Monday News Roundup: Armed Democrat Support Group is now Killing Kids

It was a quiet July 4 weekend in Chicago… – Only 77 human beings were shot and 14 killed. This is what is known in Chi-town under Mayor Lori Lightfoot as a “lull in the action.” As is always the case, the vast majority of those Americans are black, and some of them were just kids.

And Black Lives Matter does not care about them.

From a piece at the Chicago Sun-Times:

Chicago was left reeling over the Fourth of July weekend as citywide gun violence left multiple children killed for the third weekend in a row.

As of 11:20 p.m. Sunday, 77 people have been shot, 14 of them fatally, including two children shot dead Saturday night. Nine other gunshot victims were minors.

Ten children under 18 have died in Chicago gun violence since June 20, according to Chicago Sun-Times records.

The weekend is already more deadly than Independence Day weekend in 2019, when five were killed and 65 others wounded. In 2018, 14 people killed and 87 wounded citywide in holiday weekend shootings.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot prepared for the historically violent weekend by deploying an extra 1,500 Chicago police officers — something the city did in 2019 — but the gun violence continued unabated.

Two more children killed

On Saturday night, 7-year-old Natalia Wallace died after being shot while visiting her grandmother at a party in Austin.

She was outside where kids were riding on bicycles when three gunmen stepped out of a car and let off more than 20 shots in the 100 block of North Latrobe Avenue, Chicago police said.

Natalia died at the scene of a gunshot to her head, officials said. Police were reviewing video from the scene and have taken a person of interest in for questioning.


No one at Black Lives Matter had word one to say about this. No condemnation of the killers – who are almost all also black – not a word of sympathy for the families and not a word of criticism for the worthless Mayor, who is their ally after all.

De Blasio’s campaign to destroy the Big Apple continues apace. – Things are equally awful in New York City, where shootings are up 205% from a year ago in the wake of Major Warren Wilhelm’s insane decision to willy-nilly release violent felons from prison using the COVID-19 excuse.

The other big contributor is of course Wilhem’s decision to slice the budget for the NYPD, including the disbanding of its highly-effective crime prevention unit. Because Wilhelm is a Marxist Democrat, and cutting out the effective parts of essential city services is always, without fail what depraved Democrat city officials do first when cutting budgets.

From a piece at the Washington Examiner:

After making the decision to disband its plainclothes “anti-crime” unit, New York City has seen a 205% increase in shootings in comparison to the same time period last year.

According to the New York Post, 116 shootings took place in the city since the officers were reassigned on June 15 to July 2, a 205% increase from the same period in 2019 when there were 38 shootings.

New York City saw 205 shootings last month, making it the city’s “bloodiest June in 24 years.”

“I feel like we are giving the streets back to the criminals,” said the mother of one shooting victim, whose son was shot just days after the unit was disbanded. “Whatever the problem they have, address it. But don’t disband the unit. Many lives would have been saved. Not just my son.”

The use of plainclothes officers has come into question in recent weeks. After the death of George Floyd, a black man who died in Minneapolis police custody in late May, the nation has been looking for answers on possible police reform measures.

“I think it’s time to move forward and change how we police in this city,” said New York City Police Commissioner Dermot Shea.



Meanwhile, in Atlanta, BLM is now murdering children. – Despicable Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms, whose studied inaction has allowed the violent protests in her city to continue unabated as she prevents the police from doing their jobs, is outraged this morning after weeks-long refusal to put these riots down reached an inevitable result: The murder of an 8 year-old child.

From a story at Fox News:

Secoriya Williamson, the father of eight-year-old Secoriea Turner, told reporters that his daughter had been killed after at least two people in a crowd of armed people opened fire on a car she was riding in with her mother. Authorities said the mother had attempted to drive through illegally placed barricades in the area when the vehicle came under fire Saturday night.

Bottoms said there have been problems with protesters in the area putting up barriers to close off the street. She said she received a message that the barriers were back up less than an hour before she was informed that the eight-year-old girl had died.

“They say Black Lives Matter. You killed your own,” Williamson said. “They killed my baby because she crossed a barrier and made a U-turn? You killed a child. She didn’t do nothing to nobody. Black Lives Matter? You killing your own. You killed an eight-year-old child. She ain’t did nothing to no one of y’all. She just wanted to get home to see her cousin. That’s all she wanted to do.”


“Bottoms said there have been problems with protesters in the area putting up barriers to close off the street.”

Oh. Well, Mayor, what does a responsible city leader do when people illegally block streets for weeks on end? Eventually, she sends in the police to take down the barriers and tear gas or water cannon the rioters until they disperse in order to maintain civil order.

Instead, Bottoms has negligently stood aside and allowed these violent protesters to act out like enraged children for a month now because she thought it was politically advantageous to do so. And now, a precious little 8 year-old child is dead because of Keisha Bottoms’ own negligence and depravity.

But make no mistake about it, BLM does not care about Secoriea Turner. Her death in their eyes is just a part of the struggle, a blip in that group’s increasingly violent campaign to bring Marxism to America. And if BLM were to ever succeed in its overarching goal, Keisha Bottoms would find out the hard way that they consider her to be nothing more than a useful idiot, which is a fitting description.

And the Democrat Party and their corrupt toadies in the national news media endorse every bit of it.

Here is what else BLM was doing over the weekend at Stone Mountain Georgia.:

Try to imagine the national media outrage if a group of white or Asian or Hispanic Americans engaged in that behavior. As it is, not a single national media outlet has uttered a peep about it.


Here’s the truth about our situation today:

The destruction of American culture, history and society is now the official platform of the Democrat Party.
This November, you are either voting to re-elect President Donald Trump, or you are voting for your own destruction. This really is not complicated.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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John C

“The use of plainclothes officers has come into question in recent weeks. After the death of George Floyd, a black man who died in Minneapolis police custody in late May, the nation has been looking for answers on possible police reform measures.” The man who killed George Floyd was a uniformed officer, not plain clothes. The reason they wanted to get rid of Plain clothes officers is because they are extremely effective and stop crime. The marxist communist supporters don’t like that. Durrrmutt Shea ia a disgrace to policing and should resign in shame.

John C

Chiraq where no lives matter.


This is going to continue until something big happens. I don’t know what that something is but I can feel it out there. The left has obviously been trying to bait the police and Trump into overstepping so they can get validation for all of their white people = evil, crap. So far that hasn’t happened, so we’ve had these small but potentially explosive events recently…the McCloskeys, Reno, now Atlanta, Portland, etc. I think the escalation will continue because the Dem mayors and Governors in these states don’t want to crack down or they look like they support Trump and law and order. These groups know that, and they see it as weakness and step up the lawlessness. I’ve said before that we (normal people) are being pushed hard by these leftists, and sooner or later, somewhere, someone is going to break. Maybe if Trump wins in November, the left will become so irate they just start all out war in these communities. Will he deploy the NG? Maybe. The only thing standing in the way will be the cops, if they are allowed to do their job. If they don’t, it will be up to normal people to stand up and act.

There is much uncertainty out there. What is certain, is that a lot of people are going to get hurt before this dies down. Prepare accordingly.

Full Circle

Our welfare system has actually bred most of this class of morons. And public education did the rest.

Snarkle Snarkle

Didn’t the comrades in the glorious utopia known as Chicago see the gun free zone sign?
Killing a little girl just going about her life? Did they have a big sign saying We R Tuff?
So those lives don’t matter or are they just collateral damage as part of the Fundamental Transformation?

Sir Cumference

BLM = Burn Loot & Murder.
Fight back like this girl.
Little white girl beats crap out of BLM fat butt.

Larry Folds

I’m at the point now where let the black community implode. let them police themselves with their arm gangs and BLM and the rest of the criminals that reside there. The supposed good blacks, that’ like saying the good Muslims, well, where are they, I don’t see them nor hear them unless they are the ones out rioting. They evidently don’t care that children next door are killing the children up the block. Parents in black communities don’t seem to care much whether their kids grow up educated or grow up at all. Do they have anchors tied to their feet? They can up and move to other cities across America anytime they wish to leave these hellhole cities. You can get welfare anywhere. I know one thing for certain, they will not vote trump, they will not vote republican but they will vote for the same liberals who put them in these ghettos over and over. As my dad told me when growing up, “You made your bed, you sleep in it,’ or, “You lie down with dogs you wake up with fleas.”

Slumdog Preacher

So this is how it is when the INMATES ARE RUNNING THE ASYLUM? “Where’s our reparations?” They were already paid with over SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND, mostly dead white soldiers and civilians. This does not include the BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in property damage/destruction and loss to our National Treasure! You want Reparations? TAKE IT OUT ON THE DEMOCRAT PARTY; THEY FOUGHT TOOTH AND NAIL TO KEEP SLAVERY! My ancestors were enslaved in Poland, so back off fool!




blm only gives a damn about black lives when a cop kills a black person. It’s their reason to exist and foment chaos and revolution. The armed individuals you saw in those videos should be a wake call to all citizens including the secm. But it won’t be.

Instead, we will end up with a race war in every blue metropolitan area of the country. Hate to say it, but a picture is worth a thousand words. No paranoia here just grim, cold reality, Get out if you can, have a bug out plan if you can’t and arm yourself if you can. It is not going to be pretty when they finally start to push hard. Because the mayors and governors of your blue states and cities won’t do shit when it happens. They’ll be too afraid of how it might look if they did.

Define the enemy

msm – socialist echo chamber media
dnc – socialist democrat party
public schools – socialist juvenile public indoctrination center
universities and colleges – socialist brainwashing centers
seiu – socialist employee union
federal bureaucrats – socialist government employees
democrat politicians – tyrannical socialists
left wing law clerks – socialist lackeys
antifa – socialist democrat party terrorists
blm – marxist democrat party terrorists
fbi – corrupt bureau of investigations
irs – corrupt revenue confiscators’
cdc – inept and corrupt quacks
nih – more inept and corrupt quacks


Another great article, long, but well worth the read…

Its a war…. know your enemy

Stan Webb

That Summer of Love in our largest metro areas is killing the innocent.

Show me


jack johnson

People need to keep in mind the “wounded/ killed” stats in Chicago don`t truly represent the situation. Those only reflect those that are hit by the gunfire. For every person wounded or killed 10- 20 bullets are fired. You can go to the city and literally hear gunfire all day long….not just at night. Until you experience it you really have no idea just how bad it is.


The story of the black, white supremacist, that killed a white, black lives matter demonstrator.

No really… This is how the marxists create as much confusion and chaos as possible and gets megaphoned at the citizenry.

Lives of children don’t matter to them, lives of blacks killing blacks don’t matter to them, lives destroyed in their burning and looting don’t matter to them, lives in the womb don’t matter to them, lives standing up for freeing oppressed people don’t matter to them. LIFE, not theirs tho, doesn’t matter to them. The only thing that matters… chaos, destruction, violence whores of marx love the ideology of mayhem. They display every day who it is that is their father. The god of destruction, known as the Destroyer.

There seriously needs to be a concerted effort to take these destroyers out of the country. Wheres Barr in going after the money suppliers??? The soros, bezos, gates… all these seditious slimes that are funding and aiding the enemy. Where are the high level arrests of those that are/ have been, plotting the overthrow of the US. I know… a rhetorical question according to TicToc any day now indictments are going to be dropped on the bigger fish.

Its getting sickening to watch and hear about the wholesale slaughter of people young and old by the marxist enemy from within. If people don’t really wake up and not get involved then the demons will steal the country, literally, out from under you. Seems its very close to a repeat of Germany history in the 30’s.

When good is evil and evil is good… looks like we are there.

Its a war… arise

D. O'D

“Kanye 2020: A Win/Win/Win for Kanye, Trump, and the USA”

Surely this is some kind of a sick joke; no one with any cognitive ability at all would ever conceive of a statement such as this. No one who is fundamentally coherent that is! But then again, the Democratic Party has devolved into its current state of insanity. This is one major problem (among many) that the US faces today. Literally the entire so-called ‘leadership’ has lost their ability to reason.

If your purpose in seriously considering something like implementing the above statement is to see the US transformed into a bad scene from a “Mad Max” movie then maybe you have a plan; however, it would have to be a plan on ‘how to totally destroy what it’s taken 244 years to build.

Blue North Wind

This is an absolute tragedy.

But please, call it like it is. When they’re killing and assaulting people, destroying property and being violent, they aren’t “protesting” they’re engaging in criminal activity and are acting in a criminal manner.

“..the right to peacably assemble, and to petition the government for redress of grievance.”

When peaceful becomes violent, it is no longer a protest.
It becomes criminal activity.

The descriptors are not synonymous, and they add more fire to the federal government to put another foot down on the 1st.

My condolences to all families whom lost their loved ones to violent criminals. It truly is a national tragedy.


This is all utterly predictable, but still unbelievably sad to see happening in today’s America..

The Dems (and Media) are doing their best to turn our country into Somalia and have made large areas of our cities into Mogadishu.

If this is what the American people want – vote Democrat!

As much as I and others here rip the GOP for being week, NOT ONE GOP fingerprint is on any of this.

While many of our large corporations cow-tow to the Antifa/BLM movement and image with utterances of support; they do this in order to attempt to keep their assets from being trashed al’ a the feckless gutless Chamberlin in the late 1930s.

Yesterday I wrote at length about how the ambulance chasing lawyers should – but probably won’t, be licking their chops, at the target rich lawsuit environment.

There is another opportunity for competently run businesses and corporations to take a stand for America and denounce and REMOVE their “support” for this “movement”.

The opportunity is there for store “X”, or company “X” to say we don’t and won’t support or fund this violence and anarchy (after hiring massive security) and welcome everyone to patronize us. We stand with America…

It seems obvious that most every company has colluded to collectively say they support the “movement” so that none suffer the effects of a targeted boycott. Come on man! The situation is screaming for some brave company or companies to say enough of the schiff and stand above the cowering herd. Quit paying “protection” money and grow a pair! You will be handsomely rewarded. Do that or:

Get woke and go broke..


I was going to copy blms Marxist What we believe manifesto and start sending it out, Their “What We Belive” page used to be a full blown marxist manifesto. Now it reads like they are just another kumbaya grassroots peace loving organization. Same for the “Who We Are” page

As I have previously stated, they truly only care when a cop kills a black person. It’s a lever to be used to foment public chaos. Otherwise they would be in Chitcago right now, burning down the mayor and police chiefs houses and disrupting their way of life. But several hundred black folk, including innocent children, dead at the hands of their own color doesn’t make good press or speak to their true intent.

They’re dangerous hypocrits of the worst kind.


So very true… Well stated

Twenty Squared

Okay, I agree! Except for when the thugs attack my business, break the windows, firebomb the inside and assault the “security” team… the security team feels their lives are endangered and take appropriate action to defend themselves. What happens next? At a minimum, I and they are sued in civil court or we are all arrested for committing homicide against “most peaceful protesters.”

Did I win?


One thing for certain you definitely will lose if you don’t defend yourself, your family and your business. If you don’t defend whats important and you think the cost of defending yourself is to high. Then you best just hand it all over to them now and save yourself the hassle.

The principles of freedom are understood and defended by those that are willing to protect them, not only for yourself but for others as well. Veterans don’t risk their lives for the meager pay they get or to walk around with kewl guns and shoot at people. Ask a vet why they risk their lives, for you…

The communist marxists cannot/ will not be negotiated with or placated. Simply rolling over and hoping they ignore you is not going to save you, they will come for you, make no mistake about that.

So ask yourself this question… Are you willing to stand against those that hate you, seek to destroy and diminish you in every way, removing your God given right to speak freely and defend yourself if necessary. What is the cost to not only defend but retain these rights, are you willing to pay.

Is going to court to defend yourself to high a price for your freedom?? Only you can answer this… choose wisely…

Its a war… your enemy will destroy you with no mercy given…


Thanks Brian, well said.

History has proven appeasement to tyranny NEVER works.

Jimmy MacAfee

Let the BLM and ANTIFA start killing press corps, and watch the screaming.

The press just hopes it’s eaten last.

John C

No doubt about it the media would all of a sudden find fault with these marxist terrorist if they started attack the media, like they have the public.

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