Sunday News Roundup: Tulsa Rally, Chop Murder, Barr-Berman Battle and Bad Lindsey Graham

Happy Father’s Day, y’all! – It wasn’t an entirely happy Father’s Day eve for President Donald Trump in Tulsa yesterday.  After all of the buildup and the hype about have a million requests for tickets, it appeared that no more than 15-20,000 people congregated in downtown Tulsa on Saturday, with only about 10,000 able to ultimately make their way into the BOK Center by 7:00 ET, when the doors were closed as the event began.

The massive COVID-19 fear porn campaign mounted by the corrupt news media obviously had its intended effect to diminish the turnout. Once the entries to the area opened, the combination of having to test everyone’s temperature and screen them through security, along with a group of Antifa/BLM thugs who forced the closing of one of the entry points, made the process too slow to get everyone inside to fill the arena.

None of that impacted the President’s mood once he took the stage, though. He was as animated as ever, and held the crowd’s rapt attention for 2 solid hours, like Paul McCartney does on is concert tours. But the media reports won’t focus on that – they’ll focus exclusively on the turnout, because that is what they do.

And they certainly will never show you this photo of the campaign “rally” held by Creepy Uncle Quid Pro Farty China Joe Biden earlier on Saturday:

Seriously, he’s better off in the basement.

One more note about Tulsa. – The city and state governments, led by Republicans, did their jobs of keeping their streets peaceful and safe both for the attendees and for the public at-large. It was a stark contrast to the refusal of Democrat mayors and governors to do their respective duties in places like Minneapolis, New York, Portland, Atlanta and Chicago in recent weeks.

That of course is another aspect of Saturday’s events you will not see any corrupt news outlet report on today.

In other news… – In one of many interesting parts of the President’s speech, he talked about Seattle’s CHOP, or as the town’s nitwit Mayor calls it, “The Summer of Love.” That lovefest produced a murder Friday night in which one person was shot and killed and another lies in critical condition in a local hospital. When police attempted to enter the “cop-free zone” to investigate, they were met with a roadblock of violent thugs.

Sara Jean Green | The Seattle Times

In his speech, the President said that he has repeatedly offered to bring in the National Guard and clear the place out, but the leftist mayor has refused to do anything. From a report at Breitbart:

“I have an offer out. I said any time you want, we will come in and straighten it out in one hour or less,” Trump said at his rally.

“Now I may be wrong, but it’s probably better for us to just watch that disaster. Let it simmer for a while. Let them see what radical left Democrats will do to our country.”


From a strategic political standpoint, that’s probably right. But from the standpoint of ensuring that all Americans – including those Americans who live and own businesses inside the CHOP – have their constitutional rights protected, it is not.

When they are sworn into office, elected members of city and state governments swear they will do their duty to ensure those rights are protected. The city and state governments in Seattle and Washington have abandoned that duty. While the system of federalism obligates the President to afford those lower officials every opportunity to do their jobs, at some point he has a similar obligation to act.

In addition to the illegal seizure of property, we’ve already had one murder and reports by the Seattle Chief of Police of multiple rapes and assaults taking place in the “Summer of Love.” The President will have to decide how much more of this lawlessness he is willing to tolerate before taking action, because it is obvious that the local government and Governor Jay Inslee just don’t give a damn.

“I won’t quit! Wait, you’re firing me? You can’t fire me! I quit!” – That was pretty much exactly how Saturday went for now ex-SDNY U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman. As reported here on Saturday morning, Berman refused his opportunity to resign gracefully after it was offered to him by Attorney General William Barr Friday afternoon.

Early Saturday afternoon, Barr sent Berman a letter that said, in effect, ok, then, you’re fired effective immediately. Hilariously, realizing that he is in fact screwed to the wall here, Berman then responded with this:

So, having forfeited his only graceful means of exit, Berman resorts to just making one up.  Either way, he’s gone and that’s a very good thing for America.

Bad Lindsey Graham to the rescue! – For the Democrats, that is. After Berman’s firing was announced and Barr made clear that the President intends to nominate Jay Clayton, the current chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, to replace him, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, quickly stepped in to provide a roadblock of his own.

It is very telling that Graham’s very first reaction to all of this is to announce that he will stand on archaic Senate procedure to obstruct Clayton’s nomination. Graham falsely stated that he has always respected the Senate’s “blue-slip” tradition in such nominations, in which home state senators must signal their approval before any nominee can move forward. Thus, he in effect provides New York Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand with veto power over Clayton’s nomination.

Graham has in fact completely ignored objections by home-state senators in the cases of multiple federal judge nominees over the past 18 months. Further, Democrats have ignored this “tradition” en masse when both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama moved to willy-nilly fire almost every incumbent U.S. Attorney they inherited and replace them all. Graham was actually in the Senate when that happened in 2009 and was completely submissive to it.

But now that a Republican President wants to replace a single corrupt U.S. attorney, Bad Lindsey Graham decides he simply must stand on stupid, non-productive Senate ceremony. Because of course he does.

As Tucker Carlson tells you almost every night of the week on his show, the GOP caucus in the congress is little more than a collection of useless gas bags, and Senator Graham may well be the worst of the entire lot.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Two questions regarding Lindsay Graham:

1. What do the Dems have on Graham to prompt him to make decisions every bit as puzzling as those made by Chief Justice Roberts (I’ve heard the rumors)?

2. What the hell is wrong with the South Carolina voters??


Question one isn’t very relivant.

Question two is where the rubber hits the road. Troubling thing is he just got re-elected so the question should be more sternly put to SC. PLUS… there were other Repubs to choose from and SC choose All Hat… go figure…

Its a war… choose your leaders wisely

marty lopez

Tucker Carlson was right and Trump is wrong. Democrats suck and that’s for sure, but Republicans did nothing, continue to do nothing and, for the most part are no better. Between these two establishment parties, there is little choice. Actually that is the only reason Trump is President today.

It’s time Trump woke up to the new day he himself once promised. Hiring Karl Rove who once again smells the money isn’t the answer either. Trump seems to have forgotten why he was elected. It’s past time he got to work and started fixing what really needs fixing, prosecuting, firing and reforming the swamp he promised to drain.

TikTok may have dupped his political operation, but Trump at Tulsa was tired and uninspired, the same old, same old marketing speech. The formula is fraying. His core message for reelection was old, slow, demented Joe Biden will destroy whatever wealth you may have whether it’s in stocks, or real estate. While all that may be true enough, with the nation on the brink it was hardly inspiring and neither was Trump himself.

Sure Trump roasted Biden. Who wouldn’t, or couldn’t ? Biden has been rotten & corrupt to the bone for the last 45 years. Now he’s sequestered in his basement. He belongs in a federal prison and Trump should have said so. What we got was another marketing speech, which isn’t even very entertaining anymore. Trump himself looked old and tired, over weight and worn out. His presentation reflected same.

Trump rallies will soon enbough become a factor of diminishing returns. What we need is radical, effective leadership, promise of real reform and change. If he continues to stand with RINO, establishment Republicans this is going to be a very close race indeed. A fired up and dedicated communist Democrat cadre may very well end up eating his lunch. Trump will have only himself to blame for betraying the promise and the dream he himself first inspired.


I agree with Gregg here… You have to give credit to Trump even if it was only for still standing after the constant withering attacks daily this guy has gone thru. He is essentially been running the nation alone. When you have to not only weather the storm the demoncraps lob at you daily, he also has to push back, and watch his back, from traitorous dirtballs like All-Hat and the Turtle (who’s doing what really??)

Then on top of it all you have buys like Barr who has produced what yet??? Besides letting confessed criminals walk scott free… Not to mention the near comatose responses to the insurrection in Seattle and the covid over-reach which he publicly stated they’d be watching closely. I guess he wasn’t lying when saying ‘watching’.

IMO… Trump should mostly ignore creep joe. Its not worth the effort and it looks real bad picking on an obvious handicap person. He should swing his messages to getting the economy back on track, opening everything up and assuring Wall Street there will be no further covid scamdemic shut-downs.

As for the law and order thang… IMO, give Barr six months to start perp walks or give him his walking papers. Fire the lamers recommending these swamp douches, send Kushner home, and hire persons recommended by EFFECTIVE people. You know, the smart, don’t fear the swamp slimes, steam cleaners to clear the drains. Insist Flynn take over whichever security agency needed to start and finish that audit… Expand gitmo… gitr done…

Its a war… Time for nice is over.


I didn’t watch or hear the speech Marty, but if it was as ‘tired’ as you say, we could be in trouble.

I’ll give Trump some slack in some areas, given what he has been up against nonstop for the last four years. Despite having both houses of congress, he never had a “presidential honeymoon” period which is traditional for any incoming administration, nor has he had even a remotely neutral press.

The attacks against him have been unprecedented in stridency and in longevity. I really thought the left would have worn itself out long ago. I’m sur he felt the same. However, I do know this, no other politician could have survived this onslaught, AND gotten as much accomplished as he has, so I’ll forgive the occasional mistake, as long as he stays strong on the main issues.

What I would like to hear from President Trump is a clearly stated plan to deal with the subversive criminals inside and outside the swamp. “Lock her up!” was a great line during the campaign of four years ago, but she ain’t locked up yet, so it will ring hollow now. The same can and should be said about Biden this year, but in all probability, that won’t happen either, but Biden should at least be kept in a rubber room away from sharp objects.

She and all the other Obamagate players being prosecuted has to be a major campaign issue. Either we have equal justice for all, or we have a two (or more) tiered ‘justice’ system. That choice needs to be made as clear and unequivocal as possible in any speech calling for the return to law and order in dealing with the riots.

Mr. President, “Law and Order” does not just pertain to the violent rioting, criminal, but “mostly peaceful” ‘protestors’, but to the very top of government, including legitimate prosecution and conviction of ‘the One’ and “All the President’s men (people)”.

Ben Colder

I would spit in that bastards face if I could .What a disgrace old Grahmnisty is who needs democrat when we have this RINO Son of a bitch?


The NFL and all of sports have gone insane or full on leftist. I never thought many, if any, of the sports players, owners, writers, commentators, or commissioners were very bright.

Within this month, I am packing up my Comcast DVRs and returning them to the store and dropping TV altogether.

I will not pay carriage fees for OWN, ESPN, PMSLSDBC, DNCNN, or even FOX News any longer.

If it turns out I really miss some TV or programs, I’ll find a way to get an antenna and watch it for free, dust off my old VCR and record something if I really want to have a copy.


You can stream TV without having cable or network rot pumped into your home. Watch what you want when you want, don’t pay for anything but your internet connection. Used to have sat tv, free to air, but even that got dropped. You end up watching far less and doing more far more productive. Don’t miss it at all.

Even the movies, won’t pay for them and really the only ones worth watching… are the older presocial engineering flicks. If I feel the need to venture to watch a movie I won’t pay for it, wink wink. Never going to support the communists with anything ever again. Won’t buy chinese, won’t watch garbage TV and certainly won’t vote communist… all easy choises.

It is a war… cut their funding.


Get a good digital TV antenna if you live near a good sized metropolitan area. Lots of over the air free channels out there and some of it in HD. We’d do the same if we did. Unfortunately living in a coastal town with a lot of mountainous terrain precludes from doing the same. We had to go with satellite as the local cable is really slim. We may go with streaming once we are out of contract if that has an ability to really pick and choose.

Pity we can’t get the FCC to get in the consumers corner enough to push through true ala carte programming. Pick your own bundle by the channel. *sigh*


I believe it was the greatest war hero of all time that ran the senate committee when the special interests “sold” the congress people, who supposedly worked for us, on the need to shut down free analog broadcast TV with all the bandwidth BS and the giveaway of converter boxes etc.

I don’t remember all the particulars as I had cable at the time and didn’t really pay it much attention at the time, but I do remember “Ace” was the relevant committee chairman.

The more I think about ace and his little brown nosing butt-boy from SC, the sicker I get.

And it is readily apparent in retrospect that his little five minute tirade on behalf of Kavanaugh was for show and burnish his ‘conservatives’ bona-fides.

What a fraud this slimy little bull-schiff artist is. I’m amazed he doesn’t even know when to keep his mouth shut.

As much as I despise Klink and Schemer, I know where they stand on every issue and they fight like hell and are not afraid to spend any political capital for their cause or agenda. Grahamesty and the three “conservative” judges and others are always playing both ends against the middle.

What I don’t understand: Most people want to be liked, and respected by their piers or followers; these creeps apparently don’t care if they are liked by anyone. That is a sign of a narcissist or a psychopath – they don’t care if they are respected , as long as they can stay in power.

Bolton, Comey, and the Obamagate crowd come to mind, along with certain ‘leaders’ of the USSR, Germany, China (past and present) Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, and Cambodia to name a few, True evil, all of them.


“And it is readily apparent in retrospect that his little five minute tirade on behalf of Kavanaugh was for show and burnish his ‘conservatives’ bona-fides.”

Bingo… He is quite literally the same character as sociopath liar Shiff is.. I’d hate to get between either of these lowlifes and a camera.

Its a war… know your enemies….


And in other news: Brett Favre declared that Colin Kaeperneck is just like fallen patriot Pat Tillman.

Well Brett, hope you like schlepping for Copper Fit, because that’s all you are to me now a cheap, made in China sportswear salesman.


And this just in: John Bolton’s latest Trump hate porn novel has just been leaked in full PDF format for all those leftys who couldn’t wait!


Gee, the leaking of Bolton’s book? That’s a real surprise.

Sue and prosecute Simon and Schuster out of business and jail their CEO and everyone involved in printing and distributing it.

Pack up Bolton on a one way flight to GITMO, no bail and hold off on the treason trial for four years and then have a televised FS for this neocon dirtbag and anyone who helped him.


Yep. And the beauty is, a lot of the leftys who would have bought the book will download the pirated copy because it’s free dontcha know?

Want to venture a guess as to the identity of the agency/person who leaked of the book? Mine starts with the letters NSC.


And for all my friends here who are fathers I hope you enjoy the day with your loved ones in peace.


I believe the protocol is for the assistant to take over, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be fired too. I’m assuming since Berman had no problem with her that’s she’s deep state as well. The sooner she goes the better.


If she starts slow walking evidence that Durham is asking for (which is what I think Berman may have been doing) then Barr will let her either resign or fire her as with Berman.

I found it funny that Berman resigned after he was fired. He can’t have it both ways and the AG’s letter informing the President had fired him can’t be walked back or explained away. The only people who will consider hiring him now are leftist law firms, XiNN or LSDNBC.


Graham is a deep State Rino and COUP MEMBER/ He needs to be treated as a TRAITOR.


I don’t feel sorry for “those left behind”. They keep voting the same way over and over again. It’s about time they stand up for themselves and fight back. Yes, it is war, but it’s their war! Let them stand up to the politicians they elected.


There are wars within wars here. The small war is the anarchy is blue cities. The real war is between the Dem/MSM/deep state/socialist machine and conservatives/freedom loving folk.

Yes, the majority of the chaos is in blue states/cities. But if they succeed in winning in November it
will be coming to your home town as soon as it can. They will be emboldened.

And if we win in November, they will most likely burn their own down first and then start coming for us.

Like the Borg, they will stop at nothing to assimilate or destroy us. I pray it doesn’t come to a shooting war, but they may leave us no choice.

Sir Cumference

BLM = Burn Loot Murder


The situation in Seattle is bad. But, if the President goes in with federalized National Guard or the regulars, as a matter of safety for them, they will have to be armed. And surely as God made little green apples, there will gun fire and with that comes death and injury. The press will have a 24/7 cacophony declaring Trump a dictator and running the names of the “victims’ over and over. The American public will not hear the end of it. This is what they want, their painting it as a “peaceful protest/summer of love” to the contrary.

The majority of voters who live in the state of Washington and in Seattle proper voted Inslee and Durkin into office. Said elected officials have told the President to mind his own business. They have shown they are willing to let taxpayers suffer at the hands of hoodlums. I feel sorry for the people suffering and stuck behind the lines of this siege. They are suffering because they voted for people who virtue signaled and pandered to the voters better principles only to abandon them after being elected. Elections have consequences.

How will going in and cleaning a mess of their own making be received? Certainly the citizens who are suffering will be grateful. But the majority who voted the feckless politicians in will join in with the MSM dictator meme in a heart beat. There will be no public displays of gratitude, only more hate and venom.

It’s time everybody recognize that we are already in a civil war. It was declared by the Democrats and the MSM the day after the election of Donald J. Trump as President. They called it the resistance. They have tried to do everything in their power to remove him from office and barring that, hamstring him so he can’t do everything that needs to be done. They won’t be satisfied until we are all effectively silenced and locked up. Make no mistake, that is the end game for their communist/socialist dream.

I feel sorry for those innocents who are caught behind enemy lines with no way of escape. I would like to say that Federal intervention would solve the problem long term, but it won’t. It will only provide fuel to the fire that the resistance has started.

To steal Brian’s tag line: It is a war.


“I feel sorry for the people suffering and stuck behind the lines of this siege. They are suffering because they voted…”


The only people I feel sorry for are the people who are stuck living in the blue cities/states, for whatever reason, and who vote Republican.

I don’t in any way feel sorry for anyone who has voted Democrat more than one time. in 1989, I was pissed at the term-limited outgoing NJ Republican Governor and the new equally feckless GOP candidate. I’ll admit, I was fooled by the lying Democrat Gubernatorial candidate, but only once, 31 years ago – never again will I vote Democrat! At most, I’ll vote independent (Perot once in 1992) or stay home.

It is not like all this deception only happened recently, Democrats have been lying to and screwing America one way or another for more than the last century, There may have been a handful of decent “moderate” Democrats in the last century, but they and their purported platform never carry the day in the Demented Party’s grand scheme of things. When I moved to TN in 2007, my district was ‘represented’ by a “blue dog” Democrat (Bart Gordon) since 1984, who barely survived the Walking Eagle and BJ Clinton congressional purge/wipeout of 1994. His ‘machine’ and the DNC money infusion (he outspent his outsider GOP opponent by two million to one million) carried the day.

However, when push came to shove in 2009, Nancy Klink forced him to vote for Obamacare. He, now with over 24 years in the house, fell on the sword knowingly and willingly committing political suicide for the ‘greater “progressive” cause’. Gordon actually had several town halls where he got overwhelming pushback against Obamacare prior to the vote, so he knew a yes vote was the end of his congressional career – he quietly announced his retirement soon after Obamacare became law. He apparently was offered (bribed) a directorship with NASA, for his Obamacare vote.

Surprisingly, one or several GOP senators told him in no uncertain terms that they would block that appointment. He just faded away into obscurity. Unfortunately, after a contentious three-way primary, my outsider candidate lost to a dubious, but well connected state senator, whose family stood to benefit greatly from Obamacare, and she aligned herself with Boehner which, along with other supposed TEA Party newbie representatives, made certain Obamacare remained completely intact.

So no Silas, I have no pity for anyone or everyone who has ever voted for any Democrat; they need to get it shoved up their a$$ hard and broken off.

I suspect Trump will intervene if and when this Antifa/BLM bowel movement begins to go after red states, cities, and towns, where: 1) Intervention probably won’t be needed because Republican Governors and Mayors will deal with it properly, or, 2) Needed intervention will be asked for and welcomed to keep and maintain law and order and to protect the people and property who want their lives to be normal and peaceful, and 3) the leftist governors and mayors have no choice but to beg for federal help.


Heh! Yeah, I feel you there brother. It’s the softy in me. I pray for their redemption and coming into the light. But, yeah a lot of them have what’s coming for them.


I, like you and others believe in “redemption”, at least I want to. But in my mind, redemption, like a politician’s words, must be real, permanent, and prominently displayed. Otherwise, it is fraudulent, which so often turns out to be the case.

When these blue voters finally wise up and move to the purple or red states, we will see how much they have learned and how much redemption they seek, by their future voting patterns.

I’m hoping the red and blue voters who are, or soon will be, leaving the blue cities and states in droves, will at least cancel each other out and the status quo will be maintained, or hopefully become more red. The unfortunate thing is the blue areas will probably stay or become even bluer, unless President Trump can emancipate a growing number of plantation minorities from their nonbenevolent rulers with a growing “walk away” movement and self empowering economic improvement.

The real problem which has been happening since FDR and will still continue will be the ultra liberal politicians from deep blue cities ultimately become the congressional leaders when the Dems run congress.

That is why we need term limits, so that ultra liberals like Biden, Leahy, Sanders, Kennedy, Schumer Pelosi, Watters, Lee, and Clyburn don’t get to own the swamp.

If the President and many governors are term limited, then why can’t/shouldn’t the congress-critters and the state legislative critters be similarly limited? No elected official was ever meant to be king for life under our constitution.

All federal and most state judges were/are given lifetime appointments to remove political considerations (that was the idea) from their decision making. The reality is the Judicial Branch is as ‘political’, if not more so than the other two branches. Since judges have become stridently political, they need to be subject to popular vote recall and removal.

Samuel Adams said the constitution is a totally inadequate governing document if the people are not morally grounded. It is apparent that much of this country has lost its moral compass and lost connection with its past.

That is why I often advocate the need for many amendments, or we will fail as a free country and this great constitutional republic experiment will end.


And the arses in SC will just reelect Graham and foist him on us again. Sometimes we’re as bad as Democrats. You can’t make it up…


Thank you South Carolina for keeping this bloviating turd in the senate.

Ok Senator Slimeball, we’ll have acting US Attorneys, cabinet members, agency directors, and pentagon admirals and generals, and secretaries from now on. Keep the revolving door spinning; keep the good people and pitch the hacks out to the curb as the door spins.

If Berman’s #2, Audrey Strauss, is the real deal, fine; if she follows in Berman’s footsteps, fire her and elevate the #3 person at the SDNY, or name your choice as an acting attorney. This may actually be a more effective way of flushing the turds out of the DOJ punchbowl/toilet. Sooner or later the go along to get along dregs will get the message and reform or be excreted.

Wish this process would have begun three years ago, but better late then never I suppose. I look for the purging (in the medical sense), especially in the DOJ and the IC to be greatly amped up in January. The president simply must get rid of the hundreds of the Deep State ‘leaders’ and the thousands of the Deep State minions who at best clog up the process, and at worse are fifth column subversives who do everything they can to impede the needed reform. Many are no doubt Peter Stroke and Lisa Page type (in every sense of the word) disciples.

When 96% of DC, and a similar overwhelming percentage of ‘citizens’ vote Democrat in NYC and other blue cities, it is obvious where their loyalties lie. There is no nonpartisanship in the ranks of the leadership of government employees.

One of my greatest wishes would be to turn the NCR (National Capitol Region – DC, MD suburbs, and NORVA) into Baltimore, MD, Cleveland, OH or Camden, NJ, by firing many useless bureaucrats, or moving their agencies out of DC, and start prosecuting the numerous law firms, NGOs, and lobbyist groups etc. – many of whom are nothing more than well camouflaged money laundering organizations operating with impunity. Without all the government money flowing through that Den of Corruption, all of Washington, not just parts of it, would be just like any other Dem controlled blighted city.


If this isn’t an outrage then I’m not sure anything would be a concern. But true to Demoncrap form you obey even when you are broken and there is no valid reason for obstruction. THIS example is how much demoncraps actually hate real patriots, conservatives and Christians.

IMO… the family should just go ahead with the funeral and give the politicals the finger. What are they going to do??? Arrest everyone at the funeral??? Pretty sure they’d have more than enough real men in uniform and police who’d stand against those that would seek to stop this funeral.

jack johnson

Graham is worse than Pelosi or Schumer, they at least have the guts to tell you where they stand. The swish Graham is a spineless backstabbing Uni-Party schlep that is just grandstanding….Trump`s pick for the position IS a NY attorney who currently heads up the SEC.


“The swish Graham is a spineless backstabbing Uni-Party schlep . .”

Pure word artistry! Beautiful.

Robert Miller

You got that right,he use to be my Senator when I lived in SC! He’s all bark and no bite,a real scumbag!!


All-Hat is the Dem equivalent of adam Shiffhead. There is only one difference between them. One has an ‘R’, the other a ‘D’, but other than that they are exactly the same in every way.

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