Tuesday News Roundup: Durkin and the CHOP; Bubba and the Noose; and Kimmel and the Cancel Culture

#CancelKimmel is trending on the Twitters… – So, it looks like late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel – who was actually funny when he co-hosted a game show with Ben Stein 20 years ago – is going to be the next career fatality to the social media cancel culture.

It turns out that Kimmel has dressed up in black face more often than Virginia Governor Ralph Northam did in college, and now a video of him using the “n-word” several times while impersonating Snoop Dog and black comedian George Wallace has gone viral. Honestly, it’s really pretty amazing it has taken this long for the cancel culture to catch up with Kimmel, given that he spent half a decade hosting something called “The Man Show” during which he spent an hour each weak objectifying women and looking up their skirts while they jumped on trampolines. But hey, that whole #MeToo deal wasn’t really about protecting women at all, as things have turned out.

But of course, being an un-funny critic of President Trump has its benefits, one of which is that your past sorry behavior doesn’t impact you – that is, until the video of you using the wrong word while imitating a hip-hop artist goes viral. Then you’re in trouble, at least for a little while.

The strange case of Bubba Wallace and the Noose. – Apparently, there are no security cameras at Talladega Raceway, which is passing strange in this age of technology. At least, that seems to be what you are expected to believe in the increasingly odd case of Bubba Wallace and the Noose.

Mind you, Bubba Wallace, a terrific champion NASCAR driver who happens to be the one and only African American on the circuit, never saw any noose. Supposedly, a member of Wallace’s team found it in an area that is restricted to only certified NASCAR personnel, and that also is where all of the incredibly expensive equipment is stored. That would imply high security, which must surely mean the presence of security cameras.

Yet, unlike seemingly every other crime committed in America today, no video of any suspects has been made public. In fact, FBI personnel who are normally extremely anxious to get their faces on TV with accompanying security video to display for the media are mysteriously quiet about the whole thing thus far. Two days down the road, we also don’t know the name of the Wallace team member who found the noose or any NASCAR official who says they saw it.

But who knows? Maybe this is the one incident during Christopher Wray’s tenure at the FBI in which the agents involved take the approach that solving the crime is more important than milking it for publicity.

In the meantime, NASCAR itself is milking the incident for all of the publicity possible, with every driver at Talladega engaging in a show of support for Wallace that, if this noose incident is real, was very moving and unifying.

Sad as this sounds, let’s hope it is a real incident, because if this turns out be some ham-fisted attempt by some idiot or group of idiots to burnish NASCAR’s cred with the woke crowd – similar to the whole Jussie Smollet situation – it will almost certainly come to light and would be incredibly tragic.

And now a word from your President… – At long last, President Trump appears to have grown weary of watching Democrat mayors and governors sit idly by while the American Taliban made up of Antifa and BLM tears down historical monuments. He issued these tweets as this piece was being compiled:

And now another word from your President… – This one appears to presage an effort by the Department of Justice to follow up on the government’s win in court on Saturday. In his decision on the Bolton case, Federal Judge Royce Lamberth noted that Bolton’s reckless disregard for national security by including highly-classified information in his book opens him and his publisher up to a government seizure of all proceeds derived from its sale:


And now a word from the most pathetic nitwit in America… – With the CHOP’s “Summer of Love” – as it was described a week ago by Seattle’s dim Mayor Jenny Durkin – very predictably devolving into violence and chaos, the Mayor who facilitated it all for the last month announced late Monday that she would finally, at long last do her job, but not before three people had been shot and one killed.

From a report at Fox News:

Seattle will move to end the police-free zone known as the “Capitol Hill Organized Protest,” or “CHOP,” after two recent shootings, one of which was deadly, Mayor Jenny Durkan announced Monday — signaling that a stunning chapter in the city’s history could be drawing to a close.

The mayor said the violence was distracting from changes sought by thousands of peaceful protesters seeking to address racial inequity and police brutality. Activists set up “CHOP” in the city’s Capitol Hill neighborhood about two weeks ago, barricading off the area after police evacuated a ransacked precinct building there.

“The cumulative impacts of the gatherings and protests and the nighttime atmosphere and violence has led to increasingly difficult circumstances for our businesses and residents,” Durkan said at a news conference. “The impacts have increased and the safety has decreased.”

That last sentence is just priceless, given that this despicable leftist Democrat knew from day 1 exactly how this would all go. Let’s remember that she literally facilitated everything that has happened in the CHOP by ordering her Chief of Police to stand down as the violent rioters seized the department’s 3rd Precinct station, which lies within the CHOP area. She allowed these violent radicals to illegally seize control of all private property within that zone, shutting down an array of businesses and preventing residents in the apartments and condos there from the peaceful use of their homes.’

When it comes time for the government to prosecute the leaders of this armed insurrection on U.S. soil, Durkin herself would be at the top of the list if we lived in a just society.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Seems there are lots of people calling on Barr to wake up and get busy… instead of ‘watching’


good article

The Great Leap Forward

Durka durkastan? What a golden utopian paradise full of unicorns and magic chocolate fountains where the comrades rally around the Karl Marx statute and sing hymns of praise to a 19th century German rat bum.
This is the glorious people’s collective utopia free of those capitalist pigs and their filthy lucre.
These MAGA country cities are all overrun with rampaging Amish youth triggered by the baby Trump balloon signal in the sky.
Zimbabwe? Yes we can!

Jimmy MacAfee

NASCAR has nooses in most of their garages:

(picture in link)

“The images above are from a 2017 NASCAR “GarageCam” walk through during the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series garage at Talladega Superspeedway. The rope with a “noose” on the end is a simple method to pull down the garage door to close it. The noose provides a place to put your hand/wrist when closing the door.

“Hat Tip Tazio Nuvolari who shares: “My guess on the “noose” incident in Talledega, watch this video, look close at the Talladega garage doors. Each one has a rope hanging down with a loop on the end to pull down the doors. One probably broke and someone just tossed it aside, then the crew member found it and thought it was something it wasn’t, now NASCAR is trying to figure out how to explain their stupidity.”’


Jimmy MacAfee

Same article:

“UPDATE: Proved to a Certainty – Is Bubba Wallace “Rope Noose” a Hoax or Misunderstanding? All Talladega Garage Doors Have Nooses – NASCAR Video Evidence…
Posted on June 22, 2020 by sundance”

Wallace is a racist, too, as a BLM supporter, according to reports, as he wore an “I Can’t Breathe” shirt. NASCAR is now officially a crock-o-shit.


Any thinking person knew it was a hoax as soon as the story hit the airways. When in modern times has a noose ever NOT been a hoax? Why would anyone leave a random rope somewhere to designate their racisim anyway? I am sure many many folks of all colors were hanged by a noose so it is not exactly an effective statement.

I did think it was funny that the hoaxer also untied other garage rope handles, but left them all kinked up so that it was clear that all the garages had the same “noose”. All the investigators would have to do is look around them at any of the dozens of other garages to clearly see that it was the track’s way of generating a handle to pull the doors.


WAAAATTT!?!?! You mean that french guy Juicy was at it again!?!? Say that isn’t so…

LOL… The lengths to which these pathetic communists will go to keep the hate flowing is truly laughable… The Bongino rule really does have merit these days… just wait 24 – 72 hrs and the truth will come out. but… this one was pretty much exposed immediately… to funny


The $64,000 Question: Where is the photo evidence of the noose? Where is it? there have been at least two other noose incidents recently and there were pictures of them. So where in bloody hell are the photos of this one?

Jimmy MacAfee

As the article I linked showed in a picture, noses are common in the garages, because they’re used to pull the garage doors down. Could one, as the article asked, have been cut down and discarded, and misinterpreted as a threat?

That would be my interpretation. But you’re right: aside from the pictures I talk about in the link, let’s see the photos of life-size nooses.


As for Bubba, he’s just another virtue signalling stooge. He probably hasn’t read the blm manifesto or he’d know that they’ll be coming for him just like the rest of us if they have their way.


Some thoughts:

I love the President, but since when does he have to issue a tweet “authorizing” the arrest of anyone who vandalizes federal property? Authorize? How about ORDER law enforcement to ENFORCE the law. Hasn’t it ALWAYS been ILLEGAL to destroy property and violently riot?

For jerks like Fredo Cuomo, the 1st Amendment calls for “peaceful assembly”, but like almost everything nowadays in our PC culture, it all depends upon the definition of “peaceful”.

I understand the politics and the optics, but as with all the actual and provable Obamagate crimes, the vast majority of Americans just want to see laws equally applied and enforced. Liberalism is all about parsing and splitting definitions and dividing people – there is nothing “unifying” about anything they do and “the ends (always) justify the means”.

Every one of the boogeymen groups and entities that we all discuss here could and should be classified as domestic terrorist organizations and should be prosecuted as such. Woodrow Wilson, and FDR wouldn’t tolerate this orchestrated subversion, neither should Trump and the vast majority of Americans.

I couldn’t care less about car racing, particularly NASCAR. According to several history shows, NASCAR’s roots come from bootleggers who souped up their cars to evade state and federal law enforcement during prohibition. If what is alleged to have happened to Bubba Wallace actually happened, then the full force of the law must be applied. But I’m much more appalled at the total lack of prosecutorial concern and involvement when it concerns the real victims of all the Antifa and BLM violence, all of which could be accurately described as “hate crimes”. I guess only whites are capable of committing “hate crimes”

Again, this two-tiered “justice” system needs to be fixed. I too find it very curious that there seems to be no video or other evidence; unless otherwise proven, this just seems to be another contrived smokescreen to deflect from the crimes and violence being committed by the “mostly peaceful protests” going on in the blue territories.

So the ‘woke’ mayor in Seattle has finally figured out what we all knew was going to happen when you allow anarchists to take over and trash a portion of her city – really?, what was your first clue? Maybe she can become Joe Figurehead’s VP nominee, but she doesn’t check off the minority box, but otherwise fills the bill.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’ll title this: The Alligator in Sweet Briar’s Lake

The media/Leftist complex has a rule: “here’s a hoop; jump through it.”
NASCAR just jumped, when it should have investigated first – before revealing anything.

How many fake racial notes are there, found to be put there by people of color? A high probability that the “noose” was another fake, just as most of the “hate crimes” are total fictions created by losers hoping for sympathy or attention.

Happened at Sweet Briar, in Amherst County Virginia, and the hoax was immediately inflated by Mona Kosar Abdi, a “Somali-American” with her own personal Wikipedia page, working for WSET (and ABC affiliate) She was also was affiliated with Al Jazeera (which helped promote the unrest in Ferguson.)

The inflammation of the event – (the “event” being a black student putting up “white” and “colored” signs on campus – resulted in death threats to “those racist white women.” No one was charged with threatening to come shoot the girls, because apparently the threat wasn’t taken too seriously. (Unfortunately, less seriously than the report of an alligator in the school lake, around the same time.

The WSET news manager (at the time) argued the point, seeing nothing inappropriate about the reporter’s promotion of this hoax as a racial crime, raising levels of hysteria, and he saw nothing inappropriate about the reporter’s affiliation with al Jazeera. Worse still, they never apologized when it was exposed as a hoax.

What actually happened was an infantile black student with little exposure to other cultures and a freshman, had been excited and overwhelmed by a play the incoming students were introduced to, which apparently was a Leftist introduction to how racist things were. The girl was foolish, immature, and gullible, but made into a public fool by the media – (and not just WSET, the school newspaper and other networks as well.). She was not named.

Apparently, there were two alligators in the lake. Metaphorically speaking.

Jimmy MacAfee

Anyone can make a noose. If someone put a noose on my property to try to frame me, and I caught them? Let’s just say the loop wouldn’t have a hole anymore, being filled with a skinny neck and a bleating Aunty Fay.\

And yes, that is a threat.

jack johnson

Word is the “noose” was the garage door pull down rope….LMAO. They tied the end in a loop as a handhold and even went as far as to untied the loops on the adjacent garage stalls.
NOOSECAR just epically failed!


heh heh! Noosecar! Now that’s funny!

Jimmy MacAfee

Try to prosecute a threat against a hypothetical. Go ahead. The SCOTUS just opened the door to all sorts of threats, though mine is – as I said – based upon a hypothetical scenario.

Jimmy MacAfee

Too late for Durkin “Donuts” to take back what she’s allowed. People aren’t fooled forever: if she allowed this on one place, they now seem to be grasping, they can do it in others. To them, even.

The screaming in the Gated Communities is just beginning as the Visgoths and Vandals come calling. The police will be out on sick leave. (Karen, you really shouldn’t have tried to defund the police! There is no manager to call now.)

Jimmy MacAfee

I’m guessing that they’ll try to deface the Vietnam Memorial, the wall. This would end up with some beatings, maybe some shootings, because Vietnam vets don’t take crap. They took enough abuse already, and they’re not exactly the types to put up with it a second time.

Die, ANTIFA, die!

Jimmy MacAfee

Hope Bolton hasn’t spent his book money yet! Likely he’s transferred it offshore, where he may be able to recover it in…say, 3-5 years. If it hasn’t disappeared in a black hole somewhere.


I hope Bolton and Simon and Shuster get prosecuted and sued into oblivion. As far as I can recall, most of this selling/leaking of America’s secrets began with BJ Clinton’s moneyman Charlie Tri selling rocket/missile launch technology to CHINA for campaign “contributions” during his 1996 reelection. (FDR also allowed/sanctioned many leaks to “Uncle Joe”)

Since then, our secrets have been actively released by Democratic Administrations during the errors of Slick Willy and ‘the One’, and the MSM (D) press organs like the NYT and the Bezos von WAPO – all without penalty – during Republican Administrations. And I firmly believe Wikileaks and any other ‘private’ leaks were sanctioned by the powers-that-be. No one is going to ever convince me that all these leaks of classified information couldn’t have been shut down if there was any will to do so.

The whole concept of the IC working exclusively for America’s benefit and the way our secrets are NOT protected are a cruel joke and heads must roll! This abject betrayal has been going on since at least 1995, and if there was any real punishment, Bolton and his SS publisher wouldn’t have dared publish is ‘story’ and our secrets. Like with everything else from Obamagate, to the Antifa/BLM to leaks, if there is no punishment, there is no deterrence, and no deterrence means no end to this.

Jimmy MacAfee

Lots of reports of classified stuff being given to Russia (and China.) How are the traitors punished?

Aldrich Ames is in a medium security prison. Should be in Colorado. They never went after others who were involved, even though his treason cost the lives of at least 10 operatives. Woolsey declined to look for others, saying that he wouldn’t accede to demands for heads to roll, because “it isn’t my way.”

The CIA refused to believe that they could have a mole, and only Ames’ expenditures and dental work began to make him a suspect. Looks like an open-shut case, but career bureaucrats don’t like to be held accountable, and set up barriers to the discovery of their own incompetence.

Ames should have been hanged. Perhaps the career bureaucrats didn’t want their complicity exposed?

Jimmy MacAfee

FISA was born from that event. It once served a valuable purpose, until it became a political tool for Obeelzebub and others like him.

Jimmy MacAfee

I saw the Man Show a few times – very few. “Juggies?” “Strip Basketball?” “Girls on Trampolines?” Great fun for a 15 year old.

Adam Corolla, a strong Libertarian (and atheist) pops up now and again Last I heard, he was very pro-Capitalist. Seems his partner hasn’t figured out what he wants to be when (or if) he grows up.

Glad to see Kimmel getting hit. No sympathy for him. He’s a coward, and always has been – and it shows. If he were a cop, he’d be the one shooting a suspect three times in the back.

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