Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested Just 11 Days After Geoffrey Berman was Fired

There are no coincidences here, folks. – FBI agents working under the auspices of the DOJ’s Southern District of New York (SDNY) office arrested long-time associate of and procurer for convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislain Maxwell. Maxwell has somehow managed to remain on the lam for the last year, since Epstein himself was arrested and then likely killed a few weeks later in a New York prison. She has done that despite a supposed FBI-directed manhunt managed out of the SDNY.

Hey, guess what other big news was made out of the SDNY just 11 days ago? That’s right: Attorney General William Barr fired the lead, court-appointed U.S. Attorney in that office, Geoffrey Berman. He also ordered DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz to conduct aggressive oversight of the activities of current acting US Attorney Audrey Strauss and her staff. If you think these events are unrelated and a mere coincidence, well, you might just be naive.

Maxwell, who allegedly spent 20+ years procuring the services of under-aged girls to service Epstein and his high-flying Lolita Express clientelle, was charged with multiple counts of sex-trafficking and other heinous offenses:

“In particular, from at least in or about 1994, up to and including at least in or about 1997, Maxwell assisted, facilitated, and contributed to Jeffrey Epstein’s abuse of minor girls by, among other things, helping Epstein to recruit, groom, and ultimately abuse victims known to Maxwell and Epstein to be under the age of 18,” the 18-page indictment states. “The victims were as young as 14 years old when they were groomed and abused by Maxwell and Epstein, both of whom knew that certain victims were in fact under the age of 18.”

Prosecutors describe what they call Maxwell’s grooming process in detail.

“Maxwell’s presence during minor victims’ interactions with Epstein, including interactions where the minor victim was undressed or that involved sex acts with Epstein, helped put the victims at ease because an adult woman was present,” the indictment states. “For example, in some instances, Maxwell would massage Epstein in front of a minor victim. In other instances, Maxwell encouraged minor victims to provide massages to Epstein, including sexualized massages during which a minor victim would be fully or partially nude. Many of those massages resulted in Epstein sexually abusing the minor victims.”


Strauss told reporters in New York that ““Maxwell lied because the truth, as alleged, was almost unspeakable. Maxwell got them to trust her and delivered them into the trap that she and Epstein had set for them.”

From a report at the Boston Globe:

The government also alleges that she committed perjury in 2016 when questioned under oath in a civil lawsuit then pending in US District Court in Manhattan. “In an effort to conceal her crimes, Maxwell repeatedly lied when questioned about her conduct,” the indictment said.

The indictment includes specific exchanges during the deposition the government alleges qualify for prosecution for lying under oath..

Q. Did Jeffrey Epstein have a scheme to recruit underage girls for sexual massages? If you know.

A. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Q. List all the people under the age of 18 that you interacted with at any of Jeffrey’s properties?

A. I’m not aware of anybody that I interacted with, other than obviously [the plaintiff] who was 17 at this point.

Q. List all the people under the age of 18 that you interacted with at any of Jeffrey’s properties?

A. I’m not aware of anybody that I interacted with, other than obviously [the plaintiff in the civil lawsuit] who was 17 at this point.

Maxwell has repeatedly denied wrongdoing and called some of the claims against her “absolute rubbish.”


Guess what else related to this happened in congress this week? That’s right: Utterly corrupt Tennessee Democrat Stephen Cohen introduced an impeachment resolution targeting AG Barr.

Again, if you believe these events are unrelated, you might just be naive. Either that, or you are an self-deceiving Democrat. There are no other possibilities.

So, Maxwell is now ensconced in a New York City jail, holding the keys to directly establishing the connections between Epstein – who most assuredly did not kill himself – and alleged clients ranging from Bill Clinton to Prince Andrew and a vast array of other very powerful people around the world.

If I were operating the sports book at a Vegas casino, I would put the over/under betting line on how many days she has left before her looming “suicide” at 21 days. We have seen this play before.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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The Big Question is what happened to all the evidence from Love Island? Roaring Silence from the newshounds. Who are just as stinking with corruption as the elements inside the “intelligence community” who certainly protected Epstein…until they didn’t. (Assuming that was even his body going out the door).

The essence of the case was right out in front of everybody when Alexander Acosta gave a news conference as he left his job as US Labor Secretary under massive political pressure–he had been the US Attorney who signed off oh Epstein’s original plea deal. Near the end he explained why he did not pursue the case any further by describing communication from headquarters DOJ in DC: “I was told ‘he belongs to intel'”.

And this time the Democrats in the House didn’t rush to hold any hearings to find out who made that call. Nor did the Republicans in the Senate.

On a side note if you plow through all the details of the faked up “Russian Collusion” fiasco
you cannot fail to conclude that British intel was up to its neck in the plot to get Trump. And they must have had knowledge of Epstein’s business considering the British VIPs who were involved. And Trump has to deal with these people!

You can find tons of the ghastly details of the Epstein affair at a site called something like Mint Press. The publish many controversial things about other “black ops” matters but their writings on Epstein stand out as much more detailed than anything in US media.


Arresting her is one thing but convicting her and ensuring she spends the rest of her stinking life behind bars in a real prison and isn’t allowed to serve her sentence in say Tel Aviv in a big expensive flat with a MasterCard paid for by you and me and the freedom to go wherever she wants in the world ….. is quite another thing.


Glad I’m not the one holding her “insurance” package. Epstein probably thought his island was secure for his, but I seem to remember a story that the FBI swept the island before his body was cold. Of course the old standby of a media release is no longer possible, unless possibly the BBC or a resurrected WikiLeaks might publish it.

tim walsh

The bbc? They are a state asset!


She’s going to surprise you all and not die. And Epstein did kill himself.


Yes and unicorns live in N Korea and they have lollipop trees too…

Jimmy MacAfee

I suspect Maxwell has a dead man’s switch, just in case – (though I thought Epstein would as well – maybe he really thought he was invincible.)

Maxwell could prepare this with minimal self-incrimination. And should. I’m guessing Weiner had more than one laptop, and more data than the one laptop they have.

Watch the airports. Some people will be in a hurry to leave.


After what happened to Epstein, she would be stupid not to. Then again, we’re seeing just how stupid “smart” people really are. Epstein should have had one, if he had I think it would been triggered long before now.


Why can’t she be placed in a secret undisclosed location? Let her ‘visitors’ um, lawyers video conference each other – it seems to be working for Bimbo Biden.

Hopefully Barr and his trusted staff has told the prison authorities something like if she dies, you all die – meaning you will all be sent to GITMO never to be seen again, so you all had better make sure she does not become room temperature.

And tell da Bozo she had better not be released for fear of CV-19 or anything else. I know it’s probably not his jurisdiction, but stranger things (“mistakes”) have happened when it has anything to do with Bonnie and Clod Clinton.


“Bonnie and Clod Clinton” heh heh heh! That’s a good one.


I would put dozens of streaming video surveillance systems as well as hard drive based video surveillance systems with multiplicity of redundancy and under the control of multiple trustworthy organizations including a public patriot group with all these systems focused on her jail cell as well as every single place she could possibly go or be taken within that prison system. Better yet, knowing of her impending arrest, I would have already had them installed and I wouldn’t have told a soul. Then let’s watch the “suicide” occur and who actually is involved with the “suicide”.

tim walsh

Why no MUGSHOT as of june 6th? Also the audio only preliminary hearing features a brit woman who sounds nothing like Maxwell??

marty lopez

If Barr can keep her alive and bring this case in with all the big time people associated to fruition, I’d have to radically begin to rethink my criticisms of him. Maybe I have had Barr all Wrong?


Time will tell…


If she is seeking immunity for her testimony, treat her like witness protection, there must be some safe hidden bunker that she can be watched with only a few trusted guards and the interrogator. Then spend the days necessary taking her statement with video backup, sent directly to Barr, Durham and Trump. She only appears for trial, in a protected room via video.


I can see a reduced sentence. I think that this piece of whale excrement deserves to pay some kind of penalty for partaking in some of the most heinous crimes ever committed. Molesting teenage girls and using them as blackmail pawns is plain the lowest of of the lowest.

May they all burn in hell.

Tom Madigan

Should start seeing some interesting things happen now that berman is gone

Jimmy MacAfee

Epstein had a well-built visitor for several hours – alone – on a day near his “death.” Wasn’t dressed like a lawyer; was this a conjugal visit, a “lastie-before-eternity?” Did the devil indeed wear Prada?

Wonder if the electronics in the jail will suddenly fail this time, too? Cameras in the system have a knack for failing, (like the Pentagon cameras in the 9/11 attack – all mysteriously…turned off )

Will she have any special visits from strange visitors? Such as a stocky female with an MMA body-type and an exceptionally thick neck? Kind of like in The Pelican Brief, in the garage chase scene?

Ah, gotta love fiction! Especially when it’s a blueprint for things to come to pass.

Right now, I’m guessing food poisoning will get Ms. Maxwell, something that the “medical examiner” will fail to find post-mortem. Like the fact that we were never told how three cervical vertebrae in Epstein were fractured, while they kept talking about a broken hyoid bone (which is NOT a cervical vertebra.) Unanswered questions then will lead to more post-mortem questions re. Ms. Maxwell. Chandra Levy, and all that.

Everyone loves a mystery! Especially those authoring them.

Rick Church

She wont make it through this 4th of July weekend.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’m guessing that “Carlos Danger’s” laptop also got Berman fired.

Maxwell will be getting a Beatle’s treat – perhaps a silver hammer – which she will self-administer until the song is complete. Band bang.

In other coverups, some of the materials used in the lawsuit against Epstein’s estate are ordered “destroyed” by a judge in the case. How convenient. They don’t want the whole list of perps to be peeped.

I wonder if the Chief Justice of the Sublime Coat has anything to do with any of this? Just wonderin’.


i think you’re being optimistic. I give it less than a week.

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