Is Provo, Utah Ground Zero?

Could Provo, Utah become ground zero? – Here’s a little experiment for you to conduct this morning. Go to Google or whatever other search engine you use and do a search on “Provo shooting.” Now, try to identify a single story on that topic from a national news media outlet. If you find one, let me know because it is not coming up on my computer.

For those of you who may have missed it, on Monday, BLM rioters actually shot and almost killed a man who was attempting to escape after his car had been surrounded by thugs wielding clubs and other weapons. One man – who has now been arrested – drew a pistol and fired two shots at the man, with one severely wounding him. Videos taken of the incident show at least one additional man pulling a pistol and firing on the car as it drove away.

This is an incredibly dangerous escalation in the violence that BLM and Antifa have been committing on the streets of major cities for the past five weeks, yet it gets not a peep out of our utterly corrupt national news media. Of course, the media’s ongoing narrative – coordinated daily with the Democrat Party – is that BLM is just a placid and peaceful organization dedicated to the fight against police brutality. Obviously, the Provo story does not fit that false narrative, so it gets ignored.

Also ignored is the fact that Utah is a right to carry state, and that fact led to BLM/Antifa radicals being met in Provo yesterday by a counter-protest featuring hundreds of armed citizens who said they were there to prevent another near-killing or worse from taking place.

From a story at the Salt Lake City Tribune:

“The innocent person getting shot the other day, we as a community want those guys to know we don’t put up with that. We’ll back the police,” said a counterprotester who only gave his first name, Weston. “The road is for people to drive their vehicles on and we have a right to travel freely.”

“They can have a different opinion, I can respect that,” Weston added, saying he supports protests as long as no one gets hurt.

Police officers estimated the crowd Wednesday grew to between 200 and 300 people, with about two-thirds of the group there in support of racial equity and Black Lives Matter.

Officers blocked off the roads so protesters could march down Center Street to the steps of the Historic Utah County Courthouse. They were flanked by the counterprotesters. A man on a terrace near the top of the Nu Skin Enterprises building pointed a rifle at the crowd, but the movement otherwise remained peaceful.


Thus, thanks to the police practice all over the country of just allowing these leftist thugs to block streets, trap cars and threaten their occupants with impunity, we now have a situation in Provo in which a single gunshot, whether fired intentionally or accidentally by some goofball who forgot to set his safety, could potentially touch off a bloodbath. This is what stupid police practice forced by ineffectual politicians leads to folks – it is nothing more or less than an inevitable outcome.

Given the violent nature and goals of the Marxist thugs who lead BLM and Antifa, it is frankly amazing that we have not already seen a bloodbath take place. Well, other than in Chicago, where bloodbaths with 100 or so shot and a dozen or two innocent citizens murdered are regular weekend occurrences under Mayor Lori Lightfoot. But I digress.

And if you still somehow labor under the media-promoted illusion that these BLM thugs are just innocent Americans fighting for social justice, look what they did last night in Portland, Oregon:

What, are the elks in the Portland area racists now?

These thugs are not innocents; they aren’t well-meaning people fighting for social justice. They are Marxists, violent anarchists whose goal is the ultimate destruction of the foundations of the American Republic.

If local officials in Provo and other cities around the country aren’t extremely careful, Monday’s escalation of violence there could ultimately end up being remembered as another shot heard ’round the world, and not in a good way.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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As others have commented – at some point if these BLM and antifa extremists don’t stop, there is going to be a major incident, and this war they say they want so bad is going to turn hot. They just keep pushing…and if they go to the wrong neighborhood, they are going to get a stand up fight they can’t win.
In the meantime, I mentioned yesterday we should all take actions to mitigate being found in these situations like the Provo driver who was shot. Don’t drive through these mobs unless absolutely necessary. Make a U-turn and get out of there. And as a last resort, have a firearm, get a licence to carry legally, and get training.


Sound advice… Avoid the areas or if you find yourself there, walk away if necessary. Don’t run because these animals are just that, they’ll see you as fleeing and chase you down. Be ready to defend yourself and family, its a mindset that you have to be willing to take on. Don’t carry a weapon if you are not prepared to use it and don’t be pushed into using it. Its defensive… not offensive.

Like jonsey stated… If you decide to carry a firearm make sure you are legal. KNOW what your local legal standing is and get some firearms training. The enemies within want you scared and defenseless as it makes bringing you into compliance easier.

ziegler von strahn

The video blown up of him shooting…. it was no accident. Both hands gripping it, proper position for aiming down sight. He knew exactly what he was doing and so far as I can tell, he was never actually in the road, so he cant claim his life was in danger either.

Dont know Utahs gun laws… I’m carrying now anyways, no matter what they are and I aint asking anybody for permission to do so.

Just Me

I did the search and found one report by ABC. The story never identified the shooter as a BLM or Antifa protester. It stated that a police support protest and a counter protest took place peacefully until about 8:30 pm when police received a report of shots fired. ABC stated that a protester shot into a white SUV; but left it to the reader to guess whether it was a police support protester or a counter protester who did the shooting. They omitted that critical fact.

Jimmy MacAfee

There will be no blockade by ANTIFA/BLM in my neighborhood and many others – not without a pile of bodies. Just sayin’.

Jimmy MacAfee

And this is NOT a threat: there are a lot of people who may even be sympathetic to BLM, but who are not willing to be taken hostage – especially not by ANTIFA.

One day, these communist groups will pick the wrong neighborhood.


Trump finally designated Antifa a domestic terrorist organization last month. By their own admission, BLM is the same and should be so designated.

True passionate grassroots protests quickly run out of steam because there is no real national or regional funding or organization, and they generally say their piece – always peacefully – and exercise their rights at the ballot box when their grievances are not addressed – that is exactly how it should be done. Furthermore, groups like Hands Across New Jersey in 1990, and the TEA Party of ten years ago are made up of peaceful people who are mostly employed and have no time to continue to protest – especially when they are largely ignored.

On the other hand the radicals never ever seem to run out of steam and vitriol. That means some one is funding and coordinating most of their activities, along with some stray malcontents in isolated cases (groupies if you will). There is no way all this anti-Trump rage can be going on for three plus years without some big bucks driving it, along with the willing assistance of the rulers of the blue plantations.

So where is Barr with the RICO prosecutions? It is all well and good that some of the yellow dandelion blossoms are being cut off from this movement by actually arresting some (not enough) of the protesters, what needs to happen is the root of these movements must be destroyed.




Philly Smith

You are right. It is scary how much money BLM and other terrorist organizations now have because of huge “donations” from corporations and other “donors”. Enough to cause real damage.
A very small number of activists can cause large swings in national politics and erase the country as we know it..


Well Barr did say they, DoJ, were going to be watching it closely…

But the usual rebuttals are the wheels of justice turn slowly… Well to date Barrs been at the helm for 16 plus months and arrests have amounted to a few very low level ‘protesters’. So far nothing significant and accordingly as Tic Toc keeps reporting its any day soon now so just be patient… any day now.

Its all Trumps fault as per rino’s, dems and the frustrated. Theres a yes no answer to that. No its not all Trumps fault as hes only one guy. His appointed heads are responsible. Yes it is Trumps fault as he is the leader and takes ultimate responsibility. Yes it is Trumps fault for constantly picking these lame deep staters instead of effective rat killers like Flynn or a Grenell to go in and clean house regardless of the screeching from demoncrap.

The govt of the people has become an ineffectual self sustaining parasitical organization. The cure will have to be one of two things. Either the ‘People’ get animated and actively involved in ridding the country of rinos and demoncrap by voting these parasites out. Or, after the dems steal the election and they start coming after patriots, the small resistances will turn bloody and coalesce into a civil war. Coastal cities will be the beginning battle grounds, obviously.

its a war…


Sorry to say Brian, but I think it will be the latter if South Carolina is any gage. They had a primary and they voted for McLame’s butt-boy. NYC gave AOC like 70% (no real surprise there, but just shows what they are satisfied with), and of course Utah had a good alternative to the known swamp-rat McLame wannabe, so there you have it; we’re screwed.

The two most stupid things I can think of today: It costs nothing to FIRE these RINO hacks, but we just can’t seem to flush them, and the way virtually all the pols and many of the average people in the country think CV-19 is akin to the Black Plague that killed of approximately 33% of Europe’s people. I mean it’s not like we don’t have a treatment for this and the average of death is over 75 years and with severe underlying health conditions.

So much stupidity, so much apathy, so much ignorance, and so little outrage from the average ordinary sheeple that make up the “silent majority”.

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