Friday News Roundup: Tulsa Curfew, Portland Chaos, CBS Wants a Race War and Hating John Bolton

Tulsa’s Mayor starts prepping for a riot. – With reports flying around about Antifa and Black Lives Matter already busing in out-of-state agitators to stage riots in his city this Saturday, Republican Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum declared a state of emergency Thursday and established a 10:00 p.m. curfew that will remain in effect through Saturday.

Twitter predictably erupted with howls of outrage about the hundreds of Trump supporters who have been camping out at the rally site since Monday being forced to move, but the Mayor’s action here is entirely rational.

As a part of his declaration, Mayor Bynum states that ““I have received information from the Tulsa Police Department and other law enforcement agencies that shows that individuals from organized groups who have been involved in destructive and violent behavior in other States are planning to travel to the city of Tulsa for purposes of causing unrest in and around the rally.”

This move by these two Soros-funded domestic terrorist groups to create what will almost certainly become riots without firm police control is entirely predictable. I’d have frankly been stunned if they didn’t engage in this behavior – it’s right out of the Soros/Alinsky/Democrat Party playbook.

In the emergency declaration, the Mayor declares that the implementation of the curfew is necessary so that his police department has time today and tomorrow to properly secure the area around the downtown arena in order to create the best conditions for the prevention of the rioting, looting and burning that we have seen in Democrat-controlled cities all over the country in recent weeks.

Bottom line: This is what responsible mayors do when they know that outside agitators are coming into their city to stage riots. Instead of whining about this move on Twitter, Trump fans should be celebrating the fact that the people of Tulsa have been smart enough to avoid putting Democrats in control of their city.

This is what they want to do to the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial. – Meanwhile, in the Democrat-run city of Portland , Oregon, chaos continues to reign. Take a look at this:

Do not doubt that they would love to do the same to the monuments in Washington, DC. Antifa and Black Lives Matter have in recent weeks distributed flyers to their supporters that include instructions on ways to undermine the foundation of the Washington Monument to cause it to topple over just as this statue was toppled last night.  These people are indistinguishable from ISIS and the Taliban with their goals of erasing history and the monuments to it.

“CBS wants a race war.” – That was the statement made by Caleb Hull yesterday, but he might as well have included pretty much every corrupt national news outlet. Here’s the tweet:

Hull was reacting to an extremely and intentionally misleading headline published by CBS News yesterday describing an incident in which white police officers shot another black man. Here’s an excerpt from a story in the DC Examiner about it:

CBS News drew criticism Wednesday for a headline on a story involving police shooting and killing a black man without mentioning the man allegedly opened fire first.

“Deputies kill half-brother of black man found hanged in park,” a CBS headline posted on Twitter Wednesday read, referring to the death of Terron Jammal Boone.

Boone was the half-brother of Robert Fuller, a black man found hanging in a park on June 10 in what was first believed to be a suicide before the coroner walked back that conclusion.

The tweet doesn’t include the police report that states officers attempted to stop Boone, who was wanted for kidnapping, spousal assault, and assault with a deadly weapon, at which point he jumped out of his vehicle and opened fire on officers before they shot and killed him.


As is so often the case, it isn’t what an evil, corrupt news outlet did say that’s the problem so much as what it left out.

The fake, corrupt news media is an existential threat to our nation’s survival. This CBS headline/story is but one of a thousand examples we see of this with every passing week.

In case you missed it… – Chief Justice John Roberts betrayed America once again yesterday, siding with the liberal minority on the court in yet another atrocity of a 5-4 decision DACA. Read all about it at this link.

So, you hate John Bolton? Welcome to the party, pal. – Everyone in Washington hates John Bolton. At least, that’s what the very lefist folks at Politico are telling us this morning in a very interesting expose’ on the feckless warmonger who is hawking a new book this week.

Here’s an excerpt:

John Bolton has few friends left in D.C.

A day after excerpts from his bombshell new book emerged excoriating President Donald Trump, the former national security adviser has managed to turn everyone against him.

Republicans say he’s a disgruntled sensationalist who’s merely trying to make money off his book. And Democrats, once buoyed by Bolton’s turn against Trump, now say he is “unpatriotic” for documenting his claims in a book rather than testifying before Congress during Trump’s impeachment inquiry.

Several Republicans this week took direct shots at Bolton, a neoconservative once heralded as the gold standard for the GOP on foreign policy and national security issues.

Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.) said Bolton is “somebody who thought he was being hired to be the commander in chief, and he wasn’t.” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said he found it hard to take seriously “anyone who claims to have witnessed treason and obstruction of justice and tells about it in a book.”

“Every meeting I’ve been in with John Bolton, he views himself as the smartest person in the room,” added Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), the No. 3 GOP leader. “He thinks he should be president, speaker of the House and chief justice of the Supreme Court all at the same time.”


Nobody likes a lying warmonger, it seems. That appears to be the only thing both parties can get together on these days.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Where’s Bolton going to go/do now? Seems he’s effectively burned his bridges with the conservatives & the Left won’t have him – maybe he becomes another Rick Wilson.

On another note, I watch Scott Adams – the Dilbert guy – he says when Trump wins in a probable landslide not only will the Left/Dems go nuts again but there will be more coup attempts.

Jimmy MacAfee

“More coup attempts.” High probability. With a second term, consequences may be more significant.

Barr just “resigned” a DA, who refuses to step down “until a replacement” is made through the Senate. My take on this: it will be short lived, because Barr will likely cut him off and remove him by force if necessary.

The Deep State is deeper than anyone with an imagination can imagine, and those who don’t have an imagination don’t get it at all.


My hope is that Bolton goes to jail, for a long, long time.

Jimmy MacAfee

Grenell can put a point on a diamond tip or a laser!

Glad he used it on Bolton the Diminutive Barbarian.


32 hours and 41 minutes ago, John Bolton passed James Comey as the most hated political hack in recent memory. It may be a record that will stand for some time. It could however be surpassed by Sen. Burr if he is charged with insider trading coupled with treason. Hillary may also attain the lead if Judicial Watch get their fangs into her, only time will tell. Of course there are ALWAYS a few dozen other Crooks or should I say Congressional Members that could sweep in and steal the prize if President Trump works towards draining the Swamp in a meaningful manner.

Sir Cumference

Shoot the antifa terrorist and BLM (Burn Loot Murder) bastards.

Jimmy MacAfee

Another addition to the Friday News Roundup:

A prediction of where John Roberts’ SCOTUS recent decision will lead:

“Study: German Authorities Gave Homeless Children to Known Pedophiles for Over 30 Years”

“A study conducted by the University of Hildesheim has found that German authorities allowed pedophiles to have intimate access to foster children due to a sick experiment that contended pedophiles would make loving caretakers for the children.”


Sick, sick people.

Jimmy MacAfee

Funny thing, as Krakenslayer obliquely referenced, there are no M’hammerred sculptures to pull down! (Erect his statue, and they’ll have violent protests, but for supposedly different reasons than the ANTIFAs are tearing down ours.

But hold on:

Here’s the link, if you haven’t see it: under Shariah Law, there will be no statues at all. Are Islamists helping pay for the demolition of historical American statues?


ISIS destroyed numerous ancient sculptures and statues. As I recall some were world heritage sites.

Jimmy MacAfee

So did the Taliban.


So do these terrorists plan on burning the Koran soon? Wasn’t Mohammad a slave holder? So is he a target of their wrath or are they going to give him a pass?


Protected class, enemy of my enemy and all that other rot the dims stand on.

Jimmy MacAfee

The Islamists already burned the old slave trader’s cartoon.


Just another white boy with the raycist blues (apologies to the The Tubes – Slipped My Disco)

Jimmy MacAfee

“President” Bolton wants more prison reform, so he can have female companionship while he’s serving his term.


LMAO. I am waiting to heart the DOJ has filed charges. I hope the wait isn’t too long.

Jack Gruenstein

My impression about the publishing of fake news is that the media doesn’t care if it is caught in a lie. If the lie is bad enough, the media outlet will issue a half-hearted apology, generally to avoid the prospect of a defamation action. But, by then the damage is done. The lie has been published, tweeted, re-tweeted and otherwise distributed. Many of those who have read it believe it to be true. No later “clarification” will erase the “truth” for these readers. Thus, the media has the best of all worlds. It publishes lies, it “apologizes” later and it re-enforces the beliefs of the most uninformed.


More then ten years ago Rush coined the phrase “Drive By Media”. It has never been more apropos. The media comes by, deliberately generates a false or clouded narrative (particularly when there is a GOP president), creates mayhem and all kinds of angst and strife, and then (drives) off and moves on to start the embellishment of the next dumpster fire ‘story’.

You can’t hear a local or national ‘news’ program that reports anything but mayhem, gloom, despair and misery. Good news, which there is actually plenty of is buried – no wonder the country is so stressed and unhappy. Ann Murray had a hit song in the eighties about how we all could use a little good news these days. It is just as true now as it was then. Yet the left and their media cohorts are denying us any reporting of good news. They are and need to be recognized as the true agitators and anti-America propagandists.

Turn them all off for a week and you’ll be amazed how good you will begin to feel. Mac Davis had a song “Stop and Smell the Roses” and we all should do that at least once in awhile. Personally I go out and visit nature in my wooded back yard, I enjoy my cats and the other wildlife often, and every time I do, I always feel better after seeing nature’s harmony. Jimmy writes about doing the same and I’m sure it makes him feel better about things.

The media collectively need to be designated as a “domestic terrorist organization” in their tacit and thinly veiled support of all the riots and their agenda of painting us conservatives and every cop in the country as a blood thirsty racist. And not just the reporters and the on air “talent”, but the editors, producers and owners of the “media” outlets.

Bezos’ blog and little Pinch’s NY Slimes top the list of the print subversives along with the USA Rag, the Atlanta Urinal and Constipation, the LA Slimes, SF Chronic Pain, the Lightfoot news, and every other (used to be ) two bit waste of trees “news” organization that follows the Old Grey Lady’s lead..

The five or six major ChiCom controlled TV “news” outlets and all the censoring big tec. social media platforms all need to be busted up under the Anti-Trust laws as they all are serving one master. They are a colluding monopoly, of that there is no doubt as they all say the same thing in the same way. Rush has produced many montages over the years showing how they exactly mirror each other.

The most memorable one was when Bush Jr. chose Cheney as his VP and they ALL said that Cheney gives Bush “Gravitas”. Who the hell talks like that and uses that particular word on every Sunday morning news program? If any presidential candidate needed “Gravitas” it was ‘the One’ and I guess he chose Joe Figurehead to give him some of that “Gravitas”. All Figurehead did was provide cover to hide ‘the One’s’ radical nature during the campaign. To this day Joe Figurehead is being advertised as the levelheaded ‘statesman’ of the Dem party, and I guess, by their standards, he still is.


My son was taking some training in Texas a couple years ago. Just tonite he was say’n that Texas is very unique in that if traffic was slowed to a stop there would be guys pop’n a tail gate and barbie a burg and pop their igloo cooler for a cold drink, People would get out of their vehicles for a burg… Seriously I asked… He said yup, he’d witnessed a couple times people doing this. I like…

I know its off topic but its a little good news, that there are still people friendly and generous who are only happy to have you partake in their good times.

Its a war… The better half of the combatants… conservatives and bonafide Christians rule…

Jimmy MacAfee

Real Christians. Lots of people say they “believe in god.”


CBS is our enemy. Not Blacks…HANG CBS and their executives.

Jimmy MacAfee

Anyone trying to drive a wedge between black Americans and white Americans – (or any other races and nationalities, other than the CCP, which is not a race) is an enemy of America.


I keep seeing more an more black Americans posting on youboobe and twitser. A lot of
antidem/pro Trump postings. I suspect that the reason they haven’t been shadowed or dangerous contented yet is twitser and youboobe are scared of touching the third rail.

Jimmy MacAfee



If the left wants some kind of war they just might get it. I don’t think in my lifetime I have seen an ideology pushed this hard. This has been going on for weeks, and we have the Trump rally, then the 4th of July coming up, followed by more rallies and then the election in November. I don’t think its going to stop. What I see happening is the race issue, ant-cop sentiment and violence is so predominant in our daily discourse now, “normal” people who aren’t political, who just want to work and enjoy themselves are being pushed to pick a side. People are now being told if they don’t agree with BLM and antifa then they are a racist or a fascist. Normal people will start pushing back. At some point this going to reach critical mass and either the left is going back down or we are going to have another flash point where people are going to get killed and it spirals out of control.


During his rally, the President needs to drive home the fact every city and state suffering from the riots and chaos is run by demoncrats. Hammer it hard. Point put that the governors and mayors of those cities and state have allowed this to go on. The destruction of property, the looting, the arson and loss of jobs due to businesses being destroyed is all due to democratic politicians malfeasance and failure to uphold the laws they swore to upon being elected.

Jimmy MacAfee

Some speculation that BLM funds are going directly into DNC coffers.


Money laundering seems to be a communist specialty


The left communists want bloodshed… History proves it…

its a war…

Better to be prepared and never need the preparations than to need them and not have them…


Agree 100%.


As for Bolton, this article at Breitbart pretty much sums him up


What the mayor of Tulsa also needs to do is have eyes and ears out there to find out when and where these outside folks are showing up and freaking arrest them on the spot. Barring that make them get back into whatever vehicle they are in, escort them to the city limits and have the state police waiting to escort them to the state line. Tell them don’t come back.

Jimmy MacAfee

If ANTIFA is coming on busses, they should be able to sequester them. They’re terrorists by designation and by definition. They had a live action role playing audition for the Va. gun rally in Richmond, but this was prevented by good intel.

Some ANTIFA arrestees are whining and complaining that they’re being charged with felonies, and may end up serving extended sentences, according to a recorded message between ANTIFA organizers and their paid rioters. Acts of terrorism aren’t treated like jaywalking.

National Guard is prepared in Tulsa. If ANTIFA’s paid babies want to go away for a very long time, or try to attack people who know how to fight, go for it! Regret will be a long-time event. There ain’t no Obeelzebub to pardon you.

Jimmy MacAfee

Count on this happening, via fusion centers.

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