NASCAR Really Needs to Come up With a Better Hoax Narrative

But this one’s for really real, y’all. Promise. – Just hours after the FBI verified that the story about a “noose” being found in Bubba Wallace’s garage at the Talladega Superspeedway was just another hoax, officials at the Sonoma Raceway, another NASCAR track in California, let it be known that they are going down the exact same road again. I swear I don’t make this stuff up.

From a tiresome story at The Hill:

Authorities in California are investigating after another noose was reportedly found at a NASCAR race track, this time Sonoma Raceway.

According to the track, a member of the raceway’s staff found the noose hanging from a tree Saturday morning.

“If this is what it appears to be, it is distressing and disgusting, and it has no place in the sport,” Steve Page, Sonoma Raceway’s president and general manager told the Sonoma Index-Tribune.

“Someone had taken the time to tie it into a noose,” he added. “We think it is what it appears to be.”

The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office is handling the case as a possible hate crime, a spokeswoman for the office said in a statement.


If anything, this ridiculous story sounds even more like a hoax than the Talladega fairy tale, which turned out to be a case of a clear fraud in which the garage door pulls on the storage garages had been tied into loops so workers can get handholds on them. The one on Wallace’s garage had obviously been cut off with scissors and then “found” by some enterprising hoaxer.

In Sonoma, we don’t even have a logical tie Wallace, the only Black driver on the NASCAR circuit, so what would be the point? Plus, note that the Sonoma “noose” was supposedly “found” hanging in a tree outside the facility on Saturday, before any reports out of Talladega began circulating.

Investigation after what appears to be a noose found at Sonoma ...

So, what are we supposed to believe, that some redneck racist is spending all of his beer money feverishly flying coast to coast tying strings into “nooses” and planting them at NASCAR facilities? How dumb do these NASCAR people think we all are?

Ok, don’t answer that.

Back to the Bubba Wallace hoax: take a look at this statement from the FBI released last night:

In that first sentence, we see that the Talladega scam wasted the time and resources of no fewer than 15 FBI agents. FIFTEEN. For a garage tie that was nothing more than a knot for a handhold, Christopher Wray decided he had 15 agents with the time to spare to apparently go talk to everyone in the city of Lincoln, Alabama, where the raceway is located.

Given that pretty much any sentient being who has been paying attention to what has been going on in this country for the last four years pretty much knew this would all turn out to be a hoax within about 10 seconds of hearing the first reports about it, this case should have been sewn up by a single agent very quickly. The fact that the FBI has 15 people to allocate to something like this tells us all we need to know about how much money is being absolutely wasted by Wray and his bureau.

Can’t wait to see what Wray’s virtue-signaling head count will be out in Sonoma. After all, there is much fine wine in which to imbibe out there once the 2-minute “investigation” has been completed. Why, this one might require the presence of Wray himself, since he obviously has nothing better to do.

One final question about NASCAR and Talladega: Is it really possible that, in the year 2020, NASCAR and Talladega don’t have the financial wherewithal to install automatic door openers on its garages? How are these guys still having to pull those doors down with ropes? This was really the first question that came into my mind when I saw the photos.

In any event, NASCAR really does need to come up with a better hoax narrative. If other “nooses” have been planted in additional tracks around the country, they need to send someone out today to quietly remove them, because nobody is buying what they’re selling.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Andrew Meek

If this stops the sermons by Mike Joy and Jeff Gordon at the beginning of the race broadcast, I’ll be happy.

Mean Boy

NASCAR? They should stick to driving around in circles and leave the hoaxes to the CPUSA comrades.
Fifteen FBI agents?! Aren’t they too busy trying to overthrow a duly elected president?


Well…. The ‘nooses’ have been in the garages since before 2015… Its obvious that Trump either ordered them or placed them himself. So they need to charge Trump with hate crimes and remove him from office because of this. oh… and EO that french driver bubba juicy the win for all of 2020


Tired to find an email that goes straight NASCAR HQ and no such thing exists, Haven’t decided if I want to waste the paper and stamp to mail the President of NASCAR.


The Bee pretty much nails the stupidity of these snowflakes and media today…

Steve Lawrence

Business opportunity. “Safespace Balls”. Offer to replace evert threatening cord loop with a safespace ball handle. It sam be available in pink to be non threatening. NASCAR alone would need one for every garage door at every race track so girly boy will feel safe from Whitty.


Life Long Fan and Sponsor, NO MORE… NASCAR is a BoweLMovement and I refuse to watch the Fascist sponsored races.

Jimmy MacAfee

I suspect NASCAR will end up with predetermined outcomes, since it’s “entertainment,” and no longer competitive sports – like the NFL and Professional Wrestling these days.

We’d be better off if we were participants in sports and outdoor activities, instead of being couch-bound viewers, a nation of voyeurs who can no longer entertain themselves.


“a nation of voyeurs who can no longer entertain themselves”

BOOM…. nailed it solid….

The ‘media’ has all been working, social engineering, society towards fantasy in nearly every realm. The ‘gamers’ all want to be the baddest warrior from the safety of their living rooms. Movies all play the SJW mantras of idealistic socialist lives where SJWs rule and everyone comes away happy. after a brief skirmish with a bad guy.

Its all been to isolate, destroy real; social norms, destroy critical thinking, dumb people down to the lowest common denominator, make family, morals and respect to be things abhorred. McArther wasn’t at all wrong, if anything he understated things. The enemy isn’t infiltrating the camp… he’s in and well established.

Its a war… wake up the enemy is upon us…


I drifted away from NASCAR back when they started mandating that all the cars be equal and that if any of the teams made a discovery/invention that led to more than winning more than three races in a row that they had to share it with the rest of the crews.

Since they have now aligned themselves with a radical Marxist cause that seeks to, and I quote from their website: “destroy the colonial expansionist, white dominated capitalist economy and it’s supportive racist government and to install a Marxist / socialist government”; not only am I done with NASCAR, but will actively boycott them and their sponsors.

Jimmy MacAfee

Some cars are more equal than others, it seems. I expect the BLM car to be given the checkered flag a lap before anyone finishes, including him.


How dumb do these NASCAR people think we all are?
Ok, don’t answer that.

I just wonder how stupid they actually think we are? They must actually believe that most Americans are dumber than a box of rocks. It boggles the mind.

Jimmy MacAfee

Seems NASCAR fans aren’t stupid; watch their numbers drop like duck poo in a pond.


It’s sad really. I watched two interviews with Bubba. He doubled down “It’s still a noose.” He has
painted himself into a corner,everybody is laughing at him, and I wonder just how many of the hundreds of NASCAR drivers, pit crew members and officials are looking at this now debunked spectacle and wondering how they too will ever live it down.

This is what happens you jump to conclusions.

Jimmy MacAfee

Must be a special Super Duper Racist Noose, unlike the ones they used on Saddam Hussein and his associates. (Or were they racist nooses, too?)


This what happens when everyone gets offended by everything all the time and sane people stop complaining about it. Someone HAS to do SOMETHING about everything these days, because PC BS and racism. Seriously folks, stop getting butthurt all the damned time. No one owes you anything.


No, this is what happens when you react as opposed to asking questions.

Proverbs 18:17 The first one to plead his cause seems right, Until his neighbor comes and examines him.

Its a war… and the enemy lies


15 agents for a fake noose. Don’t forget the 1 US attorney (at least) that had to review evidence. So that was 2 agents to do interviews and look at some video from last year, 2 to carry some stuff, 1 to write the joint statement above, and the rest just wanted to get out of the office for a few days.

As others have mentioned, plenty of other worthy causes on which to expend resources, but for my suggestion, Epstein didn’t kill himself, so go investigate THAT.



They already investigated Epstien… They had the janitor have a look at it and his conclusion ten minutes later was that pedo jeff hung himself. Solved, no crime here now carry on…


Yeah, and how many (20?) FIB “Agents” were available full time to Herr Mueller for his two year which-hunt?

How many (0?) FIB “Agents” are investigating all the mayors and governors in the blue territories for nonfeasance, malfeasance, and the wanton deliberate murder of seniors in their care facilities (Hey Wray, it happened in NY, NJ, PA, MI, and CA at least)?

This was an actual crime that was actually committed against real people who had no choice. At the very least it was manslaughter or negligent homicide, and it caused the untimely deaths of hundreds, if not thousands, which of course had the added benefit of hurting Trump and needlessly inflating the CV-19 death count. Then in many, if not most, cases the grieving families were not allowed to arrange and attend a decent funeral(s).

This is an outrage, where the seniors became 21st century death camp victims.

Where is the FIB investigating this? Where is the outrage? Where are the accompanying “mostly peaceful riots”?

If ever a ‘law enforcement agency’ needed to be “defunded” it is the FIB!!!

Find the 98 or 99 decent agents (actual numbers and not percentage) and move them to the US Marshals or other federal law enforcement agencies and schiff-can all the others, and disqualify them from employment with any other law enforcement organization.

Furthermore, I would define the decent agents as ones who are (haven’t seen any yet) actual “Whistleblowers” and are willing to testify against all the crap that went on and continues to go on in the entire Hoover Building – not just on the seventh floor.

FBI: a Fraudulent Bullschiff Institution infested with Wray’s, Comey’s and Mueller’s hacks inculcated with the culture of Hoover and packed with ‘the One’s’ minions, at least at the ‘leadership’ and mid management level. How does any decent person work for such a proven dubious organization? Answer: they don’t. I left my government agency, because I couldn’t stand the way it operated and was being run, and couldn’t get much done to fix it. Where is the mass exodus of employees of ‘integrity’ leaving in droves?

The old expression: “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem”, has never been more true.


There is a need to keep flushing the toilet because the swamp is backing up. Better yet a steam cleaner needs to go in and blast the shiff away to get the swamp to drain faster… wonder whose available…

This has been one of the puzzlement of Trump. WHY… does he keep appointing these useless and obvious swamp slimes like Wray!?!? I suspect Kushner and company keeps recommending these parasite.. WHOEVER is recommending these swamp scums needs to be gone… Send Hillary a note Wray is going to release evidence on her malfeasance. That should do it…

jack johnson

It might explain his drop in some circles, a person with Trump`s experience can`t keep making these mistakes accidently. Something else is going on.

According to blacks like Bubba and Jemele Hill you are no longer allowed to make a loop knot in a rope….”it`s still a noose”.


Ken MIller

Hey the FIBies have to investigate something that doesn’t involve PDJT, so they can kill another mother holding her baby or Bar B que a few women and children. Just the FIBies being FIBies

Jimmy MacAfee

Yeah, or burn city blocks in Philly. Waco and Ruby Ridge…

I believe that OK City was conducted by the FBI, using people they’d encouraged to commit violence. Rumor has it that a certain former former Att. General provided incendiary devices to get the fertilizer to go – though devices were found on the scene that everybody now denies.

Is there a reason to trust the FBI? How about their labs? Not then, either?

Oh, sorry, Mr. Wray. You can’t restore what never was.

Jimmy MacAfee

As Tucker Carlson said: 15 FBI Special Agents for a fake noose, and how many for actual crimes?

You didn’t see articles produced to harass female drivers when they first started racing NASCAR. Or maybe they did find panties or tampons or something, but chose not to make a federal case out of it? Who knows? Who cares?

NASCAR will begin making their racers take a knee before each race, won’t they? This is likely the end of NASCAR, which is what Bubba wants, deep in his nasty little soul. He could have come out and been a man about it, making jokes and rising above the ridiculous. But he didn’t, did he? Nasty little man with a nasty little soul.

As for the rest of them: they get what they deserve. No audience.

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