What the Corrupt News Media Won’t Tell You About Police Reform

During his speech announcing his executive order on policing reforms on Tuesday, President Donald Trump criticized the Obama/Biden administration for having done nothing about the issue during its 8 long years in office. That wasn’t exactly true: Obama/Biden did take a few actions, none of which did any good. Had President Trump said that they “did nothing effective,” he would have been 100% correct.

Trump’s comments resulted in a flurry of media reports aimed at propping up Obama’s reputation – because of course they did – with NBC, the New York Times and all the other Usual Media Suspects weighing in.

All of those stories are your classic, fake news types of reports carefully written and edited by corrupt fake journalists. They are deceptive no so much for what they do say, but for the truth they conveniently and studiously ignore.

Each and every one of the pieces focuses on the practice of the Obama-era Department of Justice to basically take over control of local police departments in high-crime cities by entering into “consent decrees” that created DOJ oversight that governs policy and police training and practices. Ultimately, the Obama DOJ entered into 12 such decrees with U.S. cities and 2 others with PDs in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, which are U.S. territories.

Being a Republican administration that favors local control, the Trump DOJ led by Jeff Sessions and William Barr has de-emphasized the seeking of additional such decrees, although it has entered into a few of them over the last three years.

So, in 8 long years – during 2 of which they had super-majorities in both houses of the U.S. congress – that is the one, lone Obama/Biden accomplishment that the corrupt news media can point to in the area that is supposedly such a crucial matter to the political left today. Factually, the reporting at NBC, the Times and other corrupt media outlets is correct, as far as it goes.

But here is what none of the reports – not a single one of them – do: Give the reader a full and complete listing of the local PDs that were the subject of those 14 Obama-era consent decrees. To obtain that, I had to do my own research at the DOJ website, where I finally found the report linked here.

Here are the 14 local PDs:


New Orleans







East Haven, CT

Los Angeles County

Meridian, Mississippi

Maricopa County, AZ

Virgin Islands

Puerto Rico

Are you beginning to understand why not a single one of those corrupt media outlets wanted to provide the public with a listing of the cities, counties and territories involved? What do they all have in common with the lone exception of Marcicopa County, whose consent decree resulted from a bullying effort by the Obama DOJ to get rid of longtime Sheriff Joe Arpaio?

If you said they have all been run for decades by Democrat political machines, you win the prize.

You are looking at a list of some of the most high-crime areas in the country, with Baltimore and Chicago leading the list, especially where murder and other violent crimes are concerned. Did Obama’s consent decrees change any of that dynamic? Are the Blacks and other minorities who make up the majorities living in the most dangerous, high-crime neighborhoods in those cities and counties happier with the policing today than they were before the consent decrees went into place?

The scenes we have all witnessed taking place in those cities and counties over the last 3 weeks would indicate the answer is a resounding “no.”

So yes, Obama and Biden did make a token and utterly ineffective effort to address police reform during their 8 long years in office, but no one should believe that they made it any sort of real priority that might have distracted them from their real focus areas of nationalizing healthcare and using climate change theory as justification for regulating every aspect of our daily lives. By the same token, if the local leaders in those cities, counties and territories truly cared about reforming the police, they have had complete control of the ability to force such reforms for decades now.


With a single swipe of his pen on Tuesday, Donald Trump achieved more in this area in a single day than Obama and Biden did in 8 long years in office for one simple reason: Because Trump gives a damn. He wants Blacks, Hispanics, other minorities and all other Americans to be safe and prosperous. The Democrat Party wants neither, because people who are safe and prosperous are much less likely to vote for Democrats.

That’s the truth that the corrupt news media will never tell you.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jumper Bones

Thank you for being so painfully blunt and on point.


“So yes, Obama and Biden did make a token and utterly ineffective effort to address police reform during their 8 long years in office,”

Soooo Trump is actually right… they didn’t do anything in eight years of office.


As we have all expounded upon here over and over again it’s all about power and control. Without those two things, the democrats have nothing. Their holding the house these last two years has produced nothing of value for the citizens of this country. Nothing.

Their stage 5 TDS has utterly consumed them. As I said previously, they go to bed hating Trump and get up hating Trump. He lives in their heads 24/7 and they can’t handle it.

I pray that we do indeed see a landslide re-election. I hope the down ballot goes with it. House and senate. They will not be able to process it. It will fun to watch the meltdowns that surely will happen.


If that does happen – a complete run of the board – in spite of the voter fraud that will be employed in spades, the left will take the civil unrest to a new level. They will of course say that Trump and republicans cheated, will not accept the results of the election, and will probably challenge results in as many races as they can. They know that won’t get them back in power. They will amp up the race war and civil unrest and just unleash chaos everywhere. What else do they have left to try? Maybe this time they take it the suburbs, and then it will get really messy.


count on it…

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