Jason Whitlock Flays and Exposes the NFL and Black Lives Matter

Over the past month I have received a number of nasty notes from both acquaintances (I hesitate to use the word ‘friend’ for these people) and non-acquaintances over my consistent characterization of Black Lives Matter being essentially the same as Antifa: A Marxist/Anarchist terrorist organization funded by Soros-backed front groups whose goal is the destruction of America.

Black Lives Matter is not, as the corrupt news media continues to contend, any sort of social justice or civil rights organization. You don’t have to take my word for it – all you have to do is visit the group’s website and read its goals and objectives. It is a Marxist-run terrorist organization, period.

If you don’t believe BLM’s own website and public statements by its leaders bragging about how they are all “trained Marxists,” how about Jason Whitlock?

As he noted on Twitter the other day, Mr. Whitlock – a highly-regarded sports writer and sports-TV personality – has been Black since the day he was born. He also has a long and public history of being completely down with the real goals of real social justice and civil rights groups in America.

Whitlock appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program last night and echoed my assessment of BLM to a T. In the process he also excoriated the NFL owners and Commissioner Roger Goodell as cowards who are sucking up to a bunch of Marxists. It was epic.

Here is a clip of the interview – Whitlock comes on at about the 1:40 mark:

Here are some of Whitlock’s statements:

Asked about the NFL’s lack of leadership, Whitlock said:

“I see a lack of leadership. A failure of men. This goes against every value that exemplifies America. The NFL has built itself on unity and there is no way you can do any research on the Black Lives Matter Movement and not see it’s a Marxist movement.”

Tucker asked Whitlock where is NFL commissioner Roger Goodell during this mess?

“Under his desk like a coward. Abandoning those in America that enriched him by doing nothing to back them up. A complete failure of leadership that has men and women falling in cowardice.”

About Black Lives Matter, Whitlock said it is a “Marxist political organization” that does not stand for “Black death nor Black men.”

“It is a political movement. It is a Communist political movement. … I’ve seen many of these guys [NFL owners], they claim they’re in Christianity and their religious beliefs, do they understand Black Lives Matter, Communism, Marxism, is anti-religious? This is a historic failure of men and leadership. This is cowardice at its highest level, this is the NFL jumping the shark and saying we quit being who we said we are. We’re now something else because our money is on the line and we don’t stand for the values we said we stood for.”


Now, I suppose Whitlock will inevitably become the target of the Perpetual Outrage crowd on Twitter, which leads the cancel culture there. Because there is nothing those on the political left in America hate and fear more than a Black man telling the truth.

Just ask Clarence Thomas and Tim Scott.

Black Lives Matter is essentially the same as Antifa: A Marxist/Anarchist domestic terrorist group. You don’t have to take my word for it anymore.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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K Wilde

BLM is just replacing classical Marxist class warfare with race warfare. Plugs right into academia’s intersectionality BS. The millennial dummies are just too poorly educated to realize that. The DNC thinks they can put a leash on that tiger but I think they’ll find out that it’ll turn around and eat them too.

Jimmy MacAfee

I bet Whitlock will not be pressured into an apology like the silly white boys do, like certain wimpsters who shine rappers shoes.

What they must be saying:
“Shine my rappin’ shoes, you little Chik Fil A coward. Then plant one on my skinny little black behind in front of my girl with the big butt so we can laugh all the way to the bank at your expense!” Whadda Southpark moment.

Whitlock isn’t a coward.

phineas gage

Texas State Fair cancelled? WTH?

phineas gage

This is going to be greatest voluntary corporate suicide in U.S. history. Much like the Democrat party, they have no idea what is about to happen to them.




It is just a shame that so many Americans consistently fall for a noble sounding movement, or legislation and rarely pay attention to what the end result of said movement or law is.

BLM sounds great, until you see people who say All Lives Matter get excoriated.

Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) sounds wonderful – who could be against it and anything that ‘the One’ said it was SUPPOSED accomplish? Well, except for the fact that it raised the cost of healthcare INSURANCE for the vast majority of people and has improved the situation for very few.

Algore’s ‘climate change’ Carbon-Credit system’s fraudulent scheme, which is or was nothing more than a money laundering operation designed to make him rich while doing little if anything to reduce CO2 emissions.

CDC – what ‘disease’ has been ‘controlled’ by their efforts in their forty plus years of existence?

Department of Education – can anyone point to ANY improvement to America’s former world class education system at any level since it was established over forty years ago?

Department of Energy – Where is the improvement in supply or price stabilization since it was established over forty years ago? Before Trump and fracking, we were very vulnerable regarding energy and DOE had nothing to do with either.

We must learn to be very skeptical whenever any politician, bureaucrat, SJW, or community agitator, has to mask their real agenda by the slick marketing of their cause.

Americans are the most marketed/propagandized people on earth and yet many still get suckered into believing most of the bullschiff that is vomited by the left. Yet when any learned person or group speaks to the truth, we get drowned out by the mob mentality…

This has to stop. Push back against all this bullschiff.


Good post, Gregg.
I never expected the American public to rollover and piss themselves like they have for this virus. My grandkids think that I am off my rocker for daring to think the scamdemic is not on the level. Eleven of them, aged 23 to 35..only the 23 yo sides with me.

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