The Silent Majority is Becoming the New Resistance

Guest Piece by Kelly M.

Sometimes you feel like your head might explode.

Something has happened in this country that I never thought I would see. I have been rendered afraid to speak my mind. I have been rendered mute. Not because I don’t have conviction of what I believe, but because I do.

Whether those of you who don’t agree with my point of view on things believe it or not, this feeling that I have is not unique to me. Nor has this feeling softened or blurred my belief of what is right and wrong. If anything, it’s hardened my commitment. It’s strengthened my beliefs.

This constant outrage and self-righteous preaching and re-writing of history that is going on reminds me of all of the books I’ve read about the resistance movement in France during the second world war. Despite what the folks who call themselves “The Resistance” today might think, they are actually employing the tactics of mental warfare employed by the other side in those dark days of the German occupation.

Yes, all those who are calling out anyone who doesn’t believe what they believe and feel what they feel, who attempt to ruin or shame or humiliate anyone who dares ask questions or challenge their groupthink mantras, those who are calling anyone who supports one candidate instead of their candidate Nazis… are, in fact, the real Nazis.

One doesn’t have to spend much time in the small villages and town squares of France that were once occupied by the Germans to begin to understand the depths of depravity foisted on the French population by the Nazis. Several years ago, my first real understanding of this came when I visited La Musee de la Resistance in L’Isle Sur la Sorgue, in Provence.

The Germans were not able to simply march through France and take it over because the people were weak. Not at all. The French people endured unspeakable horrors. Knowing that most of the military aged men were away at war, the Germans simply tried to enslave French women and children. They terrorized them, they intimidated them, they tried to turn them against each other, and they slowly but devastatingly stole the most important activities of their daily lives and culture. It didn’t happen quickly. Slowly, bit by bit, day by day, insult by insult the Nazis tried to wear down these people by rendering them speechless and powerless.

The Nazis seemed successful, for a time. But they didn’t understand the indomitable human spirit of the French citizens, the women in particular. They mistook silence for acquiescence. They mistook femininity and maternal instinct for softness and submission. They mistook survival instinct for surrender.

Most importantly, the Nazis started to believe that by pillaging and breaking down these communities, they were subduing anyone who dared defy them. The Nazis thought that by turning worlds upside down, destroying churches and seizing the property, homes, and even wives of the French soldiers, they were building themselves up and they viewed the power they’d granted to themselves as an aphrodisiac. They literally thought they were irresistible.

What they didn’t understand was what strong solder the anger and bile the French felt for the Nazis was creating. The humiliation and fear they had sowed in these communities also united them in secret, hidden ways that would have never occurred prior to the despicable hate crimes of the German soldiers.

When churches and communities are destroyed, it’s more than cultural. It’s personal. The cries of relief from the eventually liberated French were accompanied by a low, guttural moan of defiance and resolve to regain what they treasured most from their nearly lost culture.

Yes, when the free world stormed the beaches of Northern France those young soldiers from America, Canada and England were able to surprise and overpower the German hold on Europe and turn the tide of the war. But the liberation of the French didn’t happen without the assistance and wiliness of so many in the French countryside who fed, hid, sheltered and protected those soldiers at great risk to themselves and their families.

So sleep well in your self-satisfied bubble tonight, feeling accomplished because you’ve wrongly, self-righteously, and without an ounce of self-awareness of your own hatred, smugness, and ignorance branded half your fellow citizens racist homophobic maniacal neanderthals. Keep enabling and praising the twenty- and thirty-something children who are actually your masters – they know that your need for them to admire and “be friends with” you allows them to say or do anything with no consequence. They may smile with you in family pictures, but they mock you and see you as nothing more than a mindless simp, a useful idiot.

Look at the empty, dead eyes of these completely unaccomplished, arrogant, miserable young people burning cities, murdering innocents and tearing down statues while filming themselves with cell phones that you’re likely paying for, flaunting useless college degrees that you’ve paid for…it’s so cool that you can say how “woke” you are and how evolved you are because you’ve got such a “brave” kid who is “speaking their truth to power.”

You have passed along your own perpetually outraged mindset to them. But unlike you, they were raised to be enabled and empowered with a complete lack of respect for and ignorance of history, life, law and the meaning of real independence and freedom. Their whole lives have literally been all about them.

We could have had dialogue, but you insisted on monologue. We could have had healing and forgiveness, but you insisted on ripping open old wounds and beating dead horses. You don’t want change, you want to remain mired in past miseries and injustices. Your goal isn’t mutual understanding or mutual forgiveness. Your goal is destruction.

To paraphrase Teddy Roosevelt, you will soon understand that millions of us may be speaking softly, but we understand the importance of big sticks. Don’t be surprised when you’re surprised by the force you’ve created and unleashed.

You can read all of Kelly’s wonderful writings at her own blog,

That is all.

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Brilliant piece by Kelly M. Her last sentence says it all for me: “Don’t be surprised when you’re surprised by the force you’ve created and unleashed.” I’m 72 years old and I bought my first gun. Actually two; one for the house and one for the car. The Left has gone too far this time.


This is in addition to, not instead of. Keeping on the French theme, I would like everyone to study the French Revolution of 1789. For the most part, those that started the revolution were themselves executed in the Terror that wound up with Napoleon. Many of us are veterans that have weapons and know how to use them. Also, please notice that these anarchist riots are happening in Democrat controlled areas. When and if the BLM, Antifa et. al. decide to come to areas where people won’t wait for the police, they probably will not leave.

Another thought has come to mind. Y’all know how China is building the artificial islands? Why don’t we do the same in our coastal waters and put these anarchists on them? Since it’s illegal to try to VIOLENTLY overthrow the government, put them permanently out of our misery.

Jimmy MacAfee

A funny thing could happen to those fake islands the Chinese have built. Use your imagination, and you won’t be wrong.

The arrogant Chinese military build on false hopes, and they are afraid to admit when they’re wrong – hence the CCP virus – and they try to build success on a pile of chickenshit. They’re thieves and liars – as all Communists are – and are all psychopaths.

Psychopaths have unseen vulnerabilities – but visible if you know how to deal with them. There is nothing human about them; they have no remorse nor empathy, and eventually the people who do have empathy fight back. Especially when they see the Neo-Mao (sounds like a cat, doesn’t it?) bans news that people know in their bones and in their flesh, having suffered through the deprivations and pain.

Right now, the Chinese have convinced their own people that the US was involved in the promulgation of BLOVID. A lie, but even if that were true, the Chinese sent millions of infected people to seed the rest of the world with the virus.

Like your idea of building barrier islands, prone to flooding. We don’t have to build them; they exist already. Call them “Islands of Amelia.” Hear there are some nasty land crabs there with a taste for human flesh.

As far as the pathetic INCELS in Washington State, there was a movie once called “The Beach,” a kind of modern version of “Lord of the Flies,” adult version.


Don’t get me wrong. I am not “trying to sow discord”.

At my age (75), I know history. It just makes me so sad to see what’s happening to our country. There’s no way I would vote for anyone other than Trump.

So sorry if I didn’t express my feelings in a better way. I will take a time out for now.


Don’t give up Lady Jane. You’re probably like a lot of people who struggle to understand it all. For example, there isn’t the six o’clock news you used to watch. Now it’s morphed into opinion only, and it’s tough for thinking people to hear such radical garbage and believe it. Your own opinion may change with good eyes, a wide variety of reading and what patience you can muster.

Jimmy MacAfee

Here’s a meme we should consider:

“Voting for Biden because you don’t like Trump
is like eating a dog turd because you don’t like broccolli.”


No… You don’t need a time out. Thank you for commenting.

If people get upset with your comments thats their problem. I don’t see your posts as trolling but frustrated by the appearance of inaction, which many of us have expressed. I for one appreciate your posts.


Me too

Jimmy MacAfee

As far as the news media and Deep State vilifying everybody who supports the Constitution as “far right,” there will be a time when anyone who wants to dismantle the Constitution will be considered an enemy of the state. Right or Left, the Constitution protects us.

Most actual far-righters are solidly opposed to the Constitution. Haven’t met too many of them; they’re nearly extinct. But the leaders in Charlottesville, both sides, are solidly against the Constitution.

The Constitution and the flag are our battleground. And anyone in the FBI or CIA or other government agency who considers the flag and Constitution offensive should be refused employment.


“The Constitution and the flag are our battleground. And anyone in the FBI or CIA or other government agency who considers the flag and Constitution offensive should be refused employment.”

That includes RBG.

Jimmy MacAfee
Jimmy MacAfee

Melinda Gates, as quoted in the article above:

“Here in the United States, it’s going to be Black people who really should get it first and many indigenous people, as well as people with underlying symptoms, and then elderly people.”

Part of the New Resistance will be refusing to take vaccines. Black folks should consider how often their brothers and sisters in Africa have been used as laboratory rats for Pig Pharma, as has happened in other non-white countries like India, and refuse to be first in line.

Don’t take the vaccine for BLOVID-19. Take precautions like washing your hands, other things, but masks don’t work (raising carbon dioxide levels too high, to unsafe levels) and quarantines for the healthy are stupid and ill-advised.

Jimmy MacAfee

And if you’re young and healthy and decide to take Bill Gates’ vaccine, you may want to freeze your sperm or eggs…just in case.

Jimmy MacAfee

As far as Attorney General Barr goes: I trust Senator Cruz’ opinion.

You fight on the battlefield you need to take or defend.

Nomen Nescio

Jimmy MacAfee,
I honestly believe that Teddy Cruz is nothing more than a whinny crybaby. He knew Donaldus Magnus was totally innocent of that Russian bull crap, yet he, Johnny Cornball and Chip Roy did exactly Jack Crap about defending Donaldus Magnus. Josh Hawley is about the most Ballsey supporter of Donaldus Magnus. If Lil’ Crybaby Teddy Boy would have been elected within 6 months he would have been a slobbering crying mess huddled in the fetal position being carried out of the White House. Lil’ Teddy Boy owes his political career to Donaldus Magnus because he was about to get his butt handed to him by Beto O’Irish before Donaldus Magnus came to Texas with his NAGA Rally and bailed him out.

Jimmy MacAfee

I don’t see it that way, but it’s true that they had fake oppo research on Cruz, and Cruz wouldn’t have been able to withstand the firestorm. I don’t know of anyone BUT President Trump who could have withstood the relentless attacks.

I saw Cruz defend President Trump time after time after time, so I don’t really know what you’re talking about. But I’m not about to throw Senator Cruz under the bus or into the gorge..

One question, my dear troll: it it an African or European Swallow?


I don’t see Cruz as anything special either. He’s trying to copy everything Trump because hes up’d the game in social media. Cruz reminds me a lot like Trey G. in that he talks a game but doesn’t have the presence to really do much of anything.

Jimmy MacAfee

The federal government, under Janet Reno and Willy Jeff the Island Hopper, intentionally and maliciously radicalized those who could be radicalized. PATCON. (They did this under Bush to impressionable Muslims, but that wasn’t the same operation.)

I never understood why they think we’re all going to rise up, taking their bait. We shoot when we’re shot at. They tried to instigate an uprising in Waco, and at Ruby Ridge, and in Oklahoma City. All examples of failed FBI leadershit. Same thing with the FBI and the Bundy Standoff. The FBI shot Cliven in the back.

The FBI is/are not our friends; they are not our allies. Sure, for now, they’re rounding up ANTIFA. But counting on them is foolish – trusting them is even worse. Replacing the heads is like replacing parts of a Lego set, no matter what floor they’re perched on.

But remember: don’t shoot until you’re shot at, no matter what the provocateurs want you to do; don’t let them radicalize you. Keep your head and keep your powder dry. And if you do have to defend yourself, make it count, with whatever you have at the time.

No quarter.


We the people resisting. That’s all talk too, in my opinion. Everyday on every website, we keep reading what we can do to stop this madness. But nothing changes.

Everywhere I go, I see the idiots with their masks on riding bikes, driving cars, going into the stores. People constantly telling me that we have to be careful because the virus is here; hasn’t gone away. I don’t know very many who are even aware of the sham this virus is.

I’m sorry, if this is resistance, it’s not working. I still say we have to see something happen at the top. Stop tweeting, going on all the shows, bragging about how great everything is going. Show us before it’s too late because Trump will loose the election at this rate.


I understand the frustration at seeing a lot of talk and little action, LadyJane. The enemy, demoncraps, are seemingly getting away with murder, and they are to date, ie coumo.

Don’t get lost in the short game because the communists are playing a long game here. There is a lot of chaos happening, intentionally, and it is intended to do exactly what you state in frustration. To turn you against Trump and cause despair and hopelessness.

Understand that Trump is only one guy who has a lot of enemies both in and around him, in both parties. First off, put your hope, faith and prayers in Christ, then pray for Trump that Gods grace and provenance will be sufficient to carry the day. Trump isn’t the saviour, Christ is…

Be informed and know the facts because the communists hate facts. For those that are truly ignorant you are the one to get them to start thinking, reasoning. Questioning why they are doing what they do, ie mask wearing. Ask they why they wear masks. Simply to obey or for ‘protection’. When they state protection then lay out for them the facts that show masks don’t help but actually cause more problems.

Realize that Trump has made some huge gains during his first term. He’s made some real horrid picks for positions and has plenty of no shows too… eg Sessions and now Barr. There are very few who could stand the daily onslaught from media and demoncraps plus the rino’s and inaction from the RNC to help. Not saying Trump can do no wrong, he;s done plenty but he’s still only a man.

Like Jimmy stated, what are you doing to prepare for a worst case scenario?? You and your family should have a plan and actually prep for a worst case. If you never need it then its nothing lost and be thankful you never needed it. Its a war… the communists are playing for keeps and nobody is going to rescue you, especially the govt. You may not be physically fit but mental fitness is a must.

Its ok to be frustrated, but don’t let it cloud your judgement or get you distracted. Keep fighting.

Jimmy MacAfee

You mistake the preparation for battle as inaction. And most people I know call this the Plandemic.

Yes, there are the mask-wearers on bicycles. They can’t be counted on – never did. But since you like to dump on those who are preparing, what are you doing?

Don’t you know that the FBI AND the military have been under recent administrations (including Bush, Clinton etc) designating patriotic Americans as “potential terrorists?” And that some are trained, in the military, that the Continental Army and the Minutemen were terrorists?

Well then. Perhaps they thought of Churchill in that way, in his country.

But what are YOU doing, besides trying to sow discord? What is it that YOU are PERSONALLY doing? Are you learning self-defense? Exercising? You dismiss all the Americans who are armed and ready as ineffectual, and maybe they are where you live, but what are you doing that can make a difference? Do you still watch CNN, buy chips and crackers and drink soft drinks and are a layabout, or are you preparing for the day when we may need to take the streets back for ourselves?

We aren’t ones to pick a fight. Don’t mistake that for an unwillingness to fight. And personally, I’m doing exactly what I’m suggesting, and I NEVER wear a mask to the store or in my car or when I’m exercising. NEVER.

Jimmy MacAfee

The resolve – the DEEP resolve – comes rushing like a wall of wind and water, seemingly out of nowhere. The Leftist tyrants who have suffered no actual grievances have no clue about this resolve; they’ve never actually had their backs to a wall, trapped and angry. They’re just angry, whiny, petulant children.

When the real anger comes, the real resolve – as the author speaks of – there will be different responses: some will be like Flame and Citron, a movie about the Danish underground that deals with Nazi collaborators. That will be one response.

Others will be involved in passive resistance, playing dumb, hiding feelings, quiet sabotage by incompetence, the way the federal government behaved during Katrina. That was passive resistance by the Deep State itself. But we can play those games, too. There are a lot of people who have been uninvolved – tech savvy people – until now.

We learn how to smile and pretend; running mouths are of no value. Much easier to stick a shiv in the ribs of someone who thinks you harmless because you haven’t complained. Then they get paranoid when they find the bodies of those work with them, and they lose patience, and they make mistakes – big mistakes – and they end up face down in a park somewhere alone. No one bothers to pick up the body. It just sits and stinks and the possums and crows and buzzards have their way.

Resistance and resolve aren’t bumper or back-window sticker words; real resistance means not telegraphing every move; it’s quiet, silent and it’s deadly. It works. Churchill provided us a blueprint, assuming the worst in his time – that the Crown would sue for peace. He prepared to set up an underground, using people of every persuasion, working with people of diverse skills
– because they were never going to give up, not to the last man and woman and child. And British Intelligence of a different sort was created, the old stooges of the aristocracy mostly brushed aside, some being collaborators.

ANTIFA and BLM have never been the resistance: they’re not even the Brownshirts – or is it Brownshorts, as so many of them will soil their nappies as soon as the real Resistancebegins picking them off. Even now, when the police act like police and chase them down, with a promise of maybe years in jail, they squeal and moan. Then they are Brownshorts for real.

They have never faced the Resistance for real, not like those who will protect our homeland from tyrants. The American Resistance will be more lethal than they, the Left, can possibly imagine.

Starting soon, at a Theatre of War near you.

Jimmy MacAfee

Now you know why some of us work out, training? Oh, innocent looking enough! It’s for the health! They think. Do you wonder why people like Whitmer were keeping people inside their homes, guessing that they won’t be building muscle? Some will, some won’t. She was softening the Resistance – or so she thought.

The victims of this will be those who think watching sports is equal to doing sports. Too late for the useless and lazy. But those who have physical handicaps, pain and dysfunction aren’t helpless – unless they slumber away on their couch.

My advice on this hot June day? Do what you can to prepare for both the best and the worst. If the worst doesn’t happen, you won’t regret a day of it!

Jimmy MacAfee

Our resistance doesn’t begin with Barr, the FBI, Wimpy Graham: the FBI considers those who use words like “patriotism” as potential terrorists, and the same for those who refer to Constitutional rights. That is a fact.

And that is why the Resistance does not begin with those at the top, as LadyJane claims. Trump isn’t alone; he has us: but he is alone at the top. We must consider that, and prepare as if we have no one at the top to defend us.

The ultimate continuity plan: We the People.


Our resistance begins with Trump, Barr, FBI, McConnell, Graham etc. So far I don’t see it. We can’t keep waiting for them to do something. We keep hearing about indictments but get none that count. Trump talks a big game but nada. He says there will not be another quarantine but we’re still told that we have to keep our distance, wear our masks, stay home. There’s no time left. The time to act was yesterday. Come on Trump. Get people in there who will do the job. This can’t go on.

Jimmy MacAfee

Nothing you wrote is wrong. But we have all observed the same things, and we need to put some powder in the shells.

I don’t bother trying to rally those who are too mentally/emotionally feeble to aid in the cause for protecting the Constitution. They’re pathetic, mask wearing wusses.

Read “A Man Called Intrepid.” It’s partly about how Churchill got Roosevelt to prepare for the war, part about Churchill’s efforts to bypass his nation’s own ineffective intelligence and make it a force to reckon with against the Nazis. The same model must be brought into play now, using natural talents – there have been articles about “super-analysts” who are much more accurate in their analyses than the tie-wearing office dredges who failed to anticipate a huge number of catastrophic occurrences. The good ones in the employ of the government agencies are ignored by the diplocraps and tea-and-wine sippers.

Churchill used a LOT of people from a LOT of different places. That is the current practice, but they’re not effectively used, and as with Hollywood, they’ve been co-opted by Communist/Islamist moles like Brennan and Obeelzebub. The agencies – and the Agency – are so badly riddled with traitors – and this is nothing new, because it took a mountain of evidence to find Ames, and the CIA “director” at the time stopped with his and his wife’s prosecution. And they should have met the same fate as the Rosenbergs.

We aren’t using our own capabilities, enhanced by out-of-the-box thinkers that no one wants to deal with or acknowledge. We have a wealth of talent which is shuffled aside – and this includes agencies like the FBI as well – because they aren’t suits.

One day, when the agencies are losing our homeland, maybe the outsiders such as the ones Churchill used will be the only ones left to bar the gates against the enemies internal and external. But as long as they’re told to sit down and shut up, their independent activities will be watched, but never utilized. Like when Q told a certain individual to stop talking about bunkers, that the Agency couldn’t protect him, that taking measures for personal safety wouldn’t be useful. Q is sometimes an effing idiot. Must be a stepson of Ollie North.

Figure out ways to expose the enemies’ weaknesses, explain where ours are (as you did) but not to encourage the notion of futility. Dave’s article was all about the underground and how when it comes down to fighting for our liberties, we will begin to show our strength, and the professionals will be retired with phony honors while the people refuse to lay down and die.

Eric S.

the quiet majority is watching carefully, making plans, fortifying supplies and supply chains… and lying in wait for this incursion to either dissipate on its own because most young idots have no commitment to their cause much can they less explain its purpose…or make a lethal mistake, like come after our homes, our families, our friends, our lives.

they have no idea what is quietly waiting for them.

Albert Barnett

When they have destroyed all of your history, they will come for you!


Which is why you need to encourage all of your like minded friends and family to get out and vote R up and down ballot. It’s how we win this soft civil war. Don’t listen to the secm (socialist echo chamber media).and be not afraid!

Nabi Rasch

Gee. I didn’t know we were already so far gone.


Only if you have had your head in the sand. The rest of us are quite aware of the situation and the consequences if we don’t vote appropriately. This article stresses the need to remember history, learn from it and act accordingly.

Philly Smith

The “Resistance” better get a move on. In 130 days there may be no resistance, no police, no justice in the courts, no Constitution but plenty of FEMA camps.


Its best to have a plan and the means to not only protect yourself but to also be self sustaining for a period of time. Do you need to go full on prepper!?!? That will likely depend on where you live. If you live near/in a city, I’d say yes. Rural… not likely.

The volume of chaos is going to be increased the closer to the election it gets. The chaos is designed to induce complacency and numbness to the gross assaults on conservatives as a whole. Forcing you to be silent and keep your head down so as to not attract attention to yourself.

Its a war… its already upon you… prepare


Big stick indeed. Even wheelchair bound people can use them.


So far, we of the silent majority are a pretty sad sort of resistance.


Please don’t mistake silence for resolve. Silence sometimes means that you are walking on the edge of a very sharp razor.


Great piece… History tends to repeat itself because history is the first to be attacked by those wishing to install themselves as your master. Where does the attack begin??? In the education industry… The Legion magazine even has a front page from early 1930’s warning of the communist infiltration into academia. Yes that long ago.

So what relevance does it have for us today?? Because history is being attacked, erased, modified and weaponized against the citizenry. Examples of these atrocities are being intentionally erased and dumped into the memory hole. False historical narratives of all stripes are blared by media and liars to shame those peoples into submission and compliance.

There is a real resistance and that resistance needs to grow. Its imperative that it does grow, your freedom depends on it, quite literally.

Its a war… resistance is not futile…

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