The Evening Wrap: John Roberts Betrays America Again

Dick Cheney was trending on Twitter today, so I had to go figure out why. So often, a famous person’s name trends on that social media platform when they say something stupid or die, and either was certainly possible with the ex-Vice President, who has dealt with major heart issues for twenty-plus years.

As it turned out, Cheney was trending due to this presidential tweet:

The term “shotgun blasts” of course brings to mind Cheney’s infamous South Texas bird hunting hunting incident in which Cheney blasted attorney Harry Whittington in the face with his own shotgun. The incident inspired unending conspiracy theories, but all involved claimed it was an accident.

President Trump of course was referring to today’s latest judicial atrocity authored by Chief Justice John Roberts, who sided in a completely incoherent decision with the liberal minority in ruling that Barack Obama’s executive order on DACA is apparently now unassailable law.  Ok, it didn’t go that far, but the court did rule that President Trump cannot immediately rescind Obama’s order because – get this – the administration did not provide adequate justification for doing so.

Thus does Roberts demonstrate his clearly compromised status one more time, joining the court’s liberal wing in usurping the roles of both the legislative and executive branches of government. Conveniently, Roberts’ decision does not advise the administration as to what it means by “inadequate,” meaning this political football could just go back and forth for years to come.

In his dissent, Clarence Thomas noted the grossly political nature of this decision in blunt terms:

“Today’s decision must be recognized for what it is: an effort to avoid a politically controversial but legally correct decision,” Justice Thomas wrote. “The court could have made clear that the solution respondents seek must come from the legislative branch.”

“In doing so,” he wrote, “it has given the green light for future political battles to be fought in this court rather than where they rightfully belong — the political branches.”

“Without any purported delegation of authority from Congress and without undertaking a rulemaking, DHS unilaterally created a program known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA),” he wrote, adding later that the program was implemented “without statutory authority and without following the [Administrative Procedures Act’s] required procedures.”

“Then-Attorney General Sessions correctly concluded that this ultra vires program should be rescinded. These cases could—and should—have ended with a determination that his legal conclusion was correct,” Thomas said. “Without grounding its position in either the APA or precedent, the majority declares that DHS was required to overlook DACA’s obvious legal deficiencies and provide additional policy reasons and justifications before restoring the rule of law.”

Thomas also said that even though the reason DHS gave for the rescinding the policy — that DACA was not done under the proper legal authority — was more than enough, it wasn’t even required to do that.

“Nothing in the APA suggests that DHS was required to spill any ink justifying the rescission of an invalid legislative rule, let alone that it was required to provide policy justifications beyond acknowledging that the program was simply unlawful from the beginning,” he said.

The justice said that DACA “fundamentally altered the immigration laws,” creating “a new category of aliens who, as a class, became exempt from statutory removal procedures and it gave those aliens temporary lawful presence.”


So, one more in a growing line of atrocious decisions in which Roberts plays turncoat. With Gorsuch also increasingly looking to be a replay of Anthony Kennedy, the GOP record of getting supreme court appointments about 50% right remains in place.

Pray for Trump’s re-election, because he’ll need at least two more tries to save the country from these despots in black robes.

That is all.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Who does the work of a judge? Rarely does the judge do it; he or she has law clerks who do most of the heavy lifting – and in the case of Roberts, they may be undermining him.

This would be too charitable to Roberts, considering that he is the Chief Justice. A man who can’t run his own household has no business in a leadership position of any kind, let alone the leader of the Supreme Court of the United States.

Time for an investigation into law clerks in the Judiciary, and not just the Supreme Court.
Staffers of Congressmen and women should likewise face scrutiny, because not a single one of them was chosen by the people. Not one. Even in a Republic, that is not necessarily a given.

Law clerks are often untethered from reality. And if you want to see where the blackmail is coming from, look to the associates of the law clerks, who in turn pull their strings.

Of course, my admonition will be ignored. Jeremiah was a bullfrog, as far as things go in the system of the Deep State.


I’ve said it since he was appointed; he’s just like Mitch McConnell. A RINO at heart. He sides with the right just enough for his spin machine to convince people that he is a true conservative when the truth is that he sides with the left and far left far more than the right.

Nanky Jane

I also believe the deep state has something on Robert’s. His rulings in these matters make no legal sense going back to Obamacare. Time to find out what they have on him but doesn’t explain Gorsuch. Time for someone to do a deep dive into the Supremes. If other branches are rife with corruption as we have seen with FBI, CIA, DOJ, makes sense that Supremes have their share of bad actors.


Nanky, It seem irrefutable that many judges are bought when you see these ‘rulings’ and the ‘logic’ behind them.

We need a constitutional amendment to allow for the recall of any and all ‘judges’.

The power of the dictators on the courts needs to be checked in a very meaningful way.


Sooner or later the court, like the rioters and the blue ‘leaders’ of the rioters (and they are the leaders of the rioters), and militant government agencies like the CDC, are going to force the president’s hand.

Presidents, particularly Democratic presidents, have many times ignored court rulings in the few cases the courts actually ruled for the constitution and against the Democratic policies.

For most of the last 100 years the SC and the lessor courts have become a super and UNELECTED legislature and dictators – almost always against the conservative argument.

Congressional (legislative branch) power has been reduced (deliberately and willingly) to where it is noting more than an oversight (prosecution branch) board, functioning as an harassment organ against GOP presidents for the left. It has turned over most of its lawmaking duties to unelected bureaucrats, in created (via presidential EOs or – sometimes – actual legislation) agencies that make unfettered rules and regulations that run roughshod over our rights and liberties – especially when Nancy Klink is the speaker.

They even fail at their main constitutional duty: Producing an annual budget! We haven’t had an actual budget since ‘the One’s’ first year which blew up the deficit by more than a TRILLION DOLLARS and cast in stone the same, or greater, spending levels through the last 10 plus years. Pox on Boehner and Ryan AND McConnell for not forcing a true budget from 2015 through 2018, especially WHEN YOU HAD CONTROL OF THE HOUSE AND SENATE AND the PRESIDENCY in 2017 and 2018!

The courts and the regulatory agencies have basically made congress obsolete, a useless appendage of government whereby congress doesn’t get blamed for much – they have essentially placed the courts and the regulators on auto-pilot. Collectively, congress has become a disrespected and an extremely reviled organization, yet somehow most of the leftist dregs get reelected (some even run unopposed) cycle after cycle, because so many people say congress sucks, but not my congressman or senator. This paradigm must change!

This year, and in every other future year, the voting mantra/doctrine must be: If there is not a compelling reason to vote FOR your rep or senator, VOTE THEM OUT – preferably in the primaries in the case of RINOS. (Sadly Grahamesty won his primary in SC).

When the president wins bigly in 2020, and gets an impeachment proof large GOP house majority and a net gain in the senate, he should do what many Dem presidents have done in the past – tell the court(s): you have made your decision, and I have made mine; let’s see you enforce yours.

Roberts has made a mockery of the belief his court is “conservative” and a mockery of his court in general – he should be impeached after a through investigation as to why this alleged “conservative” Bush Jr. appointee has become RBG in drag since his Obamacare vote and his rewrite of “Obama’s (and Pelosi and Reid’s) signature legislation” was done to make it “constitutional”.

Either Roberts is compromised as describe above in other comments, or he was a closet lib and his “grueling” confirmation was kabuki theater made for show. I suspect it is a combination of both. All I know is if I were put through the public wringer like most GOP nominees are, I would be so pissed I would rule in AGAINST every left promoted case I could; certainly I wouldn’t become one of their biggest cheerleaders. His rulings just don’t make sense and they are not constitutional in the minds of most thinking Americans. And remember, Bush Jr. was originally going to nominate Harriet Meyers, a total unknown, like Bush Sr. did naming Souter, until pressured by his own conservative base.

The left is pushing Trump to be an Obama, er, dictator, so go ahead Mr. President, become one for the good of the country. And no president except for FDR (D) and possibly Wilson (D) , was more of a dictator than ‘the One’. The difference between Obama and FDR: all the congresses during FDR’s reign were Democratic and were largely his fellow travelers and, especially after Pearl Harbor, gave him a free reign during WWII. Obama didn’t have a Dem house after his first two years, but Boehner and Dingy Harry, essentially made sure Obama’s agenda was allowed to continue.

I remember Boehner crying when he was going to become speaker on the 2010 election night; I thought they were tears of joy, but they were probably more tears of fear that he might actually have to do something to counter the Obama agenda – a task in which he failed miserably. I despise Nancy Klink, but as a leader, she is a ruthless bulldog who keeps her lemmings focused and pushes her leftist agenda with a singleness of purpose that no GOP congressional leader comes close to doing with the possible exception of Gingrich.

Hopefully the new house leadership in 2021 will be a bulldog for our cause.


Unfortunately, I also concur that there must be something behind John Roberts’ betrayal of his oath and his country.


The FBI has been in the mix from the beginning. My gut feeling is that the compromising material has it origins there. And he was compromised. When and what are the questions.


Maybe some white hats can dig up what they have on Roberts… and suggest he might consider ‘retiring’…Save himself some embarrassment.


Something else to thank W – I mean Elmer Fudd – for. Just like his dad – jackass.

Can Roberts be impeached?

Rick Church

I have said this before, Roberts was unmasked by the Obama administration and they have something on him. Basically, he went from a fairly reliable conservative on the DC Bench to a squish.

Jimmy MacAfee

There is speculation about a lot of things – involving southern properties, and some unseemly (if not horrendous) behavior or associations. Let’s just say that Cheese Pizza is on the menu, allegedly. Eventually, this will all come out, and if true, will result in abject and total humiliation.

I suspect the perv ruling is an indication of this.

Time will tell.

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