Everyone Calm Down: Today’s SCOTUS Decision was a Big WIN for Trump

President Donald Trump went on an angry Twitter spree this morning after a 7-2 Supreme Court decision ruled on very narrow grounds that a grand jury can subpoena a president’s tax records. Here’s what @RealDonaldTrump had to say:


Now, of course the President is right about the absurdly disparate treatment he has received from this Court, and obviously also correct about the criminal nature of the entire Obama Administration.

But what he apparently missed before he went on this Twitter spurt is that today’s decision by the Court is actually a significant victory for him, one that sends the case back to the lower court and basically ensures that his tax records will remain confidential at least through November, and possibly forever. Not only that, but the case is also a loss for Democrats in congress and their politically-motivated pursuit of those tax records.

Here is how George Washington University Constitutional Law Professor Jonathan Turley explained it on his own Twitter feed:

Look, it’s very easy to understand the President’s anger and frustration about these never-ending battles he has had to engage in with the Deep State. But hey, he just keeps on WINNING those battles, even when, as in this case, he doesn’t even realize he has won.

That is all.

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Mondo Bizarro

The SCOTUS decision regarding Oklahoma wasn’t a Trump victory though. It upheld an 1866 treaty stating that a huge chunk of OK is an Indian (is that word wayciss thoughcrime?) reservation.
OK is one of the reddest of Red States. Hmm…so hmm.
Imagine if a you will a world gone so insane that down is up and evil is good. 2+2=potato.
Did Comrade Dear Leader Messiah Hussein Hopenchange have to reveal his tax records.
Ohhh noes that be so wayciss!


We also never saw his transcripts.

The Democrat mantra:

Hide ‘the One’s life’s details

Keep Walking Eagle sequestered as much as possible

Keep totally Hiden Biden.

Trump is the most transparent and available president in history

Any you can be sure if Trump had released his taxes, the left would have just gone on with some other bogus attack.


By ruling that a President does not have absolute protection from being subpoenaed, we now have what we need (a decision from the SCOTUS) to go after a former President. Just sayin’!


If there was anything out of order with Trumps taxes it would have been leaked by the crooked Obama IRS long ago. Nothing but distraction and deflection from the commiecrats


Excellent point tommer

phineas gage

I don’t think Trump is angry and out of control at all. His Tweets, despite how they may appear, are always very well planned to have the desired effects. In this case, it is to stir the media into chasing this irrelevancy down a dead end.

Trump’s lawyers will easily delay this through November, and beyond that I seriously doubt he has anything to hide.

He is using this to his political advantage. Everything, without exception, is now politics.

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