Saturday News Roundup: Trump Tires of Fauci, Grenell Pummels CNN, and Biden Veepstakes Odds

President Trump has had enough of Anthony Fauci’s bullsh*t. – Last night, President Donald Trump issued the following tweet:

Trump’s tweet came after Fauci, in an interview on CNN, injected more confusion and disinformation into the public domain by saying, “Unless players are essentially in a bubble – insulated from the community and they are tested nearly every day – it would be very hard to see how football is able to be played this fall. If there is a second wave, which is certainly a possibility and which would be complicated by the predictable flu season, football may not happen this year.”

That hyperbolic bomb came in the wake of recent Fauci statements that he doesn’t think a second wave is likely and that he didn’t see any reason why schools can’t open up and football can’t be played. It’s like this little societal menace wakes up in a different reality every damn day. One day he says masks are ineffective against coronavirus; the next, he says everyone should wear a mask. One day he says schools should open; the next day he says kids should only go to school maybe 2 days a week. One day it’s fine to play baseball; the next day, football will kill you.

Here’s an idea: Instead of tweeting about Dr. Fauci, Mr. President, just order the Secret Service to lock him up in the White House basement for the next year so Americans can get on with our lives.

The real Democrat/media goal reveals itself. – I kid you not, the following exchange really and truly took place on CNN during a discussion between Anderson Cooper and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo about tonight’s Tulsa Trump rally:

Host Anderson Cooper asked, “We’re seeing this now, this rally this weekend in Oklahoma, the president’s going to, theoretically, pack 19,000 people into an indoor arena. Doesn’t seem like there’s any social distancing. No one’s required to wear a mask, though they’ll probably hand them out. Would you allow a large political rally in New York, in these circumstances, in this time?”

Cuomo responded, “No, no. Look, the president’s position all along has been a political position. His position was, you know, this is a virus, it’s a flu, don’t worry about it, reopen the economy, reopen the economy, reopen the economy. He believes his re-election is correlated to the economy. I don’t even think that’s right politically. I think it’s correlated to leadership, not to the Dow Jones stock market index. But that’s always been his position, just reopen the economy. The states that are doing that are seeing the virus go up and seeing their hospitals fill up, and their ICU beds fill up, and that’s going to, not only hurt the economy, it’s also going to cause more Americans to die.”


So, here we have the spectacle of the Governor of New York, whose policies are clearly responsible for the deaths of thousands of senior citizens due to the Wuhan Virus, and who sat by and did nothing while thug-filled crowds of hundreds of thousands of radicals looted and burned vast swaths of New York City over the past few weeks, declaring to a corrupt CNN host who has consistently lied about all of that that he would never allow 19,000 Americans to attend a political rally for the President in his state.

And this, folks, is the real Democrat/media agenda in all of this: To prevent President Trump from campaigning as he successfully did in 2016. The rank dishonesty and hypocrisy here is so thick you could cut it with a knife, but hey, these are Democrats we’re talking about here, so nothing new.

Ric Grenell was also on CNN yesterday. – After this epic nuking of CNN’s hapless host, he probably won’t be asked back:

Oof. Brutal.

Biden’s veepstakes are heating up. – Amy Klobuchar saw the writing on the wall and removed herself from consideration to be the running mate for Creepy Uncle Quid Pro Farty China Joe Biden before Biden’s handlers did that for her. In the process of doing so, Klobuchar likely also dealt a death bl0w to Elizabeth Warren by stating that Biden’s elder-abusing handlers should pick a woman of color for the job. Much as Fauxcahontas loves to claim to qualify in that regard, her pasty white skin argues otherwise.

Thus, Biden’s people are now left with a choice between women like inveterate liar Susan Rice; Florida congresswoman and former police chief Val Demings; Senator and ex-state attorney general Kamala Harris; and hapless gubernatorial loooooooooser and tireless self-promoting Stacey Abrams.

Rice tried to burnish her credentials yesterday by mis-quoting Ronald Reagan, stating that Trump supporters should be banished to the “trash heap of history.” That’ll certainly go a long way with the Antifa/BLM domestic terrorists who dominate the Democrat Party these days. On the other hand, the law enforcement backgrounds of Harris and Demings won’t win them any brownie points with that same key segment of the party’s voter base.

Abrams, who has never held any office higher than state representative, provided some more unintentional hilarity this week by claiming to have foreign policy credentials. Her rationale behind that false claim? She says she’s spent the last 25 years conducting an “independent study” of foreign policy.

Man. That’s just pathetic.

Most of the DC/New York political pundits are currently promoting Sen. Harris as the odds-on favorite to be the pick here. But her history as a prosecutor who reveled in convicting Black drug offenders to long prison sentences is a real albatross for her, and her multiple attacks on Biden himself during last winter’s debates has to have created lingering resentment within the campaign, although Biden no doubt has no memory of it.

On the other hand, Rice has no such baggage, having spent her entire career getting ahead by being appointed to a series of high-level political jobs for which she has no visible qualifications. Plus, her status as one of the most infamous and well-known serial liars in U.S. history will be seen as a badge of honor by the depraved nitwits on the radical left.

So I’m putting Rice up top of this sorry heap as a slight favorite over Demings, who was able to offset some of her law enforcement baggage (in Democrats’ eyes) by her high-profile participation in last year’s impeachment scam led by Adam Schiff and San Fran Nan.

Of course, any of these candidates would represent an unmitigated disaster for America in the presidency, which they would no doubt quickly assume shortly after Biden’s inauguration.

But there is good news on this front. – A new Zogby poll released this week finds a clear majority of Americans – 55% – now understand that Biden is suffering from the early stages of dementia. Amazingly, even a third of Democrats realize that this man is an addled menace who is utterly incapable of holding the most high-pressure job on the face of the earth.

That percentage will only continue to grow over the next five and a half months leading up to Election Day. Biden’s elder-abusing handles can continue to keep him hiding in the basement as long as they want, but they can’t hide the man’s reality from a perceptive public.

You should expect to see the Democrats and their media toadies to start pushing a new narrative designed to convince the public that no presidential debates can be held this year because of the Wuhan Virus or some other sham reason, because there is no way on earth they can allow Biden to spend two hours trying to hold things together in a debate with Donald Trump.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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WHEN will the people of S Carolina get rid of that feckless piece of bloviating waste of skin Turncoat Shiffhead Graham??? Seriously what is wrong with S Carolina????

So Graham is going to let Demoncraps decide who Trump puts in as US Attorney. Cry’n Chuck to boot… unfreak’n believable…


This should remove any doubt that Graham is a true defender of the swamp. He still hasn’t issued one dam subpoena that I know of. If he had we be seeing another hissy fit piece like the one above.


Yeah, and if memory serves, he just recently won his primary, so we are either stuck with him for six more years, or worse, a Dem senator from SC.

SC is a deep red state, but it is weird in that it produces and elects so many bloviating Republicans: Trey Goudy, and Grahamesty – all hat and no cattle, and Mark Stanford, a BJ Clinton wannabe, cheating bas***d who still went on to become a GOP Rep from SC. Sad, just sad.

Sir Cumference

Dr. Fauci (Falsie) and other so called “experts” fed the country a lot of hokus pokus crap.


And the real sad thing is when, not if, another enemy unleashes a really serious biological attack upon the US, few if any will listen to anything anyone from the CDC says. The “little boy who cried wolf” syndrome will rule the day and we may then be in real trouble.

Maybe that was the plan all along; see how much like compliant sheep we all are and then really hit us with something much more deadly when our guard is down, where most of us ignore the CDC’s “recommendations” and millions actually do die.

At that point, will we have a president who will retaliate with every means at his disposal, or will he (Biden) just surrender America to his masters?

jack johnson

I haven`t seen so many flip flops since one of my concerts. Fauci has zero credibility and America has tuned him out.


Flaccid Fauci’s advice was and still is nothing but self aggrandizing bs…

I think Trump did the right thing by publicly shaming him on the sports prognostications Flaccid was spewing. Thats what most like about Trump, he ain’t afraid to punch back 10’xs harder than they like. Bottom line is they’ll think twice about future rants because if they, like Flaccid, have a track record of failure, they’ll get thoroughly trounced and embarrassed.

I’m all for quiet discipline but when they take it to the public arena… all niceties would get a scaled response. From a “I wouldn’t do that if I were you” up to a full on body slam it attacks continued.
ts a war the enemy plays for keeps and isn’t merciful. .


I just don’t see Rice; too much on air baggage that the Trump campaign will use. If conventional wisdom prevails, which is a big if, the Dems will have to run a VP that has some notoriety; Rice, a deep stater, little known to the masses has virtually no name recognition outside of the DC Cesspool, and us conservative political wonks.

A no brain presidential candidate and an virtual no name, but with a hideously deceitful record and under ‘investigation’ for the unmasking during the Obamagate scandal – and she doesn’t have Comey to say no ‘intent’ and no reasonable prosecutor would… (unless Wray becomes Comey’s clone) – vice presidential candidate equals a Trump landslide.

Joe Figurehead and Susan Rice: The ultimate No brain and No name ticket.


I suspect Barr will not be as complacent as Lynch was. That was in fact the deep states way of inoculating her and Obama.

Jimmy MacAfee

Lynch could be the choice?


Gregg was suggesting that Wray might do a Comey to absolve Rice of any potential issues and I was saying that Barr wouldn’t let Wray get away with that. Sorry for the confusion.

Jimmy MacAfee

No, seriously: Lynch could be the nominee. Hadn’t thought of it before.


The Dems would be better served if they just had a CGI version of Creepy Joe. Even with code glitch it would probably be more realistic than the real version.

I love the Grenell cnn slaying… hilarious last parting shot by the lowlife ‘reporter’ reporting as “I understand it”… that had me laughing with a snort too…


Saw a meme of him as Max Headroom. Maybe you are on to something!

Jimmy MacAfee

Joe’s campaign ads feature a stumbling, bumbling, barely audible, incoherent old fart. I would have accused someone of altering the ad, but it comes from his camp. Idiots.

Rick Church

Sorry Jimmy but the link just worked for me.

Rice might be the pick but she too would be a disaster. I Know Michelle Obama has said she will not run but over the next month or two that might change. She is the best choice under the circumstances.

Jimmy MacAfee

Links don’t work.

Must have been too devastating for CNN for them to go to these lengths.

Jimmy MacAfee

I could play it, but can’t post a link. Sorry.


Heh! I just tried to post a reply to this and it wouldn’t post.

Jimmy MacAfee

Couldn’t play the video of Grenell.

Rice was the designated liar for Obeelzebub, whose author was the odious and moronic Ben Rhodes; she would literally do anything when asked, subjecting herself to humiliation after humiliation. She shows strong signs of being a psychopath, with absolutely no conscience nor empathy – (kind of like both Obeelzebub and Jezebel Clinton) – the latter of whom may yet end up having dogs lick her hands and face, sometime after her eunuchs throw her out the window or down the stairs.

Rice’s “tells” were so obvious in her 5 Lies for Benghazi stint that I doubt she’s developed the methodology to hide them. She hasn’t the talent to run a girl scout camp. Certainly not the moral competence. She is therefore designated the newest leader of 5 Lies.

Like her, KamaSutra Harris is a soulless, vapid, evil wretch whom most in the black community have little regard – (as Dave stated rather eloquently.) Ambition is her downfall, and she’ll literally do anything to climb into positions of…disgrace? She’s the only one who likes to lead from her back.

Abrams, who is an obese, gender-alternative version of Michael Spinks, is too stupid to be chosen for anything other than perhaps a seat on the View – (with apologies to Michael Spinks, who actually had some talent and is probably a really nice guy.)

I agree with Dave that Rice will be the designee, simply because she’ll do anything, take any order, perform like a flea in a flea circus, and has no qualms about having no qualms.

Jimmy MacAfee
Jimmy MacAfee

It’s a lose/lose situation for the dims and the debate issue. Trump will needle them endlessly if they attempt to prevent them and if they don’t the debates will expose ol’ Joe as not capable of handling the office.

Be prepared for seeing them try to get a teleconference style debate where they can put an ear piece on him and prompt him like a puppet.

Rick Trickerson

I thought that Stacey Abrams major foreign policy credentials is that she eats at IHOP every day.


Rick: excellent!

Corn Pop

Well, I Don’t know about that, but I do hear she is want in 38 states for committing genocide, against bacon double cheeseburgers.



Jimmy MacAfee

I’m thinking they’ll try to have their VP nominee debate Trump, because CheatinGropinMindless Joe will be “under the weather.” Trump should refuse.

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