The Utter Disgrace That is Fox News

I finally had to give up watching The Five last week, because I just couldn’t take another day of Juan Williams uttering fabricated nonsense and having none of the other four hosts do a damn thing to correct the record. It’s obvious management at Fox has told the others that it is hands-off time on Juan in the new age of Black Lives Matter TV.

Just as obvious is that every host on the cable news channel is required to cite the hysterically inaccurate Fox New Polls as of they are the gospel handed down on stone tablets from atop the mountain. When the otherwise sensible Maria Bartiromo is parroting the latest findings at least twice every day on Mornings With Maria, you know the talking points and segments are being forced upon her.

Sunday, things got even worse. Fox Business Analyst Charlie Gasparino appeared on the channel and made a completely fabricated report contending that President Trump is thinking about pulling out of the campaign due to bad polling numbers. From a report at The Hill:

“It’s too early, but if the polls continue to worsen, you can see a scenario where he drops out,” a GOP operative who asked to remain anonymous told Fox News.

Gasparino also reported that one “major player” within the Republican Party described “Trump’s current psyche as ‘fragile.'”

Gasparino said he’s “not convinced yet” that Trump will bow out. He noted that Biden has been largely pushed off the campaign trail by the coronavirus.


This is not only utterly and completely absurd and without any foundation whatsoever, it is patently irresponsible. Even worse, we saw this same sort of despicably false “reporting” from hacks on CNN and MSNBC about this time during the 2016 election cycle. It’s as if Fox News now has its hack “reporters” coordinating daily talking points and narratives with the Democrats and CNN.

Folks, President Trump is not only not going to withdraw from this race, he is going to win it, just as he has won every other difficult challenge during the course of his life. Furthermore, his polling is not all that bad right now. Anyone who looks into the internals in these polls knows that they are almost uniformly oversampling Democrat voters and under-sampling Republicans.

Here’s a great example: A Susquehanna poll released on Monday gives Biden a 5-point lead over Trump in Pennsylvania. Even if you accept that result, Trump could turn that number around in a week. But that number is completely fabricated, given that the pollster over-samples college-educated voters in the state by at least 20%.

Also on Monday, we had a Trafalgar Group poll of the key state of Wisconsin showing Trump with a one point lead in that state. Note that Trafalgar was one of only two pollsters in 2016 that correctly called the race for Trump instead of Clinton. Note also that Trafalgar released a poll of Michigan last week showing Trump ahead in that crucial state as well.

We can cherry pick polls all day long, but that is an exercise in futility given that, with a few notable exceptions, the sector as a whole is absolute gutter trash at this point, just like Fox and the rest of the national news media.  There was a time when Fox News could at least be relied upon as a source of accurate factual content, but with hacks like Gasparino polluting its airwaves, and hosts being forced to pretend that its notoriously inaccurate polling represents a “news” story, that now has obviously gone by the wayside.

Call it the pernicious influence of Paul Ryan, call it whatever you want, but Fox News is not a “news” channel anymore, and that’s a shame.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Disturbing. I know Mr. Gasparino by way of his book about Obama and Goldman Sachs, “Bought and Paid For” (he was working for CNBC but moved to Fox upon publication). Thanks to RonPaulForums I found the book by way of it’s revelation (NEVER mentioned on any news) about the “Creature from Johnny’s Half Shell”–a secret meet-up in 2018 before the financial crisis between the biggest money center bankers (including Cohn of G-Sachs) hosted by Volcker, the only non-banker in attendance: Barack Obama.

Whisperin Pints

One America News Network (OANN or OAN) is the only reliable news outlet left.


Faux has been in a steady decline since daddy Murdock turned the company over to the kids. OAN’s website still needs a lot of work. Have yet to check out their news channel. Sorry, have to go train in MMA and Kung FU…

Jimmy MacAfee

Hope your training goes well! Keep it up!


Quite obviously someone, (sorass) and/or group (Chia), owns or controls most of the biggest five or six national ‘news’ outlets. With few exceptions, they have been a leftist echo chamber for my whole (60 year) life.

The concept of FOX News (and Drudge) was refreshing and needed in the BJ Clinton error until to a couple of years ago, and FNC, by actually being “fair and balanced”, was rewarded as the ratings leader under Ailes’ operational leadership and Murdock’s ownership. Regardless of his #MeToo foibles, he understood how to tap into an underserved audience.

From a pure marketing standpoint, what FNC is doing makes no sense, which means they have been bought off and corrupted. Their ‘reward’ will be to fight for the million (that is 1 out of every 330 Americans) or so viewers that DNCNN and MSLSD garner – not a good model (there’s that word again) for success. So it is obvious that free market driven profit is not the motivation of and the main agenda of any of the major ‘news’ networks.

I am mildly surprised that FOX is leading the way in bogus polls – no one is going to win the presidency by more than 5% of the popular vote. The fact that Gaffe O. Joe Figurehead is going to get at least 45% (he shouldn’t get more than 5% with a sane electorate) of the popular/fraud vote speaks volumes about how far gone we actually are, and how far we have to go to get back to some semblance of normalcy. However FNC, being reported as Trump’s favorite network, having such constant bullschiff polls is probably designed as some sort of phycological operation against the president to dispirit him and his base, and lend some sort of creditability to the other equally bogus polls. After all, if even FOX shows Trump losing by double digits, it must be ‘true’.

I only remember two polls being remotely correct in 2016. One asked their initial respondents if they could continue to contact the same group during the election cycle, and the other asked what are your neighbor’s opinion, or who is your friends and neighbors going to vote for.

One other aspect to consider:

If Joe Bubblehead is actually ahead by ten-plus points, why do the Democrats still want mail-in voting fraud? Why do they want to keep beating the dead Russian horse hoax? I mean if Trump’s goose is cooked and the election is a fait accompli, why bother with more talk about congressional hearings and possible impeachment? Obviously the Democrat Party isn’t confident and wants to continue to foment the anger and keep the summer and fall of discontent going; they don’t want peace or harmony unless they are in power and then, and only then, will we be allowed to return to some semblance of the supposed good old days of ‘the One’ and BJ Clinton, while they “fundamentally change” America behind the scenes and under the cover of the allied media.

Jimmy MacAfee

Correct assessment: they’re only using the “we’re ahead of Trump” strategy to try to cover the fraud they fully intend to use in the election.

Bill Smith

Fox has put themselves on a death march.


Paul Ryans addition to the board at Fox is all that one needs to know. He has hated Trump for a very long time and tried to derail him whenever possible. I cut the cable some time ago and what I see from Fox are clips I view on You Tube. Like you David, I could no longer stomach Juan Williams months ago. Someone needs to slap him. Oh darn, now I’ll get booted for promoting violence!

Jimmy MacAfee

Juan Williams is the reason I never watch The Five. In a time when he was last asked, at least I could listen to the others, and then shut it off. I want nothing to do with whatever he says on any subject at any time for any reason.

Paul Ryan? May his name live in infamy forever! I’d suggest putting up a statue for someone to immediately tear down, but I’d hate to see anyone punished for doing so. In addition to my regret at once voting for No Name the Fake Ace (bringing down his own planes in most of those) I regretted voting for Mitt the Silly Mutt, and now understand that Ryan completed the ticket like that little extra squeeze at the end of a bowel evacuation. (“Uhhhhhhgghhh! There! I just had a Paul Ryan!”) Traitor.

I miss the real Fox news.


Your Ryan statue is a great idea and oh so funny! I think you and I are on the same page as far as Juan is concerned.


Anyone still lamenting the demise of FNC is WAY behind the curve. Accept that it’s dead and move on to OAN.


Got that right….

jack johnson

I stopped watching Faux news long ago except for Tucker and Ingram. Hannity drives me insane with his “as you know I train MMA and Kung Fu” crap. I quit watching Faux Business when they fired Trish Regan. Gas Bagarino is a little twerpy pimp and when him and Cavuto get together it makes you want to vomit.

My guess is after Trump`s next term is over you will see “Trump Media” break out.


A “Trump Media” breakout would be welcomed and nice to see, and if that happens, the real “fair and balanced” hosts and contributors should quit en masse, and when their contract expires move to an OAN type network.

I suspect most are empty talking heads like Meeagain Kelly and will whore themselves out to the highest bidder just like she did. Most have no core convictions and will compliantly say what they are told to say. But it would be great to see Juan sitting alone playing with himself on the “Five”. He won’t be alone for long as there is no shortage of leftist twerps and twats available to fill the chairs. Look for Shemp Smith to return and whatever unindicted and unemployed (Strzok-Stroke-Smirk) coup colluders including soon to be retired Generals, can be cobbled together to fill the empty chairs. Empty head for empty chairs to avoid empty air.


Fan. Love the Duke quote.

Brian C

It’s about time. I have been Faux-free for over five years. Tucker and Laura may be fine. Hannity is insufferable and the rest of the network totally sucks. FNC polls are more skewed to favor Dems than CNN’s.

Philly Smith

Love him or hate him, Hanity is the only talking head that pushed the facts that Obama, et al used the intelligence agencies against Trump.

Rick Church

OAN seems the most reliable these days.

Sharon Campbell

Fox News has decided in wants to go into the lowest ratings possible apparently. Tucker & a couple of otters are still producing facts but I have to turn the TV off Fox now most of the time. Sad.

NA Howell

I now agree that Fox is FAUX news. They are censoring people. How do I know? I was one of those censored. About two months ago, I noticed all my comments posted to news articles were deleted immediately regardless of content. I have never made a racist, threatening or demeaning comment, but still I’ve been censored. I have complained to Faux news daily to no avail, but I didn’t really expect any results. I have now deleted my account and am spreading the word about Faux news.


I stopped watching Fox News years ago. I used to get up two hours early just to watch Fox News before work. No more. Juan and others a big part of that. Also leaning away from If I cared what Elizabeth Hurley was doing or saying each week, I’d find some outlet for that other than Fox News.

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