The Media Bends a Collective Knee at the Altar of Joe Biden

The media beclowns itself one more time. – Not that that is any surprise, of course. Creepy Uncle Quid Pro Farty China Joe Biden’s handlers helped their declining candidate up out of his basement yesterday to hold his first press conference after an 89 day hiatus.

Very predictably, press questioners had been very carefully chosen in advance – at one point, Biden actually stated that “they gave me a list” of which reporter to call on – and not one of them asked anything resembling a difficult question.

– No questions about Biden being the guy who suggested the FBI pursue General Mike Flynn using the archaic Logan Act;

– No questions asking the Unfrozen Caveman Presumptive Nominee to explain why he personally unmasked General Flynn in December of 2016;

– No questions about his bragging on camera about blackmailing the Ukrainian president to fire the prosecutor who was investigating Burisma, where his son Hunter was on the board of directors;

– No questions about his facilitation of his son’s activities in looting China;

– No questions about his increasingly obvious memory and speaking issues (at one point, Biden could not recall the name of his hometown newspaper. Think about that one for a minute);

– No questions about why he was not wearing his black mask after spending the last month claiming it was absolutely a requirement that he would impose on every American;

– No questions about Biden’s extensive documented history of making racist remarks in public events or his troubled relationship with Corn Pop;

– And most interestingly, no questions about why Biden was suddenly wearing earpieces in both ears, which would indicate to any rational and curious person that he was very likely being fed answers by his handlers.

No real journalists in the room, obviously. Not a single curious mind among them. Just a bunch of Democrat activists with press passes. Despicable, pathetic human beings who refuse to do their job.


Hilariously, as Biden stammered and searched in vain for words, his sign language interpreter became obviously frustrated in her attempts to interpret what he was attempting to say:

This is the guy the Democrat Party wants you to believe is capable of standing toe-to-toe with Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. This is the guy they want you to believe is capable of conducting the daily duties of the presidency of the United States.

Now you know why he has refused to hold a presser for 89 days. Count on him not doing another one prior to Election Day. Back to the basement, Joe.

No rallies? You mean, you were having rallies before the pandemic, Joe? – In an act that was entirely predictable if you’ve been paying attention to his campaign handlers’ Hidin’ Biden strategy, Biden gravely announced at the presser that he will use COVID-19 as a handy excuse to not hold any campaign rallies, further isolating himself and his obviously demented presence from potential voters.

Of course, no reporter noted that Biden sacrificing rallies is kind of like President Trump, who is a life-long teetotaler, giving up fine wine – it’s not like Biden was having anything like real “rallies” before the viral gift from China reached our shores. The man’s handlers were in the habit of partitioning off high school gymnasiums to about a third of their size so that the tiny number of attendees would not seem such lonely figures for the TV cameras.

So, Biden has now used COVID-19 as an excuse to hide in his basement for three months, they used it as an excuse to cancel their convention so that Biden can now safely read his acceptance speech from his basement using a teleprompter, and now as an excuse to avoid holding any face-to-face rallies with his fans to avoid giving the few dozen who might show up a real, live view of him.

Mark this down: Unless Biden and his handlers decide that they can get away with the use of those earpieces, they will use the virus as an excuse to cancel any face-to-face debates with President Trump as well.

It’s as predictable as the phases of the moon.

That is all.

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“I’ll get in trouble for taking another question” By whom Joe? Can you imagine if Trump uttered such a statement in order to end any appearance with the press?

Reminds me of one early Dem primary “debates” when he cut himself off in mid sentence saying he was out of time. I have never seen any debate where a politician cut himself off in mid sentence/thought when a lightbulb lit up.

Meredith Ellsworth

Interesting about the ear pieces. I watched the whole speech plus fawning questions and thought he seemed generally on point. Except at the end when he kept saying “I’ll get in trouble for taking another question”–I wondered if they’d injected him with something to keep him alert & they it would wear off after a certain period of time. Weird thing was the speech–when he didn’t cite discredited memes & lie, he was pretending that he would do what Trump has already done.


If President Trump’s campaign is smart, they simply point out that the debates can be held using social distancing, no audience (it would all be filled with dems anyway) and just the moderators..
If Biden’s campaign still tries to weasel out then call them out for saying that social distancing doesn’t work. Refuse to do televideo debates. Insist that they be held as they have traditionally been held. No compromises. Force their hand.

Jimmy MacAfee

Has any Presidential candidate in American history ever been as devoid of intellect and reason and sentience as GropeyJoeQuidProSenile Joe? Anywhere near?

One meme going around:

“Voting for Biden because you don’t like Trump
is like eating dogshit because you don’t like broccoli.”


Very good meme Jimmy; thanks for posting it here.

Jimmy MacAfee

Tom Fitton revealed that Hunter Biden took some 400 trips on US government aircraft – including Airforce 2. This suggests that he is an agent of the government, and considering connections in the Ukraine involve “former” CIA officials (“Meet Joe Black”) and the investigation Biden Sr was trying to kill involved investigating CIA asset George Soros, it is safe to presume that Hunter Biden was also a CIA asset.

400 trips, according to Secret Service records. Not very stealthy for an operative.


400 (Steyn on Rush today is saying more than 400 trips) trips in eight years averages to about one trip per week. I’ll bet ‘the One’ didn’t fly on AF1 that often. This really stinks.

The chutzpa of Biden, his handlers, and the DNC have in propping up this decrepit, corrupt old hack who essentially won a congressional district size election every six (instead of every two years) years in a very small and very blue state and accomplished NOTHING in over 40 (FORTY!!!) YEARS as a senator and VP is simply amazing.

Obviously the head honchos at the DNC feel this is their best candidate to unseat Trump. And make no mistake, he was anointed by their machine, as no one in their sorry two dozen miscreants could legitimately knock out the commie and the fake indian commieette, Lieawatha.

This “corn pop” guy couldn’t make, serve, or sell popcorn or run a food counter at a movie theater when he actually (supposedly) had some of his marbles.

Speaking of when he still had some of his marbles; is Tara Reade sill among the living? Isn’t it amazing how much of congress and the media is all wrapped up with a bogus anonymously sourced ‘report’ (which in any case would be CLASSIFIED!!!) on how our enemy wants to kill our soldiers fighting in a war that Trump had nothing to do with, and yet they don’t give a schiff about the very real accusations of a victim of Joe Figurehead when he was a senator.

The fact that he is taken seriously by at least 40% of the country and will get at least 45% of the popular/fraud vote just shows how much power the MSM (D) still has and how far gone we really are.

This guy should be laughed or booed of any stage or platform on which he manages to appear.


I don’t think Hunter was an asset so much a grifter using Daddy’s position for profit. Gotta admit, the people he was shaking down would be impressed if he flew in on a Providentially associated airplane.


President Trump should hold a rally at Miller (baseball) Park in Milwaukee on one of the days that were scheduled for the Dem Convention.

President Trump should show up at every scheduled debate venue and if Joe Figurehead doesn’t show, just turn it into a rally.

President Trump should sequester Dr. Fraudi with Biden in his basement to study dementia with a mask required 24/7. Either that or fire him.

Several pundits (who I respect) have recently said Trump can’t rerun the 2016 campaign. I agree. He now has a record of solid accomplishment and needs to bring that to light since the MSM (D) won’t report anything good about them. In 2015-6 he was a unknown political entity; not any more. He needs to rally the base and the reasonable swing moderates by factually demonstrating the sharp contrast between mostly reasonable Republican leadership, and the destructive to life, liberty and property aspects of unchecked Dystopian Democratic Dictatorial Rule.

I remember Perot produced 1/2 hour campaign adds in an infomercial format – to me they were very effective. I think several well produced informercials would be a great way to reach more people – especially with so many people being housebound. A third of the informercial should be spent highlighting his accomplishments, a third promoting his MAGA/KAG agenda for the next four years, and the other third split between explaining the agenda of the fake news networks and how the Democrats are deliberately hurting their citizens in a despicable effort to kill the economy and defeat Trump at all cost.

We need adult discussions in conjunction with effective tweets and real DOJ action. Bumper sticker slogans and clichés are fine and traditional 30 second spots are important, but we need 30 minute addresses of substance. One other difference between 2020 and 2016 is the MSM (D), by ridiculing Trump and his candidacy inavertedly gave him millions of dollars worth of effectively ‘free’ campaign exposure which arguably helped him win the primary against the tired old GOP establishment war horse pols, but the MSM (D) did their best to carry Walking Eagle’s water in the general. He won’t have that ‘advantage’ this year, and he doesn’t need it as he is now a known entity, but he does need to do more than just shout “fake News” via tweets. Kelley McEnany is doing a great job in that regard, and he should emulate her by giving and graphically displaying actual examples of the fraud of the “fake News” media industrial complex during the aforementioned informercials.


I agree… I think Trump should also not bothering with attacks on Sniffer Joe… Just looks like hes piling on an old demented smuck. About the only thing he should do is challenge the dnc to get a real challenger and not a dementia patient to represent them. Then hammer them with all the things he’d accomplished before covid. Ask, if the nation would like to see that again…


Lt Col. West…. Gotta luv this fella….


Great video of West. Somebody commented on it: West in 2024.

I think he would make a great SecDef right now Mr. President. He is a combat vet, and not some butt-kisser political general, and at least you would know that his loyalties are with America as founded and would faithfully execute the orders of the Commander in Chief. He would most likely purge the turd political general and admiral hacks that were promoted by ‘the One’ who apparently still gets ‘tingles’ down his leg from everything that is against America.

If Lcol West were to do a great job cleaning up the Pentagon, he could well win it all in 2024.

jack johnson

Biden looked feeble….even his walkout slow, deliberate and unsteady. The mispronunciation of words almost had you feeling sorry for him. They will never allow Biden to get in a room and debate Trump, that`s what all this Wuhan Virus talk is about.

It`s Trump`s election to lose and the mistake I see him making is just that. Trying not to lose is not the same as trying to win.

Jimmy MacAfee

I could never feel sorry for Blundering Biden; he was a bully and is a bully, and has shown that even in the 6 months, when he threatened people who asked him probing questions.

He’s getting what bullies deserve: abject humiliation.

Sympathy for Satanic Joe? No.

The Great Leap Forward

Because they know Kamala will take over if Joe corn pop lunchbox somehow gets across the finish line.
By any means necessary they will destroy this republic and that is a feature and not a bug to the CPUSA comrades.


When you have a playbook that is empty and the only one in the room that has any ideas at all is an incell fresh from midget mikes campaign office… it does become very predictive.

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