Monday News Roundup: CHOP Shooting, BLM Marxists, Roosevelt Statue, and NYC/Chi Murder Race

All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men and women to sit silently by and do nothing. – Anyone who thought that the American Taliban’s – aka, Antifa/BlackLivesMatter – efforts to tear down monuments and erase U.S. history would be limited to heroes of the Confederacy was living in a fantasy world.

Over the past few weeks, they came for Christopher Columbus, and good men and women did nothing to stop them.

Then they came for Thomas Jefferson, and good men and women did nothing.

Next they came for George Washington, and good men and women did nothing.

Now, they have come for Teddy Roosevelt, and good men and women are nowhere to be found to defend him. The target over the weekend is the magnificent statue of the progressive Republican President who is responsible for tens of millions of acres of National Parks and National Monuments as well as the nation’s anti-trust laws, which has sat in front of New York’s Museum of Natural History since 1940.

Teddy Roosevelt Statue at Museum of Natural History to Be Removed

Activists have for years claimed that the images of the Native American and African American walking astride Roosevelt’s horse are somehow demeaning, although both are rendered as proud, noble and strong. Both the museum and the city have resisted removing the statue for many years due to public opposition to the move, but over the past few weeks, the impulse to engage in virtue signaling obviously just became too strong.

So, Roosevelt is gone, and in a week few will even remember this happened.

What will they go after next? This is entirely predictable: The major monuments in Washington, DC, the U.S. Constitution, your guns and your churches. If you doubt me, just sit back and do nothing and watch.

Oh, and in case you missed it, the founder of Black Lives Matter admits she is a “trained Marxist”:

Because of course she is. You will never see this reported on CNN or MSNBC.

Defund the police? Here’s what you get. – Speaking of New York City, Marxist Mayor Bill De Blasio’s policies of releasing hundreds of felons from Rikers Island and defunding his police department have led to a very predictable outcome: The Big Apple is starting to look a lot like Baltimore and Chicago.

As reported by the New York Post:

The New York City Police Department is investigating more than a dozen shootings that took place in 24 hours.

Authorities say at least 19 people have been injured during shootings Saturday across the city’s boroughs.

The violence comes as the city sees a spike in shootings following the New York City Police Department disbanding the plainclothes unit last Monday.

There were 28 shooting incidents with 38 victims from last Monday to Friday, compared to only 12 during the same week last year, according to the New York Post.


Actions have consequences. New Yorkers elected this evil buffoon not once, but twice, so they get what they deserve. But it is sad to see this once-great city descending back into the pits of hell from which Rudy Giuliani rescued it just 20 years ago.

The “good news” for New Yorkers is that they still have a ways to go to catch up with Chicago. – The bad news is that De Blasio will keep doubling down on evil policies until his city is #1.

Over the father’s day weekend, 101 Chicago residents were shot, and at least 14 have died at last count, although the bodies are still being counted, so that number could still rise.

From a report in the Chicago Sun-Times:

Chicago saw its highest number of shootings victims in a single weekend this year with 101 people shot across the city from Friday evening to Monday morning, 14 of them fatally. Five of those killed were minors.

The latest child fatality happened early Monday in Austin on the West Side.

Two boys, 15 and 16, were walking in an alley at 12:18 a.m. in the 4700 block of West Superior Street when someone fired at them, possibly from a gray sedan, according to Chicago police. The 15-year-old was shot in his leg, chest and abdomen. He was taken to Stroger Hospital and pronounced dead. The other boy, 16, was hit in the ankle and taken to Stroger Hospital in fair condition.

A 13-year-old girl was killed and two other teens were wounded Saturday night in Austin on the West Side.

The girl was inside a home about 8:30 p.m. in the 1000 block of North LeClaire Avenue when the shots were fired, and she was struck in the neck, police said. She was taken to Stroger Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

The Cook County medical examiner’s office identified her as Amaria J. Jones.

Two boys, 15 and 16, were sitting on a porch when one of them noticed a red laser pointing at him and heard gunfire, police said. The younger boy was struck in the back and the older boy was struck in the leg. They were taken to Mount Sinai Hospital in good condition.

A 3-year-old boy was fatally wounded about two hours earlier when someone opened fire at his father while they were driving in Austin.

The toddler, identified as Mekay James, was struck in the back about 6:25 p.m. when someone in a blue Honda pulled behind the black SUV the boy’s 27-year-old father was driving in the 600 block of North Central Avenue and fired several rounds, authorities said.

A police source said the father was believed to be the intended target of the shooting.


It’s a war zone, folks, and the city is saddled with an abject lunatic – Lori Lightfoot – in charge. America’s great cities – all run by Democrat political machines for decades – are dying.

The “Summer of Love” continues in Seattle. – Yet another shooting took place in the so-called CHOP zone in Seattle last night:

So, two nights, two shootings, one dead, two in critical condition in a local hospital. It’s like a three square-block version of De Blasio’s pit of hell.

But still, the mayor and governor do nothing.

Democrats: Can’t live with them, would love to live without them.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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I’m a Pepsi kinda guy myself

comment image

Jimmy MacAfee

Where is China in this? They’re old-fashioned Colonizers – they have around 12 “Chinatowns” in South Korea, according to one report – recently developed. South Korea also has a big China-driven project – a bridge. Not any publicity on this.

China is behaving as Islam: under Yipyip Errordog, the snaggle-toothed emperor of Turkei (Turkey) all the militant Islamist colonists that have gone to Europe came mostly through his country. He’s threatened to release more “refugees” into Europe if they don’t give him more money, too. Trouble is, he intentionally attempted to start war between Russia and the US with his shootdown of the Russian jet – and blaming the US and NATO for instigating it. We were nearly in a nuclear exchange with Russia, as Putin went ape-shit. Took a lot of work from our military to get things calmed down, but it could have ended with a devastated US, Russia, Europe and elsewhere. Old snaggletooth thought he would be spared, and he could then engage his Ottoman II empire, with him as the Big Kahuna – or “Mahdi.” Delusional, but dangerous beyond measure.

Neo-colonialization by Islam has slowed to a degree, but the Chinese are doing exactly what Europeans did in Africa – no word on Black Lives Matter, which doubtlessly applauds any communist entity and gives them pass for anything they wish to do, including what the Chinese are doing in Africa. Is slavery next on the Chinese agenda?

China has colonies in Italy, which is why the virus was to heavy there. Iran, too, had better look twice whenever dealing with these NeoColonials. The Chinese have learned nothing, and the West has self-inflicted Alzheimer’s.

What the Chinese are doing in the US is softening us up for an eventual colonization, hoping we’ll destroy ourselves before they destroy us with EMP-type events. They’d rather take over after a suicide, rather than have an active Red Dawn on their hands.

That wraps it up: BLM is funded by more than rich Americans and corporations. Better vote as if your life depends upon it, as many say – because your life does depend upon it.

Winston Churchill

Jimmy MacAfee

A life-rule I learned from a Youthgroup leader (back when the Methodist Church actually believed in Jesus:)

“Your rights end where my nose begins.”


I learned as the right to swing your arm ends at the tip of nose.


DOH! The right to swing your arm ends at the tip of my nose.

Jimmy MacAfee

The secret to why Bill-ionaires support draconian, China-like power-grabs is simple: dopamine.

Dopamine is a reward system; it is part of not just the addiction cycle, but most human behavior. When you eat a satisfying meal? Dopamine. Which is why some people are addicted to over-eating.

Behaviors have a tendency to diminish the dopamine response, which is whey there really IS such a thing as pornography addiction, and why addicts tend to go for more and more extreme (and grotesque) visualizations. Crack cocaine is more addictive – (quicker release of dopamine) – than regular, snorted cocaine. But the first time is always the highest, and diminishes afterward.

Which is why Solomon was embittered, after having experimented with literally everything under the sun, and finding out that it was all pointless and temporary. Which is what happens when people get their addiction through wealth (which Solomon did, too.) To a poor man, a $20 bill found on the sidewalk is a great big boost to his/her dopamine. But he’ll begin to look for more of them, and if he finds more, he won’t be satisfied.

This is what has happened to billionaires worldwide, which explains Epstein’s friends and associates – billions don’t satisfy. What good is tens of billions of dollars, when you can buy anything you want – and the purchase fails to soothe the lust? What does that failure lead to?

Lust for power. And more power. And more.

Their power means that they take away YOUR power. Has to come from somewhere. Too bad they don’t live to help people with the money – (guess that’s not addictive enough.)

Not all dopamine addiction is bad: exercise in healthy quantities is good; helping others is a real rush (nothing wrong with helping, as long as it doesn’t lead to pride.)

But if people don’t recognize the nature of dopamine in how they’re controlled and manipulated (as Dave says, things like “fear porn.”) Even fear can release dopamine! And in some people with weird wiring, pain; others with weird wiring like to give pain. Yet others are stimulated by relieving pain, saving lives, helping (police and rescue are generally in that category.) That is a positive, not a negative – (until the wiring gets screwed up, as in the murderer of George Floyd.)

So there are good uses for dopamine and bad, Choose how you’ll use it. Up to you.

Marilyn Crawford

When BLM starts tearing down planned parenthood buildings, then I’ll believe those who are marching and shouting black lives matter! When black men start staying with those they impregnate, I will believe them when they say, black lives matter. Until then, why should the rest of us care, since we have paid for your sorry asses long enough!

Jimmy MacAfee

When black men stop killing black men – that too. When black people have reason to stop fearing other black men – add that to the list. Yes, black lives don’t matter when those things are happening.

Under President Trump, black hopelessness was declining; black hopefulness was increasing. It hasn’t ended – there are a lot of black men and women who see that the Chinese and the US communists (ANTIFA, BLM) are really anti-black to their very core.

I learned a long time ago not to be given to an us-versus-them form of control and manipulation, where they threw poor whites against poor blacks (or against all blacks, even rich blacks, like the white led riots in Tulsa OK 1921 riots.

You hearin’ me, Troll? No more shit about “paying for your sorry asses.”

Jimmy MacAfee

If you read between the lines, you can see that the enemy who supports BLM isn’t really supporting black lives at all – but in premature deaths and destruction of black live and the black family (what there is left of it.)

Prime example: how much black lives matter to Bill and Melinda Gates.

They want to “offer” (read: enforce) the first CCP virus vaccine to black people, even before healthcare workers. How lovely; they won’t even have to go overseas to experiment on black people, like they usually do – they can do it here! Another epidemiological experiment, perhaps? Like the infamous Tuskegee Experiment, conducted 49 years, from 1932-1972? On blacks ONLY? Sounds like Bill and Melinda really love black lives, as long as they commit themselves to another horrible medical experiment. (Maybe they’ll brand them like slaves with Bill’s patented mark of the beast, too? Count on it!)

No word on BLM’s position on this; doubtless they’re for it, just as they’re for the murder of blacks by blacks, the murder of black policemen by ANTIFA and the murder of black babies by mostly white doctors.

Which may be why so many corporations are lining up to support BLM; they want more black deaths and hopelessness, too. (McDonald’s already poisons them with the shit they pretend is food.) Look beyond the veil

Jimmy MacAfee

Like Billy Ray Valentine’s friends in Trading Places.


I think there is a bit of a disconnect over good men and women doing nothing. Do you mean people in the community not speaking out when the government decides to remove a statue or monument? If so then yes, not much has been done. These are in areas with a high saturation of liberals. What forum would good men and women have to protest? Would they be heard?

On the other hand, when the mob shows up to tear one down, its a little bit harder to stop that. I have seen 2 instances where groups of people (many armed) have surrounded a monument or statue and prevented it from being torn down. Brandenburg, KY and Albuquerque NM. The latter resulted in a shooting (with a self defense case I will be watching closely), and the city still took the statue down after. The police do nothing prevent this destruction, because they are on a tight Dem leash. That needs to change.

We can yell and scream, but the biggest tool we have coming up is the ballot box…vote these morons out, because if you don’t, this is what happens. Erasure of history. Locally, there is an active discussion with petitions on both sides to remove the Custer statue from downtown Monroe, MI. Being a Union general during the civil war that ended slavery gets erased when you also fight Native American Indians.


I think whats important jonsey is that there is a lack of real pushback. Understandable in some cities where the terrorist antifa/blm will mob and beat anyone opposing them. But conservatives can still push back.

Dems are ‘poll’ and media driven. If every conservative wrote in demanding statues be left alone do you think the demoncrap political would sit up and listen?? I think so…

You can be assured that if no one speaks up, they will keep taking ground.

Its a war… use their weapons against them


Remember the old 60’s radical clarion call “Eat the rich”? Beginning to wonder if we shouldn’t have listened to it.

phineas gage

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

Yes, I’m sure all they want is to take down a few Confederate statues, right? I’m sure it will all stop there, right?

comment image


It’s what radicals do. You give in and meet their demands, then they say that’s not enough, give more.

These fools are going to push us into a hot civil war yet.


Thats what they are trying very hard to do…

Its a war… Don’t get drawn into the enemies traps…


Aren’t you glad we are sitting back doing absolutely nothing to stop these people from taking over America?


Exactly. Almost total silence from D.C. Pubs. Big mistake.


” and good men and women did nothing.”

Good sir, this is the scariest thing you’ve identified and posted,

Its a war… we need to engage

Jimmy MacAfee

Dims are demonic. No other word for it. If you love Satan, vote Democrat.


Well they crtainly are the polar opposite of all thats good… Just like their father.

Jimmy MacAfee

The father of death and lies.

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