Kanye West Provides Details, and He Will Have an Impact

After tweeting out news of his intent to run for the presidency this fall on Sunday, rapper Kanye West sat down for what Steve Forbes says was a 4-hour interview with reporter Randall Lane. In the exhausive interview, West provides all the details about his reasons for running, his views about President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the fact that he believes he has been chosen by God to lead the country and his belief that a COVID-19 vaccine would be the biblical “Mark of the Beast.”

The article on the interview can be found in full at this link.

Go read it – you’ll be glad you did, regardless of your views about Mr. West.

And here’s the thing about this: Whether you take Kanye seriously or consider his candidacy to be a joke, you should not doubt that, if he really does choose to mount a campaign this year, he will have a significant impact on the ultimate outcome.

As you watch the DC insider talking heads on your television assure you that it’s all just a joke, that West is not at all serious, that he will end his lark in a few weeks, and how could anyone imagine that Kim Kardashian West could ever become First Lady, remember that those exact same talking heads made the exact same dismissive comments in 2015 about Donald Trump and Melania Trump in the weeks after he announced his own candidacy.

One quote from West in this interview really stands out to me: “I’m not saying Trump’s in my way, he may be a part of my way. And Joe Biden? Like come on man, please. You know? Obama’s special. Trump’s special. We say Kanye West is special. America needs special people that lead. Bill Clinton? Special. Joe Biden’s not special.”

Whether we want to recognize it or not, America’s presidential politics have dramatically shifted, and that shift started with Bill Clinton’s candidacy in 1992. Clinton’s victories that year over 30-year DC veteran George HW Bush and four years later over 30-year DC veteran Bob Dole started a shift away from campaigns in which some old hand of the DC establishment roams around the country giving boring speeches detailing his 30-point plans to address every imaginable issue.

That’s what Elizabeth Warren attempted to do during the Democrat primaries, and we saw how well that worked out for her.

Clinton didn’t do that. Clinton was all about talking points and image – he had no more than 5 overarching messages composing 25 words or less that he repeated throughout his campaign, over and over and over again. Much of his campaign was based on pushing his image of being young, good-looking, a carouser with women and a guy who played the saxophone on the Tonight Show. To the extent he actually addressed issues, he lied through his teeth about them, and that only made him more of a bad boy who was sexually appealing to the women, who voted overwhelmingly for him.

Obama was all about Roman columns and huge crowds in big stadiums repeating nostrums about “hope and change” and promising to “transform this country,” a line we now see the pathetic 50-year DC hack Biden attempting to parrot from his basement.

Then came Trump, a complete outsider who had never sought a public office in his entire life. Trump didn’t have a detailed plan to address a single issue, other than to build a wall on our southern border. What he did have was image: The image of being a wildly-successful real estate developer, the image of being the guy who spend a decade saying “You’re fired!” on NBC, the image of being a bad boy who had gone through three wives. And, like Obama and Clinton before him, he knew how to communicate in terms that common, ordinary Americans understand.

That’s what our presidential politics are today. We don’t have to like it: It just is.

Democrat voters knee-jerked back to the old DC veteran Biden not because he’s who they really want, but because pollsters and party leaders kept telling them that Biden had the best chance of beating Trump. But ultimately, Biden is Bob Dole without Dole’s sense of humor and status as a war hero. He is not going to be our next president.

If you don’t think Kanye West will have tremendous appeal to many independent voters and tons of Black voters, then you really do need to pay more attention to what has been happening in our country over the last 28 years.

That is all.

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Michael Falotico

DB you keep making the same mistake! Bill Clinton did NOT play the saxophone on The Tonight Show!! He played it on the Arsenio Hall Show. C’mon, man. This is the second time you’ve been corrected. Also, a theory: The candidate who wants it more, the one who is hungry, wins. George H.W. Bush (41st president) was looking at his watch during the debate and seemed not to lust for reelection, whilst Bill Clinton was hungry and really wanted it. Will this theory play out in 2020? Biden seems sleepy and lackluster while Trump seems hungry. Just a thought; what do you think of my theory?


I see a lot of new folks here. Welcome fellow travelers! Your thoughts and comments are appreciated.


His impact will be to take voters away from Biden, therefore helping Trump. He’s too late to get on the ballot of a handful of states, so the only thing he can do is cause a disruption.


Trump / West 2020?

Robosaurus Rex

Exactly what I was thinking. Earlier this year, there were rumors Pence may step aside for a different Vp pick. If Trump were to return to his roots, this type of drama and flare would be right up his alley. There are a lot of if’s in this, but with such opposite visions for the country on display and more black leaders questioning BLM, the risk may not be so high with voters who have enjoyed the benefits of capitalism despite it’s obvious flaws that we’re trying to workout. This also maybe the best answer to the 2024 question… who do Republican voters vote after Trump? It can’t be back to the establishment candidates. It’s an odd combo, but I’m open to such an idea.

Robert Weston

I would love to see a debate between Biden and West.

“Comeon mannn . . . .”


Of course Joe Biden is special….special ed, that is.


“… how could anyone imagine that Kim Kardashian West could ever become First Lady,”

She’d make a far better First Lady than that phony M.O.


IMO… I think the bulk of independents and blacks won’t risk what Trump has done to go with a guy thats really all over the map and randomly at that. If Trump sticks to the message of recovery and Law & Order then the re-election is his. He should minimize Kanyes entry and wish him well and not focus on either him or Biden.

The other thing Kanye did was to trash himself… The Birthday Party… seriously.. because if he wins its like everyones birthday…This is like an eight year old. Will everyone get cake too??? There are always the unthinking zombies that will follow just about any looney bin and Kanye will start to go out of his way to prove this.

You can be sincere and well intentioned but you can also be sincerely wrong. Discount Kanye, would be to under-estimate the well of stupid. Can’t judge his heart, thats God’s domain, but we can judge a man by his fruit. Kanye should have kept the red hat on, backed Trump and focused on 2024. That alone would almost solidify the flyover base to his camp for 2024.

Its a war… theres a leader over here… a leader over there… enemy distractions to weaken the side that supports life and freedoms. Don’t fall for it.


NO he won’t..

phineas gage

That is if he runs in the general election as an independent.

phineas gage

Disagree–if he follows through, West will likely be the most significant reason for Trump’s victory. And his candidacy likely will be the death-knell of the Democratic lock on the black vote.

I think it has been planned for a while. It sets Kanye up perfectly for 2024.


I hope you are right Phineas about West being a significant reason for Trump’s victory.

I’ve said all I’m going to say about West running either now or in 2024 in the weekend stories Dave posted by Larry Schweikart. Check them out in Dave’s previous posts if you are interested.


I wake up at 3 a.m. and in my mind I feel God showing me how to answer Jimmy MacAfee’s response to my answer in an earlier post. After I enter my comments, I see Jimmy has entered another post that I feel God is directing me to respond to. I ended that post asking for God’s help.

I now see this post regarding Kayne West and his impact on running for the Presidency. I read the article Dave linked to and I feel as if God is providing the answer in this interview. In my mind, I feel God is using Kayne West to get Trump to move in a new direction. Or maybe God is saying to President Trump, you’ve done your part, it’s time to move on to the next step in my plan. No matter what the answer is, we all owe Donald and Melania Trump so much gratitude, love and respect for bringing us this far in revealing the swamp.

Mr. West gets my respect because he doesn’t claim to have all the answers but its looking to God to provide them. He doesn’t trash Trump and says it’s in God’s hands so his run could even be in 2024. I, for one, want to see Trump complete the job God put him there to do.

Maybe President Trump should hear what some of Kayne West’s thoughts and ideas instead of some of the insiders he’s apparently listening to and come up with some fresh ideas on how to get his presidency back on track. Who can know whether or not God is speaking to Trump thru Mr. West to get the ball rolling again.

I don’t follow the Kardashian’s, so I don’t really know how to react to having Kim Kardashian as the First Lady but as Dave states, there were “a lot dismissive comments about Donald and Melania Trump” in the beginning so who am I to say Kim Kardashian West wouldn’t make a great First Lady.

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