John Bolton Might Become William Barr’s First High-Profile Criminal Indictment

Former National Security Advisor/UN Ambassador John Bolton and his publisher, Simon and Schuster, apparently attempted to cut the Department of Justice off at the pass today by releasing Bolton’s book to the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post and other media outlets.

The DOJ filed suit in federal court on Tuesday asking for a restraining order against the book’s publication, claiming that it is chock-full of classified information. On Wednesday, the WSJ, the Post and other media outlets somehow all had conveniently obtained copies of the book and are publishing a raft of stories based on Bolton’s allegations against President Trump.

So the Wuhan Virus has basically lost the public’s attention, the riots have run their course for the most part, and the Deep State needed another means of trying to bring down the President. Enter Ambassador Pornstache.

The Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday that prosecutors within the DOJ are now having “high-level discussions” about whether or not to file criminal charges against Bolton, and that those discussions apparently go all the way up to Attorney General William Barr.

From the LA Times piece:

Federal prosecutors are weighing whether to criminally charge John Bolton with disclosing classified information in his upcoming White House memoir, and the Justice Department is expected in coming days to ramp up its legal campaign to block publication of a book that is being billed as a scathing rebuke of President Trump, according to people familiar with the matter.

The Justice Department is expected to seek a temporary restraining order from a federal judge as soon as Wednesday that would block Bolton and his publisher, Simon & Schuster, from releasing the memoir as planned on June 23, the people said. It is not clear how successful such a legal fight would be. On Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal published a lengthy excerpt of the book. It is also in the hands of journalists who have begun to chronicle its findings in stories.

Nevertheless, such a legal maneuver would amp up the fight begun Tuesday when the Justice Department filed a lawsuit asking a federal judge to order Bolton to halt the release of “The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir,” pending the conclusion of a prepublication scrub of the manuscript for classified information.

The suit alleges that Bolton is in breach of nondisclosure agreements that required such a review and clearance by the National Security Council before he can publish a book.

The Justice Department described the book as a “500-plus page” tome “rife with classified information.” The internal discussion about whether to charge Bolton with releasing classified information are occurring at the highest levels of the Justice Department and involve Atty. Gen. William Barr, the person said.


As you absorb what will certainly be days of wild reporting based on this book, you would do well to remember that Mr. Bolton is the same guy who didn’t want to offer testimony during the Democrats’ sham impeachment hearings that held the nation hostage last fall and winter. Because, see, when you offer testimony to congress, you have to do it while under oath and potential perjury charges.

But in a gossip tell-all book published by reliable deep state tool Simon and Schuster, you can just toss out whatever you want without worrying about perjury, so long as you have sign-off from DOJ and the National Security Council that your book doesn’t illegally reveal classified information. Bolton obviously thought about the perjury deal, but for whatever reason decided to challenge the Trump Administration on the classified information part.

Wouldn’t it be fun if, after all of the hype about the Durham investigation, Ambassador Pornstache became William Barr’s first big-time indictment?

The fun never ends around here.

That is all.

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Prosecute this Deep State ass and let him burn.


In my comment on this story yesterday, I took my fustration out on Barr. What I would really like to know is who recommended Bolton for the job as National Security Advisor to Trump. I can’t believe Bolton walked into the White House (like Fauci and Birx) and said he was the best man for the position. Especially since we all know Bolton’s history with Bush. The person who suggested him for the position is no friend of Trump’s and should be shown the door. Just my opinion.


And therein lies the rub: How is it that Trump keeps appointing these turkeys?

If Dave, his commenters, and I know or can quickly figure out these people are the turds in the DC cesspool how is it the president and his advisors can’t?

Someone telling me that Mark Levin, or Rudy Giuliani, or Powell, or any of a dozen other highly qualified lawyers/prosecutors wouldn’t be more a effective AG?

Jimmy MacAfee

Read my comment for the answer, maybe?

Bolton is the hammer that makes retaliation credible; Trump used him to get people to negotiate.

Trump uses advisors of many different viewpoints, unlike Obeelzebub. In the end, Trump got sick of Bolton. The book is Bolton’s attempt at retaliation.

Bolton served a vital purpose. He was not a useless turkey, but a useful chickenhawk.


I only hope and pray that when Trump comfortably wins reelection, he goes all Patton and schiff-cans all these deep-staters once and for all and gets a real wingman as a prosecutor.

If his son in-law is behind all these dubious recommendations, then the president needs to do the right thing and hire one of us to do the vetting and the recommending.

Almost any one of us here would do better; none of the regulars here would or could do worse.

Jimmy MacAfee

Bolton was a useful idiot, in a manner of speaking, to put pressure on various entities (NK, Iran) and was used as a hammer. The President wisely didn’t heed his position, which was endless war, but they (everyone we would potentially go to war with) were all afraid the President would listen to him.

Linear thinking is easily defeated, and easily distorted.

Dusty Dog

Bolton will never be charged with anything. There will be accusations, investigations, and a lot of preening before the media, but in the end, nothing will happen. How many high-level officials have charged so far by the DOJ? Bolton, his publisher, and lawyers know this, and it will generate a lot of money and publicity for his book.

The Texas Hammer

You’re right! Nothing will happen to any of these people. Different set of rules for the politically corrupt left!


Bolt-head just gave his last hurrah, He may get all gooey sucking up the liberal press hpye…but he’s finished, Kaput!

Jimmy MacAfee

Allegedly, Bolton has a lot of skeletons in his closet. Might be rumors, might not be; until there’s more flesh on those skeletons, I don’t plan to further them.

But let’s just say that Bolton is not a straight arrow.


He’s playing some high level chicken here and it will be interesting to see just how it all pans out. There were actually two security reviews of his book, The first was review cleared. The a second review was ordered and that’s when issues began to surface. Now they’re saying that some of the classified material was originally put on hold for 25 years by Bolton himself.

What’s true and what isn’t is, I suspect, is somewhere in between. But yes, Bolton is a swampy person with many things he probably doesn’t want revealed. I think that this was just another ploy to keep the pressure on the President, since the panicdemic is failing and more folks are starting to get fed up with it.

jaa dee

No Democrat will ever be charged by a Republican.
I could say that the repukes never do anything but that makes people who really never do anything look like the most productive on earth.
the GRAND OLD PARTY god what a joke.


I’m getting tired of reading this crxp. I must have missed the small indictments. When is Barr going to indict anyone.


Throw Bolton’s sorry ass in jail TODAY!


Pornstache! I like it. This will be Bolton’s Waterloo. He has clearly violated the NDA and the requisite classified information review. Simon and Schuster’s attorneys must think they can get away with this. I am wiling to bet they may chosen poorly.


What crap is this? What a stupid “article.”

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