America Must Hold the Corrupt News Media Accountable in Order to Survive

We must find a way to hold the corrupt corporate news media accountable before they destroy our country. – That’s been a consistent theme here at Today’s Campaign Update for four years now (today is the 4th anniversary of the very first Campaign Update posted on my Facebook page during the heat of the 2016 campaign), and it has become more urgent than ever. Because, as I noted yesterday, the media literally has the deaths of an untold number of Americans on its hands due to its focused disinformation campaign related to Hydroxychloroquine.

Dr. David Samadi, a Fox News medical contributor, put it this way on Twitter yesterday:

This is exactly the thing. Let’s remember that the media’s campaign to demonize the use of HCQ in treating COVID-19 provided cover to despot Democrat governors like Steve Sisolak in Nevada and Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan to temporarily ban the use of the drug for that purpose in their states. There is no question that that campaign, which included the knowing dissemination of bogus “studies” – one of which shamefully came out of the CDC – also intimidated doctors all over the country who might have otherwise prescribed HCQ to their patients and potentially saved their lives.

But while we focus our ire on our depraved news media establishment, we need to also remember the key role played by another prominent individual in all of this, a man who most assuredly knew better. Dr. Samadi called that person out as well:

Why indeed? To be clear: Dr. Fauci and the CDC have known since at least 2005 about the efficacy of HCQ in treating COVID-like viral infections. Yet, from the moment President Trump touted its use related to this virus at an early White House task force press briefing, Fauci has been in the media panning it. In those same media appearances, Fauci has focused on the promotion of incredibly expensive, unproven experimental drugs being developed by an array of Big Pharma companies in their quest to make billions off of this national health crisis.

Why? Why would he do that? Isn’t the answer obvious?

Fauci is the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), which is closely tied into and receives support from those same pharmaceutical manufacturers. Those Pharma companies essentially serve as NIAID’s lobby before congress, which helps to explain why a government institute that has consistently failed in its mission sports a $5 billion budget.


HCQ is cheap, it is widely available and it has been used for decades mainly as a malaria treatment all over the world. There is no money to be made from HCQ.

For the corrupt, corporate news media, the motive initially seems less clear. That is, until you get to the next commercial break and suffer through yet another 90-second ad for some new drug with a mysterious name that was made up by a million dollar consultant.

This drug won’t cure you – because, hey, there’s no money in curing you – but it will dampen your symptoms at a very high price if you take it every day for the rest of your life. And, as you watch the images of some chubby 60 year-old who has the same ailment as you do leading a marching band through the streets of some Hollywood sound set designed to look like a 1950s town in middle America, you will want crave drug even as you sit through the 75 seconds of carefully-written legal disclaimers describing all of the horrible things that drug just might do to you instead of alleviating your symptoms.

The air time for that ad costs a bunch of money on NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC or even low-rated CNN. It is the life’s blood that keeps those fake news operations on the air.


Let’s also be clear that the demonization of HCQ was not – as those corrupt media organizations contend – just a matter of them reporting the news. There is no question that it was a highly-coordinated effort –  complete with focus-grouped talking points that every reporter parroted word-for-word – that was motivated by the belief that demonizing that cheap, plentiful, well-understood drug would harm the President and his re-election chances.

This isn’t journalism- it’s a political campaign. Can any thinking person really doubt that if Barack Obama had endorsed HCQ, the media’s and Fauci’s reactions would have been entirely different? Like, 180 degrees different? Of course, they would have been.

Had Obama endorsed the drug, Governors Whitmer and Sisolak would have been demanding their legislatures allocate hundreds of millions of dollars to give the stuff away for free. They’d have ordered that every 7-11 in their state stock the stuff on their candy shelves and forced Girl Scouts to hand it out along with their cookies.

You all know this is true, don’t you? Of course you do.

The simple fact is that Americans are dead today because the news media and Democrat governors, supported by Anthony Fauci, treated HCQ not as the potentially life-saving medication that it is, but as a political football.

It’s easy to see how Fauci can and eventually will be held accountable for his serial mendacity about every element of this pandemic. If we are to ultimately survive as a society in its current form, America must find an effective way to hold these corrupt media organizations accountable as well.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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marty lopez

The media is an arm of the corporate multi national globalists. The media is enemy. The media is enemy to America, President Trump and the American middle classes. Wake up and smell the propaganda.

Colonel Robert F. Cunningham

A simple email, postcard or ‘contact us’ declaration of your DIS-approval works wonders, even in the most-liberal (Marxist Jackass) Board Rooms !!!

Don’t waste time with the ‘news’ source, HIT THE ADVERTISERS where all the money comes from !!!


Absolutely spot on.

The zombie left always is screeching to boycott conservative businesses and doxing. They hate it when the tables are turned and screech just as loud that its reprehensible that conservatives would attack a liberal business owner just trying to make a living.

I’m with you in taht when I buy a product I support known conservatives. If its a company thats decided to go political I use the ‘Contact Us’ on their site and explain I will no longer use their product and won’t recommend it either. If enough people do this… then watch companies start keeping their mouths shut. When its made known they donate to marxist causes… they’ll soon stop doing that too when enough people let it be known they won’t buy their product.

Leftists barely support their own, they most eat their own, especially when theres no convenient conservative target nearby.


I am going to start doing that. I have occasionally spoken to a couple of store managers about my dislike of their corporations becoming political stooges for the left.

I was told many years ago that marketing studies show that one heartfelt personally letter of complaint carries the weight of 5,000 dissatisfied customers, so let’s all start doing a letter writing campaign – same for politicians.

Nike can say all they want about how their sales crapped out in the fourth quarter of 2019, but I believe their love affair with Kapperdick and Rush’s Betty Ross’ “T” shirts had a lot to do with their losses – certainly not CV-19!

People who bought Rush’s Betsy Ross “T” shirts should also write Nike in clear unequivocal terms why they are not buying their overpriced slave labor products anymore.

About the expensive sports team’s apparel: I saw pictures of many people burning the team’s jerseys when the NFL kneeling issue first came to light a couple of years ago. It would have been much more effective if a couple of hundred fans shipped that stuff (torn up) to the home offices of the Pittsburgh “Kneelers” and other the “woke” teams and organizations.


“to benefit the law firm, by creating a legal lottery system where there are a few big winners and many, many (society at large) losers while the lawyers always get their 40% cut of the winnings”

BOOM… you nailed it right there. These parasite lawyers have zero interest in the law as their sights are entirely set on any case which they think they can win easily and bigly.

Your honor, ignore the fact my client is a completely stupid selfish lazy dimsum and spilled hot coffee on them/their/theyselves and find judgement against this evil company that did negligently not provide detailed instructions and coach to assist my client in the securing of the plastic lid. Lets says 80 – 90 millions compensation should do the trick…

While our legal system here in canukistan is just as corrupt, a judgement award here would amount to money to buy the ‘victim’ a cup of coffee, cleaning bill compensation, your legal fee if you win and a pat on the head, next. There are no stupidly big ‘awards’ which like you correctly point out creates a legal lottery system and takes many great products off the market.

Finding a balance between the two systems would be great but unlikely to happen when there are activist judges pouring onto the benches. Law and reason have left the building.

Its a war… and it has many fronts…


Appreciate the thoughtful comment Brian – ever consider moving to Tennessee?


My friend I have been to Tennessee and love the State.

But… we can’t afford the head tax otherwise we’d have bought property. Even with our son having US citizenship the cost is about $10K plus, in federal ‘fees’ to apply for landed immigrant status. We go the legal route.


Defund much of the CDC and any other worthless government agencies/departments, and fire and sue the leaders of such agencies who don’t live up to or achieve their flowery ‘Mission Statements’. Starve the beast by taking away its food (money).

SUE! SUE! SUE! the individual political leaders – not their governments as you are only, in effect, suing yourselves with money from the taxpayer’s pot – and all the players in the media and the publishers masquerading as open forums.

BTW, where is Moron and Moron “for the people” law firm in this?

Hey, all you ambulance chasing money grubbing hacks who couldn’t make it as real trial lawyers, defense lawyers, and prosecutors, there is a whole lot of money to be made in suing the leaders of the social media and MSM (D) giants, and that is usually where the ambulance chasers go – as with anything else – follow the money. Why not in this case?

And not just Moron and Moron; every other member of my favorite umbrella law firm Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe, needs to get on board, because sooner or later the talcum powder and weed killer companies are going to run out of money to pay off the class action lawsuits that you guys have promulgated. In other words, you need to find new targets to go after. None are more wealthy, more deserving and more visible than the giants owned and operated by the (G)houlish (S)cumbag and the CCP of America. Throw in the less wealthy, but equally guilty figureheads who got their political and government patronage positions by knowing the right people and kissing the right a$$ – Fredo and Fredo, Witless, Wolfe, Murphy, de Bozo, and Garcetti to name a few.

Add to that the great opportunity for class action lawsuits by all the businesses needlessly shut down and deliberately bankrupted (in order to get Trump beaten) and you guys have a target rich environment that will keep you in business for years – a whole new frontier.

Before that happens, I can see class action lawsuits against the mask makers since the mask makers are marketing them as a means to save people from getting CV-19. Just like all the bullschiff about condoms being touted as effective in preventing HIV/AIDS as “safe sex”. It was well known by the ‘experts’ that the HIV virus was much smaller than the pores in the condom and could easily pass through it – at best it should have been called safer sex.

The same goes for today’s maskpandemic. Both government recommendations to these viruses are akin to using a chain linked fence to keep out mosquitoes.

Isn’t it curious that the government (Fraudi) is now touting masks that he originally said were worthless? Fraudi is basically a lobbyist for Big Pharma and B & M Gates, in promoting a vaccine as a cure-all, and someone (Fraudi?) even got the FDA to rescind the HCQ clearance for treating CV-19 awhile back – isn’t than malice aforethought?

So, ok, if we are to listen to the ‘experts’, only an expensive hazmat suit (vaccine) can be effective to save us from CV-19, but now they are endorsing and in some places, locally mandating masks (except for the “mostly peacefully protesters” who are PEACEFULLY trying to remove the statues and monuments) to ‘save’ us from the originally ‘modeled’ two-plus million deaths.

But we aren’t supposed to use the safe, cheap, available AND PROVEN HCQ drug as a treatment or as a prophylaxis? But worthless masks are necessary.

This isn’t about masks, it isn’t about public safety; it is about controlling the masses. Yet the same power-players who are attempting to control the vast majority of us productive law abiding citizens are utterly failing (by design) to control the much less than the ten percent of the population who are the chronic malcontents and the bought and paid for Rent-A-Mobs.

We will soon know if the Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe law firms of the country are truly interested in “standing up for the little guy” by on whose behalf they open up class action lawsuits. I am generally not in favor of these lawsuits for many reasons, as most cases are brought forward largely to benefit the law firm, by creating a legal lottery system where there are a few big winners and many, many (society at large) losers while the lawyers always get their 40% cut of the winnings.

The main reason I’m against the lawsuits is because when that much outrageous money gets extorted from the companies who make a legal AND in most cases, a government approved product, one or more of several things must happen: 1) the price of the product goes up to cover the legal cost, or the product goes away, and 2) the product has to be reformulated, often resulting in performance degradation, and reapproved which can’t do anything but increase the cost (Freon air-conditioners, DDT, and oxygenated gasoline (MTBE) additives are three prime examples of alternative product degradation).

Funny how the government approving agency never gets punished and the approvers never get fired or sued.

Here is what is not funny:

When the companies that make the weedkiller and the talcum powder get sued, they have to pass that cost on to the consumers of their product(s). In the case of the weedkiller, the farmers, will have to cover their additional costs which will make food more expensive for everyone; either because the largely safe and approved product has to cost more or be reworked to a less effective substitute. This in turn results in a lower crop yield and higher food process. The same goes for talcum powder; the price will, by necessity, have to go up, and it will probably cause the increase in prices of everything else made by the corporation that makes the weedkiller and talcum powder.

Let’s see the class action lawsuits against the truly culpable organizations for all this fraud and deceit which was promulgated all in the name of defeating President Trump and controlling the innocent masses.


Follow the money… Flaaaaccccid Fauci just happens to be on the board of a vaccine maker if memory serves me correctly. No conflict of interest there I’m sure. These lying dog faced pony groomers like flaccid should have been fired for lying, no masks needed. Which when you consider that alone would have killed thousands had the virus been deadly.. AND… Flaaccidd openly admitted lying about it. When did lying become ok???

Like joe mentioned… go after them as being foreign agents. Enact a law that makes advertising any medication requiring a script from a doctor, illegal. Require any ‘news’ media to present both sides of an opinion piece unedited and uncensored. Case in point the two virologist doctors in Scottsville that were panned and censored by media and youtube. DoJ needs to go hard on censorship the left is waging on patriots, something that is oddly missing, wheres Barr??? Doesn’t he have a few lawyers kick’n around he could put on this or are they ‘watching’ ???

IIMO, there are a ton of very smart people in conservative circles that could easily start the ball rolling in combatting these communist efforts. The problem is as usual, the lack of political will do actually fight against these communists. THATS where the issue is. Like Gen Flynn recently warned… Time for patriots to get off the couch and make your voice heard loudly to the political representative and demand action, or they lose their job.

Its a war… time to fight is now…


“When did lying become ok???”

When BJ Clinton and his nominal ‘wife’ became president.

Billy Jeff was far and away the best politician (e. g. bullschiff artist) of the 20th century – Walking Eagle was a political whore just along for the ride, and knocked out a brat kid via Web Hubbell just to make it ‘look’ like they were some kind of a ‘family’.

Patrick Healy

Mrs Fauci (his wife) apparently is NIH Chief of Bioethics and Human Subjects Research (wot a mouth full).
She ‘rubber stamps’ exceptions to normal drug and vaccine testing.
Then Dr Fauci has a brother.
This brother has a grand daughter who is married to the guy who gave the keys to the mansion
Ghislaine Maxwell was staying in when she was arrested – 24 years late.
Of course she is being looked after by Dick Chaneys daughter – before she hangs herself with a paper towel.
And you thought the Costa Nostra had connections in Washington?

Jimmy MacAfee

Fauci the Diminutive has exposed himself more than Anthony Weiner. Just not the same way.


“We must find a way to hold the corrupt corporate news media accountable before they destroy our country.“

How about using the FARA laws?

The corporate owners of the media outlets are often in business with the CCP to market their products in China. To the extent that if the company steps out of line anywhere in the world they lose access to the Chinese market. Think NBA response on Hong Kong in 2019.

This makes each company an agent of the CCP. FARA laws require the companies to register with the DOJ.

I would recommend that sending an email with the public evidence of the companies engaging with the CCP. Here is the DOJ an email at [email protected]

My details are in Akismet.

Jimmy MacAfee

China has been meddling in our elections, and they’re meddling all over the world – just as they’ve threatened to prosecute anyone anywhere of blaspheming the CCP (even in the US.)

Bite me, Chicoms. Your sick little candidate, Quid Pro, is not going to make it to the finish line. We’re guessing the DNC is using your advice to choose his replacement (the VP nominee.) Who have you recommended, CCP? We know the DNC will follow your directives, lest they be prosecuted in China for not bowing to Your Majesty Winnie the Pooh.

Jimmy MacAfee

Excellent suggestion!

The NBA is supposedly allowing athletes to wear political slogans on their clothing, like Black Lives Matter. Will they allow “Free Hong Kong” as well?

Don’t remember where I heard that, but there it is. Think it was Viva Frei.

Jimmy MacAfee

And maybe we should limit advertising from those companies which poison us (Pepsi, Frito Lay, McDonald’s) which have now capitulated to the BLM and other communist entities?

These products are as bad as tobacco ever was. If they’d have stayed out of politics, they wouldn’t be a target. But since they are taking sides…

Treason has consequences.

Jimmy MacAfee

To shorten my otherwise long post:

Separating the corrupt link between Pig Pharma and a corrupt press means stopping all television advertising of their products.

Jimmy MacAfee

There’s another cheap, effective means of treating BLOVID-19: it involves a steroidal inhaler used for asthma. Here’s a good interview (starts at 8:30 mark:)

One of my posts early on in this manufactured crisis suggested that we had plenty of ammunition in our arsenal to defeat this and other viruses – but that its not in Pig Pharma’s financial interests that these solutions ever see the light of day. The one highlighted in this video costs around $200, more expensive than hydroxychloroquine, but far cheaper than the crap that doesn’t work that Pig Pharma is developing. And this involves NO VACCINATIONS.

Look at the press; who advertises with them most? (Besides ambulance-chasers, who may well be a boon in the suit(s) against several governors and their illegal orders to put BLOVID patients in nursing homes.) Pig Pharma represents a huge portion of the ad revenue on network tv.

My suggestion, in order to break those links that cause so much conflict of interest between Pig Pharma and Fake News, is to once again stop them from advertising their products.

“As your doctor if Fuggital is right for you.” Ads like that. End them. Now.


The truth about MSM
VDH “An Industry of Untruth”

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