The Media Campaign to Save Joe Biden from Debates Has Begun

If you think Joe Biden will ever debate Donald Trump, think again. – As it becomes increasingly apparent to a growing majority of Americans that the Democrat Party’s presumptive nominee, Creepy Uncle Quid Pro Farty China Joe Biden, is in the middle stages of advancing dementia, the Democrats and their corrupt toadies in the national news media must concoct some rationale for ensuring that no presidential debates take place this fall.

Enter reliable old hack, columnist Karen Tumulty of the Washington Post, to kick off what will no doubt become a focused campaign to cancel these debates in the weeks to come. Noting that the Democrats have already ensured they can keep their Hidin’ Biden strategy intact through August by canceling their physical convention, Tumulty naturally praises that decision as “wise.” In the jargon of hack WaPo columnists, that means “consistent with the current narrative.”

She then moves to her rationale for killing these debates that she and her leftwing colleagues in the fake news media have treated like sacred, near-religious experiences that must be preserved at all costs in every past campaign.

Here’s an excerpt of Tumulty’s hack reasoning:

Trump is claiming he would like to have four faceoffs with Biden, rather than the three (plus one vice presidential debate), that are currently scheduled to take place between Sept. 29 and Oct. 22.

This is not a serious proposal. Even under the best of circumstances, scheduling these much-watched events on the busy fall calendar is a difficult challenge for the Commission on Presidential Debates, which has been in charge of the process since the 1988 election.

It has to find dates that are not on Friday or Saturday nights, do not conflict with sports and other events networks are committed to, or official presidential business, such as attending the U.N. General Assembly in September. Each debate generally requires the candidates to suspend public appearances for at least a few days to prepare.


What? Why is anything in that last paragraph in any way true? Is there a law that says presidential debates can’t be held on a Friday or Saturday night? No. That’s just for TV ratings purposes which, if the Democrats and media hacks like Tumulty succeed in shutting down the economy again with their Wuhan Virus Panic Porn, won’t be valid in any event since all the bars will still be closed and everyone will be sitting at home in front of their TV getting fatter.

And what are these “sports and other events” of which she speaks? With every passing day and every false report about COVID-19 Related “cases,” the chances of any of those things actually materializing this fall grows increasingly remote.

But the most utterly laughable aspect of that paragraph is Tumulty’s fretting about the candidates having to suspend “public appearances,” as if Joe Biden actually has plans to make public appearances. His entire campaign is focused on finding ways to prevent him from making such appearances, even if that means destroying the U.S. economy and way of life to do it.

Understand that at this point, the panic porn about COVID-19 and the Biden campaign are inextricably attached at the hip. Biden can only win this election if the Democrats and their corrupt media toadies – which now basically includes all of Fox News’s non-prime time operation – can keep the public in a panic and cowering in their homes through November.

A return to lockdowns is key to everything: It keeps Trump from holding the massive rallies that were the key to his winning in 2016; it justifies Biden’s continued strategy of hiding in his basement and being physically seen by as few Americans as possible; it helps to build a rationale for a national vote-by-mail scheme which in turn would maximize voter fraud efforts by the Democrats; and it serves as media justification for canceling face-to-face, unscripted debates between the candidates.

COVID-19 Panic Porn is in fact the Democrat Party’s entire political platform for 2020. Because they simply don’t have anything else to run on.

With 80% of the Republican congressional caucus consisting of timid, spineless cowards, they might just get away with it.

That is all.

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Another thought about Joe Figurehead bailing on the ‘debates’

Trump should make it clear he is going to show up at the three debate venues, and if Joe Figurehead, or whoever is the Dem Nominee, doesn’t show, he will turn it into one of his rallies. He should announce the potential for a rally style event so his supporters can apply and show up outside.

If there is no debate, his supporters are allowed entry for the rally however he wants to conduct it. The media and whoever the ‘moderator(s)’ were going to be can attend and ‘cover’ it like they (supposedly) do with their thumbs up their a$$es; but they get to ask no questions.

The left has made Trump’s refusal to release his taxes one of their most important talking points; Trump needs to turn this around on them and call out every stinking rotten one of the media hacks that are clamoring for no debates and for massive mail in election fraud.

PS: Do you all remember how much speculation there was that the fainting felon might actually faint at the debates in 2016? She was able to function for the six or so total hours; can’t we at least expect that someone seeking our presidency be able to be function under a modicum of pressure (in front of a favorable ‘moderator’) for six hours total on three separate occasions? After all, one does need to be fit for the office, doesn’t one?

I mean, can’t Figurehead give us even that much “gravitas”?


President Trump should demand the debates. He should point out that while, yes covid, there will be 6 feet of distance between him and Joe and that the only threat will be if there are any women or children on the stage.


“national vote-by-mail scheme which in turn would maximize voter fraud efforts by the Democrats”

The mail in ballots would reflect what the populas really wanted all along but were afraid to exercise at a polling station. Their 99.9% voter support would be proof of the voter suppression the bad Republicans had been carrying out previously /s off

Much like China’s court system reflects the guilt of all those brought before it with a 99.9% conviction rate. Obviously only those guilty are brought before the court.


President Trump should do a Clint Eastwood style ‘debate’ with an empty chair. Eastwood ‘debated’ an empty chair filling in for ‘the One’ during the 2012 Republican National Convention and I think it was the best part of the three or four day event. Rather than a regular chair, Trump could use a rocking chair.

If the Dems want to cancel their convention (I’ll bet the mayor of Milwaukee is breathing a sigh of relief at not having his city get trashed), that is fine. It will only highlight the difference between the pink(o) ‘P’ hat wearing wusses and wimps on the Dem’s side and the regular Americans on Trump’s side.

The old political adage: You can’t beat someone with no one still holds true today. And Joe Biden is about as close to a nobody as you can get. At this point the only thing Joe Figurehead is capable of doing is maintaining a pulse and 98 Degree F body temperature.

Sir Cumference

Maybe the DemocRATs could send that morbidly obese person, Stacy Abrams in to debate Trump. That would be real entertaining.


That would still be unfair… That’d be like sending Chuck Norris in to fight a four yr old…


Chuck wouldn’t do that. Even he knows that it wouldn’t be a fair fight.


President Trump should just arrive with a bag full of Bidens gaffs recorded on video and play them one after the other and then walk off the stage. Let’s see the Democrats refute any of them.
Trump by a landslide….

Gypo O'Leary

I recall during the Romney campaign, that a young smart guy that seemed to be way on top of his facts regarding the economy, Paul Ryan, was the VP candidate so he got to debate Joe Biden. (Now I know that Paul Ryan is out of fashion and a RINO or whatever…but at the time he seemed to be the future of conservatism in his ability to speak on issues with facts). So, I am giddy that this half-wit Biden is going to be blown out of the water by Ryan.

Joe did more than hold his own, and actually came away looking good. I know he is older and even more scotch-demented than he was, but I would simply warn you….He might do better than you think. (And the media will spin it that way as much as possible.


But this time around has to explain why he said “China is no threat”; why it was OK for Sonny to fly in on Air Force Two and score $1.5 Billion investment cash from Chinese government; why is was OK to fly into Ukraine and score “money for nothing” deals there too. Just revealed I think by Judicial Watch FOIA request that Hunter Biden flew 410 TIMES on government planes all over the world. What is he James Bond?

Now we find it was Biden who raised the Logan Act against Gen. Flynn (which HE personally violated as noted above) in the Oval Office meet-up early Jan. 2017. After he went on to lie about it and say he didn’t know anything.


The big difference between then and now is onset dementia. When the brain is scrambled there is no way to willfully overcome that. Gropey Joe can barely follow a written script let alone expect him to shine in a fluid debate.

Whats painfully obvious is demoncraps are working hard to mitigate creepy Joes exposure to the media and the People. Its become very obvious that sniffer Joe is mentally incapable of anything more than a five minute conversation and absolutely no way he can run a country. Probably the only running he can do these days is in his Depends.


President Trump needs to announce that HE will be at the debates in person and will accept nothing less from the Biden camp PERIOD!


Yep! “What are you afraid of JOE?”


You are assuming creepy is cognizant of whats going on…

Albert Barnett

My wife thinks I have dementia, we were discussing Biden, Trump and I said if Biden wins, the day after, all the riots stop, covid goes away, all the statues will be raised back up and everything will be just o so peachy.
The left is black mailing the american people, you vote for “Orange Man Bad” and we burn down your cities and history and eventually we start killing you.
That is the choice you have on Nov 4.
Should the worst happen, I will be expecting an apology on Nov. 4th

Sir Cumference

BLM = Burn Loot & Murder


This is demoncrats we’re talking about here. They’ll double down on the tyranny.

Jimmy MacAfee

I still thing the Demonrats will insist that Trump debate the VP candidate they choose, instead of CreepyQuidPro.

Joe is a bully, and all bullies are cowards.

Show Me

That might happen, anything can happen. Biden might pick a Vice Presidential nominee, and then say he can’t fulfill his obligation.
If after the convention, likely the Vice Presidential nominee would become the Presidential nominee, and then likely Nancy Pelosi would become the Vice Presidential Nominee, since Speaker of the House is in line of succession after the Vice President.

Jimmy MacAfee

Run, Joe, run! Hide, Joe, hide! See Joe run; see Joe hide!

Pump up the volume.

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