Tuesday News Roundup: Ghislaine has the Tapes, and the Deafening Silence of Kaepernick Defenders

Have you noticed how the corrupt news media is not covering the arrest and charging of Ghislaine Maxwell? – Remember when Trump associate Roger Stone was arrested, how the FBI and Mueller goons had notified CNN in advance of the raid on his home?

Remember that CNN’s cameras were present when those 39 FBI agents wearing full armor, carrying semi-automatic rifles and backed up by actual tanks pounded Stone’s door in during the wee hours of the morning, took the elderly man into custody and frightened his elderly wife half to death? I certainly do.

Roger Stone was accused of the heinous crime of … wait for it … lying to the FBI. For that, he got the full-on American Gestapo treatment televised live on national TV from the U.S. government.

How about all those films CNN and other corrupt media outlets have shown you of the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, who is facing multiple felony counts of sex-trafficking and child abuse over a span of 25 years? Remember them?

Yeah, neither do I. There was no pounding down the door of Ghislaine Maxwell’s multi-million dollar, 40-acre estate. There were no tanks present at her arrest. Nor were there any CNN cameras present to televise the proceedings live. In fact, we have seen no film of any aspect of Ms. Maxwell’s arrest, arraignment or federal custody thus far.

Just reports like this one from The Hill today:

Accused Jeffrey Epstein accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell has been moved to the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, the Federal Bureau of Prisons confirmed to The Hill on Monday.

Maxwell, Epstein’s former girlfriend and longtime associate, faces a six-count indictment alleging she lured and groomed underage girls so that Epstein could sexually abuse them in the mid-1990s. The indictment that was unsealed last week accuses Maxwell of participating in the abuse sometimes herself.

The 58-year-old was arrested Thursday in New Hampshire and was kept over the weekend at the Merrimack County Jail, a medium-security facility about 20 miles from the home in which prosecutors found her, Reuters reported. The U.S. Marshals transferred Maxwell to New York.

Maxwell, the daughter of the late British media magnate Robert Maxwell, is being detained without bail as prosecutors declared her a flight risk. She faces up to 35 years in prison if convicted on four counts related to procuring and transporting minors for illegal sex acts and two counts of perjury for allegedly lying about her involvement.

Maxwell is expected to first appear in federal court in Manhattan on Friday as prosecutors requested in a letter to a judge Sunday.


To be clear, this is how the American system of justice is supposed to work – quietly, systematically, grinding slowly but finely towards the ultimate outcome.

The difference between the Stone case and the Maxwell case is the difference between having the case run by a power-and-media-hungry special counsel’s office supervised by a corrupt Deputy Attorney General and having it run by a real, live, ethical Attorney General who is focused on doing his damn job.

Thank you, William Barr for restoring proper order and a bit of dignity to the Department of Justice.

Oh, my; oh, my; oh, my, my, my... – Speaking of Ghislaine Maxwell, one of her good friends says she has possession of the collection of sex tapes that Jeffrey Epstein’s allegedly used to blackmail his clients.

From a piece at the New York Post:

Christopher Mason, a TV host and journalist who has known Maxwell since the 1980s, has said he was told that Epstein rigged his multiple homes with cameras and kept surveillance tapes of everyone and everything that went on in them.

Mason said she has access to the potentially compromising tapes.

And now, Maxwell’s former pal told the Daily Mail that she will use those recordings as a way to beat the rap.

“Ghislaine has always been as cunning as they come. She wasn’t going to be with Epstein all those years and not have some insurance,” the ex-friend told the news outlet.

“The secret stash of sex tapes I believe Ghislaine has squirreled away could end up being her get-out-of-jail card if the authorities are willing to trade. She has copies of everything Epstein had. They could implicate some twisted movers and shakers,” the former friend said.


Now do you understand why Maxwell’s expected life span can now be measured in days unless AG Barr surrounds her with an army?

This is another reason why it is absolutely, utterly imperative that Donald Trump be re-elected in November. Because if the Democrats win the presidency, then whatever corrupt clown who becomes attorney general will hold a public bonfire of the evidence in this case.

Hey, JJ Watt and Brett Favre, why so quiet all of a sudden? – Football heroes JJ Watt and Brett Favre famously defended national anthem-kneeler Colin Kaepernick in recent weeks. Watt excoriated fans who criticize Kaepernick’s kneeling, claiming that his antics are “not about the flag,” even though they obviously are.

Favre actually said Kaepernick would be remembered as a “hero,” going so far as to compare him to the truly heroic Pat Tillman, who was killed in action while serving his country in Afghanistan.

But both JJ and Brett have remained studiously silent about Kaepernick after the former mediocre 49ers QB said over the weekend that fireworks celebrations on July 4th are a symbol of “white supremacy.”

From a piece at Breitbart:

Watt insisted that “you aren’t listening,” if you still believe the anthem protests are about the flag or the military.

But Watt has been completely silent about Kaeprnick’s July 4 tweet calling our Independence Day holiday a “white supremacist” celebration.

As to who is “not listening,” it could be argued that Watt is the one refusing to listen to Colin Kaepernick. After all, as far back as 2016, Kaepernick himself said that he could never “stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people and people of color.”

Kaepernick has repeatedly made it clear that he has contempt for America and all it stands for.

Early in his protests, Kaepernick specifically said that anti-Americanism was what his protest was all about. In August of 2016, he said, “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football, and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

Also, in 2016, Kaepernick wore a shirt praising Cuban dictator and mass murderer Fidel Castro. In another instance, Kaepernick wore socks that portrayed all police officers as pigs.


C’mon, JJ. Let’s go, Brett: Defend  your heroic Marxist now. Your silence is truly deafening.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jay Whitcraft

I would love her to release 1 tape as a “freebie demo” just to prove she has the goods. Jay

Gary Dalton

The 1 admendment rights being taken away by Google Twiter Facebook Disqus moderators

marty lopez

I got a great idea. Let her release her tapes, or not. Who cares? Let’s just concentrate on putting her away for the rest of her life, which would be very short indeed once she is on the inside. If she has something compelling she had better make a deal and fast. She has only one bet left and she’s betting her life.


I’m with you marty… I’m willing to bet that once a trial was over and shes sentenced to a few decades in jail she’ll turn over everything quickly. I wouldn’t ‘bargain’ with her either and certainly not sentence reduction for evidence. I’d let her stew.

When shes sat in the cell knowing theres no out… Then its time to ‘negotiate’ evidence, none of which gives her a get out of jail card.

Jimmy MacAfee

I want to know and punish whichever intel agencies were using her and her bag of tricks, as well as to effectively deal with those who were blackmailed.

And with that, your last two sentences effectively describe what could be her final sentence.


I’m not sure if Maxwell’s information will do any good because Barr doesn’t seem very interested in actually prosecuting any bad guys. It’s astounding that he’s willing to hold off any indictments of the insurrectionists and/or corrupt FBI cadre until after the election (if, indeed, he’s willing to prosecute any of them at all). Maxwell is sure to net some Republicans…but FAR more Democrats (if Ep’s social circle is any indication). Barr seems to act as the sheep dog to their Leftist flock, rather than the wolf.

Sir Cumference

Rapist Slick Willie Clinton and a host of others should be sweating bullets. Hopefully Maxwell will the Clinton Crime Cartel will not be able to get to her so she doesn’t commit suicide before she testifies. As for Colon Cancer, he is rotten to the core.

Glass Dollhouse of Delusion

When will Nike pay the Vietnamese sweat shop laborers $15 an hour?
Maybe comrade Kapernick could look into this for the good of the collective.
The blip on the Favre? Hit on the head way too many times.
Only youngsters believe that sportsball legend Johnny Jockstrap is some great guy as he drinks and drives, beats his wife and sleeps around away from the game.


$15 an hour? Let’s be real,no 9 year old should be making that much.

Jimmy MacAfee

Laughed my arse off at that! Good one!

phineas gage

The NFL, along with the NBA, has chosen to go fully woke, and hence will shortly go broke. It will be epic and I am going to enjoy it.

You may say it is impossible to destroy such a billion-dollar golden goose as the NFL. I would refer you to the scattered remnants of the Star Wars franchise after Disney was done with it.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’m reminded of the US patent office joke (not real as is commonly claimed) which stated that it should be closed, since everything worth inventing had already been invented.

“Charles H. Duell was the Commissioner of US patent office in 1899. Mr. Deull’s most famous attributed utterance is that “everything that can be invented has been invented.” Most patent attorneys have also heard that the quote is apocryphal.”

“However, with a bit more searching, I came across an 1899 edition of Punch Magazine that had been donated to Harvard University by the Pulitzer family. In that edition, the comedy magazine offered a look at the “coming century.” In colloquy, a genius asked “isn’t there a clerk who can examine patents?” A boy replied “Quite unnecessary, Sir. Everything that can be invented has been invented.”‘


I suspect that 1899 joke is the origin of the expression. But the sentiment is real, as the NFL and NBA and Hollyweird seem to think they’re indispensable. There are a lot of things that have gone by the wayside, like carts and buggies. And the NFL stands for Not For Long, basketball is in possession of the Chicoms and Hollyweird too. The Chinese will eventually get tired of the spectacle played by Americans, and will invent something else to occupy their imaginations.

This nouveau deletion of the “horse and buggy days” is about to begin;something will replace most professional sports, and movies as well, and music on top of that. Nothing original coming from any of them, other than panic.

And churches that try to be just like the world will find themselves crushed by the world.

J. Guidry

Brett, who? JJ, who? They are dead to me. So is the NFL (National Felons League), and all the rest of those “sports” leagues who come out in condemnation of the USA, and a duly elected President Donald J. Trump.
That “Colon”(Kapernick) is being picked up by Disney is appropriate, The home of Mickey Mouse, and other cartoon characters, is a perfect fit for the talentless QB. His claim to fame will be as an enemy of nation which allowed him to rise to a status acheived by few. And made him rich in the process. For doing what? Playing a game which children play. He is sitll a child, like most of them who play the sport. Can’t fathom what Disney is going for by adding this nitwit to their stable.
Walt is probably spinning in his grave by now.
Maxwell is a walking dead person. She will experience an “arkancide” event. Just like Epstein. Who didn’t kill himself. And, it will be covered up. Just like Epstein. Whatever her “dead man’s switch” is, it’ll never see the light of day. Or any exposure. Too much at stake for the perps recorded to allow that to happen. Look for it, she will be gone by Nov. 3rd, if not sooner.

Jimmy MacAfee

Any ideas how to make it happen, to put her information out where it can be seen, or are we playing Eeyore here?

I refuse to give in to despair. I’ve dealt with far too many of those on a daily basis (not on this site) and they usually give up without a fight.

Ideas? MAGA is a fine slogan if there are any real plans to make it so – which I think there are.

Jimmy MacAfee

Some have said (perhaps accurately) that Krapernick was a lousy quarterback, and only stirred stuff in order to bring attention to himself. Defenses figured him out quite rapidly, and his coach could not use him. (Viva Frei!)

Not being a judge of quarterbacks, but being a decent judge of character, I would agree that Krapernick was only interested in bringing attention to himself. I wish someone would call his bluff and give him a position, and watch him fail badly.

That’s why he bailed on the tryouts: they called his bluff, so he changed the rules.


He wanted to have his own camera crew there and the nfl wouldn’t allow it so he bailed. At least, that’s story and he’s sticking to it.


Kaepernick does not have it upstairs and that is why he will never be a successful nfl QB. He once had enough physical skill to overcome his intellectual short comings but he was easily figured out and crushed by the defenses after a few games when they found out he only had a few repetative tricks in his bag and no ability to think up better statagies. So Kaepernick took the only road he was capable of traveling, the woke America hating rascist road…how pathetic

Rick Church

My 2 cents: We lost a great patriot yesterday in Charlie Daniels. RIP and may he sing loudly with the angels in heaven.


Favre, the most overrated idiot to ever play football and dumb jock watt are typical low IQ celebrities that think their opinions matter because millions of idiots fall all over them for playing a game or playing make believe in films and on T.v. Fake Favre and Zero Watt are clowns, that them as such.


I loved watching the Bucaneers defense make his ass scramble. He hated having to face them. The look on his face every time they broke a play was priceless.

Jimmy MacAfee

If Grizzly Max’s friend is right, (she seems to have what I’d suspected Weiner has as well in addition to the laptop) and that’s what many call a “dead-man’s switch.” Harm to her, everything is exposed.

It appears that Epstein – wherever he is – didn’t have one. I also suspect that the Clintons have quite a dossier/dead man’s switch themselves, which would be a compilation on everyone who can implicate them for anything. Hillary’s middle name is “blackmail.”

Grizzly Max is walking a tightrope: how to get this into the hands of prosecutors without further incriminating herself.

Since she’s working against the intelligence community – supposedly – it’s going to have to be a quarterback sneak of sorts. Or the center will have to do a fake snap of the ball, keeping it himself. High-stakes for a lot of people.


Jimmy – you think Epstein’s alive? In witness protection? If something happens to Maxwell we’ll know the game is rigged with absolute certainty.

Personally I’m done with the NFL. Love the game, played in HS. And I can’t fathom the stupidity of someone like Roger Goodell; doesn’t he understand that all this political sh** is pissing off @ least 75% of the NFL audience?

It’s the same thing with Hollywood: how is pissing/crapping all over a potential customer base going to serve your business interests in the end? The “woke” crowd has zero interest in pro sports – soi boys watch football – are you kidding?

Jimmy MacAfee

I think whatever intelligence service Epstein worked for has him safely on the east coast of South America. Mossad, most likely.

Agree completely with your assessment of Goodell and the Not For Long league.

Jimmy MacAfee

It was a shame that one of President Trump’s alleged allies, Steve Bannon, who helped the illegal and unjust prosecution of Roger Stone.

The worst cuts are from friends and allies.

Free Roger Stone.

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