds” mean? It means redistributing the wealth away from the GOP voter base to the Democrat voter base, because again, that’s what leftism in any form always means.

They’re going to “make all school buses electric” by 2025: Who’s going to foot that bill, to the extent it will be footed with anything other than trillions in new debt? Look in the mirror.

And by the way, the plan itself refers to those electric buses as “zero carbon” vehicles. They aren’t. Not even close.

The average EV is overwhelmingly made of plastics, because that is the lightest-weight material Tesla and other manufacturers have available to reduce the weight of the cars in their efforts to maximize their driving range on a single battery charge. Guess where plastics come from? That nasty old oil. The tires on a Tesla are no different than the tires on a Jaguar or a Ford: Largely made from petroleum products.

Many of the battery charging stations you see in your cities are actually powered by generators fueled by diesel or natural gas, a secret the industry doesn’t like to talk about. The rest are powered by the same electricity grid from which you receive power in your home or office.

What do you think generates that electricity? The answer is power plants. In many states, the majority of that electricity is generated by burning coal. In Texas, where I live, most of the power comes from natural gas power plants, although coal provides a significant amount as well.

So, what is “climate” gain will be seen from spending hundreds of billions of dollars on half a million electric buses? Basically, zero. It  could even end up being a net negative given that we haven’t even talked about all the emissions involved in the manufacture of those buses and the parts that go into them. That all requires the generation of power from some source, and those factories are most often powered from the local electric grid or from separate generators fueled by diesel or natural gas. Most of them also now put up small arrays of prominently-placed solar panels for show.

But understand: None of this is really about the environment or the “climate.” It’s about control. More specifically, it’s about socialism, and using the “climate” as a means of justifying its implementation and full takeover of the federal and state governments in America.

The very same principle applies to every other aspect of the AOC plan that was released yesterday. It is just the “Green New Deal” put into more flowery and obfuscating terms. None of it is even possible from a technological standpoint, and it is certainly not affordable.

But to these central planners, that’s fine, because those aren’t the real goals and objectives at play here.

That is all.

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Jay Whitcraft

Because their real goal is control, ie. forcing abortion on people that don’t have enough carbon credits for example, let’s start with them. If anyone objects to nuclear power, remove their electric. Jay

Lefty Mongtard

Comrades, president Duckworth will lead us to the glorious people’s collective utopia where we are finally free of those capitalist pigs and their filthy lucre.
The glow from Hussien Hopenchange’s halo will power everything and unicorn flatulence backup generators will be on hand in case that doesn’t work.
Esteemed party member comradette AOC will be the first rider on the New York to Hawaii train that is powered by rainbow stew bubble up.
Forward! Yes we can.


You know that unicorn flatulence backup generators is a real thing… N Korea has them and are with holding them from us this is why Trump is cozying up the Kimmie

luv ur post…


Lefty – that was the funniest thing I’ve read in a while! “The glow from Hussein Hopenchange’s halo”!!! LMAO!


So they in effect want us to drive coal-powered cars. The batteries in those cars are chock-full of rare earth minerals (many coming from China). When those batteries are retired, they are an environmental hazard.
Makes perfect sense to senile China Joe!

phineas gage

What we should be doing is shifting our entire power grid over to modern nuclear technology, which is safe, clean, and cheap energy. The climate change nutters should be the biggest proponents of this ‘carbon-free’ technology.

But of course they are not, because the last thing these people want is a plentiful source of clean, cheap energy. As you say, “those aren’t the real goals and objectives at play here.”


OH MY GOSHEDNESS… Who needs facts and rational thought processes, as these are so confusing. We just need AOC to save us as we only have 10 years now, or less, to do anything to save the world. Trust and vote Where Am I Gropey Sniffer Joe for President this winter because AOC is gonna help him save our planet… except Poland because they don’t like Soros.

Jumper Bones

Reading your posts is probably the only sanity that I can find in all of the craziness that is available to read. Oil powers the world, and other than nuclear energy, nothing else comes close. This is what needs to be taught in schools, since my (boomer) generation appears to be clueless on this concept. Please keep fighting the good fight, and thank you for your gift of sanity in the face of what passes for “noooze” today.

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