Conservative Sites Like Epoch Times, National Review and ZeroHedge Unknowingly Supporting Black Lives Matter

I came across the oddest thing yesterday: A group of conservative opinion/news sites engaged with an aggregator site that is raising money for Black Lives Matter.

That aggregator site calls itself Mixi.Media, and at least pretends to be an aggregator specializing in promoting conservative viewpoints. It offers traffic-exchanging partnerships for blogs and websites that sign up and execute a reciprocal advertising agreement.

If you go to Mixi.Media’s home page you will see that it looks like a typical news aggregator site, providing logos of its partners (and non-partners as well) and links to their articles. If you establish a login ID with the site, you are immediately taken to a page at which you can sign up as a traffic-sharing partner. Mixi.Media will then send you a widget to install on your own landing page. All of that is fine and very typical of how these things work.

If you go to one of their active partner sites – I’m just going to use RealClearPolitics as an example – you will find links to Mixi.Media’s content laid out under a head that reads “From Our Partners.” If you click on one of the links, it takes you to Mixi.Media, from which you can then click on the relevant story you’re actually looking for.

So, again, nothing unusual there.

But here’s what is unusual and a very odd thing for conservative sites like National Review, ZeroHedge, the Epoch Times and others to be partnering with: If you look carefully at the Mixi.Media landing page, you will find a black fist in the lower left-hand corner, as seen in this screen shot:


Guess what happens if you click on that black fist? You land at the donations page for the Marxist Democrat Party support group, Black Lives Matter.


Doesn’t it seem odd to you that a news aggregator site that claims to specialize in spreading the “conservative” message also wants you to donate money to a domestic terror organization that has played such a huge role in organizing and carrying out all the carefully-staged riots and tearing-down of monuments over the past five weeks? It sure seems odd to me. Not to mention more than a little insidious.

To be clear, my assumption here is that these conservative sites have been duped. They’re all bigger sites who have employees whose job it is to find and execute these traffic-sharing deals with aggregators like Mixi.Media, and who probably don’t do a lot of monitoring of those sites once the agreements have been executed.

My hope in writing this is that someone at those conservative sites might see it and re-think their relationships with this particular aggregator. Or not, if they really do support BLM. Rampant virtue-signaling does seem to be all the rage these days, after all.

Regular readers here will know that I have long been an advocate of, which really does specialize in promoting conservative viewpoints. Whatfinger is most likely the most prolific conservative news aggregator in existence today, and you won’t find those guys trying to raise money for the domestic terror arms of the Democrat Party.

If these conservative sites that have likely been unwittingly supporting BLM through Mixi.Media want to generate some real traffic, they might want to get in touch with the patriots who run Whatfinger. Because being a part of the scam you’re in – even if you’ve been duped – is just not a good look at all.

Whatfinger’s editors can be reached at [email protected] This isn’t hard, folks.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.


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Gary Dalton

Having been a Drudge for a long time his left turn was the end put Bretbart in the slot then had Disiqius ban, next watching Zero Hedge slowly going going east wonder Google got a finger in there? interesting times better find a good handhold world tilting a bit. Spent large time saling the Pacific with islanders married a few have bunch mix kids different world but shrinking fast. Built lot of boats bout time to get the big one built head for secret places I been getting to much internet in head. But like you guys posts. Live on the Big Island on side of active valcano went off WOW 50 cubic yards lava a second ate 1000 building. Think I need nother island wife help me write a book.and put on a mask watch fish under water Aloha Gary Dalton


Glad to have you here. Would be great if we could all live the dream. I love water life and get the most relaxation diving too. Unfortunately the commies would eventually come for you as well regardless of where you anchor.

We need to fight these evil dirtballs so that our future and our kids futures are not mired in a communist hell, like Venezuela, N Korea, China…


Well David, you obviously slapped their grubby hand at the cookie jar!’s landing page is now only showing a yellow and black ‘look at me’ virtue signal graphic, down there, on the left. That very appropriate color scheme is one, which in nature, denotes danger – “Be careful, I’m noxious and toxic, and will hurt you!” – such as found in wasps, as well as other insects, reptiles, invertebrates, and ocean flora and fauna..


Jimmy MacAfee

Good post!

“Red and black, venom lack; red and yellow, dangerous fellow.” Coral snake. Compared to a scarlet king snake.

Red and black on Latrodectus Mactans is an obvious signal of danger and potential misery, but similar to most Leftists, she’ll typically bite you where it hurts, as historically most victims of such bites were experienced in outhouses under the seats. Tends to be gender specific, those bites. Most often given by people like Lizzie Warren and Cher and B. Streisand. HRC is a poison dart frog, dangerous to even touch – according to some former aides.

Yellow is also the color of cowardice. Schiff and Piglosi are yellow bellied suck-suckers.

Gary Dalton

Theres more chokeing going on now. Comments made now have to have you go through Disqus,Google, FB Twit all who decide if you CAN. 1A is being choked before it can be writen. They after those who have writen things they don not like, those whogo to the nitty gritty of the matter You are not wanted and will have your fingers wacked to go away. Disquis uses its Im not a robot you get the green check then as you write the red box gets you no matter how many times green check. Comments getting less and less with bland ones taking space. Look into this before the 1A gone Gary Dalton


I never google, fb or twit. Disqus forums depends a lot on the website that’s hosting it near as I can tell. I’ve rarely posted on site hosted disqus forums, and have yet to be throttled. I also read lot of them when a certain article makes me wonder what other readers are thinking. These usually have some pretty rambunctious posters and the usual bevy of trolls (on both sides) and sometimes can be down right insightful or hilarious.

Pretty much if it’s a left leaning site, the crowd is vicious and close minded and the moderators are much the same. If you try posting on these you will often be throttled. right leaning sites tend to be a bit more open minded, although I have heard of a couple of them throttling folks as well.

Here on Dave’s site, we tend to be fair minded and open. We get the occasional troll and Dave helps us keep them out. Some times a discussion between us might get a little heated, but in the end it all works out OK.

Glad to see you here, welcome to the community!

Jimmy MacAfee

Yes, and I never confuse strong disagreement with enmity – not on this site.

Jimmy MacAfee

By the way, aren’t there some Obeelxebub statues that one day we’ll be pulling down? Just sayin’. (Because we don’t honor Communists.).


Unknowingly>>>!!!! Do you really believe that? Really!? The proper word is pandering.

Jimmy MacAfee

“Hard tellin’ not knowin’,” but I suspect Dave is giving them the opportunity to clean things up instead of putting their backs to the wall. And you may well be right.


Up is down, black is white (no pun intended) in is out, masks are worthless in controlling the spread of (CV-19) virus(es), now they are often mandated to ‘save us’ and so much of everything is designed to obfuscate and diminish any message or facts. That, along with the leftist teachings controlling the entire American educational establishment has totally eliminated the concept of critical thinking and alternate conservative views. Rush’s “Ditto-heads’ were accused of being “mind numbed robots” whereas it is the left that has produced the actual “mind numbed robots”.

The GOP is also largely to blame for this. This promoted apathy/frustration is designed to create a dynamic where little more than half the country votes in the presidential elections and far fewer vote in the off year elections because more often than not, the GOP’s designated loser can’t or doesn’t even pretend to be much different than the “new (southern moderate) Democrat” or the “hope and change/fundamentally change America” Democrat. When an accident happens and the Democrat actually loses to the “kinder gentler” ‘conservative’ (Reagan’s third term) figurehead and his kid, of “compassionate conservatism” schiff, because the Dem candidates (Dukakis, Algore, and Lurch Kerry) are so bad, the left still wins – just not as quickly as they would have if their three figureheads would have won. The Bushes (from 1980 when Herbert-Hoover-Walker Bush was foisted upon Reagan) until his kid barely won twice, WERE the left’s anti-conservative “INSURANCE POLICY”.

The more I think about it, I really cannot find one positive from the 12 Bush years where the conservative cause was advanced. The judges were at best a wash, and the one tax cut was feeble and more than cancelled by a tax increase and the massive deficit spending that the Bushes spearheaded in fighting bullschiff wars and trying to be Dem-lite. The economy was stagnant or puffed up to collapse, and illegal immigration was in no way curtailed or fixed to name a few other unfixed issues.

IMO, in hindsight, we would have been better off if Lurch had won in 2004 and the GOP kept the congress. We wouldn’t have had ‘the One’ emerge in 2008, and maybe Trump would have run and won in 2008. ‘The One’ would have been kept on the back burner and Walking Eagle would have had a much harder time running in 2012 against Trump, the incumbent. Gaffe O. Joe Figurehead, and the Commie may have run, but Joe would have crashed and burned like in his previous races and the Commie would have been shut out by the Dem establishment just like in the actual historical event. Bottom line: it is still better to schiff-can RINOS whenever possible.

The internet and alternate (to NPR) conservative talk radio, and, up to Trump, FOX News, wiped out the big three networks and the NYT’s and WAPO’s near complete monopoly on the “news” they wanted to present to or hide from the masses. However, with radical ‘educated’ boomers producing their Gen “X” radicals and the Gen “Xers” producing the even more spoiled and more ignorant and more radical millennials – none of whom have the slightest idea of history, and no critical thinking skills, we get what we have now. What kind of offspring are the millennials producing? A scary thought indeed; they are the mind numbed robots. The only thing I see happening that will grow up the three generations of spoiled punks and malcontents is a massive CW, true economic hardship, and a communist takeover of America, either by XI, or from our own communists.

Of course, by then it will be too late and America and the free world will enter a new Dark Age that will probably last for a hundred or more years.

To conclude, the left is rolling the dice this year to end Trump as they know the majority of conservative population will soon be dying off (CV-19 afflicting primarily the elderly?). We all know the left gave up trying to fool the older, blue collar, white, union, population as far back as 2011 in the ramp-up to ‘the One’s’ reelection. Trump, by defeating Walking Eagle (‘the One’s’ third term) broke their momentum, and to varying degrees, reversed it, and that is why there is such non-stop unrelenting vitriol against Trump and everything he does and says. This goes far beyond any rational disagreement with Trump or his policies – he took away their destiny, and their dreams of creating a dystopian, dysfunctional and defeatable America as founded.

The left could have lived with a third Bush presidency, if Walking Eagle had somehow managed to have lost against Jeb. Bush III would have happily allowed himself to have been rolled just like his dad and his brother. The American (as founded) killing fundamentals (massive deficit spending – which I know is still going on with Trump, but at least Trump’s spending has a purpose – endless and more pointless and costly foreign wars, and more mediocre judges, and a continued erosion of American history and culture), would still be in place and the media would have made sure a feckless Jeb would have been a one term president. Then a president Harris, or Booker or Newsom with an AOC type would have been two term reality after Jeb’s one faux conservative term.


“a communist takeover of America, either by XI, or from our own communists.”

I think that Xi will be taken down by the PLA. The CCP depends on the PLA to keep them in power. Xi has been leaving veterans out on the streets for some time now. The skirmish with India as of late barely mentioned casualties on the Chinese side. Veterans are not to happy. A journalist interviewed a vet and he stated veterans where like the donkey that can no longer pull the plow and the CCP just shoots it. IMO, with all that is happening with China’s over-reach on all fronts, Xi will be removed soon enough and another purge will happen.

As for the US, it’ll be an internal communist effort. Will that happen?? Definitely could, especially with the help of feckless rino’s and wonderful (/s) patriots like All-Hat Gramsie.

Its a war…


Saw this some time ago and still can’t piece together what the point is…

comment image

Canada Free Press…. see… there is some good in canukisatn…

Jimmy MacAfee

You really don’t see the connection?

This was/is a hub of an major intelligence network. It was a place where money could be laundered as easily as making a withdrawal from your local bank. Money flowed in, money flowed out, and it was always put through a sanitary cycle.

There were several targets of investigation by Shokin: Burisma was one, and Hunter Biden was another. So was Soros’ entity, something you never see in the press – (not even in the alternate press.) The real reason CheatinSniffin Joe wanted the prosecutor fired was that he didn’t want the intelligence operation to be exposed – because all of those in the picture and many more had their grimy fingers in the pie.

That’s not a complete picture, but close enough for a quick answer.

If my car blows up in the morning, you’ll know this for a fact.


No… I was being silly… the connections are pretty clear.

I lived in Malta for a year… Theres more than a few mafia types on the islands. and there are… accidents.


If your car doesn’t blow up in the morning, we’ll know this for a fact.

Jimmy MacAfee

Funny! I was kidding, of course – as you were I’m guessing.

But the Panama Papers reporter in Malta (Daphne Caruana Galizia) DID have her car blown up – with her in it.


I remember that. Supposedly the Italian Mafia did the hit for something she had on them. What? Me paranoid? Naaaaah.


I have Whatfinger nad Canada Free Press in my favorites. Kicked Drudge to the curb awhile back. Thanks to you< Jimmy, I just added Liberty Daily to my favorites.

Happy 4th to everyone here!

Jimmy MacAfee


Sir Cumference

BLM = Burn Loot Murder


Money first, principals second. Not all conservatives are righteous

jack johnson

Not sure about that “unknowingly” part, those sites are not what I would call hard core conservative…..CINO may be the new slang.

Jimmy MacAfee and are the only sites I frequent. No more Druidge (spelling intentional.) Sometimes will look at Fox online, picking and choosing the sporadically delivered nuggets of accurate reporting, which is like picking gold nuggets out of a barrel of “chicken squash!” You might find gold, but you still have to wash your hands afterward.

Epoch Times is a site run by Falun Gong. Not Christians, no way, shape or form. Enemy of my enemy…

The Watcher On The Wall

I don’t use any of those controlled opposition fake phony frauds.
Real eyes see right through real lies.
The crocodile won’t eat them last either.


BoweLMovements matter more than blm. Terrorist deserve the death penalty.


If true they’ve been duped, I suspect so, then thats pretty Shiff’n sneaky.

Something communists are good at…

Win Bigly

Your post was worthwhile. I’m not seeing the BLM fist on Mixi-Media anymore.

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