New Jersey Voter Fraud Incident Reveals Democrat Plan for November

But…but…but…we’ve been assured by Nancy Pelosi and Jake Tapper that voter fraud with mail-in ballots is a myth. – They wouldn’t lie to us, would they?

Why yes, yes they would.

About 1/5th of all ballots cast in a Paterson, New Jersey special election for city council have been thrown out by a judge as being fraudulent. Mail-in ballots were stolen from mailboxes by Democrat political operatives, filled out with forged signatures and mailed in as part of a scheme led by four men, Councilman Michael Jackson, Councilman-Elect Alex Mendez, Councilman Shahin Khalique, and Abu Razyen.

This kind of voter fraud is a virtually 100% Democrat phenomenon, perpetrated all across the country, mainly in low-income and heavily-minority communities. From a piece at The Federalist:

Khalique and Mendez both won their races by incredibly close margins. Mendez ousted incumbent William McKoy with a mere 245-vote lead. Khalique’s race was decided by a difference of only eight votes, though a recount placed him exactly equal with his challenger.

Jackson, Mendez, and Khalique have all been charged with the following: fraud in casting mail-in vote in the third degree, unauthorized possession of ballots in the third degree, tampering with public records in the third degree, and falsifying or tampering with records in the fourth degree. Mendez also faces charges of second-degree election fraud and third-degree false registration or transfer. Rayzen is charged with fraud in casting mail-in vote and unauthorized possession of ballots, both in the third degree.

The frustration with fraud is leading some to call for the total invalidation of the election. A local NAACP leader, Rev. Kenneth Clayton, argues the city should have an entirely new election due to the rampant alleged fraud.

“These kinds of acts make people not want to vote anymore. They feel disenfranchised, disconnected that their votes don’t count, and that is not fair to people,” Clayton said. He is filing a formal complaint to New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, who ordered the election to be exclusively mail-in.

Benjie Wimberly, deputy speaker of the New Jersey Assembly, likewise criticized the governor for the policy. He too fears voter disenfranchisement, and believes the state should do more to allow in-person voting to prevent these kinds of issues.


Note that the people who are doing the complaining about how easy it is to commit rampant fraud in a mail-in election are also all Democrats, who understand what the deal is here.

This kind of voter fraud has long in fact been one of the most common kinds practiced by Democrats. It has been in practice for decades involving absentee ballots, focused in areas where Democrat officials control local governments. If you control the local government, you have access to the list of local citizens who request absentee ballots. From that point, it is a simple thing to find out what day the ballots are being delivered and have operatives follow mail trucks through the relevant neighborhoods and remove the ballots from mailboxes. I have actually watched such operations in action in South Texas.

But doing this with absentee ballots is admittedly more difficult, precisely because those ballots must be requested by the voter in advance, as President Donald Trump notes here:

Mail-in ballots do not have that extra layer of security – Democrat operatives could just follow mail trucks around on the right day and loot every mailbox in neighborhoods where residents can’t afford security cameras. In a 100% mail-in election like Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are pushing this year, millions of Americans would end up being completely disenfranchised.

Over the past 20 years, Democrat governors and party-controlled legislatures in a growing number of states have ordered that all voting be conducted by mail. If you don’t think fraud just like this is widespread in elections in those states, you are hopelessly naive.

We have to understand that Democrats literally believe they are entitled to power because they are better people than you are. Armed with that conceit, they absolutely believe that any means necessary to obtain and maintain political power are absolutely justified.

Everyone needs to communicate with their U.S. senators to ensure they kill any proposal from the House – where Pelosi rules with a decrepit fist – that would mandate a national mail-in election. There is no question at all the Democrat Party plans to use COVID-19 as a justification to steal this election. The future of the country is really at stake.

That is all.

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M. Crawford

I am horrified that I was EVER a democrat. As an old woman, my years of being one, remind me that I was not paying attention, or realizing the consequences of placing such evil in office. I am sorry to have voted for our first black president. I am afraid there will not be anymore, due to the pathetic/slimy leadership of Obama.


Everybody on both sides knows that the sole reason for vote-by-mail is for Dems to commit election fraud. But as long as they keep announcing that we’re wrong it seems to fly anyway. I’m very disappointed that Trump isn’t more vigorously fighting it. Or anything else, anymore.


You either aren’t serious or aren’t informed. No one could do what Trump has done on all fronts while facing a spied upon campaign, the Russian hoax inquiry, the impeachment hoax, the Global Pandemic, a collapsing economy, and national riots. You wouldn’t have lasted a week with that onslaught and yet you’re disappointed in him? What the hell do you expect, and what exactly have YOU done for your country lately? Get out there YOURSELF and fight voter fraud in your own community.


democrats are garbage. that is all.


Thanks DB. Most important issue other than changing fake DNC news narrative China & BLM terrorism
Must mobilize black moderate leaders and support them. silent black majority will be in Trump’s corner unless we disparage them, and so we MUST emphasize unity
-regarding China keep pointing out their alliance with Dem anti-American agenda
-Voting We must mobilize our friends to vote and MONITOR. this is a local task
Our swing areas are only as good as the good people on the ground… Where is your state GOP organization. Mobilize monitor on state basis


I live in Washington State which has voting by mail. This election cycle, I was required to declare party affiliation in the primary and am not going to be allowed to vote for who I choose. That is a change from 2016. In 2016 I voted and financially supported Sanders in the primary. I couldn’t stand the thought of Hillary being President and voted for Trump during the general election. I ended up walking away from the party BECAUSE they fraudulently ran Hillary. I am not allowed to vote that way this year and THAT is voter suppression.


Not sure where the surprise is… ALL communists are corrupt to the core. If one runs as a demoncrap you know immediately their character.

Its a war… know your enemy


I believe the president will win another Electoral College victory, but the real purpose of this mail in voting is to increase the number of “popular votes” for his opponent to make the case for the following:

1) Diminish a second Trump victory by denying him a popular vote victory
2) Ensure the Senate turns Dem by ensuring Dem victories in Dem controlled or purple states like AZ, CO, IA, ME, MI, MN, NH, and NC – same for the House
3) Allow for the bogus argument to further erode the EC with the long-game goal of eliminating it.

Realizing that Trump will probably win, the goal is to neuter him and deny him getting his judges confirmed in his second term, continue with the ‘investigating’ via media driven narratives and impeachment attempts via congressional hearings under the guise of ‘oversight’.

Unlike in 2016, Trump has supposed and nominal control over the DOJ and his first priority must be to enforce a nonfraudulent election on all levels. Only a Sgt. Schultz type would fail to see the rampant voter fraud that has occurred since at least, and probably before 1960 – longer on the local level.

It is high time this crap is stopped, and only Trump can stop it. When he wins and if he fails to get the corrupt local election officials prosecuted, he will be the last Republican president.

I hope Barr et al is up to the task.

PS: I knew for the last forty plus years that NJ was a hopelessly corrupt schiff-hole. It took me until 2004 to escape, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Jumper Bones

If it’s still a Federal crime to steal malied ballots from someone’s mailbox, then I hope these theives will be charged and go to Federal prison for it.


After Nov there will be no place to hide.


Dave, did any of the elections get declared invalid; was there a new election called? Did the Dem win, and retain his/her ‘victory’? Or was it just like the LBJ congressional or senate ‘victories’ you wrote about a month or so ago?

Jimmy MacAfee

The Dems invented voter fraud, voter intimidation, voter suppression.

Anyone remember poll taxes, literacy tests? Brought to you by your favorite Southern Demonrats.

Then the Dems re-invented the miracle or resurrection, as the Chitcago mob gave JFK the Presidency. Another Dem fraud.

So what do black folks have to fear about vote by mail? If you look at our history, they have more to fear than anyone. Just like gun control: legal black gun ownership is what Dems fear most, because criminals can’t keep them hiding in their homes if they’re armed.

We’re all in this together, folks.

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