Saturday News Roundup: The Media has Blood on its Hands, and America has had Enough

Domestic terrorists? What domestic terrorists? – We led Friday’s News Roundup with the FBI’s arrest of one Jason Charter, a BLM/Antifa organizer who led the effort that tried and failed to take down the Andrew Jackson statue in Washington, DC’s Lafayette Square last month. That seemed like an important story with all of the media-fed, Democrat-organized social unrest taking place in the country, right?

It turns out that, other than Fox News and OAN, not a single other TV “news” outlet spent a second of air time covering that story. That’s right: ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and CNN are all so down with the terrorist cause in our country that they refuse to report on the arrests of these terrorists when they take place.

In the minds of the corrupt editors and reporters at those outlets, it is far more important to spend their time spreading more panic porn about the Wuhan virus than it is to inform the public that many of the people who burned and looted large swaths of a dozen major American cities during June are being brought to justice.

Because if a story is good for Trump, it’s bad, bad, bad for the corrupt news media.

Speaking of stories that are good for Trump and really bad for the media… – A new study from the International Journal of Infectious Diseases finds that Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), which the corrupt news media spent months demonizing and lying about after Trump endorsed its use, does indeed save the lives of people who have contracted COVID-19.

From a report at the Wall Street Journal:

Coronavirus patients treated with the drug hydroxychloroquine within the first two days of admission were more likely to survive than patients who received other treatment, according to the study, which was published online by the International Journal of Infectious Diseases.

The study, which analyzed medical records of 2,541 Covid-19 patients, suggests that hydroxychloroquine can be effective if given during the early stages of contracting the virus and at the right dose, the researchers said. Other studies, however, haven’t found a benefit, and federal health officials withdrew the drug’s authorization for emergency use.

Patients whose records were analyzed were given 400 mg of hydroxychloroquine twice on the first day, followed by 200 mg twice a day the following four days.

“We gave it early,” said Marcus Zervos, head of the infectious-diseases division for Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, who co-authored the study. “If it’s given late in therapy, it’s going to have relatively more limited benefits.”


In other words, this study verified exactly the studies out of France and South Korea, as well as anecdotal information from doctors around the U.S. who have had tremendous results with treating patients with HCQ early in the course of the virus. We knew all of this three full months ago, but the focused campaign by corrupt media outlets like CNN, NBC and the New York Time to demonize this drug intimated many doctors to avoid its use, no doubt resulting in many deaths that would have otherwise been avoided.

The simple fact of the matter is that the American news media has blood on its hands over this safe, effective and cheap drug. But then, our corrupt media has so much blood on its hands these days that this episode is just par for the course.

If we can’t find some way to effectively hold these corrupt editors and reporters accountable for their actions, our country will eventually die. They are a gigantic cancer that is rapidly metastasizing across our culture.

How to know President Trump gave a great and effective speech… – President Trump delivered a soaring and inspiring patriotic speech at Mount Rushmore last night. Here is how the news-fakers at the New York Times characterized it:

Let’s remember that the New York Times has rolled out the terms “dark” and “divisive” at Trump’s inauguration speech and every one of his State of the Union messages. After each and every one of those speeches, the President’s public approval ratings went up.

Dear NYTimes editorial board: Your elementary school word template is failing.

Speaking of failing… – A group of protesters managed to delay the timing of the Mt. Rushmore ceremony for awhile as they blocked the road up to the monument ahead of the President’s arrival.

From a story at Fox News:

About 15 protesters were arrested Friday after they blocked an access road to Mount Rushmore hours before President Trump was scheduled to give remarks to kick off Independence Day weekend.

According to the Associated Press, the protest group was mostly made up of Native Americans protesting that South Dakota’s Black Hills were taken from the Lakota people against treaty agreements.


Note: Anyone who watched the protest action live knows that the AP characterization of the makeup of the protest group is completely false. The group in fact was made up mainly of the same kind of pasty-white entitled Millennials who we see dominating every Antifa and BLM-organized riot. But hey, lying outright to the American public is what the AP and the rest of our corrupt news media does.

More from the story:

One group parked three vans across the road and removed the tires from two of the vehicles to make it more difficult to remove them. Several demonstrators climbed on top of the vans chanting “Land back!”

The sheriff’s office said attendees had been told to arrive early and should have been past the roadblock by the time the standoff began. However, the Rapid City Journal reported that some motorists who had tickets for Friday evening’s fireworks show were unable to get through the protests and were standing by their cars watching the standoff.

The Journal also reported that law enforcement in riot gear as well as members of the National Guard had declared an unlawful assembly.

Police later used pepper spray on several protesters to break up the standoff and tow trucks were brought in to remove the vans blocking the road. Arrests were made after protesters ignored a police-imposed deadline to leave.


About that police-imposed deadline: The live video feed showed that the police present on the scene sat by and did nothing as the Antifa/BLM group showed up and blocked the road. It also showed that it took almost two full hours before the police finally brought in tow trucks and started using pepper spray to clear the damn road, actions that could easily have been achieved far more quickly.

This is unacceptable.

People in this country have an absolute right to protest in public, and that right must be protected. But people do not have any right at all to block streets, disrupt, vandalize and loot businesses or tear down statues. Those acts will only end when police are freed up to take quick and decisive action to end them.

Enough. America has had enough.

Have a Happy Independence Day anyway!

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That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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What lunatic would think President Trump’s speech was any where near dark and divisive?

Jimmy MacAfee

You answered your own question!


This mans voice needs to be heeded. He needs to be in the Trump orbit… Write to Trump and request he be allowed to continue the job when he was first hired. Then watch the rats scurry for the dark corners when Flynn starts an audit.

He’s also very correct when he identifies the enemy… There is a battle between the children of light and the children of darkness…

Its a war, get into the battle, shake of that indifference and apathy… arise


Kudos to Saber on Disqus @ Breitbart

Well, at least the Clintons operate the suicide hot line.
RINGGGG (or Boopteboopdooptoot)….
Caller: “I have some information on Hillary and Bill”.
Operator: “Stay right where you are. We have people on the way”

Screwtape Letters

Paul J. Watson has some great video mashups of the current terminal madness.
Even if you are not a fan of him personally they are worth a look.
The one for the glorious people’s collective utopia known as CHAZ/CHOP was EPIC.
It had the Beatles Helter Skelter playing in the background with loops of clueless enemedia RATS prattling on about a “farmer’s market” atmosphere interspersed with BLM/Antifa Red Guards with AR-15 and pistols in holsters and cars burning or people being assaulted.
One comrade of the golden utopian collective was interviewed with his face pixeled out and he said that there were screams of horror at night in the glorious Woodstock redux.
None of this was shown by the CCP owned enemedia traitors.

Jimmy MacAfee

Watson has done some really funny, astute and even brilliant work. The Left has no answer to him but banning his voice. Funny how the Left thinks satire is its own domain they haven’t had a decent satirist since National Lampoon magazine days – and not all them were Left.

Leftist satirist: “Orange man bad. Huhuhuhuh.”
Leftist audience: “heeheeheeheeheeheehee (followed by pignoise squeals.)

Watson is an original: the Left? Not anymore. “Orange man bad.”
I’m especially grateful for Watson’s work on INCELS, which make up most of ANTIFA.


Yes, there are corrupt and ruthless editors and journalists pushing the narrative. Firing or eliminating these agitators will not stop the onslaught. There are a lot of others who will step in and do the dirty work. The onslaught to destroy America and Western civilization will not stop until the real culprits, the owners and financiers of these media outlets, are held accountable. Arresting a Sulzberger, Bezos, Zimmer, Soros, Zuckerberg and the Google twins would put an immediate end to this nonsense that is endangering the life of every American.


bing bing bing… you nailed it completely. You left out the slime bucket bill gates. The vaccine child murderer and lowlife that helps the Chinese CCP develope their surveillance systems.

If anyone alphabet and microcrap owners should be held and charged with treason for not only helping and aiding the enemies of the US but developing AI and surveillance hardware/software used in oppressing the chinese nationals. Starting with these utter slimes would send a message to all the others that treason will no longer be tollerated.

Its a war… There are enemies within… need a rotor rooter to drain the swamp…

Jimmy MacAfee

You forgot to mention that Bill and Melinda want black folks to be vaccinated with the new vaccine – first! If you can’t stick ’em for unpaid trials in 3rd world countries, do it at home in the good ol’ USA!


Jimmy MacAfee

A class-action lawsuit costing them billions would tend to settle the matters. Look for this in the near future, along with certain mayors and governors being served with a breakfast of torts.


Happy Independence Day everybody! Have safe and blessed day!


The Democrat Party and Democrat run Media is Owned and Operated by the CCP….. Makes them enemy combatants.


socialist echo chamber media, it’s what they are

Define the enemy

msm – socialist echo chamber media
dnc – socialist democrat party
public schools – socialist juvenile public indoctrination center
universities and colleges – socialist brainwashing centers
seiu – socialist employee union
federal bureaucrats – socialist government employees
democrat politicians – tyrannical socialists
left wing law clerks – socialist lackeys

per a request I will add some government agencies shortly.

Jimmy MacAfee

As far as the CCP virus goes: now it’s just another summer cold. You know how they always say “summer colds are the worst?” Yes, but not lethal, and with HCQ, with very limited lethality.

Instead of comparing it with the flu, maybe it should be compared with a summer cold? But it is doubtful that they keep data on that, so my point may be moot.

I haven’t worn a mask in public. Not once. Nor will I, unless I happen to get a summer cold; then it is reasonable and appropriate that I might wear one.

Anonymous Smith

People in this country have an absolute right to peaceably ASSEMBLE!

Jimmy MacAfee

But they don’t have a right to prevent others from peacefully assembling. The relatively small number of people interfering with the right of the majority to attend the event should all be jailed on Constitutional grounds, for impairing the right of people to assemble at Mt. Rushmore.

There is no such thing as “minority rule,” with the majority subjected to tyranny by the minority.


I saw one report that these genius’s removed some tires from the vehicles and some were slashed… by themselves. Don’t know if this is true but with these zombies I wouldn’t put it past them to think’n that wold be a great idea and slash their tires.

Secondly, who’s vans were they??? They all looked large, for carrying an organized group, and very new. Love it when people cheered as the vans were hauled away. It was almost one of those snort funny moments… I watched it four times…

Celebrate and remember the day today because tomorrow the fight resumes to keep your country. The enemy doesn’t rest but seeks whom he may destroy.

To all our American cousins, friends and family…

Praying you have a GREAT Independence Day. Stay strong stay safe.


Thanks, Man. Yeah, it’s crazy right now. We will sort it out eventually.


The vans, were I to venture a guess, were most likely rentals. The antifa like to rent vans, as they less conspicuous than buses. I read an article about them showing up in Boise in Mercedes vans. They were greeted by armed patriots who politely asked them for their crowbars, etc. then asked them to get back in their vans and leave town and not come back. They did.

They’ve figured out that buses are a distinct red flag now. Now all we have to look for are white rental vans. 🙂


Yes Dave, Happy Independence Day to everyone!

It is our nation’s 244th birthday! Celebrate the GOOD of America, the GOOD that is America!

The question is, will we see a 250th birthday for America as founded?

This November and the following Novembers will tell the story.

It will be interesting to hear a presidential speech on July 4, 2026 reflecting upon what happened in the year 2020.

“Twelve score and four years ago…”

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