Tuesday News Roundup: Nike Takes a Dive, Fauci’s Putting on a Show, and the Truth About Texas

Being “woke” = going broke. – At least that appears to be the case for Collin Kaepernick-supporting Nike. In case you missed it, the woke shoe maker that seems to have contracts to supply the shoes and uniforms for most major sports teams across the globe somehow managed to report a princely $790 million loss for the 4th quarter of 2019.

The company blames part of the loss on store closures related to COVID-19, but that can’t be true, given that none of those closures took place until late in the first quarter of 2020. Nike also announced that it will be executing a big layoff as the result of its losses, which come on the heels of the massive, Kaepernick-focused advertising campaign it ran during the second half of 2019.

Here is a corporate BS-filled statement issued by Nike:

“Consumer Direct Acceleration is the next digitally empowered phase of our strategy,” Nike said in a statement. “We are building a flatter, nimbler company and transforming Nike faster to define the marketplace of the future. We are shifting resources and creating capacity to reinvest in our highest potential areas, and we anticipate our realignment will likely result in a net loss of jobs.”


Blah-blah-blah, yada-yada-yada, losses and layoffs. Bad management reaps bad results. Tough.

CNN’s Ryan Lizza is the Jim Acosta of Yameche Alcindors:

You just could never make this stuff up, folks. That question is something you might expect a snot-nosed 12 year-old junior high dumbass to ask. This is why the White House should never hold another press briefing and should revoke all press passes. These corrupt reporters are a pestilence on our country.

Ever wonder what Dr. Fauci does with that mask once he thinks the cameras have been turned off? – Now we know:

This man is a national menace who has lied to us every step of the way. For him, it’s all just a show.

Can’t get any real information about what’s happening in Texas related to COVID-19? – You are in that boat if you rely on TV or the newspapers for your “news.” They only report the top-line number, which is the number of new “cases,” a number we all know is hyper-inflated by hospitals so they can maximize revenue from the federal government.

If you want real, actual detailed information, you are left to go to Twitter, of all places. Specifically, you must go to Alex Berenson’s Twitter feed. Yesterday, he received an email from a senior executive at one of the state’s major ER chains of hospitals:

Here are the attachments (this is long but worth the read):






Bottom line is this:

– More people being tested means more “cases”;

– Virus is now showing up in a much younger group of patients than before, mainly because employers are telling anyone who sneezes or has the sniffles at work to go get tested;

– The vast majority of the new “cases” show very mild or no symptoms at all;

– Those admitted to the hospital see stays that are much shorter than seen during March thru May;

– Texas hospitals are not in danger in any way of being overwhelmed by this new outbreak.

Governor Abbott, unfortunately, is just another politician who has now overreacted by succumbing to the media’s panic porn about this surge in new cases, once again denying tens of thousands of Texans the right to make a living and shutting down thousands of businesses.

By its systematic refusal to report the full truth about what is really happening in Texas and other states where the number of cases is surging, our corrupt news media is, intentionally or not, destroying our country’s way of life and causing catastrophic damage to our economy. They are the very worst and most destructive class of people in our society today.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Winston Smith

Regarding Nike, do the brave woke SJW heroes of the resistance in the basement know that Vietnamese slave laborers make them for pennies on the dollar?


Thx Gregg… Allow me this response.

“Your lengthy comments and conversation prompted me to do a little research on the dam”

That is the purpose of a healthy debate and one where I try to maintain. I don;t resort to ad hominum attacks and and try not to convey emotion. If there was any ill content then I do apologize for none was intended.


You and I occasionally are victims of ad hominem attacks which we deal with.

But every conservative here and elsewhere needs to keep the eye on the ball and be focused on beating Biden and turning the Democratic Party into a regional and powerless group of irrelevant and never satisfied malcontents.


To Brian, and Alonzo

Brian, as you recently and wisely called on Jimmy and me to “cease fire” in our back and forth disagreements as the argument became counterproductive, I say the same to you and Alonzo.

Both of you have made valid observations, and have stated your facts and opinions very clearly.

As with the China Virus, the truth about the China Dam, will sooner or later be reveled in due course; which reminds me of the old Doris Day song: Que Sera Sera. The fact is we have no real control over either and I frankly don’t care what happens ANYWHERE in Asia.

Your lengthy comments and conversation prompted me to do a little research on the dam, and while that in no way makes me an expert, I do firmly believe the following about any communist or dictatorial régime:

1) They lie about virtually everything and are not to be trusted – just like our Democrat (Party) controlled media which is highly controlled, if not outright owned by China

2) They don’t give a damn about the lives of their or any other people – staying in power matters the most

3) They are at least an economic enemy of the US and are looking to achieve world dominance at almost any cost

4) They and their US embeds are actively supporting the fomenting of the Antifa and BLM riots and their cause to defeat America from within

5) Anyone who votes for any Democrat might as well be voting for Xi

6) While so many of our institutions have been thoroughly corrupted, which has been vividly exposed by the election of Trump, the corruption of China is complete and irreversible.

We have a chance in Nov to save our republic, if and only if we are smart to save it.

William Jones

All those BLM and Antifa looting the stores for Nikes and then burning down the stores, has NOTHING to do with their loss. Nike even doubled down and promised Millions more to support them.


Gotta keep on virtue signaling dontcha know!

Jimmy MacAfee

The virus is doing what viruses do in order to survive: mutate in order not to kill the host.

All this gum-flapping by Fauci means that he is terrified that we may take our freedom back and return him to his general irrelevance, or that he is aware that the Chinese have mutated the BLOWVID-19 into something more lethal.

A more lethal variety would not usually mutate – maybe there are exceptions, but when a virus kills a host, it dies, too. The strategy – as a wise (now old) doc once told me:

“Viruses are smart; they learn not to kill the host and then they can survive.”

In other words, kill the host; die: infect the host without killing it, live. What does it say that Fauci is infecting us with fear and panic once again? Either he’s afraid of losing his control, or the Chinese have weaponized it further.

The former means we need to remove him from his pedestal; the latter means war, unimaginable war. The Chinese had better think this thing through this time, because the consequences may be permanent.

To the CCP: which kind of virus are you? One that kills the host, but dies with it? Or one that stops trying to kill the host, and lives along with the host?

Jimmy MacAfee

That is, a lethal virus would not ordinarily mutate INTO SOMETHING MORE LETHAL, unless it expected to die, and therefore stop reproducing. Humans, however, may alter it to make it more lethal.

China? You feelin’ me?

Jimmy MacAfee

Fauci ant the Pharmaceuticals (sounds like a punk band) have ruined medicine, perpetuating what was already a fraud-filled, corrupt Pig Pharma system (statins are a case-in-point.) Doctors used to be able to count on pharmaceuticals to help patients – or at least try.

Now we have medical journals which spread cat-crap, lies and disinformation, so bad that multiple studies on promising medications were stopped. Thousands will die because of Fauci and his Pig Pharma buddies and the Lancelot Link medical journal, which should have recognized the immense obligation to scientific inquiry they had, and to the public.

Bill Gates, instead of producing vaccines and the Mark of the Beast, should instead be investing in ways to separate technical waste products (like the mercury in your smartphone) and leading us to an eventual ecological disaster. But when money doesn’t get you high anymore, power is the next addiction – not doing things that are actually beneficial to the world – people and nature.

Elon Musk could probably take on something like this, because of his relentless curiosity, but making the technology to separate component parts of volatile or toxic waste isn’t as sexy as a launch vehicle.

Fauci and his frauds show us how amoral these m-fers are, almost every single one of them ruling the tech industry and the Chamberpot of Commerce. Hope the dopamine high was worth it, you evil bastards: power is not just an aphrodisiac, but the orgasm itself. Go eff yourselves.


Nike has been off my list forever. I have only had pair of their shoes since they have been in business. And I only bought them because I got them at a Nordstroms discount outlet. I found out how their shoes and closes were made, how much they paid for them and the working conditions of the people who made their shoes and said eff them.

Their economic problems fill me with glee to no end, To infinity to be precise.


*DOH!* clothes

Gedalia Sh

Not to be stickler for detail, but the Nike results are for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2020, which ended on May 31st. So blaming COVID, rightly or wrongly, at least the time frame is plausible.

Jimmy MacAfee

I know my buying habits have changed: Nike’s products are now off my list of things I am willing to purchase.


Unless something has changed that I haven’t heard about on how the year is divided up into quarters, you are wrong.

1) The fourth quarter of the fiscal (even if you are talking about the US government fiscal year) year hasn’t happened yet. It starts tomorrow; 1, July, and ends on September 30.

2) Dave linked to the story saying fourth quarter of 2019 which would be October, November, and December 2019 and pre CV-19.

3) No quarter ends on May 31.


It seems as China has been the center for the bulk of the issues world over these last coupe years, mainly. With the Belt & Road debt traps, military expansion, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Kung Flu etc etc… And, its all coming back on them now…. in spades.

They are in HUGE trouble economically having vastly over stretched their debt load, the recent fake gold scandal, nations demanding China forego debt repayment and some countries even telling China to ‘forgive’ their debts. Which are really veiled threats of we’re not going to pay and you aren’t getting our port/rail/resources or whatever else China trapped them into.

China is sitting on an event horizon currently with the three gorge dam. The news out of Taiwan about the three gorges is important because many people in Taiwan have relatives in China. Right now there is massive flooding happening which China is trying to cover up and minimizing.

If China is trying to cover up something… you know its a big deal. There has been ongoing talk about the three gorges dam and its ability to withstand flooding. Its been noted that substandard materials were used and those that ‘certified’ the dam were the ones who built it.

Here’s the problem. The flooding currently going on has been very extensive and all feeder rivers are well above the flood warning markers. They are expecting to get the same amount of water, or more, in the next ten days. Let that sink in.

There is a very real danger of over topping the dam and if that happens it will tear that dam apart in little time. So China is in a bad way right now. Everything below that dam is not only heavily populated but its also a major bread basket for China.

You might think good for China, its about time the chickens come home. The real problem is how will China react. Communists don’t care about human lives. So will they try to distract by causing a serious skirmish somewhere, or will they try to mitigate damages to and from the three gorges dam.




Making a statement that overtopping the dam will cause it to fail is irresponsible. I have worked at a dam that was overtopped a hundred years ago and it still stands. How many CFS are the spillgates designed to pass at what pond levels? Are the gates Taintor gates?


The statement of ‘nothing to see here’ is equally irresponsible. To imply that water over-topping a dam presents no problems is disingenuous and bordering on outright lying.

So you see no problem with a dam, constructed by a regime that lies profusely??

No problem with the builders of the dam also being the ones to ‘certify’ the dam??

No problem with using less material as required and substandard materials??

No problem with a dam already at max capacity and theres an expectation of equal amounts of water to enter the system in a very short amount of time??

No problems with significant amounts of water over-topping the dam given the expected amounts to come??

No damage will happen if significant amounts over top the dam because you know of a dam that was over topped a hundred years ago and it still stands??

So all those who are pointing out there may be significant risk are merely fear mongers because China says no worries, nothing to see. So all those people being currently affected by the significant flooding are over reacting. So all the water thats expected in the next week will just stack up behind the dam and wait until the CCP says its ok to flow downstream again??

Tell you what… If you are so confident in your analysis then perhaps you can help to allay those fears and go there yourself. Camp out near the base of the dam. Prove to those living down stream of the three gorge that they are safe because you know of a dam that was over topped a hundred years ago and its still standing. We’ll simply ignore all other dam/spillway failures that have happened


The flooding on three gorges is intentional and you are misrepresenting facts. Flooding like you cite happens in the US not infrequently. In 1996 I observed a utility intentionally spill at record levels to make room for what was coming down the river. The USGS real time water data (google) is available for anybody to look at. It gives satellite linked real time data for thousands of streams, including reservoir levels. China has identical technology.

I believe that China is the largest threat we face at this point in time. I believe it is an error for anybody to misrepresent facts regarding China. You do not know the debt levels of anything “China” as the actual information is not available. The Gold Bar incident you reference, has been around for some time and is it much different than Enron’s crimes?

We need to keep our eyes wide open regarding China, however disinformation only fuels the fire. I wouldn’t be surprised if China begins a shooting war, and if that is the case, we need to present only factual information in our discourse. The Three Gorges Dam could still fail, however what you are providing is more of a “the sky is falling” scenario, without a complete picture of the situation.

Mr. Jones

Did you even deign to look at the links in Brian’s comments. The flooding is HUGE and UNBELIEVABLE. This is a HELL OF A LOT more than a controlled release you cite in your own Portland, OR experience as a dam operator.
Methinks you are awash in pride of your own accomplishments.

Jimmy MacAfee

And China IS planning a shooting war, preparing for the day. Which is why we’re planning for one, too. We have to.

A Chinese leader gave a talk some years ago, speculating that China needed to expand onto other territories, and that a nuclear war with the US, even if they won,
would make the US uninhabitable and be therefore counterproductive.

His conclusion was that they should kill us with bioweapons, and we have just seen the first salvo in this war. There will be more coming.

I’m not so much interested in the dam issue as I am what they’re doing internationally, with 5 G and pandemics.


The dam issue thats in play now could be a catalyst for them to do some rather stupid things. Its just another straw on the camels back so to speak.

There is a lot on China’s plate. The concern is obviously what the CCP will do when it finally snaps. If the dam should fail it could wipe out millions and destroy their bread basket for some time. Just as the fake islands are no real concern individually, so goes the dam. These are straws in the bundle but that bundle is growing. And, at some point the CCP cannot carry it, thats where the concern is. Another Russia like collapse??? Or something different??

Fear mongering??? Or early warning to be prepared for any eventuality


If we had effing politicals who were more interested in our mutual safety and security the chicoms would not be as bold. They see disunity as a golden opportunity.

May a pox be upon all them. Good and hard.

Jimmy MacAfee

Enron’s crimes? Only in the fertile minds of the scummy DOJ prostitutors, who put parts of several laws together and fabricated a criminal act. I’m not saying Enron was right in everything, but they were wrongfully convicted. These same hosers worked under (or over) Mueller.

China is a currency manipulator, a thief of international technologies, a nation of liars (CCP) and a forger of fake steel that only exists in the reports of steel plant reports. Other than that, and the fake Islands they build, and the threats they make against every nation which dares to defy them with regard to legitimate passage in the South China Sea…well, other than those, China is a swell country with a swell leadershit.


The flooding that is currently happening is verifiable if you do some minimal research. Yes downstream it currently IS intentional and its severe. Many calling into question why the dam was built if it was in part to mitigate flooding. To compare the flooding to US history is moot as its China, NOT the US. You can also verify from other sources the expectation of about the same amount or more, rain is expected over the next ten days. Add that volume to the water thats already there. So where is this water going to go???

You seem to be an avid supporter of China. The information gleaned from various business and govt sources is information based on not only what China releases but also in real measurable things like ship traffic and type of ships. We all know that China releases numbers that are vastly understated if it puts them in a bad light. So yes we can make certain assumptions based on past and present CCP behavior and practices.

As for the gold scandal, it was mentioned as yet another reason to not trust China in any area of business, period. And I did say they tried this same thing some years back with gold plated lead. Will it make a significant impact on gold prices… not likely as it localized mostly to China.

None of what I stated is dis-information but is an opinion based on information available and the nature of a brutal communist regime that that lies profusely to cover its tracks. If anything what you are doing is exactly what you are accusing me of doing. Nothing to see here… carry on…


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission FERC, licenses all hydroelectric facilities in the US. As part of the licensing agreement, there are regulated outflows from hydroelectric projects across the nation, that vary during different times of the year. Some have to do with fish passage, some have to do with flood prevention, some have to do with dam failure prevention during times of catastrophic floods and about a dozen other things.

During the catastrophic flood events, FERC has the ability to take charge of project outflows during extreme events. As a Hydro Control Operator, I personally worked with FERC over the phone on a minute to minute basis to prevent the Columbia river from going over the seawall in Portland Oregon. That was accomplished by reducing the flow of the downstream Lewis River, allowing a larger flow through the Columbia at Portland. I was actually given permission on a Federal level to violate minimum flow requirements to prevent the flood.

As an example, when there is less than ten feet freeboard in the reservoir during the rainy time of the year, when inflows hit 100,000 cfs, then outflows must be a minimum of 110,000 cfs until a drop in reservoir levels is noted. That requirement insures prevention of dam failures while at the same time, it floods downstream areas. It isn’t as simple as the example, but you should get my point. That is exactly what is happening in China at this moment. The Lewis River project, consists of three reservoirs. During the wet season, there is a total of 100′ of drawdown between the reservoirs for flood protection. During the summertime, they operate mostly at full pool, minus the water needed to meet peak load requirements.

Flood events like Three Gorges happen in America and they are regulated by the Fed. Overtopping Three Gorges will almost certainly have no effect on the dam. A gravity dam is like putting a rock in a stream that is too large for streamflow to move it under any circumstances. When gravity dams fail, it is almost guaranteed to be where they tie into the embankment. Foundation erosion is another form of failure and that happens on small projects. Your avid support for China comment wasn’t merited while at the same time speaks volumes.


You posted that a spalled portion of a gravity dam can fail as if it could wash away. It is an impossibility because it doesn’t work that way and never has. You don’t have a clue what you are talking about. Find a failure like that anywhere. You cannot because they do not exist. You stated that Three Gorges was full while spilling and flooding. I looked all over and cannot find any real time data. I can guaranty you it wasn’t full. Dams are built using a maximum flood scenario lets say a thousand year flood. What happens when we get the two thousand year flood? How about a million year flood? You don’t start spilling at full pool because the instant inflows exceed outflows, the dam has been overtopped. It doesn’t work the way you state, it never has and it never will. You don’t have a clue what you are talking about PERIOD! All you want to do is argue and I’m through with you! Google: Mt. St Helens view from the top of Yale dam. I saw that every day when I worked there. Google:Swift 2 canal failure. I had personal experience with the failure which was due to piping. It is irresponsible to post BS conjecture regarding the inner workings of China and that is what you are doing. All of the fearful issues you discuss regarding Three Rivers were identical in 2009. Outside information to support my position??? That is funny. I have 45 years experience in power generation! YOU??? BTW: The reason they do the same thing we do in China, is because water runs downhill in China just as it does in America.


Like I stated… jsut because they have ‘mirrored’ US policies in emergency action or any other policy really means squat. The Chinese also have written in law journalistic freedom and well as rights to fair trials and freedom of speech. . Where in China do you see it in practice???

Apparently anything that doesn’t meet your approval is merely waved off and everything is unfounded. Riiiiiight…… Whats really laughable is you cite giving a tour to Chinese delegates from over 40 years ago. As if thats the standard they still follow today.

You’ve not even attempted to give any outside information to support your position. The only thing you have given is all opinion, yours. Which as I stated is your right. Its obvious you not only under estimate China’s corruption you also seem to arrogantly think your’s is the only opinion that matters.

So to apply your standard to the conversation I’ll simply wave my hand and declare all you state as poppycock stories and nonfactual because I suspect its source.



One interesting item that happened not too many months after the Chinese toured the powerhouse, the Army came through and did a plant wide analysis of susceptibility to an Electro Magnetic Pulse. We failed miserably, however I found the timing somewhat odd.


The reason I give examples of American river systems is because China mirrored our way of operating electrical systems. It was around 1980 when I gave a Chinese delegation a tour of the powerhouse. Nixon had normalized relations with China and they were modernizing their Nation. What we do here, they do there all the way to mirroring their emergency action plans for a slow or rapid dam failure. I can speak accurately about a bit of what they do, because I know how they set things up. Most of your post is unfounded and a guess on your part, while citing news articles that I consider suspect in certain areas of expertise.


You keep giving examples of US regulatory measures for operations IN the US, these don’t apply to China. Their standards are low at best and they cheat on those as well.

If I remember correctly the Chinese ignored western standards in the construction of this dam and should be a cause for concern knowing they cheat. I think you under estimate to amount of corruption in the country.

I wasn’t specific in designating a fail point because it could happen at any point along the dam. I agree it will be an erosion event but whether its at the contact embankment point or at a point where concrete starts spalling off is unknown. I don’t think you can say with any degree of certainty that isn’t possible.

You are certainly entitled to your opinion as is everyone here. My comment, imo, was merited as you seem to wave your hand and state its over blown and nobody knows the whole picture. When you keep referring to what happens in the US during emergencies then its telling you don’t understand the nature of the CCP and corruption that permeates China. We can agree to disagree… its all good. Appreciate your feedback


Its never been about safety…. but has been all about control…

The positive thing about all this scamdemic is that its drawn a very clear line as to where people stand both politically and rationally. Looks like the Gov of Texas is turning up to be a coward and not standing up to the political scamdemic pressure. Thats a shame.

jack johnson

You could say the same for De Santis…..how is it a normal working Joe 6 pack could handle this virus situation better than these politicians. Politicians are most incompetent people in our society.

“Flattening the Curve” was meant to POSTPONE the outbreaks and spread the case rate over a longer period of time. Well that is EXACTLY what is happening right now….that was the plan. The healthy are the ones getting the virus and recovering thus weakening the virus and building herd immunity.

The blanket one size fits all way of governing is mind boggling.

Rick Church

And I still don’t know anyone who has had the virus much less died of it.


It appears that Dr. Fauci, LOVES the camera, and at first HE thought he was a ‘Star’ with his being in the scientific/medical org. as he almost appeared to ‘try to upstage the POTUS, who DID rely on Fauci/Brix/etc. as he stated he was NOT a doctor.’ But what I noticed was that Fauci (a Democrat-Hillary supporter he claimed he Loved) stood by, then tried after weeks, to contradict the POTUS, when Fauci returned to the podium. Since ’84 he’s belonged to the govt
agency and did NOT find a cure for AIDS, but took credit from what a colleague did discover.

Several years ago, Fauci received 3.?Million for his org. and of late, Fauci got $100 Million from Bill Gates Foundation- It appears ‘They together want to become “The World’s Medicine Chest”
and CONTROL the Vaccine(as yet to be discovered) while Fauci had ‘denied that the RX that was used for Malaria WAS having an effect on those who had the virus-including those who came on camera to ‘thank POTUS Trump for recommending it’s use(there was NOTHING Else at the time-and HE even took it.”

So in short(sorry little Fauci) YOU are worried about YOUR pension, Millions to be MADE OFF THIS CHINA VIRUS, that you and Bill Gates have joined forces on(Gates has NO Medical Background-but acts like an authority on this and other rx matters-along w/his wife.)

Finding it hard to believe that Fauci does NOT have a Democrat Agenda, to KEEP THIS VIRUS GOING RIGHT THRU OUR ELECTION, AS HE MOVED THE “GOALS SEVERAL TIMES AND HAS EVEN CONTRADICTED HIS OWN OPINIONS. HE just may be what the Corrupt Democrats are looking to, as “he Instills FEAR about the ‘new surges which to me are like the ‘Slanted Polls that Liberals take to fit their Agenda of ‘Dementia Addled Biden being ahead of POTUS Trump in these “Ginned Up Polls”…..They All want to STOP Trump from any campaign rallies, but NO ONE(Fauci, Gates or Liberal Democrats SAID a word about the BLM
Thugs/Anarchists/Antifa/Paid Rioters/ who WERE VERY CLOSE TO EACH OTHER AND THOSE THEY WANTED TO INTIMIDATE. Pelosi, even invited ‘people to JOIN her in China town S.F., and NO ONE HAD ANY MASKS ON-SAME W/Mayor DeBlasio, who promoted N.Y. to “Get out and live your lives in the start of this, ….then they ALL Blamed POTUS Trump-



Sorry, but I forgot to add: That EVEN during Two Wars, American Voters WENT TO THE POLLS IN PERSON TO VOTE…..so this “Democrat ‘Mail in Ballot Scheme is just that…their trying AGAIN to cheat in an election(most likely with Obama ‘giving them the input-just as he’s doing with ‘Dementia Biden’, as they NEED to continue to “Cover up their OWN CRIMINALITY” during the Obama/Biden Years!!!!


I had it. I didn’t die if you couldn’t tell.


I do not know anyone who has COVID19 and nobody I know, knows anyone that has the disease. Pandemic??? THAT is laughable! What I have observed lately in my neck of the woods are Democrat Fakebook pages where they make up lies and post that some of the businesses still open have employees with the disease. The accused businesses are then forced to defend themselves while they go broke. They seriously will not stop until the economy is at a complete standstill. They are fabricating what is HIPPA protected information and putting it on the net to destroy whatever they can.


Wonder where Barr is???

Ken MIller

Roger that Just another sell fulling prophecy

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