America’s Universities are About to Reveal Their Essential Uselessness

Harvard: America’s most expensive University of Phoenix clone.Harvard announced on Monday that it will hold no face-to-face undergraduate classes  this fall – all “learning” the students accomplish will be done on-line. This plan could also extend through the spring semester of 2021.

Oh, but guess what? That $49,000 tuition per semester won’t be commensurately reduced. Oh, no – perish that thought.

Think about what Harvard and other universities who take this same politically-motivated approach are about to see happen to them over the next year: Millions of parents who have been either footing the bills or watching their kids go into heinous debt so they can attend classes in the “hallowed halls” of extremely overrated brainwashing factories that are largely responsible for producing the mindset behind all of the Marxist-led social unrest we are seeing this summer are going to realize just how unnecessary those “hallowed halls” happen to be.

It’s inevitable. We are going to see the exact same dynamic take place in the commercial real estate market as employers are figuring out that most of their employees are actually more productive working from home and don’t need to commute to and from costly office space every day.

If all “learning” can be achieved equally well from a distance, if every university can become just another University of Phoenix, then why in the hell have America’s parents been paying for the building of all of these stupidly-costly palaces filled with tenured professors who haven’t really taught a damn thing in decades? Surely, an institution of higher learning like Harvard would not implement a 100% distance-learning agenda unless it could ensure its students continued to learn at the same pace, right?

Well, right???

Here’s the other thing that is inevitably about to happen: Many parents of students learning from home are likely to take advantage of that fact to witness first-hand the kind of Marxist/anarchist crap these universities are indoctrinating their children with. And those parents are going to be horrified, and they will talk with other parents of other students who they know.

Trust me, that will not be a positive sequence of events for America’s universities.

One of the dirty little secrets about the Antifa/BLM domestic terror complex is that the vast majority of those chubby, pasty-white Millennials you invariably see leading those riots and making up most of their participants were indoctrinated with Marxist/anarchist ideology while in college. These aren’t teenagers – the basic age group appears to be in the 25-35 year old range. They didn’t just think up all of this anti-America nonsense on their own or stumble into some organic riot planning meeting – they were steeped in this radical ideology by university professors.

About a month ago, some football players at The University of Texas famously sent out a long list of demands about renaming buildings, removing statues from the campus and declaring the school song – The Eyes of Texas – to be “racist.” (It isn’t.)

Guess who wrote that list of demands? If you think it was those football players, you might be naive about the thinking and writing abilities of 20 year-old wide receivers. The list was written by a radical professor at UT. That professor’s name will inevitably be made public soon enough.

The point here is that these kids don’t just come up with this stuff on their own. Left to their own devices, these kids are going to drink some beer, smoke some pot, listen to a whole lot of really bad music, study a little bit and end up getting a 4-year degree in 5 or 6 years. But at our nation’s universities, these professors and other campus radicals aren’t going to leave them to their own devices. And that’s how you end up with a dozen U.S. cities being looted and burned by domestic terrorist groups over a month of one summer.

Thus, one of the great benefits of a year of distance learning is that these students will have far less exposure to their professors and thus, much less indoctrination time.

There is no more fundamentally archaic, financially draining and wasteful institution in America today than the nation’s university system. By pretending for political reasons that they can’t risk letting 18 to 23 year-olds who are virtually impervious to COVID-19 go back to school this fall, these universities are about to reveal their essential uselessness to the world.


That is all.

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When you see your Doctors Harvard diploma hanging on his office wall it will be appropriate to inquire if his degree is via the Harvard Correspondence School. Harvard will be able to offer courses from Sudan, Nigeria and any other country with the internet with their current education program.


if harvard wrer to turn it’s mulit BILLION dollar endowment into scholarships, they could fund their entire student body, with a four year full ride, ….. FOREVER.


This is what the universities and colleges don’t want you to know. You can take online classes from a number of sources and learn the material, then challenge the test and pay a nominal fee to get credit for it.

Also, Online education, in a lot of cases can be much better than what it put out in the schools. If a school has a math class with 300 students, which is as impersonal as it gets, the student might as well take the same class from another source.

A \\\A lot of university and college classes are useless, especially if the student crams to pass the test because that information will be in short term memory and will disappear after 72 hours, unless they keep reusing that same information to make it into long term memory.

There are a lot of computer programming, web design/development, graphics design and a lot more classes online that are really good for $25 to $45 a month, way cheaper than going to school. Plus, most employers want someone who can do the work well and don’t care about the degrees, especially in the technical field.

An example is when they hire someone out of high school who has been programming since they were in their early teens and knows the subject matter well.

You can even get books from about how to do anything and some of these books are used as text books for the over priced classes.

So, the bottom line is take a year to learn something before committing to going to an over priced school. Find someone to mentor you. Get real life experiences doing it and if you really love it, Then learn as much as you can on your own.

There are, at least before this year, camps where you can intensively study a subject with some teacher you look up to and want to study with them. They are way cheaper than attending a school with a teacher who is not as good as the summer camp teacher.

I always tell young people to figure out what they love, experiment with different things and then go in that direction on their own to gain experience. Also, don’t get pregnant or get someone pregnant, so get drunk and eat healthy foods. That will set them up for life to be making good decisions based on experience.

Mean Boy

These clueless college cretins are so smart they think that the crocodile will eat them last.
Soft pampered dullards sitting in ivory towers are just as dangerous as mobs on the street.

phineas gage

For the top-tier twenty universities (Ivy league, Stanford, etc), parents will still pony up the money regardless, because what they are paying for is the name. It is the golden ticket for entry into elite circles. They ignore everything else.

If non-top tier schools that are less well endowed try this, they will probably suffer.

There are way too many colleges and universities offering a substandard product at a grossly inflated price. The time is way past for a thinning of the herd.

Jimmy MacAfee

Consider the great cathedrals of what used to be Europe. Mausoleums, empty except for curious visitors. Nothing is forever, other than Heaven and hell.

There will soon be little reason for the Ivy League, because the elite circles are about to face the music – Margaret Sanger, for example, is the latest racist to be dealt with (and in her case, her sordid memory should be exposed fully.) PP will be devoured. Who woulda thought?

The billionaires will soon be in a fecally challenged culvert, with no way of moving upstream. Maybe they’ll have their servants dip their hands into the sewerage, but they’ll all be washed into the stinking puddle and overturn. (Stuff happens.)

Paddling with the current of the aforementioned stream means that they’ll end up in the puddle all the sooner. And that is what Bezos and company are presently doing. If these self-anointed “aristocrats” want to survive, they’d better work with people they consider their “lessers,” of enjoy the flavor of septic water.

J. Guidry

Totally cool with the idea of these bastions of marxist thought being relegated to nothing more than empty buildings and campuses across this nation. Let them become little pockets of Detroit like unuse everywhere with protected spaces for rats and spiders.
Put the overpaid administraitors and profs out on the street to earn their way through an actual job.
Suspend all federal taxpayer funds from supporting them all. Let the alumni support them, if they want to or can be persuaded to fork over the cash to keep the “hallowed halls” going. The massive endowments the various institutions have in reserve should hold them for a time. When its gone. Turn out the lights and lock the doors.
The schools which produce folks who can contribute to society, by getting a degree or certificate in something viable, will survive. The rest will crumble.
Thanks, DB.

Jimmy MacAfee

Good points! What Jordan Peterson has said is interesting, too:

These institutions are selling something, and will do anything to keep their customers coming and making themselves indebted forever. Nothing off the institutions’ backs if their students fail to repay loans; the universities already have the money and quickly move on! Next line of suckers is what they’re after.

As you said: let the government subsidies end, and let the Free Market decide whether they’re worth it or not! I can think of a lot of things to invest in that cost less than 50 K per semester, and will be far more profitable.

Jimmy MacAfee

Yeah, and if they rename Duke, it should be Durp. Homer Simpson enunciation.


Jimmy MacAfee

One trillion in debt, those students who wasted their time at schools that prepare them for nothing.


Now not necessarily Jimmy, when said student gets a BS in “Non-Cis- Gender Specific LGBTQ-FU Basket Weaving”, it certainly puts them in a unique category, no? :<D

But seriously folks, this can’t happen fast enough. Moreover the term “Ivy League” has always mystified me; if you know anything about gardening you’ll know Ivy is an extremely insidious plant, if left unchecked it will wreck your garden/landscaping by choking out every other plant. If left unchecked it will kill trees, if you let it grow up the side of your house it will destroy the mortar between the bricks/etch & crack concrete. Bottom line: Ivy destroys.

Ironic, n’est pas?


What was truly funny was the ‘garden’ they kinda sorta planted in the chaz/chop. These communists know a thing or two about farming thats for sure, like Stalins farming experience.

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