Thursday News Roundup: Democrat Racism, Trump Reviews Book, and America’s Taliban

280-character Book Reviews, By Donald J. Trump. – The President of the United States posted this free book review on his Twitter account overnight.:

Ok, then, I think I’ll forego this one and read the new Michael Connelly novel instead. Thanks.

The National Security Council that Bolton himself formerly led also weighed in on the book with this statement last night:

NSC has determined that the manuscript in its present form contains certain passages—some up to several paragraphs in length—that contain classified national security information. In fact, the NSC has determined that information in the manuscript is classified at the Confidential, Secret, and Top Secret levels. Accordingly, the publication and release of The Room Where it Happened would cause irreparable harm, because the disclosure of instances of classified information in the manuscript reasonably could be expected to cause serious damage, or exceptionally grave damage, to the national security of the United States.


In case you missed it, the LA Times reported yesterday that the Department of Justice is apparently contemplating the filing of criminal charges against Bolton given that he decided to go ahead with the book’s publication without completing the required vetting process involving the NSC, the DOJ and the Pentagon. Those “high-level discussions” apparently go all the way up to Attorney General Barr himself.

Should DOJ move forward with such charges for revealing classified intelligence, millions of Americans will wonder why similar charges have yet to be pursued against Democrats like Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, James Comey and Andrew McCabe, among many others. Still, filing against someone, anyone would be welcome progress.

Well, hey, this should make Barr’s decision even easier. – For its own part, the book’s publisher, Simon and Schuster – which appears to be the go-to publisher for Deep State hacks like Bolton – says the genie is already out of the bottle here in terms of halting the book’s publication:


Ok, so, criminal charges it is, then. Or at least, it should be. We’ll see.

As you watch the hyperbolic fake news coverage of Bolton’s book, remember this John Bolton clip from 2010:

Because Republican Black lives don’t matter to Black Lives Matter. – Check this out…

That’s the kind of racist crap you have to deal with if you are a Black person who holds to conservative values. Durbin later claimed his remark was a mere slip of the tongue and offered a Clintonian non-apology apology, but nobody really believes that. Durbin is a guy who never utters a public word that hasn’t been vetted with a focus group. But hey, he’s a Democrat, so being an overt racist is ok.

CORONAPANIC UPDATE: Thus far in Texas, 2088 residents have had their deaths attributed to COVID-19, which we all know is a highly inflated number. By comparison, during the 2019-2020 Season for the common flu and pneumonia, Texas has recorded 8,157 deaths due to those respiratory illnesses according to the state’s Department of Health and Human Services.
That’s 8,157 deaths for which no one screams we must wear a mask or stay at home, vs. 2,088 deaths about which everyone screams.
We are officially insane.
This concludes your CORONAPANIC UPDATE for today.

Hey, look, Old Faithful just erupted in Las Vegas:

Anyone who has ever visited Vegas knows that it is just a matter of time before someone puts up a neon sign that reads “Old Vegas Faithful,” and starts collecting resort fees, parking fees and COVID-19 surcharges. Then they’ll start taking bets on how long the man-made geyser lasts, with the House taking 6% of the proceeds as its cut. If this were 1980 again, a third of the house collections would then be skimmed and sent back to the Kansas City and Chicago mobs, with another small share going to Harry Reid and the other members of the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

But hey, it’s not 1980 anymore.

Quick, somebody tell me the difference between today’s Democrats and their BLM/Antifa mobs and the Taliban, because I’m not seeing one. – The war on history and monuments to history continues in California, where the Democrat-dominated state assembly just voted to remove a statue of Christopher Columbus from the state capitol building.

From a report at Breitbart:

A statement that was signed by  Senate President Pro Tempore Toni Atkins (D), Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D), and Assembly Rules Committee Chairman Ken Cooley (D) read:

Christopher Columbus is a deeply polarizing historical figure given the deadly impact his arrival in this hemisphere had on indigenous populations. The continued presence of this statue in California’s Capitol, where it has been since 1883, is completely out of place today,” It is unclear when the statue will be removed from the state building.

The decision comes as left-wing activist groups, including Black Lives Matter, and Democrat lawmakers have called for historical statues to be taken down in the wake of the death of George Floyd, a black man who died while in police custody in Minneapolis.

On Tuesday, a statue of Christopher Columbus was removed from a St. Louis, Missouri, park — Tower Grove Park — after commissioners who manage it voted in favor of the move.

The day prior, after a bust of Christopher Columbus was taken down in Detroit, Michigan, and placed in storage. On Friday, officials in Wilmington, Delaware — the town in which former Vice President Joe Biden resides — removed statues of both Columbus and Caesar Rodney.


How much longer before the book burnings begin? Asking for a friend?

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Sadly I won’t be eating Chik Fil-a anymore… and I really like the waffle fries and spicy chicken…

Jimmy MacAfee

I’ve never eaten there – for health reasons – but if I’d considered it, I won’t now.

And as far as the charges against the officer in Georgia – he should be fired, and that’s it, and prevented from ever being a police officer again. Now they’re talking death penalty. Insanity.

I will never shine anyone’s shoes, nor would I ever let anyone shine mine (I wear running shoes anyway.) I will, however, let the CEO kiss by butt.


Whats annoying about this Chick Fil-a CEO is that when Chick Fil-a was being attacked by the left conservatives by the droves went out to support them. The owner was a solid Christian, as far as I know, and would not have supported any of this ‘woke’ crap. I would venture most of the franchise owners are also Christian which makes this a tough decision as I want to support the franchisees but not the corp.

Chik Fil-a was then discovered to support leftist agenda orgs which hurt them bad. Now this boot licking woke CEO has pretty much guaranteed killing off any conservative support the company once had. Like they say… Go woke Go Broke…
The family of the business should have stepped in and fired this closet communist and the other exec that oversees charitable donations. Oh well…

Under certain circumstances I’d shine someones shoes but NEVER for political reasons. This knee only bows to one King and for Him I will follow and obey His commands.

Haven’t weighed in on the shooting but I agree the officer is being politically hung before any trial and investigation has even started. First degree murder?!?!? WAY over the top… IMO… its a tough call what charges, if any, should be applied.

its a war…

Jay Whitcraft

My former hometown of. Columbus Ohio is taking the statue of Christopher Columbus from the front of the state house. I remember it well as a kid. I am so mad that the jackass mayor should be recalled or shot. Jay

Anne Nieman

The book burnings should commence on the day Bolton’s tome hits the retailers. Mail Trump the ashes.


The White House could then use it as fertilizer around the flower beds.

The danger being tho is all the BS in the book might cause the shrubbery to grow uncontrollable.. Probably willing to take the chance tho…


Dave, Regarding your corona panic update, not to split hairs but….

We are not insane. The slime balls still pushing it are. 😀


Actually the god of this world is insane… so are his children which display it every day

Jimmy MacAfee

Amen, Brian. And he’s a little-g, not a capital G.

There are two distinct subsets of his active, acknowledged followers: Satanists and Luciferians (they’re not identical) as well as a third group of people who ignorantly follow their own personal lusts, lies, greed and avarice without recognizing that this is a form of devil worship. Then there are worshippers of other gods, who inadvertently worship the devil too. Worst group are the Communists, who are – with the Nazis – villainous without measure.

Jimmy MacAfee

On prosecution, when there’s a clear RICO:

Here’s a simplistic and somewhat facile metaphor:
A bank robber robs a bank. Arrest him, right? Sure.
But what if the robber is driven there to the bank? Arrest him, too, of course.
But what if the friends of the robber and the banker were also involved, maybe in the planning?
Starts to look like RICO.
What if the bank insiders helped plan the robbery?
More RICO.
What if the insiders had other motives for allowing the robbery?
More RICO, harder to prove.
What if the insiders had orders to aid and assist the robbery?
Harder to prove still.
What if there’s a money trail?
Takes a long time to obtain that kind of information, because banks are sometimes money launderers.
How do you catch money launderers? Exceedingly difficult. Have to get insiders to turn.

Why would a bank want to be robbed? Distraction, to call attention away from money laundering and other crimes. This is an admittedly weak narrative, but it was the only one that came to mind at the time. And it sometimes is the case when someone is victimized by a smaller crime investigators take a long look at the “victim” for deep motives.

We we see distractions everywhere, up and down and all around. Hard to figure out which is a distraction and which is the crime they’re hiding. It is never linear, not where the Deep State Globalists are concerned. They’re arrogant, but they’re not stupid. The patterns are hard to see, but some can see them. They hate people who can discern patterns, and deride them as “conspiracy theorists,” but they hate and fear these types all the same.

They also love it when people limit their view to the robber, the driver, and don’t go after the sources. Bolton is a robber, part of the Deep State, but is shallow and relatively insignificant – low hanging fruit. But when it comes to prosecuting counter-intel folks, like Strzok, you’re in their neighborhood, and they have friends. Doesn’t mean it’s impossible – but sophisticated criminals with clever, devious, well-connected and psychopathic (no remorse, empathy) are hard to bring to justice. Anyone who has ever unraveled these plots, whether they work in Intel or Law Enforcement, will tell you the same.

Wonder why they had to prosecute Al Capone for tax crimes, and not his REAL crimes? Aldrich Ames? Clear what they did; Ames was convicted of espionage, his wife of tax evasion and conspiracy to commit tax evasion. But Woolsey, who had to resign, failed to prosecute others who were linked to the conspiracy. And Ames had cost a lot of American lives in the former Soviet Union (“at least 10”) having outed them. He should have been executed for treason, but treason was not the crime for which he was convicted.

Why not? Ask Woolsey. He was a McCainiac. Woolsey got heat for not prosecuting others, but he’s still alive and still a Globalist hawk, working for Globalist enterprises. And Aldrich Ames, having a life sentence, even after costing the lives of at least 10 agents in Russia…is still alive.

I would compare Strzok and Page and Comey in many ways to Ames. I’m not making an accusation (which could be a libel) I’m making a figurative, literary comparison, like the bank robber.

By the way, how DID those 17 operatives in China become exposed? Someone’s emails?

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