Despite DC Circuit Order to Dismiss, Flynn’s Ordeal is not Over Yet

Everyone needs to cool their heels on this Flynn dismissal order for a bit. While we are all very happy that the three-judge panel of the DC Circuit Court of Appeals ordered District Judge Emmet Sullivan to end his abusive treatment of General Flynn in its order Wednesday, it is a tad too soon to just assume Sullivan will simply accede to the order and dismiss the case. General Flynn himself is on with Rush Limbaugh confirming this is the case as I write this, in fact.

Sullivan is clearly a tool of the deep state, and we must remember why he has worked so hard to string this case out for years now when any righteous, ethical judge would have tossed it out of court in a summary judgment in 2018. Sullivan’s goal is the same as the deep state’s goal – to keep this case alive, and by extension keep Flynn from telling all he knows, until after November 3.

Because, remember: Flynn knows where all of the bodies are buried here. This case was never about “Russia Collusion”; it never had anything to do with any real concerns about Flynn’s calls during the transition with Russian Ambassador Kysliak; it never had anything to do with any of the abject nonsense fantasy narratives that the Democrats and their corrupt media toadies have been pushing on the public since 2017.

This case was about protecting the dirty secrets behind Obama’s despicable deal with Iran, which, if left in place would have ensured Iran became the preeminent power in the Middle East, one armed with nuclear weapons. Flynn was fired by Obama in 2014 from his position as Director of Defense Intelligence because he raised objections regarding the negotiations over that deal, and that is why Obama/Biden and other high Obama officials could not stomach the thought of Flynn serving as National Security Advisor.

That’s why Flynn became the target of what we know beyond any doubt now was a blatant effort to frame him by the FBI; it is why he was targeted by American Gestapo Chief Robert Mueller and his enabler, Rod Rosenstein to begin with; and it is why Judge Sullivan has spent the past three years passing on at least half a dozen previous opportunities to dismiss this case and tolerating an unending stream of prosecutorial malfeasance in his courtroom.

The bad news here is that Sullivan is either hopelessly corrupt or – more likely – hopelessly compromised, and that he is not yet out of bullets to fire, despite the ruling by he Appeals court today. The Judge could obviously string this thing out for at least another month or two simply by demanding an en banc hearing before the full membership of the DC Circuit. While the Circuit would not be obligated to grant such a motion by the Judge, fellow deep state skunks on that body would certainly be able to delay any final decision for weeks while the corrupt news media conducted a pressure campaign.

With Peter Strzok’s notes from a January 4, 2017 meeting at the White House out today and now directly implicating both Joe Biden and Barack Obama in the attempt to entrap and frame Flynn, the very last thing the coup plotters want to see now is an exonerated Mike Flynn out doing media interviews and finally, at long last, talking about everything he knows.

My most fervent wish here is that I may have completely misjudged Sullivan in this instance. Instead of being a compromised tool of the deep state coup cabal, maybe he is simply a power-mad lifetime Federal Judge who has simply lost his way and all sight of what real, actual justice looks like. If the latter is the case, then perhaps he will take today’s ruling as any rational person would do and cut his losses here.

But if I am right about him, and he really is compromised and/or hopelessly corrupt, then we should expect him to keep firing every shot he has until the day comes when he finally, at long last, runs out of bullets to fire.

That is all.

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Steve W

I don’t understand why Flynn can’t expose Obama’s corruption now regarding the Iran deal and his other crimes.

Barr/Durham have been a major disappointment and I don’t hold out much hope for any indictments of the Obama criminals that attempted the coup against Trump.

Barr talks a tough game but he’s all talk.

The Deep State spies have already compromised Justice Roberts and probably Barr/Durham too by now.

Roger V Tranfaglia

Gen. Flynn (and his FAMILY)needs BODYGUARDS 24/7!


Obama is now a Proven Traitor to America.what to do?


First put stroke in protective custody before he is arkancided.
After that start working up the food chain. Then again Durham may already know
all of this. If so he and Barr best get to work and finish this. Even if it means indicting Obama and Biden.


“…he and Barr best get to work and finish this.” (In one quick hurry would be nice and it is necessary – way prior to the election, and while we’re still young Mr. Barr)

“Even if it means indicting Obama and Biden.”

Silas, I would say: ESPECIALLY if it means indicting the two most corrupt people to ever have hold the highest offices in the land for eight long years.

People and critics would say Trump’s “hand picked AG” would become “political” if indictments were to come in a GOP “October Surprise”. So what? That whole stinking rotten town is nothing but “political”. Do your JOB Mr. Barr, and more importantly, DO the Right Thing. Your deafening and continued silence regarding Biden this year would be the same as Comey’s “exoneration” of Walking Eagle in 2016 – wrong then and wrong now.

If I were the DNC, I might actually welcome the disqualification of Biden right AFTER the convention so they have an acceptable reason to anoint the nominee (whoever he or she might be) they really want.

On the other hand, it would be really nice to see, the Dems have to stumble and bumble for the next 4 1/2 months keeping Joe Figurehead “viable”, have him suffer a Mondale type loss on Nov 3, and then get indicted and arrested on Nov 4, along with everyone else who was at that infamous meeting with ‘the One’ on January 5, 2017, where all the players COLLUDED (conspired which is an actual crime Mr. Barr) to frame Flynn and shaft President Trump “by the book”.


I guess its possible to dream the wonderful dream…

Trump needs to focus on the economy and Law & Order as this is the electable issues.

I think he’s got to ignore Barr at this point because bringing it up would point to a failure in the DoJ. Once the election is done and over and Barr hasn’t produced one indictment, THEN he can toss his sorry hide to the curb. But until then I think he’s stuff with Barr and radio silence.

Now if Barr starts producing… AND… working up the food chain of the cabal then I’d certainly be one to apologize openly. But I’m pretty confident that ain’t gonna happen, Barr indictments.

Still interested in that ocean front in Arizona… oh and like Silas reminded me, its gotta have lollytrees… so excited….

Jimmy MacAfee

President Trump could end all of this with a pardon, but there are reasons that may make this less desirable.

As far as Sullivan’s motives, some questions are in order:

-Who clerked for him when he made a series of great decisions in the past, when he slapped down federal prostitutors? (spelling intentional.)
-Do these same clerks work for him presently, or does he have a staff of liberal princesses who have a deep animus for all things Trump.
-Is his more recent staff, clerks etc., if different from before, competent – or not able to tell a writ of mandamus from a gluteus maximus? You might be surprised how ignorant people in high places are – truly surprised.

Or is he suffering Joe Biden Disease? The evidence for that seems more than low probability, less than high. People losing their mental capacities can be angry and argumentative, as Sullivan was in his “treason” diatribe.

Or is he trying to prevent the inevitable lawsuits against the DOJ, which may be, behind the scenes, trying to prevent such lawsuits and inevitable and accompanying issues of legal discovery? Not saying Barr, but someone under him.

Or is he, as Dave hypothesizes, being squeezed?

Or all of the above? That’s my inclination, in answer to the questions I’ve posited: all of the above. All of the above, and perhaps more.


I never celebrate anything until it actually happens; never count my chickens before they hatch etc..

Case in point: I have been hoping to sell my rental property to my tenant for the last six years and gave him a deadline of the end of this year to get his finances in order to qualify.

Last week he and his realtor finally told me that the closing is scheduled for this July 20. While I am hopeful that is the case, I won’t be doing any celebrating until the closing actually happens and the check is in my hand.

I feel the same about anything political coming out of DC or Nashville, or Trenton or Richmond..

I suspect Sullivan will continue to intercourse this up as long as he can for several reasons:

Keep appealing it to the SC and maybe win with the compromised and/or corrupt Roberts

Force Trump to have to pardon him making it more difficult to appoint him if he and Flynn wanted to rejoin his administration

Protect the DS as long as possible in the hope that Trump loses and all this goes away

Protect himself and everyone else involved in his case from the boomerang of lawsuits from Flynn and his lawyer, Sidney Powell, that are sure to be brought against Mueller et al.


Sullivan has gone this far for this long; why should he stop now when there apparently is no penalty for doing all this schiff up to this point?

Show me

If there’s any maneuver at all that Sullivan can do, he will do it.


Hate to say it, but Sullivan most likely will appeal this to the full Panel. As you said, he’s all in.

phineas gage

What happened with Sullivan is he got a call from Obama. Which is why he is destroying his previously stellar career on the bench–whether it is due to loyalty or compromising material (like Justice Roberts).


That is exactly why ‘the One’ must be prosecuted and jailed. The constitution does not allow for a shadow president, nor did it allow for the co-presidents of BJ Clinton and Walking Eagle.

Rush says protocol says former presidents are not to be charged and prosecuted – it just isn’t done. Well, he is half right: Republicans don’t go after former Democratic presidents, however, with the Dems, all bets are off.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Walking Eagle tried to sue Trump (after he leaves office) for beating her in 2016. I’m not kidding; look at all the pay-to-play graft earning opportunities Trump deprived her of.

IMO, Rush is mistaken in this case. The Dems in congress were looking to spike the ball against Nixon, and forced Ford to take a political hit and pardon him.

The Dems were looking to go after Bush Jr and his CIA over ‘torture” when he left office. ‘The One’ intervened and stopped that effort as even he could figure out it might be to his benefit to protect his office of the presidency.

And if anyone doesn’t think a Joe Figurehead wouldn’t appoint an Eric Holder type “wingman” to go after Trump, or that a Dem controlled congress wouldn’t do the same via a “special prosecutor” and “hearings”, well that oceanfront property in Arizona is still available.


Yes, Rush is wrong. They will most certainly go after Trump when leaves office. Trump needs to go after Obama hard, right now.


I commented on the other article that he has two choices basically.

IMO… I think he wants to go down as a martyr… For the reasons I mentioned in the other article.

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