Obamagate’s Motivation: Protect the Iran Deal

The Iran Deal was the epicenter of Obamagate. – That’s the direction this all is continuing to go after former Trump campaign foreign policy advisor Walid Phares revealed yesterday that the was the mysterious fifth target for persecution by the Mueller Special Counsel operation identified in Rod Rosenstein’s scope memo.

This story won’t get much attention from the fake news media, which is focused on its latest fear porn campaign related to the Wuhan Virus, but it is important because it serves to confirm what we have suspected about the motivations behind the still-ongoing persecution of General Mike Flynn.

From a report at John Solomon’s JustTheNews site:

“In my view, the push against the Trump campaign, and then the transition, and then the administration was on behalf of those who wanted to defend the Iran deal, to protect the interests of the Iran deal,” Phares told Just the News.

Phares, a counterterrorism expert who advised Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign, Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and Republicans in Congress for years, has long been a critic of Iran for its support for terrorism as well as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Tehran’s ally in the Sunni world.

The Obama administration struck the deal to pay billions to Iran and ease sanctions on the country in exchange for a freeze on its nuclear weapons program, and it recognized the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt after the Arab Spring uprising led to the overthrow of Cairo’s longtime ruler Hosni Mubarak.

Trump’s improbable win in 2016 threatened to upend those alliances, Phares said during an interview on the John Solomon Reports podcast, and likely set in motion efforts to undermine the new president in fall 2016 and spring 2017.

“The Obama administration obviously was not happy,” Phares said. “Not just because Donald Trump won the election, but they knew that he was about to change things. The most important point that they were concerned about, and that was not a secret, was the fact that Donald Trump said during the campaign that he will be withdrawing, he will be canceling, he used different terminology, the Iran deal. And the Iran deal was a major strategic achievement of the Obama administration. Definitely, they were not happy with that.”

“And Donald Trump, also during his campaign, was talking about changing, shifting alliances in the region,” he added. “He didn’t want the partnership with the Muslim Brotherhood … So it was a massive change in foreign policy.”


Indeed, the Iran Deal was almost the only major strategic achievement of Obama’s entire 8 years in office. Unfortunately, it was an ‘achievement’ that would have set the Islamic Republic of Iran – the chief sponsor of terrorism on earth – as the dominant nuclear power in the Middle East.

General Flynn knew this, having served as the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency in the Obama Administration. Flynn was forced out of that job as negotiations over the deal were ramping up during the summer of 2014, and thus understands the motivations of the Obama officials who pushed it. He also understands the motivations behind the Obama administration’s embrace of the Muslim Brotherhood.

That is no doubt why we see such a flurry of activity by high Obama officials taking place in the wake of the 2016 election unmask, wiretap and eventually frame Flynn for a process crime he did not commit. Flynn knew where all the Iran deal bodies were buried, and the people behind that deal could not afford to have him serving as the nation’s National Security Advisor.

Obama, Kerry, et al assumed that Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 election and cover all of their tracks. But that didn’t happen and they flew into an obvious panic. They’ve spent the last three and a half years keeping Flynn muzzled through a series of FBI and Special Counsel investigations and a kangaroo court process that now has a once-respected federal judge, Emmet Sullivan, sacrificing his entire career at the altar of Obama and the Mullahs in Iran.

Sullivan’s role in all of this means that there is little hope that he will dismiss the case against Flynn once the 3-judge panel of the DC Circuit Court remands it back to him, which is the most likely outcome. Sullivan has a hearing in the case scheduled for July 16, pending the outcome of the appeal by Flynn’s lawyer, Sidney Powell, for a writ of mandamus.

From a policy standpoint, 3-1/2 years of President Donald Trump have virtually erased Barack Obama from the history books. Only some remnants of Obamacare and the patently illegal DACA executive order really remain standing from those eight sorry years today.

But from the standpoint of the utter and complete corruption of pretty much every institution of the U.S. government, the Obama legacy remains very strong. Given the almost utter lack of any help he receives in trying to clean that sludge out of the system from congressional Republicans, it is doubtful that even a second Trump term in office will be able to clean out the impacted sludge.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

A lot of the cash-to-Iran went to European politicians in order to support the so-called “nuclear deal.” Not sure how much went to US intelligence agencies, but most likely those payments were made in wire transfers, from the 130 + billion that Obeelzebub sent to them.

The CIA receives some of their hidden funding much the same way the Vatican does: laundered money, getting their cut, phony companies. Crowdstrike, Soros’ enterprises, Burisma are just a few of the more obvious examples; add to that the money stolen from Ukraine, put in a US bank and re-lent to Ukraine (for them to pay interest on their own money.)

Allegedly, I have to add.


When do we see the biggest TRAITOR to America pay for his crimes?????We need him Hanged to heal.


No. He would become a martyr and rallying point that would truly precipitate a civil war. I would rather see his every policy removed, defunded or reversed and let him have to live every day seeing his legacy destroyed. Publicly Humiliated.

We all want him tried and convicted, but I fear that is never going to happen. There is no political, judicial will or backbone to do it.

Jimmy MacAfee

This would involve, in my estimation, rejection of him as President – basically being an unlawfully elected (or selected) President. Oddly enough, some say that he can be impeached post-Presidency. Not sure about that, but his legacy is dead.

Although John Roberts is one who is trying to preserve it, at least a bit. Roberts’ legacy will one day be scrubbed, at least the Leftist/Globalist parts.


Bingo Jimmy – Rush was just talking about that: Roberts twisting himself in knots to preserve something – anything – of the BHO admin. Sure like to know what they have on him – Roberts. Stockholm Syndrome in action.

Btw – it’s mid June: where the hell are Barr & Durham with indictments?


Trying to be optimistic here. One big problem is that with everything Grenell released comes more information about bad actors and how it ties in with the investigation.

As I have stated previously, this is for the whole pie. Everything has to be tied up tight. All t’s crossed, all i’s dotted. They are only going to get one shot at the target and it had better be a bullseye.

If they let it drag out much further than August/September then it’s likely it may not make it out until after November. And if Biden wins it’s all for naught.


President Trump should just pardon Flynn (how much more can the left and the MSM (D) howl?)
and if Flynn is willing, reinstate him so that a real IC housecleaning can take place.

Just DO IT Mr. President.

Jimmy MacAfee

I suspect the President wants Flynn to be exonerated in order for him to fill a position that requires a clean record. Clearances, you know?

I also suspect that the “judge” is party to an attempt to prevent him from obtaining clearances. That’s what they’re afraid of – because he has a master plan and they know it.

There are a few former NSA people with knowledge of (or who helped create) parallel platforms who have offered the President their services, and claim to be able to undermine the Deep State in a very short period of time – weeks, not months. The more they try to prevent Flynn from their plot, the more they’re building a case against themselves.


yep… couldnt agree more…


IMO, Trump should let it play out, Flynn case, because it is painfully obvious its a political assassination, nothing more.
IF… Sullivan won’t drop it and tries to sentence Flynn, then Trump should step in with a pardon.
IF… Sullivan abandons the case on Flynn then Flynn is free to set Sidney Powell loose on all those communists that caused this and take every penny away from them and totally disgrace these communist actors. ALL the way to the top…

And yes I fully agree as well that Trump should appoint Flynn to head an audit on all the intel agencies as he’d intended. He’d need some very special Secret Service protections tho…

HOPEFULLY Trump will start hiring steam cleaners like Grenell in blasting thru the swamp sludge. Set the stage for the next President to continue the cleaning. Personally love to see Don jr run following up his pappy, really make communist heads explode. Not really a Cruz fan… to slick..

its a war… elect real leaders


“From a policy standpoint, 3-1/2 years of President Donald Trump have virtually erased Barack Obama from the history books. Only some remnants of Obamacare and the patently illegal DACA executive order really remain standing from those eight sorry years today.”

‘The One’s’ “legacy” also includes the two bimbos he appointed to the SC and the totally unwarranted accumulation of more national debt than was accumulated by the previous 43 presidents combined.

Trump inherited this auto pilot of the built in national debt cycle, and unfortunately, has been somewhat forced by the need to rebuild the military, the CV-19 stimuli, and the entire deep-state apparatus working against him to keep it growing at even greater rates.

In his second term, he must find a way to get a handle on this ruinous and unsustainable level of deficit spending.

Jimmy MacAfee

My interpretation is that Iran is part of a Deep State slush fund; the cash (and other transferred monies) were siphoned off by certain intelligence apparatchiks and their tentacles – as happened in Ukraine.

The public view of this is the son of Joe Biden – (the sonafabastard) – but that hardly represents the totality of it: the investigation of Burisma also was an investigation into Soros’ organization in Ukraine, something hardly ever mentioned – (there: just fixed it for you!)

Was Soros’ operation being funded by the Insanians as part of the deal? I’ve commented often enough that Soros is a CIA asset, and the CIA is somewhat self-funded (has been for a long time) and they don’t want an audit. Will an audit show a link between the CIA and Soros? Most likely.

Enter Mike Flynn; he wanted to audit the intelligence agencies.

That, my friends, is the crux of the matter. IYou have to go beyond Obeelzebub wanting to preserve his “legacies,” because there is always that annoying little a question that lingers: why?

Jumper Bones

I like the use of the term “sludge”, very appropriate for all that build-up of crap from 8 years of corruption inside the 0bama engine.

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