Wednesday News Roundup: Google Monopoly, CHOP Follies, Bolton Sued and More

Tired of all this #WINNING yet? – The markets boomed on Tuesday, with the Dow shooting up by more than 500 points and the NASDAQ approaching 10,000 again at the close. The news that retail sales for May had rocketed up by an all-time record 17.7% (as opposed to an “expert” projection of 8%) provided the main impetus for yesterday’s gains, Democrat/Media panic porn over the coronavirus notwithstanding.

Futures point to a higher opening again today, as the markets continue to try to climb back from their big losses of last Thursday.

In case you missed it… – Comcast/NBC News and Google conspired yesterday to de-platform two conservative news sites, The Federalist and ZeroHedge, in about the clearest example of monopolistic behavior one could ever witness. You can read all about it at yesterday’s Evening Campaign Update.

In his opening monologue last night, Tucker Carlson discussed the obvious dangers of the Department of Justice and Congress sitting by and doing nothing as one company – Google – controls more than 70% of all online advertising cash flow:

It is beyond any question that Google today is exactly what Standard Oil was 120 years ago: A blatant monopoly that engages in restraint of trade and other unfair business practices against its competitors and others – like The Federalist and ZeroHedge – that it does not approve of. If the federal government cannot summon the integrity and political will to properly regulate and break up Google – just as it did with AT&T in the 1980s and 1990s – then congress should just repeal the anti-trust laws and drop all pretense of the existence of a fair and competitive marketplace.

It’s a start. – As expected, President Donald Trump signed an executive order on policing reforms at a White House ceremony on Tuesday.

Axios provides a succinct summary of the Order’s main provisions:

The big picture: Under the order, police departments that meet certain standards, outlined by the Justice Department, on use of force will be given access to federal grants, a senior administration official said on a call with reporters on Monday.

  • Departments must ban the use of chokeholds to receive such certification, unless an officer is targeted by deadly force.
  • The order also moves to create a national registry to track police officers with multiple instances of the use of excessive force.
  • The order also includes new programs that would help law enforcement officials better deal with mental illness, homelessness, and addiction — including encouraging departments to involve mental health professionals and social workers to work alongside officers in the field.

Worth noting: The order does not address larger concerns about systemic racism and racial profiling in law enforcement.

  • “I strongly oppose the radical and dangerous efforts to defund, dismantle and dissolve our police departments. … Americans know the truth: Without police, there is chaos. Without law, there is anarchy,” Trump said.

Democrats naturally were entirely negative about the order, refusing to give the President any credit for all the many actions he has taken during his presidency to improve lives in Black communities around the country. A great example came when Bret Baier interviewed South Carolina Cong. James Clyburn on his show last night. Watch as Clyburn lies through his teeth in order to avoid saying anything positive about the President or this EO:

Such despicable people.

From our “You Just Cannot Make This Stuff Up” files…. – Rather than enforcing the law over the multiple obvious felonies that have been committed by the radical Antifa activists who created it, the City of Seattle’s government continues to treat the CHOP as if it is a legitimate autonomous country and is now even negotiating deals with those same activists.

Yesterday, the City went to great expense to remove the graffiti-smeared temporary barriers to entry and egress the activists had set up, replacing them with costly concrete barriers designed to ensure no vehicles can enter the area:

Is the 'CHOP' here to stay? City adds concrete barriers to ...

I guess the city’s despicable Mayor and city council members look at this as a civic beautification project. in exchange for the fancy new barriers, the Antifa activists agreed to reduce the size of their stolen territory from 6 square city blocks to 3, but the remaining territory still encompasses the Seattle PD’s 3rd Precinct building.


Just for fun, Tucker Carlson gave his viewers a look at life inside the CHOP on his show last night. It is exactly what you would expect when a bunch of 20-something nerds who have never had a productive moment in their lives take charge:

DOJ sues John Bolton, aka, Trump’s Biggest Mistake. – Former National Security Advisor John Bolton is back in the news, once again for bad reasons. The Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against the 1970s pornstache-sporting gadfly in an effort to block publication of his new tell-all gossip book because it very predictably contains classified information, which publisher Simon and Schuster refuses to remove.

From a report at Fox News:

The complaint argues that Bolton submitted his book, “The Room Where It Happened,” for publication without first getting permission from the government through the prepublication review process and that the book contains classified information.

The Justice Department wants the court to issue an order to Bolton “to notify his publisher that he was not authorized to disclose ‘The Room Where It Happened’ because he has not completed prepublication review and because it contains classified information” and for his publisher to delay the release of the book. The book is scheduled to hit shelves next week.

Bolton attorney Charles Cooper responded Tuesday night: “We are reviewing the government’s complaint, and will respond in due course.”

The Trump administration has long contended that a manuscript of Bolton’s memoir contained classified information, but that the way the material was woven into the narrative would make a traditional “scrub” impossible.

Sources told Fox News the classified information was “part and parcel” of the entire storyline.


So, here we see the DC Swamp/Deep State in action: John Bolton, a lifelong Swamp snake and ostensible Republican attempting to publish a book whose clear goal is to help the Democrats and their addled presumptive nominee, Joe Biden, win the 2020 elections.

We should also remember the fact that Bolton played a big role in helping Adam Schiff and San Fran Nan dummy up the false narrative they used to hold the country hostage for 6 months last fall and winter while they pushed their sham impeachment. Bolton is just Mitt Romney with a really bad haircut, stupid-looking mustache and ill-fitting suits.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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How or even who started it is irrelevant.

The video shows the guy was in full retreat and was being chased down by a mob, lefties own video, screaming for them to kill the guy. He was attacked by a anitifa thug with a skateboard, which is a common weapon for them to use along with bike locks. It looks like the blue shirt guy fell, even if not, he had every right to defend himself from a skateboard being wielded as a weapon.

Its a war… the communists will try to use lawfare to subjugate you.


Also noteworthy in the news. I first saw in KY, then in NM, armed citizens trying to prevent the destruction of monuments. However in NM, it went sideways pretty fast.

The Dem mayor and governor are vilifying this guy. He was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. The start of this is not on camera, but what you can see, is this guy being attacked repeatedly, especially by a punk with a skateboard (antifa choice weapon) WHILE RETREATING. They even audibly threaten to kill him. In most states this satisfies the use of deadly force to protect yourself. His buddies also got arrested (on what charge is not known).

Unless there is some evidence this guy did wrong that we can’t see, he should be easily acquitted.

And he might benefit from some litigation of his own depending how this proceeds.

And where were the cops when these turds were trying to destroy public property??

Jimmy MacAfee

I’m beginning to see what an unbelievable load Attorney General Barr has: fight the entire Deep State. Including Google/Alphabet.

I’d had my doubts about Barr, but not any longer. What I find disturbing is how so much is piled upon his shoulders, and no others – (the Senate may finally be doing it’s job, too some extent) President Trump has to stay out of a lot of it, because he doesn’t want to politicize the criminality (exactly what Rosenstein, Mueller, Comey, Brennan and all) had done in the previous administration. Barr is avoiding the same behavior, which makes his work all the harder.

There is already work on antitrust suits against Big Tech, but to suggest that all Barr – or anyone else – has to do is to snap their fingers, and it’s gonna happen is either ‘ignant” or stupid, or maybe trolling.

Most of this, to make matters worse, involves China and China’s assets here (Mini Mike, Biden…you could count to 10 thousand and just begin the list.) Look at the NIH, having fired some 54 scientists who were receiving payments from China! There is also a story about Chinese military having personnel on the US solar ranges – like the one Harry Reid facilitated, in the Bundy murder, using the Bureau of Land Management? Now the Chinese troops are there, a beachhead of sorts, according to this:

I wonder if Chinese military will be stationed in Lynchburg, Virginia, when the sale of Genworth goes through to the Chinese company from Wuhan?


With all due respect, maybe you can list off all the accomplishments Barr has done so far Jimmy.

He’s been at the helm of the DoJ for over two years so there should be some measurable accomplishments to look at. Nobody is saying its all on Barr to do anything let alone just snap his fingers and things magically get done. But there are literally thousands of lawyers on the pay roll… THOUSANDS of lawyers and not one single indictment…

doesn’t look good and looks even worse for the guy at the helm. All hat… no cattle…

When someone doesn’t agree doesn’t mean they are “‘ignant” or stupid, or maybe trolling.” , its called a difference of opinion…


You are right Feb 2019… I seriously thought it was in 018 around Mar/Apr


Still with all the resources at his disposal you’d think there would be more achievements. I still maintain that Sessions did far more than Barr has. Maybe a Grenell needs to replace Barr before we actually see indictments.


I was sure it was longer… will have to check again… thx



I don’t disagree China has their fingers in a lot of pies here, but Hodges claims a lot that needs to be unpacked, just sayin’


Didn’t see any references here, but another brand bites the dust, because racism:

The most recent food brand change I can remember was Land O Lakes; Someone on the interwebs had posted with keen insight….”They kept the land but removed the Indians”


Yes, and they went after Uncle Ben’s as well. People are just loosing it over this.


Listening to the Baier – Clyburn clip, Clyburn should have been the Dem nominee. He, like Joe Figurehead, is in his late seventies, but at least somewhat articulate. What he says is schiff, but at least he can put a subject and predicate together in a six minute interview. Biden can’t.

Sheesh! What a tool; this proves there is no satisfying these Dem politicians. This proves that nothing Trump does will bring them together in common cause (as if there was ever any doubt) to help Americans of African descent or anyone else for that matter.

I believe it was Nixon who started the concept of treating the black community/voting block with “benign neglect” since he felt there was no way a significant amount of Black voters were ever going to vote for him or Republicans. Clyburn just solidifies the cynical validity of that “benign neglect” strategy.

This is really sad and counter productive on so many levels. But Trump is really trying and in many ways succeeding in improving the opportunities and lives of all Americans including and especially minorities. I hope the minority communities see through the MSM (D) propaganda and the Dem political hate and reward the president with their vote.

When Clyburn praised Bush for his race relations efforts (where was any praise for Bush from Clyburn or any AA congressman WHEN BUSH WAS PRESIDENT – when it might have mattered?), I just wished Baier would have asked what positive action ‘the One’ did for race relations during his eight years – and challenged him to give real examples of solid accomplishment along those lines.


I think Gregg that only the zombies will never see the hate and division Demoncraps parasites are handing out. Anyone with at least 3 functioning brain cells will see just who is responsible for the turmoil being foisted on the US today. My concern is will they put action into play and vote out the communists at every level.

As for Bret… He’s not really a journalist either. Seems like the only ones who are putting the screws to Dems or even asking the real questions are Tucker and One America News. All the others tend to either ignore or softball the questions.

Silas I laughed like crazy at that trog from Olympia… That was great. I had to leave a comment there as well… and its obvious which one is mine… There needs to be more of these domestic terrorists visiting the brain dead castles…


Kind of off topic, but ironic

Mayor of Olympia, WA calls out domestic terrorism when it’s her home that gets hit.

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