Ted Cruz: “DOJ MUST Ensure” Ghislaine Maxwell Remains Among the Living

Let’s make sure all those security cameras are actually turned on this time, hmmmm? – Texas Senator Ted Cruz laid down a bar for Attorney General William Barr and his people to meet in the case involving Ghislaine Maxwell this morning:

Note the quotes Cruz places around the phrase “hang himself” – clearly communicating that he shares our skepticism about the official government story around the killing of Jeffrey Epstein while in federal custody last year.

Keeping Maxwell safe likely will indeed be a challenge given that a convenient case of “COVID-19” has been added to the list of ways she could be offed or find her demise. Why, who wouldn’t believe it if she were to suddenly grow very ill and be unable to fight off a virus with a mortality rate of somewhere around 1/2 of 1 percent, a rate that continues to go lower with each passing day of grossly inflated “case” numbers being reported by hospitals around the country?

If you believe social media, the BBC and probably other media outlets are already testing their future stories and headlines about poor Ghislaine’s fight against the viral gift from China:


Folks on Twitter are swearing that story really did momentarily go up at the BBC’s website today, although I can’t vouch for that. But would it surprise you?

Think about the names of the powerful people who are threatened by Maxwell’s status as a federal prisoner who might start singing like a canary any day in order to avoid spending life in the pokey:

Bill and Hillary Clinton

Prince Andrew of Britain

Billionaire Mike Bloomberg

Bill Gates

Some guy named John Roberts who may or may not be the same John Roberts currently serving as chief justice of the Supreme Court

These are but a few of the hundreds of very prominent and extremely wealthy people who have been rumored to be pals with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein himself, remember, lasted less than a month before he very conveniently committed “suicide” by executing a maneuver to hang himself in his cell that in reality would have been physically impossible.

While Epstein was the principal in the pedophilia and sex-trafficking ring, Maxwell was the facilitator and thus, no less a threat to Epstein’s clientele.

The Daily Caller reports today that one of Epstein’s, ahem, ‘business associates’ is telling anyone who will listen that the FBI has known of Maxwell’s whereabouts for months and that he expects she will “snap in two seconds” at the prospect of spending years in prison:

“They knew where she was all the time [in New Hampshire],” Hoffenberg told the publication. “It was a question if America was going to take the case or not, now America has made up its mind to take the case.”

Hoffenberg reportedly maintains contact with Maxwell’s spokesperson, and told the Sun that Maxwell did not think she would be arrested. (RELATED: FBI Knew Of Allegations Against Ghislaine Maxwell As Early As 1996, Accuser Says. It Took 24 Years To Arrest Her)

“If they keep her in prison, she’ll crack in two seconds,” he said. “She’s not able to take that sort of cruel punishment, prison is too tough and hard, she’ll have to be in solitary confinement, and she’ll snap.”

“She’s going to cooperate and be very important,” he added, before noting that her words might implicate high profile people including the UK’s Prince Andrew. “Andrew may be very concerned, and there’s a lot of people very worried, a lot of powerful people been named [in the scandal], and she knows everything.”


Senator Cruz understands what the deal is here, and he wants Attorney General Barr to understand that. Honestly, if Maxwell dies mysteriously in prison in the coming weeks, then those of us who have been sitting quietly as America’s cities have been looted and burned might need to do some burning and rioting of our own.

That is all.

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Prince Andrew is so concerned he could stick a lump of coal up his behind and three days later he’d have a diamond.

Jimmy MacAfee

I know of some young women who would love to do the sticking.


So now Alan Dershowitz is saying we “should keep an open mind”

Now I know he helped defend the President but…

He also defended dead Jeffey. He’s also been accused of being in the tank along with dead Jeffey’s other friends. I believe in innocent until proven guilty, but where there is smoke, there is fire. He’s the last person I would trust with anything Maxine right now.


Also Fox is reporting that Maxine is willing to cooperate with the FBI.


Her days are numbered now unless there is some serious ass security for her, up to and including (as Jimmy has already pointed out) a food taster. If she doesn’t have a dead man switch setup, it will all go down the memory hole.


“So now Alan Dershowitz is saying we ‘should keep an open mind’ “.

AD is a complete liberal hack, always has been and always will be, and might from time to time be somewhat critical of the attacks on Trump. I said it this way because I have never heard him say anything remotely inflammatory about his DS/ACLU and SPLC buddies. Maybe if he sounded more like VDH, I would take him seriously, until then he is just another on-air time filling naval gazer who appears on the ‘fair and balanced” network from time to time, and he never really says anything meaningful.

I remember when we captured Saddam Hussain, the NYT, and probably others, lamented he might not get a fair trial. I suppose if Hitler, Stalin, or Mao and others were somehow captured, he would say “we should keep an open mind”.

Sooner or later when a CW is forced upon us and all hell breaks loose there is going to be no time or inclination for a fair (rigged) trial… People, as with any revolution, will be captured and rightly or wrongly stood up against a wall and… . End of story – NEXT Defendant. Is that what all these glacial DOJ DS, and judge types types want? If so, they are doing a great job of pushing us to that point and it won’t be pretty.


The smartest thing we did about Hussein was give to him up to the new Iraqi government and let them mete their justice upon him.

I would have preferred that we had captured OBL instead of killing him (if that is in fact what happened) and brought him to trial as war criminal and had a public execution.

As for CW, well, let’s hope that they all understand that among the first to go will be the
socialist echo chamber media and the politicians who will have fomented it. No prisoners as far as I’m concerned.

It’s as I have advocated for nearly 40 years about terrorists. Have hunter-killer teams and go after every known terrorist you can find. Eliminate them all on the spot. Make it so that nobody wants to try it again. Ever. And if somebody does, wash, rinse, repeat.


Absolutely agree Silas,

3rd Paragraph:

Sadly, they don’t understand, never will. They are the ‘intelligentsia’ class of today and think they know everything – they don’t. They don’t know economics, and they certainly don’t know history. And I hope I live long enough to see it happen to the ones who most deserve it. I’ve felt this way 27 years ago when Bonnie and Clod became co-president and thought things were going to hell in a handbasket when I was in my thirties. Back then I said if the Bush/Clinton/DS plan was to crash America, then let’s have it happen and (dare I say it) drain the swamp then so we can recover while I was still young. Now a big part of me just wants it to be held together for another 20 or so years so I don’t have to deal with it. A little wimpy of me I know (my father said the same thing back then and it bothered me greatly), but there comes a time where one has to align his or her priorities. However, I can look myself in the mirror and say I’ve done what I can do within reason to prevent this, but I am not going to be a martyr and have my property trashed when so few want to be with me. Fat, Dumb and Happy is still the mantra of all too many Americans who should care don’t; it is beyond frustrating. And truthfully, I am tired of being frustrated.

What distresses me the most is I don’t even have a good political relationship with my millennial son. He sort of agrees with me on a lot, but he doesn’t vote, won’t say one thing positive about Trump, and criticizes any conservative rally if he sees or hears of one Confederate flag, and has a notion that both sides are equally racist and equally at fault. He believes the Commie would have beaten Trump and doesn’t think that would have been a bad thing. BTW, he has served 8 eight years in the army and is a good husband and father and is otherwise doing well and we get along (see each other about twice a year) but are basically estranged living 500 miles from each other – sad.

4th Paragraph:

Absolutely agree! And that includes the people in power who don’t genuinely and actively oppose the Antifa/BLM/others Rent-A-Mobs The Marine mantra “Kill them all and let GOD sort them out” will be the reality and not the exception.


My friend I hear you on pretty much every level and know what you speak of. Brother we are in the same boat but we’re not alone.

We’ve been calling the alarm since the early 90’s when our kids were young. Saw what was being taught in school, marxism, and decided to home school. Its been a constant battle with complacency and apathy at levels beyond the pale. But as God points out in scripture there are people assigned to watchers.

A watchers job is to…. watch. When he spies the enemy sneaking up he sounds the alarm. If the people do nothing, then blood is on their hands. If the watcher sees the enemy and does NOT sound the alarm… then blood is on the watchers hands. When the enemy arrives the watcher switches to soldier and stands in the breech. Thats what we do.

As for your son. Mine too. He has a good work ethic, honest but sees politicals on both sides as the same. Believes in the 1% mantra crap and capitalism is evil. No amount of rational or facts are accepted and gets pissy when losing the argument. So, we pray for him and trust God to open his eyes to the world around him, as he’s blinded by the god of this world.

I’d be nice to be able to line up the insurgents and shoots them. But… even tho the communists want a civil war for which THEY would do that themselves as history has proven, we can’t be like them. To easy to get to the Star Chamber and it being used against patriots. We have liberty… under the rule of law as defined by scripture. What should and could be done… is fire every judge that does not hold the Constitution as the final authority and ONLY hire those judges that respect and rule by the Constitution.

Anyrate, interesting times… Happy 4th stay safe

Jimmy MacAfee

Dershowitz was also named as someone who partook of the partaking, to put it in somewhat diplomatic terms.


One of the victims has said she is willing to testify against him. So, she is either willing to commit perjury or she’s telling the truth. Can’t speak for her, but I, for one, would never commit perjury. That can ruin one’s life. Severely.

Ann Heins

All over the internet now that Chief Justice Roberts was “extorted” in his decisions by the Left who dispute that he was not on the Lolita Express but was (very) involved. Place Maxwell in Fed Witness Program with agency other than FBI.

Jimmy MacAfee

I agree with you both, to some extent (Witness Protection against a State actor?) but the agency best equipped to protect her, since the FBI would be out, would be the Secret Service – and as I’d said, GITMO could be one of those places for safekeeping. But a Supermax would be far more intimidating, because GITMO is basically on an island not all that far from the Isle of Perv (Epstein Island, Little St. James.)

The FBI didn’t get to the Isle of Perv until a day or days after it has already been partially stripped, and reports of it having concrete dumping and filling in the lower sections (i.e. dungeon.).

Fortunately, the Weiner Laptop has files and files of information that can show whether or not she’s telling the truth, a kind of cross-reference. (Pretty sure that has occurred to the people now in charge.) Weiner is still alive, which is suspicious. How long now?


Actually she needs to be placed in gitmo and guarded there 24/7 with multiple cameras and fully redundant systems.

jack johnson

That is the only place she would be safe. If something happens to her, Barr needs to be fired then arrested. My only fear is, as gullible as people became over this flu they may just buy into just about anything right about now.


Copied and pasted from the other day, but still pertinent:

Why can’t she be placed in a secret undisclosed location? Let her ‘visitors’ um, lawyers video conference each other – it seems to be working for Bimbo Biden.

Hopefully Barr and his trusted staff has told the prison authorities something like if she dies, you all die – meaning you will all be sent to GITMO never to be seen again, so you all had better make sure she does not become room temperature.

And tell da Bozo she had better not be released for fear of CV-19 or anything else. I know it’s probably not his jurisdiction, but stranger things (“mistakes”) have happened when it has anything to do with Bonnie and Clod Clinton.


Where are the rest of the repubics saying the same things?

If this b***h dies while in custody with her not so secret secrets lost forever, we will know the fix is in and we all might as well forget about getting any justice for anything, and go about enjoying what is left of our republic for however few years we will be allowed to be quasi free.

I mean it! If Trump’s DOJ can’t keep a key witness alive in order to get justified prosecutions for pure evil, then how can we expect or hope for any swamp draining or governmental reform?

Tom Fitton and his great Judicial Watch Team are doing yeoman work forcing the ‘justice department’ to do their jobs and what is right; do-nothing Durham (at least so far); Tic-toc “any day now” Hannity; Grahamesty with his show ‘hearing'{*}; Jarrett, and Solomon, and Carter, and everyone else on our side, including the President should just say screw it and move on. Enough of this trauma and drama when it is becoming more and more apparent that no one of significance is ever going to pay for their crimes against us and America. Yeah, I know, a few minor players, or people who are deemed ‘expendable’ by the left, as they are no longer are in a position to benefit their masters, will go down as the honchos throw us a few bones (scalps) here and there.

Why does a private organization like Judicial Watch have to fight tooth and nail in court over and over to get Trump’s AG to release FOIA requests that Trump has already ordered him (Barr) to declassify? Yet the NYT and CNN etc., can get and expose CLASSIFIED material ANYTIME THEY WANT – as long as it HURTS TRUMP or a GOP President – funny how that works? And no one seems all that bothered by it, do they Mr. Barr, Mr. Ratcliff???

It is becoming very apparent that if there ever are indictments, and trials, there will be a biased, or threatened, or bought DC jury, or a corrupt judge, or a deliberate prosecutorial faux pas resulting in a dismissal in the most frivolous grounds, or a couple of well timed Arkancides of witnesses to ensure that no one important will ever pay. If that is the case then why can’t we get all this crap released and let the perp’s reputations at least be forever besmirched?

So far, off the top of my head, here is the pitifully short list of the left’s expendables:

Franken, and Weinstein as a sop to the BS #Me too movement – Biden and BJ Clinton apparently immune

The SDNY and a couple other attorneys – only and finally fired

Several IGs of whom we never heard of – only and finally fired

A couple of ambassadors – finally fired

And some supposed firings of DS people like Strzok-Stroke-Smirk and the round heeled Page and a couple of others, who have gone on to write books or landed high paying gigs at DNCNN, PMSNBC, AND FOX, are probably still getting government compensation (Rosenstein and McCabe pensions?, maybe even Comey, Brennan, and Crapper)

With the exception of Weinstein, Cohen, Avenatti, and Weiner, NONE have gone to jail and none who have been convicted and jailed were in the government at the time of the trial or incarceration. One or two of the above are already out or otherwise released.

{*} I’m skeptical of the timing of Graham’s committee ‘hearings’ which SOUNDED like it was doing something to “get to the bottom” of something or other – it was so insignificant I don’t even remember who the witnesses were. The timing is suspicious because this camera hogging bloviator had over a year to do something, while A. Bull Schiff and Gonads were persecuting the president over garbage, and he waited until a month or so before a contended SC primary to get off his butt and act like he is doing something. In other words, he held the hearing just to save his political a$$ – just like his five minute rant on behalf of Kavanaugh a couple of years ago.

Thank you SC for giving us the BS artist for another six years, and UT for the gift of Romney.

Red States – including my TN and AL – and purple states like MI and VA must do better this year.


Watch the Grenell interview with Trump Jr… Grenell tells why Washington is a swamp and why anyone from outside Swampington can’t get into the system there.


Jimmy MacAfee

My pet name for her is “Grizzly Max.”

Colorado may be a safe bet – Supermax, protective custody. Or, as I’d mentioned, GITMO.

But a determined intelligence agency can be a tricky thing to defend against – perhaps if we had one ourselves we could anticipate an attempt on Grizzly Max and thwart the attempt?

My advice is to ask Rich Grenell where to stash her. He seems to have capabilities, resources, and a willingness to use them.

Jimmy MacAfee

Dave, I wouldn’t be surprised if it went up on the BBC website, given that it reported Building 7’s fall 20 minutes before it actually came down.


This might mean what? Points to a State actor, whose initials could be the same as George Bush, or a collaborator with that State or another State.

Jimmy MacAfee

The real danger to Maxwell won’t be from the frightened, rich, powerful patrons of the Isle of Perv.

The danger to her comes from the State actor who will lose control over all those people who are being and have been told what to do, when to do it etc. That State actor will be clever enough, brazen enough, sophisticated enough to have been a major player in 9/11 – (though these issues are possibly/probably not related.) Maxwell is Intelligence, as was Epstein. Who?

This State actor may be a pseudo-state, as is hinted in the last string of Bond movies (Spectre.) The final movie in the series, by the way, will do as much as it can to distance itself from the real State (or pseudo-state) actor as possible.

For Maxwell to reveal the details means that someone is going to lose a lot of power and a great deal of money. Maybe a loss of control altogether. Put that into your calculations, and then estimate how hard it will be to keep her alive.

Would GITMO be safe? I don’t know.

Jimmy MacAfee

Sending her to the hospital is a very nice way to replace her with a dummy, and to either dispense with her or put her somewhere where she won’t be inclined to talk – like a coastal nation in South America with Epstein.. She should be treated, if ill, in a secure location, contained within a secure location, with Secret Service agents looking out for her safety.

Watch out for the food. Food poisoning with two components (which combined, make a lethal dose) are rumored to have been used against POTUS, his food-taster having become seriously ill..


I don’t think us burning and looting is the answer. It would just be cannon fodder for the socialist echo chamber media. Best to just light up the phones of your congress critters.
A lot. Get El Rushbo to activate the ditto heads and raise holy hell.

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