Friday News Roundup: DOJ Puts Maxwell on the Epstein Narrative and an Encouraging New Poll

Epstein tapes? What Epstein tapes? – With rumors continuing to circulate that Ghislaine Maxwell has copies of all of Jeffrey Epstein’s illicit client sex tapes and plans to use them as a means of making a deal with the U.S. Department of Justice, now seems a good time to warn everyone to temper your expectations here.

Understand that, because Ms. Maxwell is being held in a federal lockup in New York City, her case will be prosecuted by the Southern District of New York (SDNY). That would be the very same SDNY that has had access to Anthony Weiner’s laptop computer since 2016 and has done absolutely nothing with it. Historically, the SDNY has been the place where cases inconvenient to the DC Swamp go to die.

We can hope that the steps William Barr has taken recently – the firing of lead U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman being the most obvious among them – will change that rule of thumb for this case, but hope is all we have.

Speaking of cases going to New York City to die… – Yesterday, Ms. Maxwell’s clothes were taken from her and replaced with paper clothing as federal officials now fear she might commit “suicide” just like Epstein did (not do) last August.

From a story at Business Insider:

Federal officials were so worried Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime confidante Ghislaine Maxwell might take her own life after her arrest that they took away her clothes and sheets and made her wear paper attire while in custody, an official familiar with the matter told The Associated Press.

The steps to ensure Maxwell’s safety while she’s locked up at a federal jail in New York City extend far beyond the measures federal officials took when they first arrested her in New Hampshire last week.

The Justice Department has implemented additional safety protocols and federal officials, outside of the Bureau of Prisons, have been specifically tasked with ensuring there’s adequate protection and the prisons protocols are being followed, the official said. The protections are in case she harms herself, and in case other inmates wish to harm her.


Oh, gee, guess what? Jeffrey Epstein himself was also placed on suicide watch shortly after his arrest last July, because of “concerns” by those same federal officials. Guess what else? Epstein was conveniently taken off of suicide watch – and the special security measures that come with that status – just a few days before he committed (not really) “suicide.”

You see where this is going, right? Right. So far, Maxwell’s getting exactly the same narrative that Epstein got.

Pray for this wretched human being’s safety. She needs all the help she can get.

For those who thought there was no silver lining to this COVID-19 deal, I give you this…


If you insist on being obsessed with polls, here’s one for you. – The UK Sunday Express has a new poll out that indicates that the radical, Marxist Black Lives Matter-led riots and demonstrations are doing a lot of harm to Joe Biden and the Democrats.

From the article at the Express:

THE FALLOUT from the Black Lives Matter protests in the US offers Donald Trump his best chance of winning the Presidential election, a shock poll for the Sunday Express has revealed.

According to the poll conducted by the Washington based thinktank the Democracy Institute, President Trump is neck and neck with his rival Joe Biden on 47 percent. However, Mr Trump would win in the electoral college system by 309 to 229 delegates because he is on course to win the crucial swing states including Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin where he outpolls Vice President Biden by 48 percent to 44 percent.

The findings come as the US President went to the iconic Mount Rushmore to make a speech attacking “the angry mobs” who want to erase America’s history.

He told the crowd of supporters: “There is a new far-left fascism that demands absolute allegiance. If you do not speak its language, perform its rituals, recite its mantras, and follow its commandments then you will be censored, banished, blacklisted, persecuted, and punished. Not gonna happen to us.”

According to the poll, the concerns over the effects of the protests appear to be boosting Mr Trump’s chances even though his campaign is believed to be flagging.

Given a choice between which phrases identified their views 71 percent chose “all lives matter” while 29 percent picked “black lives matter”.


Now, is this poll any more valid than those polls showing Biden with an 8 to 12 point lead? Probably not. But there are two key things to emphasize about it:

– It was taken right in the wake of President Trump’s speech at Mount Rushmore, and

– That preference question at the end between “Black Lives Matter” or “All Lives Matter” is extremely telling, given that 98% of our corrupt news media has been trying to shame every American against believing the latter for five long years now.

Make no mistake about it, the President’s speech at Mount Rushmore was essentially the kickoff point to his general election campaign. Before that, other than the Tulsa rally, he had not been campaigning at all.

Trump is armed with an enormous financial war chest now, and he is about to start flooding the airwaves with both positive messages about America’s rapid economic recovery and negative messages about Biden’s obvious elderly state and cognitive decline. Biden himself has provided an amazing wealth of moments for the Trump media people to pick and choose from.

Polls taken before one candidate – as all of those corrupt U.S. media polls have been to this point – are utterly meaningless and should be ignored. The Trump campaign will begin in earnest in the coming weeks. If you see him still trailing significantly in the legitimate polls like Trafalgar, Rasmussen and HarrisX in late September, then you might want to start getting a little concerned.

For now, you should remain calm and confident that Trump is going to WIN. Because WINNING is what he does.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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And yet more police retiring this time it’s 150 officers in Minneapolis.


The FBI is a criminal organization.


Well, here’s a different take on the Maxwell case. It seems very strange that the SDNY should be so gung-ho on prosecuting her, especially now (I find it difficult to believe the FBI and NSA didn’t known where she was all along.) Despite the removal of the top guy at SDNY, it’s still probably staffed by Resisters who are up to their necks in the soft coup, and Maxwell’s testimony is hardly likely to do prominent Democrats any good. This would be extra true of the Clintons. So what gives?

I would not be at all surprised if sometime in the next month or two, Ms. Maxwell suddenly remembers seeing Donald Trump cavorting on Orgy Island with underage girls. Of course there will be no actual evidence, but no matter! It will be enough to hurt President Trump in the election. The crooked agents at SDNY are probably having this conversation with Maxwell right now. “How much are a few well-chosen lies worth to you Ghislaine? Clemency? A suspended sentence? Think about it.”


Haven’t been watching any tv news so don’t know if this made the grade, but wow!


Nothing at all will come of Maxwell or her supposed tapes. Even if they exist, the Democrats will “lose” or destroy them unless Trump is in one. And let’s be honest…Barr is a joke. He’ll make sure he gets to be on TV to make promises…but there won’t be any results. Has he indicted anyone at all since his bagpipe concert? Please…

Pardon my cynical attitude…but grim experience has tempered my expectations.


As you are well aware there is a lot of disappointment regarding DoJ and Barrs apparent inaction on more than a few other conservative blogs and conservative sites. You are supposed to be happy with the brine shrimp hes raked in and stay positive.

BUT… If you listen to TicToc, any day now… ANY DAY now indictments are gonna drop…TicTocs credible sources say indictments for sure by late spring for sure… possibly… Oh wait… Barr just said possibly by summers end, so yeah… summers end for sure maybe.

Theres many like you and I… wouldn’t trust a word out of their mouths until there is definitive action backing it up. Even then I’d be skeptical that is wasn’t just theatre.

Its a war…


Watch out for the Clinton Crime Family Cartel. The have caused a lot of people to commit suicide. Old rapist Slick Willie and a bunch of others in high places must be sweating bullets.



phineas gage

The way Maxwell is going out is via an unexpectedly severe covid infection.

phineas gage

I’ve expected this for some time–if Trump wins reelection, his pathway will be through the Rust Belt states. Those places want no part of the nifty new Democrat marxist agenda and urban chaos. The Dems are losing those states, likely for good, as the blue-collar workers (white, black and Hispanic) move to Trump. The female vote will not be enough to hold them.

As usual, the only polls, just like the only reporting, that is worth a damn is from overseas. That is a stunning indictment of our own media.

I agree that no polls are that reliable this far out.

I would simple reiterate that the Democrat are attempting to win a presidential election against a robust and strong incumbent with a cognitively impaired candidate in the early stages of full-senile dementia advocating radical socialism and racial strife.. Absent a complete theft, that is not a winning recipe


Good article on the American Greatness. Well stated what most are thinking about the Barr/Durham team effort. Some very valid points made.


Brian, off topic, but thought yoou might like to lnow that WordPress uses a new tracking method called fingerprining. One of the side benfits of the PC Blues was that I installed Avast anitvrus.
When I put Dave’s page in the address bar and clicked go a dialog box popped up telling me the site uses fingerprinting and by extension that means WordPress.

it’s possible WP has been tracking and semishadowbanning us.Here’s a link to an article I found at (gasp!) the WaPo.

I downloaded TOR and have been using it. What’s funny is, if you compare it’s layout amd options to Ovation browser they look like twins.


Most people haven’t a clue just how intrusive and malicious tech is/has become. The biggest scumball bill gates was one that more or less got the ball rolling back in the 90’s, if I remember correct,

Microcrap had been collecting information on users thru the Unique Identifier Number (UID) that was inherent to every PC. They got caught and taken to court which the court slapped microcraps hand, said no and that was about it. Did microcrap quit??? If you think yes then send me $6000 transference fee and I’ll send you $25 million from a dead relative in Africa.

Fingerprinting has been around for a while and like the article stated is really only taking off now. Of course deniability by such agencies and companies like the Govt and scAmazon is what all these evil parasites do. Wide Vine is another ‘feature’ that was purchased by Google some years back, another ‘feature’ in browsers. Of course Google is a reputable company and would never use tracking, surveillance or use AI to identify and collate a database on users would they??? Oh wait… They did exactly that in China…

I use a VP and have for years, use Brave which is better than Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc etc… When you use Google analytics it gives the website owner a lot of information, exactly what fingerprinting asks for. What you don’t see is all the information Google gets and doesn’t share with web site owners. Alphabet started as an advertising company, still is, which many say was helped along by software developed by DARPA which is very likely possible as Alphabet will not share its code. There have been indicators of dark money and assistance from none other than the CIA. which fits much of their MO.

Whats happening today in the tech world is far deeper than what us peons are supposed tio know about. The methods of tracking are getting ever more pervasive and malicious.

Now ask… who would want to have every detail of your life for them to examine??? Who would use that information against you?? . Who would say, “Show me the person and I’ll show you the crime”

Its a war….the cesspool is bottomless…


You can get hold of me directly thru my throw-away email [email protected]

M. S. Ellsworth

Has anyone actually seen a photo of Maxwell since her arrest (including her arrest)? Do we know she’s even incarcerated?


The socialist echo chamber media isn”t about to give us perp walk coverage for one their own. Had she been a conservative player it would have been 24/7 coverage.


The pedo queen on suicide watch… Well you can bet Barr will be watching this closely… like everything else he watches closely. Say good bye, I mean night, Maxine….

This round up is choke full of great news…

Old senile bobby d having his finances devastated by the fake virus… Now he can go on another hollystupid ‘award’ show and give a 12 year old level profanity laden rant about how Trump manufactured the virus in his amazon chemistry set and destroyed his business specifically because hes raaaaaacist orange man bad.

Polls don’t mean much but as pointed out the question about All Lives Matter is definitely telling. IMO, its likely very understated as well. Which has likely got the demoncraps terrified because they know that the cacophony of screeches from the propaganda wing, are not effective and are being tuned out. Expect the volume to be cranked up as desperation increases.

The flip side is that this realization of failing propaganda is that greater efforts will be made in trying to steal or cancel the election by any means possible. AND, with help from the rinos and feckless Republicans who won’t lift a finger to do anything to stop it.

The good news is look what Trump accomplished without much help and with internal traitors, kushner, working against him. Just think what he’ll do knowing its his final run and so the gloves really come off.

Its a war… but there are moments of levity… shout out to bobby D

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