The Tide is Turning on the American Taliban

The tide is turning now, folks. You can feel it in your bones, and you can see it in the shift of focus by the corrupt national news media. The American Taliban, aka Antifa and BLM, is being pushed back, its energy fading, its efforts to topple monuments failing and its major monument to cultural Marxism soon to be dismantled.

That monument to cultural Marxism would be the so-called CHOP area in Seattle, where violent rioters seized control of six city blocks in the Capitol Hill area with the help of members of the city council and Mayor Jenny Durkin, who ordered her police to stand down as the department’s 3rd precinct building was taken. After shooting incidents over the weekend that left one dead and two lying near death in a local hospital, Durkin, who spent the previous three weeks celebrating and supporting the violent juvenile delinquents in the CHOP, announced on Monday that the city would begin to dismantle the atrocity today.

The energy behind the nationwide protests and riots staged and instigated by the American Taliban has also obviously faded, as an increasing number of the guilty parties are being arrested and charged by local and federal law enforcement. It turns out that the masked dopes dressed in black Antifa outfits love to create havoc when the local Democrat mayor assists them by having their police stand down while they do their looting and burning, but they quickly turn into pathetic cowards when they see their leaders and cohorts being arrested and placed at risk of serving long prison sentences.

Even better, the dimwit Talibanites in New York City are now turning on their own, last night staging a major protest outside Gracie Mansion, where Marxist New York Mayor Warren Wilhem, aka, Bill de Blasio resides:

You gotta love that.

But it gets even better. After weeks of tearing down various monuments in Democrat-run cities without any pushback from neutered police departments, a group of Antifa thugs made the mistake last night of trying to take down the famous statue of Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Park across the street from the White House.

These rioters may have had the tacit approval of DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, but they lacked the approval of the U.S. Park Police and other federal law enforcement officials who quickly arrived at the scene and put the action down:

The monument to Old Hickory still stands, and the rioters limped away from the scene after vandalizing St. John’s Church one more time, an action that has become passe’ and which few Americans even care about anymore since the Episcopal Bishop revealed herself to be an active part of the resistance after the church almost burned to the ground a few weeks ago.

Everywhere you look, the American Taliban is losing steam. They attempted to set up another CHOP area last Friday in Seattle South, which we Texans still refer to as Austin, but that failed as well when the Austin police refused to allow them to seize the department’s downtown precinct building.

Everything they try now is failing. Add that to the fact that ordinary Americans who initially knee-jerked to support BLM’s cause are increasingly becoming repulsed by their violent and excessive actions, along with the revelation that the group’s founders brag about being “trained Marxists.”

During his speech at the Tulsa rally on Saturday, President Trump remarked that he thinks we’re better off just sitting by and watching these Democrat mayors and governors fail. That has been his approach all along, as it has been obvious that the Democrats and their Taliban wing have been desperately trying to goad him into overreacting and ordering in the troops.

That approach of letting the Democrat state and local leaders fail on their own is now being rewarded with the Taliban’s movement now fading out with a whimper instead of its hoped-for violent confrontation with federal law enforcement.

As I pointed out last week, America is not falling apart, as much as the corrupt news media and Democrats would love you to think it is. Though it has been hyped by the media and its fake polls as somehow representing the majority sentiment all over the country, the agitators and rioters you have seen on your TV screens for the past month are really just a tiny sliver of our society.

What America has witnessed over the last month is what our country would look like under a Joe Biden presidency, and you can bet that a constantly-increasing number of voters are waking up to that reality as you read this.

Remain calm and live your lives. The good guys are winning.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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BLM = Burn Loot Murder


IMO… Trump has more than signaled there will be Law & Order.

Its in Barr’s hands to now follow thru. If Barr doesn’t start prosecuting, not only the lowlife foot soldiers, but those that are organizing and financing these domestic terror groups, then you’ll know for sure he’s a swamp critter. I suspect there will be a few very low hanging foot soldiers that will get prosecuted and maybe a couple organizers’. But the trail will end there.

If in four months from now theres been no indictments on Russia/Ukraine/Comey/Brennan/*.* then Barr should be fired and someone who isn’t afraid of steam cleaning the swamp installed… hhhmmmm Grenell seems to be in need of a job…

Steam Clean the Swamp….

Its a war….

Jimmy MacAfee

What I want to hear from the President is that all the statues taken down – those that are on federal property – will be put back up in their original condition. Let the fines of those who damaged them be used to pay for the restoration.

Just a passing question: are these Leftist goons going to deface the Crazy Horse memorial, too?


Maybe Mount Rushmore is the next target?

Doubtful, but wouldn’t be surprised if somehow they tried.

Slats Grobnik

Does the CHOP area contain the Karl Marx statue? It might be in another utopian zone of the glorious people’s republic of Seattle.
Is the CHOP name mean that guillotines are coming to bring a swift golden man made utopian paradise on earth?
The CPUSA or democrats are a fifth column of CCP allied traitor rats that will have to be dealt with or there is no future for this representative republic.



Loved Mike Royko and love your name; wished I thought of it.

Jimmy MacAfee

Mao, Marx, Stalin…take ’em down.


A local Seattle reporter remarked early into Chaz that he recognized many of the same thugs from other “protests”–Alinsky tactic: sprinkle your people around the crowd so when they start yelling people think it’s a larger group than it is. I would like to see more reporting of the arrests–and some news that FBI is going after those financing the insurrection. Cut off the $.

Jimmy MacAfee

As to your fine conclusion:

Since ANTIFA is international, and since there is a Trump administration PEO applicable to organizations like ANTIFA (Dec. 2017) involving corruption and other activities that can result in frozen bank accounts..,

Well, no one can claim they’re powerless to stop the funding. Then there’s RICO. A double barreled shotgun.


I fully agree with Mr Blackmon here as well… Trump obviously saw the trap and decided to allow the Dems to hang themselves again. Dems are completely stupid. They do the same things fully expecting different results.

As painful as it is to watch portions of the citizenry in harms way, its more foolish to rush in before the enemy destroys its self. Whats next will be these dem mayors and Gov’s begging for money because the very few infiltrating rioters caused a lot of damage. Not the peaceful rioters but the white nationalists rioters that infiltrated the movement.

To which Trump should say… ‘oh well, no money… guess you should have stepped in sooner’

Its a war… stay on target

Jimmy MacAfee

Fine and worthwhile point you made with your conclusion. A visual aid to the mayor:

“You let the kids down the street break or steal your toys, don’t expect us to replace them.”

After my bicycle was stolen one summer right after we moved to Lynchburg (because I left it in the yard overnight) I didn’t get a new one one until….Christmas. Lesson learned.


The tide needs to turn much faster. These people needed to be thrown in jail weeks ago.

Nabi Rasch

Oh sure. People who express a different view being fired all over the place, getting down on their knees promising to be a better person. Conservatives restingly inanely at their laptops in confidence Trump will overcome all. BLM terrorizing all kinds of organizations into providing support for the madness. If you think this is winning you should be ecstatic with losing.


I’m assuming that you think that the latest firing by the AG with Trumps consent was just about a differing of opinion?!?!? If so you couldn’t be more wrong. If you’d read where there were plans on keeping him on but in another position. Because he didn’t like that, apparently, it resulted in his firing.

As for authority to fire him, Trump has every RIGHT to do so regardless of yours or anyone elses feelings. Obumbo fired ALL the AT’s when he came into office and all previous admins appointed positions. No reason given, just hand in your resignation. Gonna bet you didn’t even raise an eyebrow on that one.

BLM is also a non-factor. They’ve been causing some discontent but they will go down hard. The media would like to portray that Trump has lost all control but most people know the media is marxist driven ideological propaganda and doesn’t have a shred of honesty or credibility in the least. The battle is far from over and if you are on the side of the marxist communists then you are definitely on the wrong side.

its a war…


Brian, I think Nabi was just expressing the extreme frustration many of us feel about how painfully slow and how seemingly small Trump’s and our hard fought gains are being made.

At best DJT has a little over five and a half years left to turn this ship (Titanic) of state around and we all see he is being resisted virtually every step of the way. I do believe we can “win” and, given the grace of GOD and his wisdom and mercy, will prevail; hopefully in a permanent way and not just for Trump’s eight years. America had a chance to avoid BJ Clinton’s destruction of the last 27 years, but Reagan’s fraudulent successor did his best to undo Reagan’s legacy and set in motion the Clinton machine disaster that has plagued us ever since.

Substantial, but slower than we would like, winning is happening under Trump. We would have already been lost as a free nation under Walking Eagle (that alone cements Trump as one of our greatest presidents in my mind), and all the gains made will be totally lost if Joe Figurehead somehow manages to win this year. My biggest fear is Trump’s GOP successor in 2025. If Pence, or whoever, is like Trump and builds upon Trump’s accomplishments we’ll be just fine; if Trump’s successor is like George Herbert (Hoover) Walker Bush then all the Trump presidency will have accomplished is to have forestalled the failure of the great American experiment of self governance for about ten years.


I get the frustration, as there is much angst among conservatives. DB has pointed out and made clear as others too, that the media is driving the fear, and the problems are relatively small. I think the frustration with Trump is misplaced to a large degree… not entirely.

It is only by Gods grace Trump has accomplished what he has and weathered the daily onslaught from demoncrap and media.

IMO, the frustration should be directed at the GOP and the DoJ for inaction and obstruction. The Turtle bears much of this blame as well… yes theres been a significant amount of conservative judges appointed but little else. Thats on the Turtle, just as Ryan was a dirtball so are all the swampy GOP. Case in point All-Hat pantywaist Gramsie who JUST got re-elected again… go figure.

And yes I agree… Trumps presidency will be moot if the demoncrap manage to steal and cheat their way into the Presidency. All hell will literally break loose. When Trumps term is done there better be a fighter waiting to take over and complete the job.

Pence or Cruz… I don’t think they have the Trump fighting spirit in them. They’d fold and seek to placate the demons… Seriously I think the only one would be Don continue taking the fight to the communists. Plus, merely getting elected would not only cause dem heads to explode but they’d self combust as well… Its be great…

Anyrate, the battles not over and its dumb to call it lost or losing which doesn’t help with winning. It only serves to demoralize and conservative are winning, just have to stay the course.

Its a war… stay in the fight


There was a tweet , if real, showing the panic amongst the antifa troops. Seems the soyboys are very scared they could end up in prison for ten years. Rightly so too…

imo, you are going to see a very large abandonment and scattering after the first few soys start going to prison. When Law & Order Trump compels Barr to start prosecuting these sjw’s these cowards are going to run to Starbucks and hide in the corner with a soothing soy latte and take to anon keyboarding.

It certainly will make finding these cowards a lot easier. Its the table with 3 – 4 soys sitting with their lattes cupped in their quivering spindly hands.

When the enemy turns tail and runs… chase’m down and finish the job… do not allow them to return another day…

Its a war…


Forgot to mention that Andrew Jackson is considered the founder of the modern American democRat party…with most of these rioters being young adult products of the d rat controlled education system, they probabaly did not even know Jackson was a president , much less the foundation of the democRats


The public juvenile indoctrination system (formerly known as schools) don’t teach real history anymore, let alone critical thinking. I graduated in 1976 and they were both getting thin on that then.

Jimmy MacAfee

Russiagate: hype and lies.
Ukrainegate: hype and lies.
Impeachment: hype and lies
COVID threat: mostly hype and lies (and murder of the elderly.)
Widespread unrest: hype and lies.

The biggest threat (and a real threat at that) is vote-by-mail.

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