CHOP Chopped: Hypocrite Seattle Mayor Finally Lets Cops do Their Jobs

Jenny Durkan to the rescue! er, three weeks late… – It turns out that all you had to do to get the CHOP cleared out of the midst of Seattle was to send in the police in force, and do it before noon, while all the depraved occupants were still sleeping.

This morning, after a fellow Marxist on the Seattle City Council had organized a protest action in front of the Mayor’s home, she sent in the cavalry to rid her city of the armed militants who had illegally occupied the area for the past month or so. Obviously, the only way to convince a commie Democrat mayor to let the police do their jobs is to make he or she feel personally threatened, a mistake the Antifa/BLM thugs made Sunday evening.

Thus, at about 5:00 PT this morning, the nitwit Marxist Mayor issued this executive order:


Moments later, the legal residents of the CHOP area were treated scenes like these:

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best – who has been prevented from doing her job for the past month by the nitwit Marxist Mayor – issued the following statement as her officers went about their business:


So, the filth and vermin are being cleaned off the streets and, as noted above, at least 20 of the agitators have been arrested. Given that Seattle most likely has a Democrat district attorney who is bought and paid for by George Soros front groups, it is highly unlikely that any of those 20 will do any real jail time unless there are charged with federal crimes by the FBI agents who reportedly accompanied the local police this morning.

Now all of the brain-dead nitwit Seattle residents who elected all of these Marxist Democrat leaders in the first place can go back to living their brain-dead lives and cast more brain-dead votes for Marxist Democrats this November. Because they’re too brain-dead to understand that that’s how they got into this situation in the first place.

And so it goes.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

I’m guessing that there would have been a major walkout by the remaining police if something hadn’t changed, and that this would include refusals to stand around and protect Dunkin Donut Durkan and her miserable family – (I say “miserable,” because how could anyone stand to live with an idiot like her?)

She was forced. She hasn’t an ounce of leadership ability.

March Of the Red Guards

Bwahaha! I good laugh over the sleeping at noon. Thank you.
Jenny Durka Durkastan is just what the comrades in the glorious people’s republic of Seattle deserve.
They can enjoy the Great Leap Forward Fundamental Transformation.
Forward! Yes we can.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’m guessing those businesses still un-vandalized will be leaving the city in the very near future. They were, in a word, hostages.

As far as her order:

“Whereas” my azz – Dunkin’ Durkan still remains, and she remains an idiot with a really bad hairstyle (if you can call it a style at all.)

Now: when the cities themselves secede in a fit of Leftist rage, and are blocked off so that no one can enter or leave, we see how that’s going to look. That’s what is going to happen in CWII, when or if it occurs. (Or as I would otherwise describe it: Stalingrad II.) Not a thing to hope for, but this is a harbinger of all cities blue.

It won’t be Nazis barricading from the outside: it will be people who don’t want to be infected with Leftism and Anarchy. Seattle will learn nothing from this, and Mt. Ranier will have her way with them eventually.


The wording of her order is pathetic gobbledygook,

Whereas, you and every other dingbat blue city official SUCK


The protest at the Mayors home and her initial response to it boxed her in. She suddenly found herself having to either act or be humiliated. In a moment of lucid anger about her personal situation she blew it all up in her face and could no longer give cover to the anarchists.

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