Important Info on Texas “COVID-19 Related” Hospitalizations

Some continue to doubt me when I write that, in Texas, every person who goes into a hospital for any reason is being tested for COVID-19 and, if they test positive, their “case” is being listed as “COVID-19 Related.”

Check out this Twitter thread from this morning orginated by Alex Berenson:

Here is a reply from Amanda Carlson:

Here is the full screenshot of the reply she received from TDSHS:


Clear enough?

So, whether you have checked into the hospital for elective surgery, a car accident, the chicken pox or a facelift, if you test positive for COVID-19 in Texas your “case” gets added to the grossly-inflated number referred to as “COVID-19 Related” in the Lone Star State whether you are showing any symptoms or not.

This explains why, as Berenson points out, the number of “cases” keeps rising while the numbers of available ICU beds and ventilators remains unchanged. It also explains why the number of daily deaths continues to fall despite the rising number of “cases”. Because a whole bunch of Texans with active antibodies but no symptoms are being classified as COVID-19 “cases” by a money-grubbing hospital system.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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They pretty much shut Texas down again anytime the governor says anything about COVID 19 the local official take it to the extreme. The little guy in business in threaten with fines while the big corporate are big brothers best friend.

This virus is the Trojan Horse that will bring an end to our country it has allowed untold power to be tested and taken by politicians. I never seen a corrupt person or government give back power in my life time.

People have been so brain washed over this propaganda that they passively laid down and give up their rights. Nothing being vote on it just threaten with massive fined that small business cannot afford at this time. This next round is going to be worst than the first because they know exactly what to do this time. Imagine anytime the liberals want control they just inflate the number, lie, cheat and we go along.

Imagine with this new power the weakness they have been looking for what going to happen when people vote? I think we are out of control and it all started with this scam over COVID 19


I don’t thinks so Dan,

Few will pay attention to Fluki and his guidelines in the next ‘Plandemic’. I know I won’t listen or obey.

Fluki and his corrupt CDC and his girlfriend, the scarf queen, could tell my to shelter in place to avoid radiation, after a nuclear bomb hits and I won’t listen or obey.

Businesses will refuse to close and after Trump wins in November, look for all the blue governors and mayors to be defeated in 20201 and 2022.

They have shot their final bolt and have destroyed their last shred of creditability over this desperate attempt to beat Trump.


Thanks Gregg,

I live in South Texas it happening now. Can’t go to the store without a mask that didn’t happen the first time. I have a small route in surrounding areas, with mask mandate people will not go to restaurants.

There has been a stay at home order also not sure how much they are enforcing that right now will be going out later to see if I can even run the route of if its worth it? This one move has set back our economy again. Stock market is bad drop a bunch today I know I play it as well.

So it true people are better inform, but the fear of fines keeps people in check by Texan’s are not happy about this.



“I’m surprised they didn’t say Seth Rich killed himself.”

Might be retroactive!!! So he could still have died from covid… Epstien… definitely did die of covid, so says Hillary…

Jimmy MacAfee

BLOVID-19 reminds me of a number of stories where suicide was the diagnosis, even when there were two head shots (or more,) or the gun was way across the room, or when the shell casings were nowhere to be found, managing to get up and discard themselves. Yup! Suicide!

I’m surprised they didn’t say Seth Rich killed himself.

But if Rich had waited until BLOVID to die, they would have claimed BLOVID as his cause of death, with complications from lead poisoning and acute trauma (probably caused by BLOVID, too.)


There was an interesting conversation on the local TN talk radio the other day:

In a year or so we are going to get the US death totals of all causes. I don’t remember the actual numbers that were discussed, but this is the gist of the conversation:

According to “The 2019 World Almanac” in 2017 (the last year listed) there were about 2.8 million US deaths which equates to 8.7 deaths per 1,000 people. That number has remained consistent between 7.9 to the current high of the 8.7 2007 figure since 1990.

When the 2020 death numbers come out we will be able to accurately determine the true causality numbers caused by CV-19. These inflated CV-19 death tolls will be exposed because when there is not a significant increase in the number of total deaths in 2020 versus the 2019 numbers, which will also be available, we will have a real good idea or the actual death toll.

My estimated might be shown as follows by year and millions (of deaths):

2015 / 2.712 Total US deaths
2016 / 2.744
2017 / 2.806
2018 / 2.853 (data not available) This is my estimated progression of deaths taken from previous years and adding the actual difference – increase – from 2016 to 2018 which was a +47,000 annual average.
2019 / 2.900 (again my +47,000 estimate )
2020 / 2.947 – again by the average of the recent historical trend, 2.947 million Americans would logically die in a ‘normal’ year sans CV-19.

If the current (reported and celebrated by some) “death toll” of 120,000 is accurate – and we still have over six months to go in 2020 to add to that number – we should see that spike in the 2020 total number of deaths. Since CV-19 ‘deaths’ only began in the second quarter (April, May and June), conceivably the number of deaths, could be as high – or even higher – as 360,000 for the last three quarters of 2020 – all of which are to be blamed on Trump.

When the actual death data comes out for 2020 vs 2019, all anyone needs to do is subtract the difference and subtract the 47,000 of normal death progression to get a relatively accurate CV-19 death toll.

An example might be:

2019 – 2.900 million ‘normal’ deaths; 2020 – 2.947 million ‘normal’ deaths.

Now add the current ‘official CV-19 death count’ of 120,000 and the 2020 death totals should be about 3.067 million deaths. Project those totals further to include the last two quarters of this year and the additional ‘official death toll’ of 240,000 and the numbers would project out to 3.307 million total deaths for 2020.

I suspect the actual CV-19 death toll will eventually (genuinely) top out at about the same level as the last available (2016) death numbers for influenza and pneumonia (stats are combined) which were 51,537. When this (my additional flu) number is plugged into my theoretical ‘model’, the 2020 death toll from all causes should be about 3 million. In other words, a 3 million number would equate to a regular influenza/pneumonia death rate season for CV-19, and the current ‘official’ hyped CV-19 death numbers will be bogus just like everything else coming from the CDC and the WHO.

I’ll bet my estimate will be much more accurate than all the talking head “experts” when the actual numbers are known and published in an Almanac which I believe to be as unbiased a source as we can get now-a-days.


Here’s the real reason there are so many “cases” being recorded and reported:


My wife calls me the king of internet searches :p


Well, duh. A positive result actually does make it Covid related.


Simple answer because some have a hard time with reasoning.

A ‘case’ is being implied to be a person with covid needing hospitalization furthering the need to bang the drums of fear. A ‘case’ does NOT mean you are infectious or in need of hospital intervention. It means merely that your body has at one time been exposed to the virus, understood???

If I go into a hospital because, enter reason here, and I have a cold… Does this make why I’m there cold related??? Let me help you here… answer is no…

Learning to follow the trail of sound reasoning isn’t painful… just takes practice. Try it…

jack johnson

When are elected representatives going to demand a forensic accounting on the number of cases and actual death descriptions. Trump could go a long way in getting this fear mongering narrative shot down if he demanded the truth.

Really losing faith in the do nothing GOP.

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